GAR 35 | Helping Parents Heal

If you need uplifting, this is the interview for you! You are going to be incredibly touched when you hear about Tracy’s journey to find her 29-year-old son, Aymen after he crossed over and how she turned her tragedy into a blessing by becoming a guiding light for HELPING PARENTS HEAL, an organization dedicated to helping parents whose children have transitioned to the other side.


  • Finding the “silver lining” in a tragedy.
  • What it is like to learn to live with grief.
  • How to connect with deceased loved ones through the modality of Automatic Writing.
  • The transformational insights Tracy has gleaned from spiritual luminaries.


  • How does a person live after the transition of his or her child?
  • What is a Listener/Shining Light Mom?
  • What is the Soul Phone Foundation, and how does it provide proof of the Afterlife?

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Tracy Soussi – Affiliate Leader Of Helping Parents Heal Child Loss Group, Listener/Shining Loss Mom, Board Member Of The Soul Phone Foundation And Assistant To Thomas John, Evidential Medium





It is so great to share my very special and inspiring guest, Tracy Soussi, with all of you. Tracy and I are both Floridians, but Tracy is part of a rare species. She’s a true native-born Floridian. Tracy was living a very fulfilling life with her family in Charlotte, North Carolina, raising her three children, working as an award-winning real estate broker, and devoting much of her time to fundraisers and charitable organizations when, in 2016, her loving son Aymen, passed away unexpectedly at the age of 29 from central neurological sleep apnea.

You are going to be incredibly touched when you read about Tracy’s journey to find Aymen after he crossed over. She turned her tragedy into a blessing by becoming a guiding light behind the well-known and very respected online group called Helping Parents Heal, an organization dedicated to helping parents whose children have transitioned to the other side. I am honored to say that I’ve been a guest speaker at two online events for Helping Parents Heal.

In addition to working with many mediums and others who have helped the members of Helping Parents Heal to know that their children are still with them, albeit in spirit, Tracy has immersed herself in the study of spirituality and is also an assistant to the internationally renowned medium, Thomas John. Tracy has learned to communicate with Aymen through a modality called automatic writing, with which I am personally familiar because it is a modality I talk about in my book, They Serve Bagels in Heaven.

She says that each of us can also learn to communicate with our deceased loved ones through automatic writing. I, for one, am eager to hear all about that. It is truly my pleasure to introduce all of you to Tracy Soussi, a wonderful person who I am proud to say is also my friend. Tracy, it’s so great to have you on the show.

Thank you for that introduction, Irene, my friend.

Let’s begin our interview by having you tell us about your lifesaving journey to meet author, evidential, medium, speaker, and visionary Suzanne Geisemann.

I like to call her my savior. Five months into my journey after my beloved Aymen crossed over, I first met Dr. Mark Pitstick and did a webinar with him. While I was searching him, I came across Suzanne Geisemann. She was doing a class in New Mexico and I now live in Colorado, so I decided to attend one of her classes.

I was in DC visiting my daughter who broke her foot, left there, came back to Colorado to go to Suzanne, and my praying began. I started praying, “Please, Aymen, if you’re still with us, please get through Suzanne.” I prayed and prayed. I shared this now because other parents relate highly to this. If Aymen didn’t come through, I wasn’t sure I was going to stay in this world.

I was so distraught, as any parent is. I didn’t know if I could make it. I made it to Suzanne’s class. The first day, she says, “We are not doing any readings in this class. This is a class on mediumship.” I thought, “Aymen’s not going to come through. This is going to be a waste of my time.” I decided to stay that day. Aymen gives me feathers. I find feathers like they’re my job. That day I was thinking about not staying at the class. I go to lunch. I step out of the car. There are two feathers in a row. My sign to stay. I went to class the next day and you could tell Suzanne was a bit tired in her lecturing. A couple of hours in, she goes out and says, “I’ll be back.”

I had decided I wasn’t going to stay. I was waiting for her to come in and tell her, “Thank you very much, but I’m not going to stay.” The entire time, I was very quiet, trying to hold my tears back. Suzanne comes. She goes back to the book table and I walk up to her. Suzanne looked like she saw a ghost. Her eyes hit wide and she looked at me and her mouth dropped open. I had no idea why. I said, “Suzanne, thank you so much, but I’m not getting out of this class what I thought I was. I’m going to leave.”

She looked at me still wide-eyed and said, “Before you leave, can I give you a reading?” I was taken aback. Unbeknownst to me, the night before, she was up all night. Her daughter in spirit, Susan, and my son kept her awake all night saying that they needed her to give me a reading. When she took her break before she went back to the table, she went in, meditated, and said to her spirit guides and Susan, “If I’m going to give this frowning woman in the class a reading, I need to have a sign.”

She hasn’t spoken to me the whole class. They said, “I’ll give you a sign. When you go back in the room, go to the book table and she’ll come straight up to you.” She said, “There’s no way this woman is going to come up to me.” Of course, I did. She asked permission from the class if we could have a reading. They wanted to see a demonstration. We went and we sat down. As soon as we sat down, she said her prayer. She opened her eyes and said, “You’ve lost a son and he’s standing right behind you.”

I broke into tears. She said, “He’s like my Susan. He’s come here ‘to kick your butt.’ He said, ‘You are having such a hard time. You prayed for me to come through. I’m coming through to prove that I am alive.’” She brought in validation of Aymen and how he transitioned. I’m to the point, Irene, now, it doesn’t matter how anybody transitions. We all transition one day. I don’t need validation anymore because it was meant to be and it was going to be no matter what.

She brought in all the validations of Aymen’s illness, how he passed out at work beforehand. Aymen had one of the worst cases of sleep apnea. It went from obstructive to neurological. Many mediums have brought up that Aymen had an undiagnosed heart issue, which she brought up as well. She said, “I see horses. What are horses?” His fiancé’s a horse trainer. She brought up his dad and about their relationship.

She brought up so many validations. On my way to New Mexico, we stopped at a small church and I lit a candle for Aymen and one of my best friend’s sons, John Paul. She said he saw me lighting the candle. The biggest thing that she said was, “Aymen said you are going to help other parents get through this.” I looked at her like she had two heads. I said, “Suzanne, I can’t even do this journey. How am I going to help other people?”

He said, through Suzanne, “You’re not ready. When you’re ready, this is your journey. This is how you’re going to honor me.” Mark Pitstick had mentioned Helping Parents Heal to me. He said, “Perhaps one day, you would like to be a leader.” I kept saying no. Suzanne Geisemann said the same thing. She’s done many talks since then and talked about her story. She used to say, “I have no doubt one day Tracy will be a leader.” Now she says, “Tracy is a leader for Helping Parents Heal.” Suzanne saved my life by bringing Aymen through because I knew he was alive, but I needed and received that evidence. My prayers were answered. I prayed that he would come through Suzanne and he did.

When I first heard from Saul through John Edward after Saul died, it was transformational for me too. I had no idea. When you have no idea and you are so lost and then all of a sudden, they come through with all this proof of survival, it changes your life.

It changes your life beyond anything I could say.

You still miss them like crazy here.

You do. Grieving is such an individual journey and I went from believing to knowing. I know they live on. I have no doubt. I know Saul is happy. I know Aymen’s happy. I know we communicate with them, but does that still make it make it all good? No, it’s still very difficult.

People have previous issues, so grief exacerbates it. Some people get into that swamp and can’t quite pull themselves out. Where you and I, even though we still have the sadness, get triggered, and all that thing. To use a phrase often used, we’re making lemonade out of the lemons, which a lot of people don’t do.

I have two gorgeous inside and out daughters who are also part of my reason for being. All three of my children are, of course. When Aymen passed, one of my daughters said to me, “Mom, I feel like when I lost my brother, I lost my mother too.” That sunk in very deeply. I knew I couldn’t change that right away, but I knew if I didn’t try, it would make it look like Aymen meant more to me than they did. All my children mean the same to me. I favored Aymen and that was no secret, but they all mean as much to me.

The other thing is when it’s my day to go home, I don’t want people to say, “Tracy was never the same after she lost Aymen,” because that’s almost blaming Aymen. I want them to say, “Look what Aymen’s transition did. It changed Tracy to help other parents and help them get through this journey.” That’s my way of honoring Aymen. Instead of focusing on sleep apnea, which I was going to do at first, that’s focusing on his death. Helping other parents is helping me focus on his life and what he would want me to do.

It reminds me, Tracy, and it means so much. Our stories are so parallel in many ways. When they pulled me out of the car and Saul was dead next to me and I got all these messages and all, one of the things I thought about Earth-plane-wise was, “I have to survive this somehow because I need to show my son that you can survive. You can get hit by a grenade in life and somehow come through to the other end and move forward.”

I thought this as they were pulling me out of the car. It’s like I scripted myself and I didn’t know how I was going to do that. I’ve cried and I’ve gone through a million things. I’ve seen therapists, healers, and all that. I’ve been on this journey in this world too. My son has said to me, “Mom, there has been nothing worse than seeing you in total despair and nothing better than seeing you be able to have joy again.” I think you feel the same way about your daughters.

On Aymen’s three-year rebirth date, three years since he went home, after we got home, one of my daughters sent me a text that said, “Mom, I am so proud of you for how strong you are, how well you’re doing, and how you’re trying.” Did they not see me break down when I was with them and everything? Yes, they did, but they also knew that’s part of this journey. Tears are a good thing. You have to experience the grief to move on.

Look how you’re role modeling for your daughters because their lives are not going to be perfect. They’re going to have things happening to them. I feel that I role model for my son because life is what life is. How do we show them that you do not remain paralyzed by one episode?

I do see many parents who have many things that they do that they shouldn’t do to try and get through this. Some drink, some take medications, and some think, “Woe is me.” I understand all that. We all could do that. Every one of us could do that. We do have to live this life. Irene, I’m going to finish this life the best that I can because I am not coming back for a very long time, if at all, after this hard journey.

Is that what you decided or is that what you’ve been told?

That’s what I decided. I will come back after a long time because eternity is so long. If I do decide to come back, it’s going to be a long time after this one.

I put it another way. I say I have to heal as much as I can because I don’t want to come back with some of these same turkeys the next time around. One of the reasons I do this with the show is that I want people to know that they can heal and you can change your karma and your trajectory. You’re supposed to evolve while you’re here.

In my opinion, you will never get over the grief, but you can learn to live with it. That’s the difference. Grief is always that nasty little thing that’s always there with you. For example, when I’m with my girls, I say to myself, “Grief is always there whenever. While I’m with them, try and be present. Try and be happy. They’re here. I need to try the best that I can.” Grief is always going to be there, so you have to try the best that you can. We’re going to be here until we go home. We need to try and make the best of it. I want that beautiful smile that you have every day and the happiness you emulate. If you can do it, we all can do it.

You will never get over the grief. But you can learn to live with it. Share on X

It’s taking time. It’s a process. I have three beautiful grandchildren. I almost died next to Saul that night. What if I had sunk into that swamp? Not that I don’t miss Saul. Not that I don’t think about him, not that things don’t trigger me, not that I don’t have my sad moments, of course. Would I be able to have the joy that I feel and enjoy for the people who are still here with me, as well as for myself if I didn’t have this attitude and learn to live with it and embrace both parts of it, the good and the negative parts? It’s part of that journey.

I feel so blessed that even the fact that I’ve been able to communicate with Saul, be able to pay it forward, help so many people to know that we do go on, and help people know that you can heal with this show. People are finding out from our chatting. They’re learning a whole other way to deal with grief and to handle things.

Both of us have been very affected by tragedy in our lives. It’s so important. I want to ask you also. You were talking about Helping Parents Heal and your role as an affiliate leader. What does that look like? What exactly do you do? Tell everyone about this wonderful organization because, God forbid, if they have a need for it or a friend has a need for it.

Helping Parents Heal is a broad group, which was started by Elizabeth Boisson and Mark Ireland. Mark Ireland’s father was one of the most incredible mediums back in the day. Tragically, they had both lost children. That is the main group. We have many affiliate groups all over the world, in-person groups that people can go to. Right now, I believe we have over 11,000 members.

Is that the United States or the United States and Europe?

Yes, it’s in Europe, England, Australia. I am an affiliate leader. It’s called Helping Parents Heal Online Group. I had an idea with Brian Smith, Beth West, and Ty Smith. They already had one online group. I said, “Since I don’t have people in my area, why don’t we do a Zoom and invite speakers?” This way, anybody in the organization could have people like you. We have mediums and healers. We have authors.

Twice a month, usually on Mondays and Wednesdays, we normally have more meetings now because there’s such a need. We have guest speakers. We record them and then we archive the recordings. It’s a wonderful resource that parents can go back to and watch over and over. They can get information on healing, on mediums, and on all kinds of things. In our affiliate group, we’re about 4,500 people.

What do you call an affiliate group?

It’s like we’re leaders of the main group. We’re like the sisters of them. The main group itself is everybody who wants to join and there’s a tribute page of the Children’s Angel Date, which I call the Rebirth Date. That’s the big Facebook page. Off of there, there are groups all over the country. Our group is online. A lot of times, people, especially early in grieving, don’t want to go to in-person groups, maybe there’s none in their area, or they might want to get on.

It’s a closed group. Nobody else can read. Your coworkers can’t read what you write. You’re having a particularly sad day. Sometimes people will reach out and say, “Please say something to make me feel better.” I try each day to post something positive. I try to put up something each day that will make somebody smile, be happy, think, or encourage them. That’s something that I try and do each day for our parents.

I’ve seen your postings. They’re very helpful. Is Helping Parents Heal different from other groups in that you encourage the spirituality, the spiritual aspect?


There are a lot of other groups that help with the loss of children.

There are several ways we’re different. We believe our children live on. We encourage that belief. We do not discriminate or care about anyone who comes into our group by anything. Anybody is welcome. We encourage open dialogue. A lot of people are religion-indoctrinated and if they want to talk about it and people can give their views, it’s a wonderful open experience.

GAR 35 | Helping Parents Heal

Helping Parents Heal: Helping Parents Heal Child Loss Group does not discriminate against anyone coming into our group.

The other thing that’s different about our group is that I joined many groups early on and had to stop going to their pages because they depressed me more than they encouraged me. We try and focus on encouraging parents. For example, we have a group of parents, I’m one of them, called Caring Listeners. If anybody’s having a hard day or anybody wants somebody to talk to, you can pick up the phone. You can call one of our Caring Listeners. They’ll listen to you. They’ll help you. I like to particularly listen and encourage because a lot of times, people need to get it out. That’s a wonderful resource to have for people.

You can find me sometimes texting parents at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning because I’ll hear my phone ring, they can’t sleep, and they want to know they’re not alone. If they’re crying, we can talk. Mostly, it’s by text at that time in the morning. We encourage the uplifting. Are there a lot of sad posts? Yes. Other people who’ve either been through this journey longer or have a greater belief or knowledge try to help those to bring up their vibration and help a lot.

Is that what you call a Shining Light Mom?

Suzanne Geisemann coined the term Shining Light Parent. That is a parent who believes in the afterlife, that our children are shining stars, and they are guiding us through this life to try and make their transition a lesson in life and to find the blessing that can come through this. When I say that, sometimes people will say, “Are you crazy? What kind of blessing can happen from your child’s passing?”

There are some wonderful things. I met you, Irene, through this. I’m helping other parents. I see life differently now. The love and compassion that I have now is 100 million fold than I had before. It changes your life. You can find some things. Suzanne Geisemann has a radio with Unity Radio and her topic for me was finding the silver lining. We can find a silver lining in this tragedy.

I’ve done the same thing. Your attitude is a choice. A lot of people don’t choose to move on and be able to help others through it. They are limited by how they’ve been brought up or things that they’ve been told and they don’t know they have a choice that they can step out of that box a little bit.

I get a lot of people who will post, “I have PTSD.” Quite honestly, I think any passing of a child or a loved one, you do have PTSD because you have triggers. However, there are a lot of resources to work on that. Don’t rely on, “I have this. I’m diagnosed with this. I’m stuck with this.” Try and find a way to work through that. It’s not going to be easy. None of this is easy. If you get the mindset that this is what you have and you’re stuck with it, then you will be stuck with it.

It’s so interesting because I interviewed a woman who specializes in PTSD and she had it for 30 years and she overcame it. She has an amazing story. She’s fabulous. Her name is Michelle Rosenthal and she’s very well known in this field and she lives in Florida. If anyone would like to check her out, she has a program for helping people to yield their PTSD. We’re all connected there. It’s so amazing.

One thing I haven’t mentioned, which I believe in, is soul planning. I believe in soul planning very much. I believe, Irene, you and I on the other side, decided that we were going to meet in this life. I know Saul. You know Aymen. This is all soul-planned one way or the other. There are no coincidences. There are synchronicities like how you and I met. It’s meant to be.

There are no coincidences. There are synchronicities. Share on X

I sometimes marvel at the heavenly connections and feel like, “I’m going step by step. Let me know what’s coming up.” What you’ve been saying is a formula for how a person lives after the transition of their child. Find the silver lining in that. After Saul died, I worked for an organization called Good Grief, which helped children who had lost parents and siblings. That helped me a lot. It’s a lot of what you’re doing by helping others. It took my focus from myself.

Mark Pitstick told me one time that a mother decided she wanted to feed the homeless. He said every meal she gave, she quietly said, “This is in honor of my son.” Some people choose to do things in the way their child passed. Some people do organizations. They raise money for wonderful ideas. People do things in different ways.

Our heart is open. We look at life differently. I was helping homeless veterans in Florida before Aymen transitioned. He loved that idea. I also honor Aymen by doing what I can to help the homeless veterans in Aymen’s name. We all can pick things to help people make this a better world, leave our mark when we go, and honor our children.

GAR 35 | Helping Parents Heal

Helping Parents Heal: Everyone can pick things to help others, make this a better world, and leave our mark when we honor our children.

It’s obvious this is the way an Aymen is walking your journey with you.

I told you one morning when I woke up, it was Aymen’s three-year anniversary and I’d been feeling a little down.

I love that you call It rebirth. I love that because we’re Grief and Rebirth. Another coincidence.

That’s funny because before I knew you, I called it rebirth. When I woke up, I could feel Aymen saying, “Mom, you love Irene. You go and do this because this is going to help so many people. I’m so proud of you.” I know Aymen wants me happy. Aymen’s come through in many readings and saying how proud he is of me and he’s helping me every step of the way because I can feel him. He is proud of me and I’m thrilled to help anybody I can.

You told me that you communicate with him through automatic writing, which I know about, because, like I said, that was one of the ways someone communicated Saul for me. Tell everyone what automatic writing is and how you use it to communicate with Aymen. How can they learn how to do that?

Let me tell you why I started automatic writing. When I was at Suzanne Geisemann, when I first met her, after she did the reading, she heard from her spirit guides that Aymen was saying, “The way for my mom to communicate with me is through automatic writing.” Suzanne said, “This was not planned in the class. If everyone’s okay, I am going to teach you how to automatic write.” Everybody wanted to.

We sat down. You can say whatever you want. People say prayers. People say they invite their loved ones to come in, they manifest it, whatever you want to call it. You have to be able to quiet your mind, which is many times very difficult for me. My mind is quiet. Before I even get out of bed in the morning, I will start with my meditation and my invitation to Aymen.

I’ll start getting the downloads and then I keep a paper and a pen by my bed and I get it out. Literally, Irene, my hand starts going, and I get these messages and things. It’s almost like an automatic download as long as I can keep my mind quiet and I have everything. If I had to get up and go find a pencil or something, I would lose my train of thought. When Suzanne was teaching it in class, it came. I’m writing and afterwards, I look over at the lady, she had one sentence and she said to me, “How did you do that?” I said, “I opened my mind. I opened my heart. It comes through.”

It does take practice. It does take quieting your mind. There are a lot of YouTube videos on it. I’m one of these big YouTube people. You can find anything you want on YouTube. You can find it there. It’s a wonderful way to connect. It’s easier for me than pure meditation, because when I meditate, then after I’m done, I like to write down notes. That’s harder for me 1) To remember them and 2) To stay in that zone. I would highly recommend people to try it.

That’s another tool. Another tool I tell people about is using a pendulum. That works for me. You have to find the modality that works for you. Automatic writing is certainly something people can research, look at, and practice to see if that works for them.

It’s funny. I won’t go into the details, but Suzanne Geisemann was at something where Aymen dropped in and asked, “How do you raise your vibration to be able to connect better?” I love this and I’ve thought of this often. Aymen’s response was it’s not a matter of us raising our vibration to get to them. It’s a matter of finding a common wavelength to communicate.

In other words, if there’s a dial on a radio, find that frequency that you both can communicate. For Aymen and I, it could be automatic writing, meditation, or the pendulum. Find that common link that can help you communicate to the other side. It is hard for them to communicate when we’re very dense and low vibration but find that communication that helps you.

That’s why also when people are so low, they go to mediums because they can’t quite get there themselves. The medium is able to do that for them. You’ve immersed yourself in the study of spirituality, especially the works of Dr. Gary Schwartz, who researches the veracity of mediums and energy healing, Dr. Mark Pitstick, author of the book, Soul Proof, and Suzanne Geisemann. In addition, you are now the assistant to the evidential medium, Thomas John, who our readers can learn about in Episode 19. Are there transformational insights you’ve gleaned from each of these amazing people that you’d like to share with our readers?

First of all, working with Thomas John has been another one of my lifesaving things. It gives me purpose and it keeps me busy. He is amazing. I see every single day emails that people say, “Thomas, you saved my life. You changed me.” I see how he helps so many people. He is such an amazing medium. He’s a psychic too, but his mediumship is incredible.

Suzanne Geisemann, again, is my savior. She changed my life forever. If it wasn’t for Suzanne, I can probably tell you I wouldn’t be here. I cannot speak her praises highly enough. Her stepdaughter was struck by lightning, six months pregnant on a clear day. Suzanne became a medium because she meditated for two years to try and get this gift. She has honed this gift and is incredible with the evidence she gets. She and Thomas donate a great deal of time to parents. Dr. Mark Pitstick and Dr. Gary Schwartz, I am a board member of the SoulPhone Foundation.

I want to hear about that too.

Big things are beginning to happen with the SoulPhone. Right now, I can’t say too much, but they have developed a group that they’re going to do. It’s like a church without walls. They wrote a book called Greater Reality Living and it’s a way to have a spiritual life with our beliefs. What they’re doing is they’re having leaders in different parts all over the world as well. They’re going upon the principles of this book of how to lead your life and how to know about the afterlife. The SoulPhone is going to be a series of events. The first one is coming out that’s going to be a yes-no switch that needs a medium, but when it does, it will be proof that the afterlife truly exists.

GAR 35 | Helping Parents Heal

Greater Reality Living: Integrating the Evidence for Eternal Consciousness into Your Daily Life

Would you please share all that information with us? I would love to let people know about this. This is wonderful.

After, the yes and no switch is going to become a keyboard where you can ask the other side. Eventually, it will be something such as either a video or text on the other side. Can you imagine, Irene? Poor Saul would never get a moment’s rest over there with the phone calls and the texting you would do to him. It’s coming to fruition. He does it in conjunction with the University of Arizona. There’s going to be starting to become demonstrations of it. I, of course, joined for the opportunity to connect to the other side. It is starting to become a reality. As a matter of fact, with the drop in Aymen did with Suzanne, he said that part of the communication is going to be through technology like the cell phone.

I have to one day have Mark on the show. Would you please mention to him? We’ll have to reach out to him so he knows. People would love to read about this and learn about this, especially when he has a little more emotion.

What is so funny is Mark sometimes is the spokesperson for the SoulPhone. Dr. Gary Schwartz is brilliant. Mark always says he dummies it down for the rest of us. Gary’s so brilliant and Mark puts it in more layman’s terms of how this happens. There are a lot of things like EVP and different things that people use to try and communicate with the other side.

Tell them what EVP is.

That’s Electronic Voice Phenomenon where they connect to the other side. When Gary will present it, it will be non-refutable. It’s not a hit or miss. It will be 100% accurate.

I’m amazed that University of Arizona is getting behind this because so many people in the earthbound world scoff at this. They’re skeptical. They would not take this stretch. This is amazing.

I thought the same thing. When that happened, Gary joked and he said all the other professors a lot of times roll their eyes and everything at him. He is such a believer. He also wrote a book. I believe it’s called Super Synchronicity. He believes that there are no coincidences. We were on a call together and he said, “I’ve been having all these synchronicities about ducks. Does anybody on this SoulPhone have any synchronicities about ducks?”

My mouth dropped open. Here in my office, I have a picture of Aymen standing here holding a duck. I had a reading and the medium said, “Aymen said, ‘What’s with the goofy picture you have of him holding a duck in his hand?’” I thought to change that picture. When Gary said, “This is a synchronicity about ducks,” I’m like, “That picture’s meant to be there.”

How did you get on the board?

I was at a retreat that Mark Pitstick and Suzanne Geisemann were having in Florida. He was looking for people to help start the promotion. Beth West, myself, and Brian, the same of us who are the online leaders for Helping Parents Heal, all volunteered. We’ve been with them ever since. We’re getting ready to start. They’re going to start having events to start demonstration of this. The three of us are going to be helping to put on the events. They’re probably going to be starting in the Arizona area so Dr. Schwartz doesn’t have to travel so much.

I’d love to clue my people in. There may very well be a lot of people who read this who would love to be a part of that.

Also, Greater Reality Living because they want to incorporate both. Gary says that although the SoulPhone is an amazing thing, Greater Reality Living is about living how we feel like everybody should, compassionate to others, our belief in the other side, why we’re here, what our mission is.

That’s what you and I are doing. That’s how we’re living. When they pulled me out of the car, I got that be loving and kind to everyone. That is the essence of what this is and how you change the way you deal with people, the way you handle your life, and all of that. That’s the greater reality. You’re living in a conscious way where most of us are walking around not conscious. That’s amazing. Do you have a special message about healing that you’d like to share with our readers, the importance of healing, or something from your heart that you’d like to tell everyone?

I said this when we were talking before. I do not believe we ever get over this and heal completely, but I do believe you can learn to live with it. Each person needs to go within themselves and find a way that will help them through this grieving process. One of the biggest things that helped me the most, there were eight of us. We call ourselves Soul Sisters Eight.

Each person needs to go within themselves and find a way to help them through this grieving process. Share on X

We’re all parents who’ve had children transition. We’re all from different backgrounds, different parts of the country, but we text each other every day. We know what each other’s going through. Find support. It can be in a group or with a friend. We’re never alone. I knowthat my sisters are out there and I can reach out to them anytime. I used to have this place I called the rabbit hole when I was having a terrible day. I go down this rabbit hole. I turn myself off to everybody else.

I don’t go down that rabbit hole as much because I have the support of these women. Find the support. It’s hard to do it by yourself. It’s hard to rely on a spouse. I personally don’t rely on my children because I feel that’s a burden to them. I can talk to them, but I personally think it’s harder for them. I want other people to rely on. That’s what our group is for. Come to our group. We’ll help you in any way you can.

I also say two things. Take it moment by moment because we don’t know what the future holds, so quit worrying about it. We can’t change the past. We don’t know what the future is, so just live moment by moment. There is another thing I like to say and I get this from my friend Brian. I call him my big brother. Each day is an accomplishment. Every day we make it through the day, it’s an accomplishment. It’s also one day closer to going home to our beloved children or our loved ones who have passed.

GAR 35 | Helping Parents Heal

Helping Parents Heal: We don’t know what the future is. So live moment by moment.

I’m ordering champagne. When I cross over, I want them to greet me with champagne. We got a lot to celebrate.

Also, because of all this, I have told my children and everybody, “I don’t want a memorial. I don’t want a funeral. I don’t want a celebration of life. They can toast a drink to me. They can have a fond memory of me, but I don’t need any of that. I’m going where I can’t wait to go when it’s my time to g. Remember the good things about me. You don’t have to spend all this money. I’d rather my money go to my children than to have some elaborate something for me. Say a prayer. Say, ‘Tracy, I’ll see you on the other side when I come.’”

Everybody feels like a little bit differently about that. I told my kids I wanted a little bit of a celebration with champagne and sushi. I plan to be there, too. When Saul died, John Edward channeled him. He said a partner and friend of his wasn’t at his funeral, which was true. He was at his own funeral. Many of us do attend our own funerals.

We did a private burial with close people and then we did a celebration of life and Aymen was there. My girls arranged all of it. I wasn’t capable at the time. He was so proud of them. He said he was so touched by all his fraternity brothers and all the things that they had to say, and the people that showed up that he didn’t even realize would come. It’s a wonderful thing. I’m so glad I did it for him, yet that is not what I want for me.

It’s not your style and that’s fine. Everyone has to do what they need to do for them. How do our readers reach you, Tracy? There are two ways. If they want to reach Tracy, who never sleeps because she’s constantly getting phone calls from the world, how do they reach you and how do they find out about Helping Parents Heal?

Helping Parents Heal is on Facebook. Our group is Helping Parents Heal Online Group on Facebook, is the website. You can find book and healer recommendations. You can find groups. You can find all that. If anybody needs me, You’re more than welcome to email me. You can find me on Facebook, Tracy Soussi. It still says Charlotte, North Carolina, because that’s where I’m from.

Quick funny story, too. This is how people connect. Suzanne Geisemann did this talk about my whole journey and the drop. It’s phenomenal, the things that have happened even since we had it. A lady in Australia’s grief counselor watched the podcast and gave it to her. She never reached out to a single person.

She felt so connected. She reached out from Australia to me. We have become fast friends. She came to the first Helping Parents Heal conference. We stayed together. The connections, our boys, we think, are together. Everyone’s together in spirit. I get signs for her. We get signs for each other’s children. It’s amazing.

I hate to be drawing this to a close, but I need to ask you what is your tip for finding joy in life. Of all people in the world, you’ve got some good tips, I’m sure and you’re on the way towards it. Not necessarily having accomplished it, but you’re getting there.

Yes, I’m getting there. First of all, find role models like Irene. I look at Irene and you emulate joy after everything you’ve been through. People like you, my friend Sarah Ruble, who’s walked this journey for 24 years, are my role models. When I say, “I can’t do this anymore,” I look to you all. I take things moment by moment. I have a wonderful support group of my friends. I also don’t expect too much of myself. One day my daughter said to me, “Mom, you have to do me a favor.” I said, “What’s that?” She said, “I want you to get out of the house every single day to do one thing you love to do.”

I have 3 dogs, 2 of them that I can walk. One is too tiny. Every single day, snow or rain, I’ve probably missed 2 days in the last 2 years since I promised her. That’s my time. Nature is so healing. I take my dogs. I leave my phone. I unhook. I go out. I talk to my son. I pray for all the children. I pray for the parents. I look at the beautiful Colorado Mountains. I enjoy my dogs. I make that time for myself. Nature is one of my big healers. Watching the sunsets, looking at the clouds, being present, talking to your loved ones.

I take time. I hear Aymen say to me all the time, “Mom, I’m throwing signs at you right and left. You miss them all the time because you’re not present.” Be more present. If you can, quiet your mind. That’s hard for me. Every single day, try and do that. My friend Beth had the greatest idea. Lent is coming up. A lot of us do lent. We’re doing splent. We’re doing spiritual lent. We are going to do something spiritual for the time of Lent. I’m going to try my meditation skills during that time and my automatic writing, and spend more time on that because our busy lives take us away from all these things that can help us. Are you going to do splent with us?

For a Jewish kid, I’ll do Lent with you. Sure.

I always have done Ramadan. I haven’t in a while, but I always did Ramadan to learn what it was to feel hungry and for the Muslim reason to fast. I wanted to know what it felt like to be without and it makes you appreciate how to help the people who need help, who don’t have food.

I have a friend who, while she was bringing up her daughter, decided that what they would do every Sunday was to work in a soup kitchen and help the homeless and feed the homeless. With whatever she was going through in life, it gave her so much joy. It also gave her daughter, who’s a spectacular woman now, such a grounding and gratitude for her life.

What you said earlier, don’t forget not only our children but other children and other people are looking at us and observing us and can learn from us. My daughters are saying, “I never thought mom would make it through this.” They’re learning through me. They’re watching. They spent time with my best friend Beth. They saw how she could deal with the loss of her son. They’re watching us because they’re having a hard time themselves navigating through things like this.

I’m very humbled when people tell me I’m a role model, but I’m also very grateful because I made certain choices and my heart gets so filled when people say that to me. Thank God that I can be a blessing that way to others from my pain and all the things that I have learned, and I can pass it forward.

The other thing is you probably don’t realize because I didn’t realize this. Part of me doesn’t even like to say this, but people have said to me, “You didn’t know but you helped save my life,” because I listened. If you can do it, I can do it. I don’t realize one thing that they can take away from this that can change their lives. It’s okay if I said I didn’t want to stay, yet I did and I’m moving forward. Maybe that will help somebody else do the same.

That’s the beauty of who you are and it’s what I try to do too. I try to be very authentic because I’m very human. We’re not superhuman. We’ve been through our trials and tribulations and they’re not over. Life still continues to happen, but a lot of things in life are a matter of attitude.

Many things in life are a matter of attitude. Share on X

We all have choices. We all have free will.

That’s it. You can set up anything you want on the other side, but if your free will, once you come here, chooses something different, that’s your path and your journey. I hate to end this interview, but we will continue on and I could see having you back. I would love to have you back about SoulPhone. Maybe you would even come with Mark or Gary, and we will have a wonderful conversation.

Our journey together is not over, Irene. It’s just starting.

Your journey to find Aymen, your work with Helping Parents Heal, and teaching us all about automatic writing, you’re a gift and a blessing to so many, Tracy. My heart felt so much to you for being on the show. As I like to say, especially to you Tracy, and many of our readers, to be continued. Bye for now.


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