“What Every Soul Knows: The Joy of Remembering Who We Really Are!”

I’m delighted to be part of this fantastic documentary by my wonderfully talented friend and filmmaker, Peter Alessandria. Hear more about this exciting project below:





I’m happy to announce I’ve completed most of the interviews for an upcoming documentary film I’m producing entitled, “What Every Soul Knows: The Joy of Remembering Who We Really Are.” Over the past twelve months I’ve interviewed more than 40 people who’ve had near-death experiences, or who are mediums, psychics or channels.

I’ve asked them many questions about life and the afterlife, such as, “What is the Soul?” What/where is heaven?”, “What is death?” “Do we have more than one incarnation?” “Is there such a thing as hell?”, “Are we judged or punished for our mistakes in the afterlife?” and many others. Interviewing these people has changed my life in wonderful ways and I’m hoping the film, when it’s released later this year, will do the same for you.

Between now and then I’ll be posting updates on the movie’s website www.whateverysoulknows.com including the latest trailers and when and where you can see the finished film. In the meantime, please also visit: www.itstimetoremember.org This non-profit website was established to help share the important messages of the film. I also have a new production company with several other spiritually-based movie projects. Find out more at www.mindfulentertainment.us 

Finally, some of you may recall my younger brother passed unexpectedly last year. The things I’ve learned while making this film have helped me greatly in my own healing journey and I’m dedicating the film to his memory. Thanks for all your wonderful support!

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