What choice would you have made?

I received three profound messages before, during and after my husband Saul died next to me in a tragic car accident that transformed my lifeA few months before the accident, I received the message “Saul has to goMany lessons will be learned from his death.”  And as my car began the first of four flips two months later, the message “He’s not going to make it, you are.” came into my headThen, when we landed upside down by the side of the New York Thruway and I saw that my precious Saul had left his body, which validated the first two messages, what sounded like a male voice literally trumpeted into my head as I was being pulled through the shattered window of my car by an EMT, directing me to “Be loving and kind to everyone.”  

I had been a skeptic regarding all notions of spirituality, but this amazing spiritual awakening instantly transformed me, and I began to consciously live that directive to” Be loving and kind to everyone,” not only to others, but also to myselfThese days I consciously remind myself not to be judgmental, that everyone is on his or her path with lessons to be learned; not to indulge in drama, therefore I often choose to “detach with love” from toxic situations and people; I consciously have continued my healing journey so that I can release my bag of stories and woes out of loving kindness to myself; and through my podcast, I consciously express loving kindness to others by bringing them healing choices and insights that can inspire them to heal and evolve.  

I recently had an experience that challenged my choice to live life consciously, without judgment, without drama, and with loving kindnessA few months earlier, I had made plans to meet a new acquaintance for lunch in a small city about 20 minutes from my homeI showed up at the restaurant on time, but she was nowhere to be seenI tried to call and text her but received no repliesI was disappointed, but I chose not to take offenseYes, I was inconvenienced, and it was annoying, but what if there were circumstances unknown to me that prompted the no-show?   

I walked over to a sidewalk café’, ordered myself some coffee and ice cream, and waited to see if she would text or call meWhen nothing happened, I paid my bill and went home.   

A few hours later, my “no show” called meShe was absolutely horrifiedTurns out her home had been found to be full of mold, she had gotten ill, and it had forced her and her husband to move out of their home and live in a camper in their driveway while repairs and renovations were being done to their houseOur plan to meet had gotten lost in the ensuing chaos of her life. 

She profusely apologized and offered to come to my place and make us dinner that night.  I happily agreed and we had a delightful time getting to know each other better over dinner.  A lovely friendship is forming that would never have happened had I chosen differently. 

What choice would you have made?   

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