Debra Martin

Grief and Rebirth Podcast LIVE! With Energy Healer Debra Martin

Join Irene and Debra for an intimate evening including a Guided Spirit Connection Healing Meditation 

This meditation is meant for anyone who would like to connect to their loved ones on the Other Side. During this meditation, Debra will guide attendees to a sacred space where we can meet, embrace, and spend time with our loved one. Invite your loved one and let them know this is the day we are going to connect.

Debra will also ask Spirit to embrace all of us with healing light and love. We could all use a loving embrace during these difficult times.

Debra has done many of these Guided Healing Meditations and has received amazing feedback. Each Healing meditation is guided by Spirit.

Debra does not know what is going to transpire and not one of her mediations are ever the same.

Come take this journey and enjoy this sacred time with your loved one.

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