The Mother/Daughter Relationship: Discovery, Growth and Healing Through Time w/ special guests Seta Araz-Shahinian, Dr. Peggy DeLong and Jill Eras






    Mother’s Day is coming up, and with that, a lot of emotions can arise if you’ve lost a mother, mother figure or daughter. During this webinar with special guests Dr. Peggy Delong, Jill Eras and Seta Araz-Shaninian, Irene discusses some of the feelings around grief and how to navigate them – and know you’re not alone!

    Dr. Peggy DeLong, known as the Gratitude Psychologist, is a clinical and forensic psychologist who assists individuals and groups to foster gratitude and cultivate joy in everyday living through traditional psychology, workshops, bracelets and books. She is the designer of The Gratitude Bracelet and author of “I Can See Clearly Now: A Memoir about Love, Grief and Gratitude.” An authority on Mother and Tween/Teen daughter relationships, Peggy feels passionate about bringing people together and helping them live their very best lives.

    Jill Eras has married her traditional Masters Degree in Family Therapy with Astrology and Archetypal Dreamwork. Jill is well- versed in how trauma affects family systems and what happens to women in their process of having children. Jill wisely advises, “If you feel it you can heal it!”

    Seta Araz-Shahinian is an Energetic Healer and Alternative Care Practitioner who helps ascertain what is holding a person back from advancing in his or her life and finding happiness. She can also help a person change the ways issues are being addressed so that negative patterns and struggles can be released.

    During the Grief and Rebirth Mother/Daughter Summit, we talk about things like:

    • How does a birth chart give clues about a mother daughter dynamic?
    • How can a mother foster communication with a teenage daughter?
    • What happens if a mother or daughter is deceased? Can the mother or daughter still work on the relationship and how?
    • How can we best prepare our daughters to be healthy, happy, in balance and whole?

    Some questions we ask the panelists:

    • How does a family legacy affect the mother/daughter relationship?
    • Can we learn to break or re-create patterns in the mother/daughter relationship?
    • How do you define a mindful parent-child relationship?