10 Mediums who have touched my life

I’ve been so very Blessed to have personally experienced the life changing healing that can occur from communicating with a deceased loved one with the help of a gifted medium. My first experience that blew my mind and opened me to so much more was at a Gallery with John Edward in 1998, way [...]

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Grief and Rebirth 61: Karen Stein – Certified Health Coach, Certified Pregnancy Health Coach and Trained Metal Detox Coach

Karen Stein, who is a Certified Health Coach, a Certified Pregnancy Health Coach and a Trained Detox Coach, is the wife of a cancer survivor who had 5 different forms of aggressive cancers.  He has been cancer free for 12 years.  Not only did Karen dramatically change her husband’s life when the severe cancer [...]

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7 Great Spiritual Summer Reads

There's nothing like taking some downtime for some personal growth and healing on a warm summer day. Reading is a great form of relaxation, and meditation for some! Not only do you take a few minutes for you, but you learn something in return. So find a big shade tree, cool corner of the pool [...]

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Lessons Learned

I love this time of year in the Northeast.  The beautiful fall leaves are breathtaking and the air has an invigorating, crisp chill to it.  For me, this season is never long enough! One of the many insights I’ve discovered since writing my book (LINK TO BOOK) is that this current lifetime we are experiencing, [...]

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