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Suzanne Giesemann is a highly respected mystic, metaphysical teacher, and medium who shares The Awakened Way, which is the path to knowing who you are and why you are here.  Be it through her 13 books, her classes, and workshops, her weekly radio show, her Messages of Hope documentary, or her one-on-one sessions, Suzanne provides stunning evidence of life after death.



  • Suzanne, who served as a Commanding Officer in the Navy and later as an aide to The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was inspired to pursue her current calling after her stepdaughter Susan’s devastating death.
  • The three principles that are the foundation of The Awakened Way, which is the path to knowing who you are and why you are here.
  • How Suzanne honed her abilities to be able to share what she has learned from Higher Consciousness with the world.
  • The ways Suzanne’s Messages of Hope documentary on Amazon Prime and Messages of Hope Radio Show on Unity Online Radio Show came into being.



  • What are the “job descriptions” of spirit guides, angels, and masters in the spirit realms?
  • Why should each of us meditate, and how do you help people learn how to meditate?
  • Who are the advanced teachers called Sanaya and what daily messages do they transmit to you?

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Suzanne Giesemann: Medium, Channeler Of Higher Consciousness, Metaphysics Teacher, Teacher Of Mediumship, Author






Loving greetings to each of you from my studio in West Orange, New Jersey. I truly hope this finds each of you well. I’m bringing you a sure-to-be healing, heartwarming, and inspiring interview with Suzanne Giesemann, who will be speaking to us from Hilton Head, South Carolina. Suzanne is a highly respected mystic metaphysical teacher and medium who shares the awakened way, which is the path to knowing who you are and why you are here. Be it through her thirteen books, classes, workshops, weekly radio show, Messages of Hope documentary, or one-on-one sessions, Suzanne provides stunning evidence of life after death. I have no doubt that her messages of love, hope, and healing are going to go straight to your hearts.

Suzanne, it is my honor and a true pleasure to welcome you to the show.

What a great name for the show, rebirth. We don’t have to die first to be reborn.

That’s the whole point. You don’t have to sit there and suffer. You can transition. You can change. It is so important to know that. We have choices. Let’s begin right into you with this question. At one time, you served as a commanding officer in the Navy and later as an aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. How did the devastating death of your stepdaughter, Susan, send you in search of life’s deepest truths and inspire you to pursue your calling?

Susan’s death finally got my attention to look for something more than this physical life. I was in the last aircraft in US airspace on 9/11 with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. That got me asking those deep questions at that time, but I didn’t find satisfying answers through traditional religion. I set my seeking aside. There’s a divine plan, and part of my plan is to be doing the work I’m doing, but I was not. I had no idea I would be, one day, a spiritual teacher and a medium.

When Susan passed, she came to me two days before she passed in a dream to let me know that she and her unborn baby would be fine. I didn’t know what that meant at the time, but afterward, I looked back and said, “Was this all planned somehow?” When I saw her lifeless body at the funeral, I suddenly knew with utter certainty that the body was a vessel and there really is a spirit that animates these bodies. I was going to find Susan’s spirit no matter what it took, even though at that time, I had no idea if there was a way for me to do that or how it was going to happen. How life has changed.

What did you do to hone your abilities and share what you’ve learned from higher consciousness with the world? It’s one thing to want to communicate with Susan, but some of us go to a medium like you. You went through all this.

That’s why I know it is part of a plan. This was 2006. Meditation was not yet mainstream, but somehow, I knew if her spirit was around and if I was going to connect with her directly, I needed to start meditating. I remember that it sounded so strange when I would say to my husband, Ty, “I’m going to go meditate now.”

I didn’t know what I was doing. I fell asleep every day for the first three weeks, but with my Military discipline, I meditated every day. I did not connect with Susan right away, but I kept asking for that. Along the way, I started to open up to adventures in consciousness that had me questioning, “This reality is not what I thought it was.” Finally, Ty and I did go to a medium. He tells people later he went along because I asked him to. He didn’t know what a medium was. Now he’s married to one. That’s how we got started.

The reading with that medium was so mind-blowing. There was no doubt in either of our minds. My husband is a retired destroyer captain. He is also very by the book. There was no doubt that Susan was in that room with us with that medium from the evidence. You know what that’s like. I wrote a book. I wrote the biography of a wonderful medium, Anne Gehman. She introduced me to another medium, Janet Nohavec. I wrote her biography at both of their requests.

I know Janet.

Janet is the one that pulled me to the front of her classroom when I was there to watch how she works because I’m writing her story. She said, “You can do this, too. There’s a spirit standing here. What do you sense?” With my military background, I wanted to fall through a hole in the floor because I didn’t know what to do. The military background said, “You stand there and do it.”

I brought through astounding evidence when put to the test on the spot, including the nickname of the father of one of the students. How he died, how old he was, what he did for work, and his nickname. I stood there saying, “Where did that come from?” It came from two years of daily meditation, trying to connect with spirit, and having Janet Nohavec say, “You tell them what you want them to give you, the spirits, and they’ll give it to you.” They do.

That’s an amazing story. You had the gift all along and you plugged into it.

I had the calling all along. I teach thousands of people to connect to spirit. We all can do it because what we’re connecting with is our soul. We all are souls here and now. Once you learn how to shift your point of view from the human story to the soul and know that it’s possible to connect to another soul, that belief opens the door like it did in Janet’s class. If it’s your calling, it will open up with things like nicknames and such. If it’s not your calling, you can still connect with your loved ones who have passed. That’s a beautiful message.

GAR 94 | The Awakened Way

The Awakened Way: We all can connect to spirit because what we’re connecting with is our soul.


That’s amazing. That’s wonderful. You’re so gifted. You communicate with spirit beings, including the souls of loved ones, spirit guides, angels, and masters in the spirit realm. How do these beings appear to you when you connect, and what would you call the job description of spirit guides, angels, and masters in the spirit realms?

I said to my guides, “I’m like the handicapped medium here because I don’t see any of you.” They said that that is by design because the greatest way to know those across the veil is to know them through sensing them. They said that across the veil, they don’t appear in different forms. They know each other by their light, energy, and vibration. They want me to learn to do the same.

I had to really hone my sensing ability. I feel their personality. I feel the difference in the uniqueness of every being. I feel their power, which lets me know if they’re at one level of being or the higher masters. I hear them clearly if they’re good communicators. I know certain things. They said, “What many of you call a handicap is not a handicap. It leads to stronger abilities in other areas.”

What many of you call a handicap is not a handicap. It leads to stronger abilities in other areas. Share on X

The job description is for them to help us know that we are all unique expressions of one mind, one light, and one source. Even though they may have a higher vibration, each of us is simply unique and equally loved. They’re here to help us learn to shine our inner light, help us on our path, help us know who we are, and help us know we are here to love each other fully. They sure do love us.

We each have spirit guides.

Every one of us has somebody assigned to us for life. Others come and go as needed throughout our life with whatever issues we’re working on.

We get thoughts and all that can probably come from our spirit guides.

Many of our thoughts are not our own, but we think they are.

Do angels come through to us like that also? They help people universally. We don’t have an assigned angel or anything like that.

That’s right. Whatever your belief and understanding of an angel is, they will come to you in that way. Many people who believe that angels are always going to have wings or light around their head, by grace, if needed, have an experience of seeing something like that. You may see it in your mind’s eye. I didn’t necessarily have that vision, but I know that I am dealing with those in the angelic realm at certain times. It’s a different power and a vibration that’s noticeable.

Are masters very evolved souls who’ve been around a million times?

I know that they wouldn’t want to quantify because they try to keep us out of pigeonholing things. The masters are those who have made the decision that instead of simply dissolving back into the one light that all of us arise from, they’re going to continue to help humanity on a large scale. The higher their vibration, the more people they can affect even at once. It is like Jesus. Many people pray to him. People say, “How can millions of people be praying to Jesus and he helped them all?” It is because he is at that level. It is the same with the Buddha, Archangels, and that kind of thing. 

There is Mother Mary and all of them. That’s unbelievable. That’s great. You are the author of thirteen books. I would call you a high achiever.

I would call myself busy and driven.

I’ve read your moving book and I loved it. It is titled Still Right Here. That’s your story about Susan. It provides evidence that our loved ones who have passed are still with us and we are forever connected. Which of your other books would you like to highlight for our audience? Many of them are grieving.

GAR 94 | The Awakened Way

Still Right Here: A True Story of Healing and Hope by Suzanne Giesemann

Many people ask, “Which one do I start with?” They’re not all metaphysical books. Within the metaphysical books, the one that’s best to start would be Messages of Hope. If people are on the fence and not sure what to believe, somehow, it’s helpful for them to read my story. They are like, “If she is this left-brain, high-ranking military officer that can believe in this, has had all these experiences, and has found joy in life again after the death of her stepdaughter, then maybe I can, too.” It gives them permission to believe and not be afraid. There was a lot of evidence that came through in my early days as a medium that shows you you can’t deny this greater reality is real. If people love that book, I’m so grateful. 

The other one I would recommend is Wolf’s Message. It is about a young man whose nickname is Wolf who came to me. I was going to do a reading for his parents, but he came a day or two before his reading when I wasn’t expecting him with information that left no doubt in anyone’s mind that it was really him. He had a message for all of us about who we are and why we’re here. People who read that book email me all the time to say, “I’m now seeing Wolf. I’m having all these synchronicities. I understand what he was saying that we’re part of one big web,” and we are. We’re all connected.

That’s wonderful. You spoke about Messages of Hope. You’ve got a radio show called Messages of Hope. It’s featured on Unity Online Radio Show. How did it come into being? Would you like to tell our audience about it? They may very well want to tune in.

I hope so because I have guests like you. You’ve agreed to be on the show, so I’m so grateful. The whole goal is to show people that we can heal from grief. We may never get over it, but we can go on and find joy again in life. We’ve talked to people who have had undeniable signs from their loved ones across the veil. It’s all about hope and healing.

It was really beautiful how it came about. I, like you, felt a calling to share with people these messages. I found out that a lot of people have to pay a lot of money to have radio shows. I said to my husband, “The spirit has been so good to me. Everything unfolds so beautifully. If I’m meant to have a radio show, I don’t feel I should need to pay for it.”

The next thing you know, the new director of Unity Online Radio contacted me out of the blue and said, “We would like to offer you a radio show.” I said, “What will it cost me?” They said, “We won’t pay you and you won’t pay us. We will allow you a platform to get your messages out.” I said, “That’s all that matters.” They have given me free rein and a free license to talk about whatever I want. It’s a beautiful platform. I’m so grateful because I get nice feedback from people that they look forward to it every week.

I’m sure. That’s wonderful. You get your messages from Sanaya. You have advanced teachers that you call Sanaya, who are your spirit guides, and they give you daily messages. People would love to get those messages. Do you want to tell us about them?

Yes. For over ten years, I sit daily each morning to meditate. I have my own experience with my guides, and then there’s this shift in the energy. I know that we have this mutual intention. I don’t even have to ask for it. They will give me a short, insightful, inspiring, and loving message every day. I sit with my little iPad. I can write with my eyes open or eyes closed. I type what they say. I go downstairs. While my husband makes breakfast every day, so I can do this, I then post it on a website called I also put it on my Facebook page. People get it automatically by email or they can go there by themselves. These messages touch people so much because they speak straight to the heart.

A couple of years ago, when we finally figured out how to automate it, we had about 3,000 people a day getting those emails. In an era when everybody gets almost too many emails, do you know that we will reach a milestone of 10,000 daily subscribers to those emails? That speaks to the energy of those messages and the insights that they had to share. People write back every day and say, “This one was for me. I needed to hear that.” The guides know.

It reminds me a little bit of this show because I get those responses, too, when people hear interviews. They go, “That person was speaking right to me.”

You’re a prime example of a quote from Sanaya, the guides. When your heart is in the right place, things fall into place. That’s what’s happening here.

When your heart is in the right place, things fall into place. Share on X

You gave me a chill. Thank you. That’s great and true. You got to all of this by starting to meditate. Most people complain, “I can’t do it. I have too many thoughts. I don’t have time. I don’t have patience.” Why should everyone meditate? Do you offer anything on your website to help a person learn how to meditate?

The answer to that first question is so simple and short. It’s like the milk commercial, but I’ll paraphrase. Got peace. That’s why. The joy that underlies all reality, no matter what is going on, is a different kind of joy than human joy. It’s this piece that comes from knowing there’s so much more than this drama. You learn that for a few minutes a day, we’re not talking about saying, “Om,” for an hour. 5 to 15 minutes a day, you get to drop into that space where the story goes away and you get to be.

As you do that, then you start to get visits from loved ones who have passed. You start to get to know your own soul. You start to hear more about your purpose. You can ask questions. You got your own genie in the bottle here. This is my path. This is not to provide all the answers. I do that with the Frequently Asked Questions page on my website that we’re getting up. My goal is to empower people to get those answers themselves and realize that everything we’ve been looking for out here is accessible through here.

On my website, I have a page of gifts teaching how to get into an expanded state of consciousness, sample meditations that are beautiful, and beautiful professionally done recordings that help you experience the soul. You not just hear about it logically and think about it, but have experience. You say, “This has been here all along.” There are lots of tools.

That’s wonderful. I’m very curious. I got one of your meditation CDs from your website. I’m going to be checking it out.

Which one?

The how to receive messages.

The Hemi-Sync?


That’s excellent. We have a new one coming out the in January 2021. It’s all about getting to know your true nature. I am excited about this one.

You’ll let us all know about that, right?

You have to sign up for my email list. I’ll be sending a notification the day it comes out.

I’m signed up for Sanaya.

I really respect that Sanaya message. I do not use it as a platform to share anything else.

I have to sign up on a new list. Will do. Tell us about the awakened way, which is the path to knowing who you are and why you’re here. What would you like us to know about your online workshops called Awakened Living and Making the Connection?

The awakened way is simply an aware way of living that is a distillation of the teaching that that young man Wolf gave to us through the book Wolf’s Message. When we broke it down into what did he come here to tell us, it came down to three principles. If we can live by those, then we are living in an awakened state and find so much more peace no matter what’s going on. Would you like me to share those three principles?

GAR 94 | The Awakened Way

Wolf’s Message


The first one is it underlies everything you and I know and teach. It’s that we are expressions of one mind. We are both a soul and a human being here and now, not just when we die. We are both. The second principle is that we’re part of one big web, connecting all that is, both the physical world and the non-physical world. When you realize that, that’s when you start seeing the connections and having the miracles, which is when the veil parts and beautiful synchronicities happen.

The third principle of living the awakened way is realizing that we find our way to peace, love, joy, and Home, which is heaven right here on Earth, through the heart, our sensing, knowing, and connecting space. It is a completely different way than simply always living logically and analytically in the head, which is how I lived the first time.

You’re the perfect example of that.

It doesn’t mean we stop thinking and reasoning, but we find that perfect balance, which is also part of the living awakened way. It’s okay to be fully human to dive in. I let out some sailor words sometimes. I look at my husband and go, “I’m some spiritual teacher.” We laugh. I know that the human side of the dials dialed up. From the daily meditative practice, I can quickly turn it back to spirit side and find peace and balance again. It’s a beautiful way to live without rules. You’re tuning into the heart all the time.

You’re allowed to be human.

That’s exactly right.

There is that part about sometimes those words and all that, but also, you’re conscious of a whole different reality.

That’s why we came here. We have eternity to be the souls that we are. You asked the question about my workshops, and we talked about it earlier. We can all learn to connect to our loved ones who have passed, connect better to our guides, become more aware of them, and get on-the-fly guidance to challenges. I have several online on-demand workshops on my website. One of them is free. It’s called Awakened Living. That’s on the Gifts page. If you like my teaching style, then I have some other ones that are very professionally done. People love them. I’m so grateful to be able to share what I’ve learned with others and empower all of you to do this yourselves.

We have eternity to be the souls that we are. Share on X

A true loving plug for you is that I know quite a few people who have taken your classes. You are adored. They think you’re wonderful. I’m passing that along to all of our audience.

I adore this community. I know that I try my best to exude the love that spirit world gives to all of us. If that can help to bring that out in everybody, what a blessing. I truly have learned to see the soul in everyone. I love everyone. It’s such a beautiful way to live.

It is a wonderful way. I’m in sync with what you’re doing also, and be loving and kind to everyone and all of that. I know you’ve got about ten trillion inspiring stories for us. What would you like to choose from your huge repertoire to share with us about people who have healed?

I always am so grateful to the spirit world. I do about one reading a day. I always have new material to share ad new evidence. I also always ask my clients and my sitters if I can share. This one, I’ll be sharing in-depth in my next monthly mentoring. I do those monthly. All the latest teaching in the last month from the guides comes out in the monthly mentoring webinars that are open to everyone.

This one, I’ll share at length but quickly. I had a lesson from my mediumship guide in trusting spirit. In the past, I used to let my scheduling assistant for readings tell me if the sitter was adamant. “I want to hear from a child,” she would at least tell me that much. I then would go into the reading and try to sense that child. No matter who else shows up, I try.

My guide showed up in my mind’s eye with a clipboard. I couldn’t see her, but I see that clipboard. She was a teacher. She was like, “There’s a lesson here for you.” That reading did not go well. Afterward, I said, “Why not?” She said, “You have to stop trying to get specific people and trust us. We know what we’re doing.

They were like, “Give up control.”

I know. Isn’t that hard for humans? I’m about three weeks into this knowing nothing before a reading. I will tell you that I’m very human, recovering from the passing of my beloved dog after sixteen years.

I read that.

I did one reading and it went so-so. I said to my assistant, Lynette, “Could you possibly guarantee me happy, high-energy sitters for the rest of the week? The reading didn’t go too well. My energy was a little low and my sitter’s energy was low.” I’m feeling if my sitter is already like, “I can’t wait to hear from my loved ones. I will do my best to raise my energy,” we’ll have a good connection.

My reading assistant was sitting back going, “Ah,” because she knew who my next reading was for. It was for a deeply grieving mother who was really counting on hearing from her son. My assistant’s hands are tied. She’s not allowed to say a word. I want a high-energy sitter. I felt great that morning. It was a couple of mornings ago.

I go in and, happily by grace, my sitter is there with her mother on the screen. They’re both smiling. They did not let out anything. Who’s the first person then? It was the woman’s stepfather and her mother’s husband. We had a beautiful reunion. He was cracking jokes. He lifted the energy to see spirit at work here. He was raising the energy when we all needed it for an excellent connection, and then in comes the grandmother over here. We had a good connection. All of a sudden, she says, “That woman has a son in spirit. He’s right here.” There he was.

We’re 40 minutes into the reading. I’m usually putter-petering out by about 45 to 50 minutes. I knew this was a setup. I said, “Let’s all take a deep breath here.” It turns out this is a woman that reached out a few weeks earlier saying, “I am desperate to hear from my son because we’re going to go through a trial about his death. I can’t get through it unless I hear from him. I’m a fundamentalist Christian. This is really going out on a limb for me to go to a medium, but I know I believe because I have had a visit from my son. I need evidence that nobody could tell me. I know Suzanne is the one to get it.” If I had known that before the reading, I would’ve zeroed in on that and focused only on trial stuff.

That young man came through so beautifully. He showed me issues going on that led to the trial. He went, “Bang.” He was murdered and shot in the head, but he didn’t want to focus on that. He had messages for his whole family with evidence. They were sobbing by the end, but it wasn’t grief anymore. It was these are answered prayers.

With all due respect, I have to show you the cleverness of spirit. When that grandmother came in, I said, “I know nothing about these people.” The grandmother showed me a Bible. I told you I’m blind. I don’t see their faces. I see charades. She showed me a Bible and I knew she was thumping on it. That’s the knowing.

She then took a cross on a necklace and handed it to her daughter in my mind’s eye. I said, “I mean this respectfully, but your grandmother is what we would call a Bible thumper. She could quote scripture. You have a cross of hers.” It was correct. All of this came out afterward. They had prayed that God would give them a miracle that day.

I may call it source, joy, or the one mind. It’s also God. It’s the same thing. Those prayers were answered that day for all of us from me trusting the spirits to know what they’re doing and from Lynette keeping her mouth shut when she thought everything rests on this energy, “I’m not going to tell Suzanne a thing because she doesn’t want to know it.” It was so healing. The husband didn’t want to talk to a medium. He reached out his hand to his wife before the reading and said, “I’m praying you’ll have a good experience.” Afterward, when he and his son watched the video, they cried with joy. This is a miracle every day.

That’s amazing. One of the lessons that we continue to learn is about how to let go and have faith.

Every day.

That’s a challenge for all of us.

It’s part of being human. That’s why we came here. It is to face these challenges. The answer is always love. Do it for love for each other. Be kind and loving and miracles happen.

GAR 94 | The Awakened Way

The Awakened Way: The answer is always love. Always do it for love for each other. Be kind and loving, and miracles happen.


Your Messages of Hope documentary on Amazon Prime, everyone is going to want to check that out. How did that come into being? Tell us all about it.

One of my very first readings in my first year of doing readings was for a woman who had heard about me. The readings were wonderful from the beginning. I’m so grateful. She and her husband came through beautifully. It turns out her son is a filmmaker. He wanted to do a documentary about people who had had a drastic career change midlife. “I got a subject for you,” she said to her son.

He was going to have me be 1 of 5 people in this documentary. When he heard the Navy story and saw all my photos and footage of me with the head of the US Military and the work I do, he said, “This is it. We’re doing the story about you.” The documentary was so beautifully done. He entered it in eight different film festivals. It did beautifully.

It was picked up by Amazon Prime. It has maybe 200 five-star reviews. It’s 40 minutes long, but it’s filled with hope. If I ever go back and look at the last ten minutes of it, I get so charged up because I get to share the main point of all of this work about why we’re here and how we have hope with good reason. It’s a beautiful message.

Now it’s on my list. What would you say to all of our audience about the importance of healing? I’m sure you have a lot of insights about that. What would be a way to start their work?

There’s a reason they’re reading. It’s because they’re souls. The soul pulls us to certain things. If rig you feel like, “I have to read that book. I have to watch that documentary,” that’s the soul pulling you on that healing journey. When we sit and feel sorry for ourselves that it feels so bad, that’s also a way of showing us there’s something better. In our human lives, we have to have that contrast. It’s often through the pain that we find our greatest joy and our paths. Embrace the pain. Don’t push it away. Say, “What are you trying to show me? What do I have to learn?” The healing will follow.

It's often through the pain that we find our greatest joy and we find our path. So, embrace the pain; don't push it away. Share on X

That’s exactly what the show is all about. I’m trying to tell people, “You can heal. With all these people, 1 or 2 of them can help you.” Tell us all the ways our audience can connect with you.

It’s pretty simple. Go to Spend some time rooting around there. It’s a treasury. My assistant is putting up a Frequently Asked Questions page. It will be up any time. I said to my husband, “It’s like a kid in a candy store with all these free bonbons.” I imagine people who are grieving and can’t sleep in the middle of the night finding that page and reading the answers from spirits that have come through over a decade. There are thousands of messages from spirit on, which is one page within the site. I have dozens of videos on my YouTube channel. All of it is aimed at empowering you to find your own healing.

That’s beautiful and so true. What is your tip for finding joy in life?

My tip for finding joy is asking for help and connecting with others. The intention is everything. If your intention from the heart is to find a better way and find joy in your life, ask this way, “Please help me find joy,” and then watch what happens. I pray frequently, “Bring on the miracles,” and they do.

They come. That’s wonderful. I love how you state that we do not go to an afterlife because it is the ever life.

That’s right. 

Your selfless, amazing gifts illumine that this life is not all there is and that we are connected forever. Thank you for your loving service to our country and for all that you do to help grieving people heal. I thank you from my heart for this wonderful, enlightening interview. Make sure to follow us and like us on social @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. As I like to say, to be continued. Many blessings and bye for now.


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