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Julie Ryan is a successful inventor, entrepreneur, and businesswoman who is also a Medical Intuitive, an Energy Healer, a Psychic, a Medium and an Author. Julie’s remarkable book Angelic Attendants: What Really Happens as We Transition from this Life into the Next details the dying process, including the twelve phases of transition we each will experience. Her newest book geared for children is called Angel Messages for Kids.



  • How prodding from a dead Pope inspired Julie to pursue her calling as a Medical Intuitive, an Energy Healer, a Psychic, a Medium and an Author.
  • Julie’s experiences with Kabbalah, a form of sacred Jewish mysticism, that centers on healing techniques through transfer of energy.
  • The 12 phases of transition Julie has seen when a person is in the process of dying, which she calls the “Welcome to Heaven Committee.”
  • What angels look like and how they assist us.



  • As a Medical Intuitive, what do a person’s medical conditions and illnesses look like to you?
  • How do you communicate with Spirits that are at the same time both dead and alive, and where is a person’s soul located?
  • Do we have control over when and how we transition to the Other Side?

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Julie Ryan: Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer, Psychic, Medium And Author






Our interview with Julie Ryan now is going to be fascinating. Julie is an inventor, an entrepreneur, and a businesswoman. She has invented surgical devices that have been sold throughout the world. She has also founded several companies in the medical, natural gas, advertising, long-term care, compliance, and data breach prevention industries. Here comes a surprise. Julie is also a Medical Intuitive, an Energy Healer, a Psychic, and a Medium.

I just read Julie’s remarkable book called Angelic Attendants: What Really Happens As We Transition From This life Into The Next. In her book, Julie shares what she has learned about the dying process, including detailed descriptions of the twelve phases of transition we each experience. Julie, welcome to the show. I have absolutely no doubt that this interview is going to provide many of our audience with the answers to questions they’ve always wanted to ask. Let’s begin our interview with this question. Please briefly tell us about your early more traditional years before you very surprisingly changed course.

Thanks so much for having me, Miss Irene. What a delight to get to be on your show and get to talk with you and have you all to myself for a little bit of time with people tuning in, but I feel like all to myself. Thanks so much for the invitation. How I describe this to people is I say, “I’m an inventor and a businesswoman who learned how to do woo-woo and I’m a buffet of psychicness.” They laugh and look at me like Scooby Doo when he would tilt his head in the cartoon and he’d say, “Say what?”

I am just a regular gal who has gotten to do lots of fun things in my life. I’m a mom and a step-grandmother and soon to be step great-grandmother. Somebody said to me, “How can that be?” I said, “My stepson was born when I was in fifth grade. That’s how that worked.” I got interested in medical intuitive and psychic stuff many years ago when a girlfriend gave me a book to read and it was by Carolyn Myss, who called herself a medical intuitive. I thought, “What the heck is that? I had never heard that term before.” I had always been in the medical industry, not from a provider’s side of the equation, but more from the supply side.

Certainly, as an inventor, I’m looking to come up with ways to help people heal. I was interested in what’s a medical intuitive and how does it work. I read Carolyn’s book and then I wanted to know more information. Back then, we didn’t have Amazon and the internet wasn’t that big of a deal yet. Believe it or not, it’s hard to imagine that that ever was the case, isn’t it? I went to a bookstore to see what else was out there and I found a book by a woman who’s a former NASA physicist named Barbara Brennan and a book called Hands of Light. She took very complex quantum physics theories and principles and parlayed them into understandable language for the non-scientific mind, that would be me, and talked about how to use energy fields to help facilitate healing.

I was so fascinated after reading her book that I called her school and I said, “Do you have anybody, perhaps a graduate who’s teaching in my area?” Sure enough, they did. I studied with that woman for six years and I’m still very close to her. I see her or talked to her at least once a month. It’s gone from there. That’s how it all came about.

I know there’s a story that you have about a dead pope who is inspiring you to pursue your current calling as a medical intuitive. There’s nothing not colorful about you, Julie. Your current calling is a medical intuitive, an energy healer, a psychic, and a medium. You even had intervention from a pope. That was inspiring you to write your book. That’s pretty good. If you want to tell us that story.

It was hilarious and he’s still my main spirit guide. When I’m with Susan, my teacher, I see her usually once a month, certainly once a quarter. I used to have fun with people all over the world doing healing on them. She’s the only one that does them on me. I was in her office laying on a massage table and she was doing a healing on me. When that happens, my deceased loved ones are on either side of the table. Irene, if you can imagine, my parents, my grandmother, my sister, and other family and friends who are loved ones that are deceased. One day, this Pope spirit showed up and I said, “Who are you?” He has a whole pope outfit on. It’s hilarious. The hat and the Shepherd staff.

Susan could see him?

Susan could see him too, my teacher. I said, “Who are you?” He said, “I’m Clement.” I said, “There was a Pope Clement?” He was laughing and he said, “Yeah, I was number six.” I said, “Susan, I never heard of Pope Clement. May I help you? Why are you here?” He said, “If you would educate the world about what happens when somebody is dying and how it’s a glorious event, then that would be wonderful because that’s part of your destiny. The sooner you choose to do it, the better off you’re going to be. All your business stuff has prepared you for this.” He’s going on and on and I said to him, “I’m not doing that. You don’t understand. I’m a businesswoman.”

GAR 62 | Medical Intuitive

Medical Intuitive: If you would educate the world about what happens when somebody is dying and how it’s a glorious event, then that would be wonderful because that’s part of your destiny.


I’m debating with the spirit of this dead pope. He goes, “Yeah, I know that, but everything you’ve done has prepared you for this work. Part of this work is for you to educate the masses that it’s not scary to die.” I said, “Okay, whatever.” He left, I left and I’m in the car getting ready to drive home. I googled, just for kicks, Pope Clement VI. I got that he was in office during the Bubonic Plague when 2/3 of Europe died. He is best known for his prayers for the dying and his prayers for the dead. I thought, “Ryan, you can’t make this stuff up.” Especially, I’d never heard of Pope Clement before.

It took me several years to get the courage to release the book because I thought, “People are going to think I am absolutely nuts and that I’ve lost my mind. It’s going to affect my business life and my companies.” I finally got enough courage to do that and release it. It’s been so well received. Something I didn’t see coming on Angelic Attendants is it’s being used in Sunday school classes around the country. It’s being used in synagogues as part of their reading list. I’m a practicing Catholic. I’m born and raised Catholic. My church gives my book to every family who comes in to plan a funeral. I didn’t see that coming at all.

That’s amazing.

I know. I’ve had a couple of them email me over the years and say, “Is this appropriate for us?” I said, “Yeah, do you have people that die?” It spread. It has a Catholic lens but that’s just the lens I look through because that’s what I’m used to. It would be like if I was raised a Buddhist or an atheist, I would look through that lens. That’s really been a fun thing that’s come out of publishing this book.

Speaking of the lens you’re looking through, I also know that you’ve seen things through the Jewish lens because you had experiences with Kabbalah, which is a favorite Jewish mysticism that centers on relationships and how we communicate one soul to another. Could you talk about that, Julie?

I studied Kabbalah for three years and Kabbalah in healing as much as anything. Kabbalah is so powerful. The Jewish mysticism was only taught to rabbis over the age of 40 who were married. I thought, “I’m my Catholic gal under 40. I got the married thing,” but I’m not a man, a rabbi, and 40 when I first started studying it. It’s these powerful healing techniques and that transfer of energy. It’s so powerful that it’s not written. It’s only passed on orally. There are lots of schools of thought that believe in the New Testament. It breaks off when Jesus is about 12 and then picks back up when he is 30.

During those years in his twenties, he was in Egypt and other places, and there are many schools of thought who believed that he was taught Kabbalistic Healing and that that was part of what helped him perform his miracles when he was alive. I believe that that is the case. I believe it’s certainly feasible. When I asked the question was Jesus taught Kabbalistic Healing techniques, I get a yes every time I ask the question.

It is fascinating to me because, as a Jewish person, when I first wrote my book, They Serve Bagels in Heaven, I had had it channeled. I went to my rabbi at that time and this was quite a while ago. I said, “There are a lot of references to past lives on a kibbutz in Israel and all that, and I’d really love you to read the book.” Again, this was quite a few years ago before spirituality was getting more mainstream. I was also afraid that people were going to think I was cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. I was looking for the endorsement from a rabbi and he said, “I won’t even read it because this information should only be for a man who’s over 40. It’s a special kind of thing.”

No kidding. That correlates with that Kabbalah thing.

That’s amazing how far we have come. Let me ask you this. As a medical intuitive, how do you see a person’s medical conditions and illnesses? What do they look like to you? Can you give us an example of helping a person using your gift?

They look like an X-ray. It’s like I’m a human MRI. I see body parts, broken bones, torn ligaments, diseased, organs. I can see cancer. I can see if it’s metastasized to other parts of the body. I watch all kinds of things that would show up on an X-ray, an MRI, or a CT scan. Sometimes, I see things in the body that aren’t showing up yet on the scans. I’ll say, “I can see that this cancer is metastasized to your bone or your lungs or whatever.” The person with whom I’m talking will say, “No. I just had a PET scan and it came out clear.” I said, “Okay, that’s just what I’m seeing.” They’ll contact me a month later or something and say, “You were right. They did a subsequent scan and it’s showing up.”

I always see these things, but most importantly, once they’re identified, then I watch energetic healings happen. It always starts right after something is identified. It can take the place of something getting added or something getting removed. I watch energetic healings happen that emulate what I saw in operating rooms for all those decades when I was developing surgical devices and testing prototypes and stuff like that.

When you perform the energetic healing, does it come through you or to the person? You’ve now identified something, so they’re like, “Please get that out of me.” Does the energetic healing get performed later on? How does that work, Julie?

It happens in real time, right then when I’m on the phone. Normally, 99.9% of the people with whom I work on anything, it’s done via phone or Skype if they’re abroad, but it’s instant. I describe to them in detail what I’m watching happen. If they can envision what I’m seeing in my mind’s eye, it helps integrate it into the body and helps the healing. I believe it’s spirit working through me. Certainly, I don’t believe that I’m the one doing it. I believe that I’m the conduit and it’s spirit working through me. I understand what Pope Clement talked about and still does because he’s still my main spirit guide. He prides me still where he said, “Everything you’ve done is to prepare you for this work.” As I said, so many of the healings will emulate what I saw in operating rooms.

GAR 62 | Medical Intuitive

Medical Intuitive: I believe that I’m the conduit and it’s spirit working through me.


Sometimes I’ll see healings that utilize methodologies and devices that haven’t been invented yet. I have an advisory group of surgeons, physicians, geneticists, and therapists that I’ll call, and I’ll say, “I’m seeing this. Does this make any sense to you?” Especially if I see it more than one time. In some instances, a geneticist tells me this is a hypothesis. There are five institutes studying it right now. Nobody has seen it. Nobody can prevent it and there’s no way in hell you would know about it. I said, “Obviously I do because I just described it to you.” It’s almost as if when those healings come in and then I’ll subsequently see them several other times with other clients, it’s almost like you keep reaching higher and higher levels of healing abilities. I think it’s endless what we all have the capability to do ourselves.

I myself have worked with an energy healer in my life, and if the person is good like you are and they have integrity, it can make a huge difference in your life. It’s really fabulous. Let me ask you what it’s like to see energy fields and facilitate energy healings, which you’re just talking about. For those who are tuning in to us who are like, “What’s the spirit guide?” Could you explain a little bit about that and how that works, Julie? Since we’re talking about energy healing, I know that you have written a new book that touches on that and it’s geared toward kids. There are a lot of pieces to this question.

My new book is called Angel Messages for Kids, and it’s coming out in December 2019. I wanted it out in time for the holidays. It’s going to be close but it’s going to be out before the holidays. It’s based on all of this. What’s an energy field look like where spirits are attached to a body having a human experience, and what happens when a loved one dies? Why is it that children can see spirits sometimes when mommy and daddy can’t see them? The moms all ask me, “How do I explain to my child that he knows these details from a past life and there’s no way he would know them.” We’ve been able to corroborate them online with historical documents, but this kid can’t even read yet. He’s three.

GAR 62 | Medical Intuitive

Angel Messages for Kids

How does he know he was a civil war soldier? He knows where the battle was and what the date was. She said, “There’s no way he would know this stuff.” You hear about children with imaginary friends and we’ve always thought, “Johnny has a really good imagination.” Actually, Johnny has an imaginary friend that is a spirit. It’s just that mommy and daddy or whoever’s raising Johnny is not able to see them or hear them perhaps, but Johnny can.

Also, it’s so confusing to children about when a loved one dies. I have moms ask me a lot, “My grandmother died and we told Susie that Grandma is in heaven, but Susie can plainly see Grandma’s body in the casket at the funeral home. We’re telling Susie that Grandma is in heaven. There’s no way. I don’t know what to say to my daughter to help her understand.” I’ve written a children’s picture book, and I think adults will learn a lot from it as well. The whole book has seventeen sentences in it. It’s very concise and understandable for children, small and large, and adults. Illustrations are just darling. It’s about angels giving messages to kids that explain all of this stuff.

I think this book is so necessary and takes away a lot of fear for people and for the kids. It’s a comfort because a child loves a grandparent so much and they can’t even imagine that the grandparent is no longer there. A lot of times, a grandparent might say, and I don’t know if your book talks about it, “I’m going to protect you. I’ll be on the other side.”  You’re talking about guardian angels and spirit guides. Could you just briefly define them for our audience?

I mentioned this in the children’s book, the Guardian Angels. I do in Angelic Attendants as well, the grownup book. As far as talking with your grandmother, “I’ll protect you. I’ll be there and you can talk to me anytime,” I addressed how people can talk to their spirits. You ask them a question in your head or allowed and the first thing that comes to your mind is them answering you. It’s thought because spirits communicate telepathically, and most people discount it because they think, “That’s my brain answering me.” Yes, it is your brain if it takes longer than a second to get an answer.

The thing you remember when communicating with spirit is that spirit’s really literal. We want to be very specific and concise in the questions that we ask. As far as guardian angels go, we all have a guardian angel who comes in with us in every lifetime and stays with the same guardian angels with us throughout all of our lifetimes. They’re just another friend, helper, and guide for us to help us.

We ask them to help us but they don’t intervene. They may put ideas in our head that come in as a thought like, “Maybe I’ll Google this or I’ll look for this book.” Those are all inspirational messages. When you think about that, our human time is a human concoction. In the spirit world, there is no time. It doesn’t exist. Perhaps, we live 100 years and we think that’s a long time. It’s not even a blip to the spirit world because they’re eternal.

Our human time is a human concoction. In the spirit world, there is no time. It doesn’t exist. Share on X

Sometimes I want to lean back on that if I’m running late for an appointment and say to someone, “Excuse me, but on the other side, there’s no such thing as time. Please have yourself for five minutes then I’ll wait.”

You’re right, but whether it’s a spirit guide, like a dead pope for me, we all have many spirit guides that come in and out based on what’s going on in our lives. Our guardian angels stay with us for our whole life and through all of our lives and that energy is with us on the other side as well. The interesting thing is that they’re all very patient. There are no demands and no judgment. They put ideas into our heads that they think can help us expand and co-create with spirit and God while we’re in human form. Patience personified is what I perceive.

They’re truly the expression. A little help from your friends. It’s great. How do you communicate with spirits that are at the same time both dead and alive? Are you saying that even though I am alive in my body, you can communicate with my soul that is within my body? How do you do this and where is a person’s soul located?

The answer is yes, I communicate with any spirit alive or deceased. It doesn’t matter anywhere or from any era. Spirit is just pure energy. Our body is pure energy. Go back to your third-grade science lessons, we learned that everything is made out of energy. You may be sitting at a big desk that feels very solid, and we know it’s vibrating more slowly than the energy that we’re using to talk now on the internet. How I communicate with spirit is I raise my vibrational level to the level of spirit. It takes me a nanosecond. I turn my abilities on and off at will and I watch a laser beam go from my body if I’m going to scan somebody. It’s from my body to the other person who’s alive wherever and it hooks into their body energetically so I’m connected to their spirit.

I shoot energy as I mentioned through their body and it will be as if I’m looking at an MRI, an X-ray, or a CT scan. If I’m communicating with them telepathically, I don’t have to do the laser beam thing. I think of them, call their name, or ask for instance if I have a general question and I’m looking for information, then different spirits will send me information telepathically. Again, it’s like a thought that comes into my head, but that laser that I use to connect to somebody alive is called a bioplasmic streamer. That’s how we connect. We hear about the cords that we have with our children and our grandchildren. They say, “He’s never cut the cord from his mother.”

We mamas with sons never cut the cord so we’re always close to them but there’s plenty of room for the wives and children’s cords to connect as well for them. I think that’s how we do it. It’s very important for me anyways, and I teach this in my classes, to disconnect those cords after we’re done scanning somebody because we don’t need to stay connected to them energetically. It’s like when you plug in a USB port to do something and then when you’re done, you unplug it.

It sounds like on the earthbound plane. You’re respecting boundaries.

Absolutely. I won’t scan anybody unless I have their permission. I believe it’s an invasion of their privacy. If somebody says to me, “Can you scan my child? Can you scan my husband?” I’ll telepathically ask that person’s permission. If they give it, I will. If they don’t give it, I won’t. Even infants, I won’t do it because I believe it’s an invasion of their privacy. Frankly, it’s none of my business and I don’t really want to know what goes along with it. I think you hear about people that are psychics and intuitives and they’ll say, “That one has got cancer and that one has got whatever.” That’s unethical. It’s an invasion of their privacy.

I agree with you. Let me ask you this, is it the soul of that infant whose permission you’re asking to do that work?


I know where the soul is and we’re going to talk about where the soul is located when a person is dying. Where is this soul located in you and in me as we talk to each other? Is it in that same location or is it somewhere else in our bodies? That’s attached to another question I have, which is, I believe a part of our soul is here and most of our soul is back home on the other side. Would you agree with that?

I agree that we are in multiple places all at the same time. I think that’s what Einstein’s theory of relativity is too that there are multiple realities happening all at the same time. Yes, I agree with you on that. As far as most of, that’s trying to understand it from our human perspective. I don’t think we can understand it. It’s like I’m so in Kabbalah. We can’t even fathom God, the Creator, and Spirit because we don’t have the capacity. We don’t have any frame of reference for it in our human minds. It’s unknowable but we know it’s the creator of everything in the source. I was raised in twelve years of Catholic schools. I was raised that the spirit is someplace in the chest area. The spirit of the soul is the same thing.

There are multiple realities happening all at the same time. Share on X

What I perceive however is different. That is that the body is inside the spirit and the spirit is the power source for the body. It correlates in my mind with if you look at a religious painting, a picture, or a depiction of somebody, whether it’s Buddha, the Dalai Lama, Saint, or Moses, oftentimes, they’re depicted with a halo around their head or their whole body. I believe the painters long ago could see that. That’s their energy field. It’s their aura and their spirit. The body goes inside of that but it’s all holographic.

The spirit has this membrane on the outside of it that reminds me of thin, stretchy, plastic wrap. That’s the container that holds the energy that comprises our body and our spirit. That’s why when somebody dies and their spirit separates from their body, their body doesn’t work anymore because it doesn’t have a power source.

That’s fascinating and helpful for people to understand. Now we’re at the meaty part of our interview, Julie. Please explain to us the twelve phases of transition that you have seen when a person is in the process of dying. Everyone, you’ve got to read her book. This is absolutely fascinating. 

I mentioned that our spirit and our body are all holographic. As somebody is dying, the spirit separates from the body but it holds on to the top of the head. It looks like a bubble configuration. It reminds me of a cartoon caption bubble where the character’s words or thoughts are located on a cartoon. As the person gets closer to death, other deceased loved ones, the mother’s spirit, their closest maternal spirit who’s deceased, will be there in their paternal spirit. It’s the mom spirit who runs the show from the spirit world. I found that fascinating.

We girls prevail.

Yeah. Girl power. We think that we’re done with our duties, those of us with grown married children. I have a son who’s married and I have several stepchildren who are married with kids. We think that our role is over and we know it’s not. It’s never over. I find it fascinating that we’re helping our children from the other side when they’re dying. They come in first and then there are angels that come in and they form a circle around the person who’s dying. As that person gets closer to death, that circle opens into a horseshoe and keeps expanding until eventually, it’s in a straight line. Many spirits, hundreds if not thousands of other spirits come and deceased animal spirits are there too, which is really interesting.

I call them the Welcome to Heaven Committee. They’re there and they’re part of the welcome committee truly to help someone. The interesting thing about these twelve phases of transition is a couple of things. First of all, everybody goes through all twelve phases whether it happens instantly, like in the case of a suicide or a homicide. Whether it takes days, weeks, months, or years even for somebody to die, these phases can happen. There’s a gal that called into my show and her dad was in phase 11 of 12. He was ready to go but he stayed there for two years.

There must be a reason for that from a soul level, I would think. That’s not apparent to us here, like the people have things to finish. That’s my guess. Would you say that’s correct or am I wrong?

We all decide when we go, how we go, who’s with us when we go, where we are, or what the circumstances are. I find that people that take a long time to go oftentimes are staying back because they want the family to get used to them not being there. For instance, an Alzheimer’s patient or somebody that’s had some awful disease and it’s strung out over long periods of time. It gives the family a chance to get used to them not being around. My sister-in-law’s dad died. He had Alzheimer’s and took a long time to die.

We all decide when we go, how we go, who’s with us when we go, where we are, or what the circumstances are. Share on X

When I was communicating with him maybe in year one of him being very close, I said, “What do you need? Why are you still here? What can we do something to help you?” He said, “No. I just want to give my wife the opportunity to get used to my not being around because she’s never lived alone.” I said, “What do you mean?” He said, “When we got married, she lived at home with her family because we had just gotten out of college and then we’ve always lived together. She’s 87 years old but she’s never lived by herself.” By him being in a facility and her going and seeing him and spending time with him every day in the facility, it gave her the opportunity to ease into what it was like for her to be by herself.

Other people who are already in don’t understand there is some agenda with the person dying on the way. When you see angels, what do they look like so people can understand? Are they really what we have in pictures with the wings and the whole thing or does it change depending on your orientation? How do you see them, Julie?

They look like what they look like in the statues to me, big wings, a white long gown, belted at the waist with a rope, bare feet, and the whole nine yards. That’s just how they appear to me so that I know who they are. It’s an angelic energy. Somebody raised in a different culture may see an angel as a purple blob of energy or as an entity with a tail and horn that’s red. There are all kinds of interpretations. The funny thing about angels and also other spirits is that they show up to me in a way so I can recognize them. Spirit guides always show up to me looking like a version of Father Time, Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies, or Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings movies.

When we talk with them, they morph into looking like what they look like in the lifetime that corresponds with what they’re advising the person that they’re working with and what they’re advising them in this lifetime. That can be anything from the vision of somebody in Caveman’s days to the Middle Ages to the 1960s to whatever. It’s just fascinating to see how they lurk. They always show up in a way that’s going to allow me to figure out who they are instantly.

It’s the same thing I often hear stories when mediums are able to communicate with our deceased loved ones. Often, our deceased loved ones don’t come through. From what I understand, they don’t always come through unless they’re trying to show how they died. As these older people, sometimes they come through in the prime of their life or in a way that you can more easily identify them.

It’s the latter for me. They’ll come through how I can identify them and describe them to the person who is their loved one that’s still living, but they always come through. The difference is a lot of mediums will say, “Let’s see who’s around you.” What I do is, “Who do you want to talk to when we call them in?” Whether it’s a deceased loved one or you want to talk to Einstein, Mother Teresa, Napoleon, Moses, or whomever, it doesn’t matter.

They’ll always come in immediately as soon as we call them. They know our deceased loved ones, especially in our spirit guide. It works both ways. You can call them in and then you may be doing something random like the dishes, folding laundry, or something and you think of maybe your deceased grandmother. That’s letting them know that you’re there. You’re picking up on their energy because they’re there with you.

You have another amazing story about a dying man who hung on until his daughter mailed his taxes. Would you like to share that with us?

That is so fun, isn’t it? Her dad was very elderly. He was a retired dentist and he was hanging on in the hospital for two weeks. It was like on off already, “Okay, we’re ready to go.” She was calling me and saying, “What’s going on? What can we do?” He kept saying, “Have her mail my quarterly estimated taxes.” She kept blowing it off and she kept saying, “I’m not going to do that.” Finally, one day, she was exasperated and she said, “What does he need?” They’re in another city. I’m communicating with her on the phone and then I’m communicating telepathically with her father who’s in the ICU hanging on after they’ve removed him from life support.

He said, “Have her mail my quarterly estimated taxes.” She started to resist. I said, “Just go do it. What do you have to lose at this point?” She said, “I don’t even know where they are.” I asked him. It feels like a spiritual conference call. I’m on the phone with her and I’m doing a woo-woo conference call with him. He said, “They’re on my desk in my bedroom, the middle drawer on the left.” I said, “Go to his home and look for him and see what you find.” She did. Sure enough, they were in there, they were addressed, and stamps were on them. He had signed them. They were filled out. The check was there. She dropped him in the mailbox on her way back to the hospital and he died shortly thereafter.

That’s a great story. What is a walk to heaven? Could you please tell us your story about the nun who needed three walks to heaven?

A lot of people are so afraid to die because, in our Western culture in particular, we’ve been so conditioned over the millennia and in every religion and culture that when you die, you’re either going to fly or fry. One or the other. People are afraid to die. Certainly, there are lots of books about near-death experiences, the afterlife, and the stages of grief but there really isn’t much out there about what’s happening as we’re dying and people are afraid of that. What’s going to happen? That’s what my book addresses.

A lot of people are so afraid to die because we’ve been so conditioned over the millennia and in every religion and culture that when you die, you’re either going to fly or fry. Share on X

To answer your question, I will go through this exercise with people who are dying. I will join their spirit and I’ll walk them through this process. It’s like a dress rehearsal of what’s going to happen when their spirit and then their bodies separate so it’s not so scary for them. We go through this journey and we end up at the pearly gates. The pearly gates to me look like this big huge whiteish, yellowish plasma wall. There’s no top or bottom and there are no sides. We go through it and as soon as we go through it, it’s like a plasma screen. You’ve probably seen those screens. Somebody will touch it and they go out in ripples, like when you throw a stone in a lake and then there’s no trace of it.

We walk through that screen or the heavenly wall and on the other side are their deceased loved ones waiting for them. It gives them peace. We’ll walk backward and we’ll walk through all the phases of that. I’ll then reattach their spirit to their body and I’ll put my spirit back attached to my body. There was this elderly nun who was so afraid to die. I find a lot that people who are in their religion business, the rabbis, the clergy, and the pastors can bring a lot of comfort to their flocks and their congregation but when it’s their time, they’re afraid. They’re like, “Is this stuff I’ve been espousing really true? Is it real?”

This nun, she would be the last person you would expect. She was in her 90s and she was afraid to die. We did several walks to heaven. I think we did three. The first one, she was very decrepit and holding on to me with her walker. In the second one, she stood up a little bit straighter then in the third one, she got slug her walker over her shoulder and walked back like she was twenty. She died shortly thereafter. I did this with somebody and her grandmother was afraid to die. She was 95. She wasn’t even in any of the phases of transition yet but my client was saying, “My grandma is ready to go. She tells us every day I’m ready to go.”

We did the walk to heaven with her to help her see what was going to be forthcoming. We got on the other side of the wall and her family was standing there. There was the energy of a Shetland pony. I asked my client, “Does your grandmother have a Shetland pony that you know of?” There were other animals there too, but the pony stood out. I don’t see ponies very often on the other side of heaven. She later emailed me. She said, “I called my mom and sure enough they had a Shetland pony the whole time my grandmother was growing up and the pony’s name was Macaroni or something. I forget what it was,” but it was validation. That’s fun when we get that information. That was so random. There’s this Shetland pony’s energy waiting for her on the other side of the pearly gate.

She must be very young with that Shetland pony. At that point, he was there then to greet her and support her. That’s fantastic. I’ve been in situations where I was once in a seance where five gerbils came through for somebody and that was, “Gerbils?” She said, “Yes, my husband had five deceased gerbils. I was like, “That’s cool.”

Oftentimes, when the spirits show up, both in this reality and on the other side, they’re holding infants. They’re infants of miscarried babies that the person who’s dying if it’s a woman or her spouse. They didn’t even know that they miscarried but there will be the spirits of those miscarried babies there. I find that really fascinating. There is this one woman, I told her, “There are three baby spirits.” She’d had six kids and at her husband’s funeral, I said, “There are three baby spirits that are there with him.”

After the funeral, we asked one of her daughters, “Did your dad have a girlfriend on the side with other kids that I don’t know about?” She said it as a joke. We figured and what we did was we identified the baby. Two of them were miscarriages that the wife had and then one was a miscarried grandchild whose spirit was there with him, which I think is so sweet.

It’s sweet and it’s also comforting because people grieve when they miscarry, but that child really, for whatever reason, didn’t come through, but they are with them and they’re on the other side.

They’re spirit. It’s said that most women will miscarry and we have no clue because it’s so early on. We think we’re having a period, but it’s really a miscarriage and we don’t know it.

Julie, how is it helpful for someone to know about their past lives?

It’s really fun, first of all. Since we’ll get data information about years and times and what they were doing, oftentimes, we’ll get names and we can corroborate the information we get with historical information like I was telling about with little children. That’s addressed in my Angel Messages For Kids book. I think it’s helpful because there’s a general theme that can go through multiple lifetimes and it’s a basic script that I see repeat. It reminds me and a good analogy would be the A Star Is Born movie that was out with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. That was the fourth remake of that movie. A different timeline, a different cast of characters, and a different setting, but the same script. That’s what I see with multiple lifetimes. We’ll have a script maybe that we want to explore betrayal.

Maybe in 1912, you’re in business in Paris and you’re betrayed by a business partner. In this current life, you’re betrayed by a lover. It’s still the basic general premise of betrayal but you’re looking at it from a different vantage point. Different timelines, certainly. Oftentimes, different sex and a different set of circumstances, but the same basic premise of betrayal.

The same lesson you learned until you get it.

I believe we expand in every one of our adventures in every lifetime. We keep expanding and keep building on, “I saw what it felt like and I experienced what it was like to be betrayed by my business partner in 1912 and now I’m exploring what it’s like to be betrayed by my lover in 2019. Maybe next time, I’ll explore what it’s like to be the lover who’s doing the betraying.” It’s all different nuances of the same basic premise. When we’re done with that, then we pick something else to explore.

We expand in every one of our adventures in every lifetime. Share on X

What about people who commit evil? You’re saying in the twelve phases of transition, most people go. It’s the same scenario and it doesn’t matter if it’s a sudden death or whatever, but now this person has been not a good person and they get to the other side. I don’t think there’s any Helen Brimstone, but do you know anything about what happens to these people who were savory?

I think the person that comes to mind certainly in this is Hitler. Hitler is the first one that everybody says, “What happens to Hitler?” Everybody’s spirit is pure love and light or pure and limitless love. All of that personality that we see of somebody who’s evil stays with the body when somebody dies. It’s as if we’re playing a character in a script. It’s hard for us to wrap our heads around that in our humanness because we think, “How can that be?” To spirit, nothing is good or bad. Nothing is right or wrong. It’s just an experience. We, humans, judge things as right or wrong or good or bad. When somebody is experiencing something that’s horrific, like the Holocaust, we look at that like, “Those Nazis aren’t going to fry in hell,” but the spirit sees it as an experience and expanding out.

Perhaps, in a previous lifetime or in a subsequent lifetime, those spirits are the persecuted or they are the wife of, the husband of, the daughter of, the friend of, or whatever. Again, we live many lifetimes, hundreds if not thousands or more, where we’re looking at different nuances of different things to explore. In the spirit world, what I’ve been told is that many times over the years is that we think of something and it’s immediately created. We think of something instant. It’s there whereas in human form, we’re here to co-create. Spirit sees everything as an experience and every experience is leading us into expansion and it’s all for our benefit.

Even something that we look at that’s terrific. For instance, the Boston Marathon bombing. We look at that as horrific that they used pressure cookers to injure all those people. When you look at it from a broader perspective, Boston is strong. Boston was fractured. There were different parts of the city that brought that city together. Certainly, there are many instances throughout history where we could see that there were benefits long-term. The Holocaust is a great example where we are all in the civilized world committed to making sure that that’s never going to happen again. There’s something good that expands that comes out of every situation. Does that answer your question?

Yeah. It’s hard to imagine that but it makes sense to me. Perhaps, Hitler came back to be tortured and to experience the opposite of what he did in his lifetime as a lesson for him.

Exactly, or maybe he was tortured before. The different possibilities are endless. I don’t know that there’s a computer that can figure out that algorithm.

That’s certainly for another time but let me ask you this. So you have a message about the importance of healing to share with our audience, Julie? Can you talk about the different types of healing?

Can you be more specific about that? Do you mean energetic healing versus medical healing?

You help people heal physically and emotionally. There are people who say, “Why do I need to do this? Why do I need to go out of my way to know all this about myself on a soul level?” Isn’t that beneficial to the person as they evolve? Would you say a person should care about trying to heal this stuff and grow in this lifetime?

I think we all expand whether we choose to investigate energetic healing, any kind of healing, or psychotherapy. It’s everybody’s path, and however, anybody chooses to go down that path is fine. When we can stay in Switzerland, I tell people, stay in Switzerland. We stay neutral. When we see somebody that’s doing something that we know is detrimental to their health, for instance, like my brother who has had cancer but drinks several diet cokes a day, I’m saying, “What are you doing?”

Even to the point where my parents’ spirit showed up and said, “Tell him to stop drinking diet pop.” I said to them, “I don’t think he drinks pop.” They said, “Yes, he does.” I called him and I said, “Do you drink a lot of pop?” He said, “Yeah, usually 3 or 4 a day, but it’s diet.” I said, “Your parents want you to stop.” We have this running joke. I look at that and I think that one of the number one things that somebody with cancer tells them to stop is it is artificial sweeteners but he chooses to do that.

That’s his prerogative to choose to do that. Likewise, on the other side of the coin, I live in Birmingham, Alabama. There are people I’ve met here who have smoked since they were five years old or chewed tobacco or something. They’re country people, not in the cities, but certainly a relative of somebody. They’re 104 and they eat bacon grease, three meals a day, and they’re eating all this stuff that we think is really detrimental. They are chugging along and they’re happy as a clam. It’s everybody’s path and it’s for us to pay attention to how we feel about what we’re doing and accept how other people are choosing to explore this reality around.

It’s for us to pay attention to how we feel about what we’re doing and accept how other people are choosing to explore this reality around. Share on X

Maybe part of the path of healing is acceptance of people’s choices and knowing that you can make your own different choices. Julie, you’re amazing. How can our audience connect with you? I’m sure they all want to.

Right back at you. You are amazing too. You can have access to my podcast there. They’re on lots of networks and anywhere you download podcasts. You can find them on my website and YouTube. You can find links to my books there. They’re available in libraries, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and all of that. The Children’s book is not an Audiobook but it’s going to be digital and in paperback. The other book is paperback, digital, and Audiobook, the Angelic Attendants. You can schedule a session.

Everything is at Ask Julie Ryan. You can access whatever you need there. I do a weekly call-in show on Thursday nights where people call in from all over. It’s so much fun because they’ll ask love life questions, “Can you scan my cat? Can I talk to my dead grandmother? Can you scan me?” Past life, angels, it’s all across the board. It’s really fun. We have a ball on that show.

Julie, what is your tip for finding joy in life?

Stay in Switzerland. Stay neutral. If we stay neutral and know that everything is unfolding perfectly, we are going to experience a lot of joy. When we feel bad, that’s our spirit saying to us, “You’re out of alignment.” Spirit vibrates at a high level, which is love. All negative emotion that we experience is all fear-based. When we experience a negative emotion, we are out of alignment. If we can go back to Switzerland, like if we’re judging somebody, stay neutral on that and know that when you feel bad, you’re out of alignment. Change your perspective. Know that it’s unfolding perfectly and it’s benefiting you even if you can’t see it at that moment.

GAR 62 | Medical Intuitive

Medical Intuitive: When you feel bad, you’re out of alignment. Change your perspective. Know that it’s unfolding perfectly and it’s benefiting you even if you can’t see it at that moment.


As I would say, keep the faith.


Julie, what you see and sense helps to comfort people who are caring for a dying loved one while at the same time, you help them to understand their place in this world and the bigger picture of life in the next. Your remarkable and informative book, Angelic Attendance. What really happens as we transition from this life into the next is sure to comfort and enlighten its readers, as is your new book, Angel Messages For Kids. I want to thank you from my heart for an absolutely wonderful interview. Make sure to follow us and like us on social @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Thanks again for joining us and as I like to say, to be continued. Many blessings and bye for now.


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