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Photo Credit: Saul Vazquez via Facebook

Powell County, Kentucky – On July 13, 2016, a motorcyclist was seriously injured during a crash and subsequently died in the hospital.  The photo above, taken by Saul Vazquez, has sparked much conversation on social media, because people believe that it shows the motorcycle driver’s spirit leaving his body.  

Look closely at the photo! I agree that we are looking at a soul leaving the body and what a blessing for this man, because the instant a soul leaves the body, suffering stops.   

I have learned that souls leave the body at different points during the physical death process, depending on the choices made by the soul. These choices can be made during pre-birth planning on the Other Side.

According to Bob Olson, author of  Answers About the Afterlife, “many people in spirit have communicated through mediums that their spirit left their body before the airplane or automobile crashed, before the bullet hit their body, and before the pain of the death experience got unbearable. When this occurs, we experience our death while out of our body, yet we are still connected to it spiritually.”

There are also times a soul chooses to suffer through the death experience.  Though this makes absolutely no sense to those of us in physical form (who would want to choose to suffer?), on the soul level, consciously choosing to experience a difficult physical death can be for the purpose of teaching the soul a valuable lesson which will  help the soul grow and evolve.

Like the motorcyclist in the photo, my husband Saul, who died next to me in a tragic car accident, apparently did not suffer through his own death experience:

    “I think my soul left even before my body died. The pain of living, especially over the last eight years, had become such a burden that this sudden moment filled me with profound relief.  My last earthly recollection is driving, and then…this immense loosening and lightening.”      

    “After the accident, I left my body and was outside the car. From where I stood, I could see my body slumped over the steering wheel.” – Excerpt from They Serve Bagels in Heaven: One couple’s story of love, eternity and the cosmic importance of everyday life.

Take another look at the photo.  The motorcyclist had not yet been taken to the hospital.  His body was still at the accident scene, yet there was his soul, outside his body, and, like Saul, he most likely was a witness to all that was going on before he crossed over to the Other Side.

What a tremendous comfort to know that our souls do indeed survive our physical deaths!

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