The Father in Father’s Day w/ special guests R. Glenn Kelly and Edy Nathan 





    Father’s Day is coming up, and with that, a lot of emotions can arise if you’ve lost a father, father figure or son. During this webinar with special guests Edy Nathan and R. Glenn Kelly, Irene discusses some of the feelings around grief and how to navigate them – and know you’re not alone!

    R. Glenn Kelly, also known as Ron, is a specialist in men and grief, as well as a keynote speaker.  
    Edy Nathan is a best- selling author, a keynote speaker, a workshop leader, and a licensed therapist. 
    During this summit, we talk about things like:
    • The Freeze/Flight experience when it comes to grief. 
    • The difference between abandoned grief and disenfranchised grief. 
    • How people can learn from their grief.
    • How do you define gratitude as it relates to grief?
    • Is grief different for a father when his passing child is mature and has been away from the nest for some time? 
    • Can a person mourn a father who is still alive?