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The charismatic and gifted Tina Powers has worked in film, theatre, and television. She was a news anchor and reporter for 15 years, then her life took a turn, and she is now a Psychic/Medium and author who lectures on intuition and holds private sessions with clients at the world-renowned Miraval Resort in Arizona. Tina’s clientele is a veritable “who’s who” of people from all walks of life, from business leaders to celebrities who span the globe. And she has assisted in experiments testing mediums with world-renowned scientist and author Dr. Gary Schwartz, who is a senior professor at the University of Arizona and the Director of Research at the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness & Health.

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Tina Powers: A Former News Anchor And Reporter Who Now Works As A Professional Medium And Receives Psychic Messages. As She Laughingly Says: “It’s Reporting For The Other Side!”


Our next interview in this series is with the charismatic and very gifted Tina Powers, who is a member of the Screen Actors Guild. In addition to her work in film, theater, and television, Tina was a news anchor and a reporter for fifteen years. Her life then took a turn and she is now a psychic medium and author who lectures on intuition and holds private sessions with clients at the world-renowned Miraval Resort in Arizona.

Tina’s clientele is the veritable who’s who of people from all walks of life, from business leaders to celebrities who span the globe. Her warmth, infectious laugh, and admirable ability to help people connect with the higher vibrations of love and joy serve as an incredible gift to the many people she has helped to heal, empowering them to lead more inspired, happier lives. It is also worth noting that Tina has assisted in experiments testing mediums with world-renowned scientist and author Dr. Gary Schwartz, who is a Senior Professor at the University of Arizona and the Director of Research at the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health.

I am looking forward to interviewing and laughing with Tina, who refers to what she now does as reporting for the other side, about her fascinating journey from the news media to the spiritual world, the child who changed her life forever, how we can learn to trust the signs we receive from the other side, and her two eye-opening books titled, The Land Of Imagination and Reporting For The Other Side for what is no doubt going to be an enlightening, uplifting interview for all of us. Tina, a warm, very heartfelt welcome.

Thank you so much for having me.

Let’s introduce everyone to you from the beginning. How old were you when you became aware that you were sensitive and able to both feel and hear the presence of people and animals who crossed over, including for people to know that animals also cross over? Was your family aware and supportive of your gift?

When I was a little kid, probably about five, I used to feel people in my room and sometimes I would hear them. I would hear words and phrases. Sometimes, I would see images and it was very scary and frightening. I had no idea what a medium was. I just knew there were people in the room. I came in really sensitive. A lot of children are because they just came from the other world. They haven’t been told what they believe or what religion they are. I always like to say, “Picasso says, ‘It takes a long time to grow young again, as we get older.’” I almost feel like I was missing a layer of skin.

Was your family aware of what was going on with you?

They would call me a drama queen.

I’m sure you would tell them you’re seeing people.

I would say, “Maybe I could be a drama queen but there are people in the room.” Now in my 50s, they’ve been like, “We’re sorry. There is something to this and you seem to be helping people.”

You’re not crazy after all.

They’re very unconditional and supportive. They just didn’t understand it.

Now, you’re giving them hope because it’s more for each of them.

I think so, and they’re very intuitive and psychic. People would go, “Oh.” It’s just reading energy and then mediumship is pulling it through. They’re almost like two different channels. The women especially.

We’re going to talk about those different channels. Tell us about your journey of self-discovery when you recognize your abilities as a young child. What happened to you?

I always felt more sensitive. A lot of little kids have, like I said, almost a layer of skin missing. It’s like, “You’re so sensitive. You’re too sensitive.” I didn’t know I was an empath, or even what that meant. I could feel what other people were feeling and take it on as my own. For that, it was very confusing.

It’s also exhausting in some ways. You’re taking on everything.

You’ve had that too?


As I was younger, I didn’t realize it. All of a sudden, I would be in a room or somewhere, and then I would feel odd. I thought it was me until I understood what was happening, but that wasn’t until later on.

Your book titled Reporting For The Other Side is a chronicle of your journey. You were in the news media, and you made it to the spiritual world. Tell us about how that happened.

GAR 111 | Professional Medium

Reporting for the Other Side

My guide said, “We’re going to throw her. She’s got to get her sensitive skin built up a little bit.” I was always interested in asking a lot of questions, and always about what the truth is.

You’re born introverted.

I was doing theater and other things. My father, when I was in college, said, “Why don’t you do something safe, like the news?” I remember being out in a hostage situation going, “Is this what my dad had about safe?” I learned that nothing is safe and that as we get older, what’s placed in our hearts is what we want to do.

I got a Degree in Radio and Television. From there, an internship and radio. All of a sudden, when they had pay phones and there was nobody to send, they sent me to one of the first artificial heart transplants that were at the University Medical Center. I was young. I was 23. I had no idea. I did and I didn’t, because a lot of us are older souls. The responsibility was there but all of a sudden, I loved being in the middle of stories, of meeting people, of realizing that everybody has a story and every story is important. That aspect of it was fun.

I met Rosa Parks. I couldn’t even believe that I had the opportunity to interview her. She was very humble and she said she was too tired that day. There’s something to learn from everyone. When you’re in your own integrity, nobody can push you of anything, your own truth. I might be with somebody who is homeless, how that happened, and how they wouldn’t let his dog come with him to the shelter. We could put that on TV and maybe make a call to action, but then the news changed. It’s pretty negative. I said, “I’d rather report what they’re saying on the other side than what they’re saying here.” We got to deal with what’s here, but I’m reporting for them.

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There was something that happened that changed your life. It was a child while you were reporting.

I was called to a drive-by shooting of a little kid. The whole thing about news is that you’re supposed to get it on the air first. When I came to the scene, there was a first photographer and first reporter on the scene, and the police were there. I witnessed the father finding out that his son had passed. At that moment, that little kid from the other world, everything changed for me.

I was embarrassed that I was putting it on TV. I was ashamed that we were perpetuating gang activity and showing what was happening. I also felt, for me, I wasn’t part of a solution or that I wasn’t helping. I talked to the father. He invited me into the home. We sat together a lot of the night. He said, “Please don’t follow me. Whatever you do, don’t follow me.” I assured him, I gave my word, that I wouldn’t. I went back to the station. They said, “We’re sending you back out.” I said, “I can’t go.” For all of us, our word is more important than anything because it doesn’t matter what the consequence is if we’re being true to ourselves.

GAR 111 | Professional Medium

Professional Medium: For all of us, our word is more important than anything because it doesn’t matter what the consequence is if we’re being true to ourselves.

A lot of people, though, are not conscious, so they don’t realize that. You were already conscious, becoming conscious.

I just knew if I told somebody something and then you go do something else, then your word means nothing and the trust isn’t there.

You have personal integrity. It’s so important. You had made the decision to leave television news. You went on a spiritual journey and you had no idea where you’re going to end up with this.

I always loved mysticism. I grew up in a Catholic household and I was sent to a Catholic school. I remember looking at all the priests and going, “Why aren’t there any women up there? What’s going on?” Then the nuns will be like, “Come over here and talk to us.” Anyways, there were many good things and then there were many things that I just thought, “I might be outside of the box on this.” The cool thing is that the high school I went to said, “We’re going to give you an alumni award for the work you’re doing.” I thought, “If I never do anything else, that is a real bridge because it’s part of grief counseling where you can give evidence that there’s life after life and it changes everything.”

How did you decide not to play it safe?

Even in the news, I wasn’t playing it safe. Every day was different. However, we’re sold that, “You to make this paycheck and do this and that.” I certainly had it. I did voice work. I did a lot of freelance work.

You were gifted. You were talented. You were doing so much.

It was placed in my heart that there was something more and I didn’t know what it was. I was willing. There’s a statement, “Leap, and the net appears.” I found my mom handing me The Artist’s Way book. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it.

I’ve heard of it, yes.

Julia Cameron’s guides gave her that book. It’s a twelve-step for covering your creativity, what you love, and spirituality. I started on that journey, met her, met my first psychic teacher, had a Tarot reading, and went, “This is wonderful.” I saw how it helped. Guides will never tell you what to do especially, but they’ll help guide you.

You’re intuitive. The way you were intuitive increased after you quit TV news, right? What was that all about?

It was almost after eleven years in the news business and probably altogether about five years in radio. Once I stopped doing all that, I felt like I was in an energetic car crash. I was under deadlines all the time. It took a minute for me to build my vibration back and myself. In that, I ended up in Indiana with my then-husband. We’re very good friends. His last name’s Powers, so I didn’t make up Tina Powers. People were like, “Did you make that up?” I’m like, “No.” There was a mediumship school. There was Camp Chesterfield. Have you ever heard of that?


There’s Lily Dale in New York. There’s Camp Chesterfield, which is the sister place. I end up in Indiana, and I’m like, “What’s a medium?” All of a sudden, I end up at Camp Chesterfield. They’re doing demonstrations of life after life. Psychometry is something where I put my ring in a basket and all these people are getting amazing messages. I get this message, “You’re going to school.” I’m like, “Really? That’s my message?” At the end of the service, they said, “There’s a seminary here. There’s a school for the next several weeks.” I said, “I’m going to school.” I stayed with mediums. We were seasoned.

It put you right on your path.

It’s being open, taking a risk. Not to sound trite, but following the yellow brick road, remembering that there’s magic. There’s grief, but there’s also those higher octaves as well. We always know because things start lining up.

I have found that in my life. It’s so true. I want to talk about your book titled, The Land Of Imagination, which helps children believe in themselves and their dreams. I have three grandsons. That’s wonderful. Tell us about that and your advice for raising inspired, positive kids. I loved reading that about you.

GAR 111 | Professional Medium

The Land of Imagination

I realized that a lot of times we talk in contractions, about what we can’t do, shouldn’t do, mustn’t do, instead of can, will, and do. I wrote a book on it. It’s about a queen who just forgot. She started talking negatively and telling a young girl, “What we can’t do, shouldn’t do, and mustn’t do.” Anyways, the little girl went on her own intuitive ride where she meets a butterfly, who’s her intuition, and then meets the dragon, which is her deeper self, and whispers to her, “You can do what you believe.” As she gets her dream of being an actress, it unlocks it for everybody else. In society, we’re like, “Somebody else is getting something that we’re not getting.” It’s like, “No.” When somebody else does something that they dreamed of, it opens it for all of us.

I wanted little kids to know that. We went to all the schools. We had a ball about it. They became good news kids, reporting what was right in the world or what was good, because negativity is as contagious as positivity. If we focus on what’s negative, that starts to grow. If we can focus on what’s positive, that starts to grow. The kids started noticing and reporting what was good and it was beautiful to see that. There are a lot of psychic kids coming in.

Tell us about that.

A friend and I had thought of doing a talk show with little kids at the round table on how to solve the world’s problems.

They could probably do a much better job than the folks in charge these days.

Yes, and we forgot again. It’s a series of remembering and forgetting.

I wanted to talk to you about how you raised positive kids.

First of all, it’s having boundaries. Sometimes it’s following through. It sounds harsh, but a lot of us don’t follow through. At the end of the day, when we hold a line, that’s loving for somebody. Also, it’s the expression of creativity. I had somebody say to me once, “Are you trying to impress man or express God?” It’s expression. Little kids are great because they go, “Look at what I did.” As adults, we’re like, “I’m not going to do that because I don’t know how to do that.” It’s like, “No, just express. That’s what’s creativity.” If that can be fostered, it’s all creativity and allowing. We can grow more. We don’t shut down and go, “You’re the good one at this, and then you’re not good. It can be well-intentioned, but we forget how we’re patterned. We put it onto these little pins.

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Let me ask you, your presentation on Helping Parents Heal is titled, Learning to Trust the Signs You’re Receiving from the Other Side. Now you get to talk to us about the different intuitive channels and our own inner compass of knowing. Teach us, Tina.

I believe that we’re all born with an inner compass of how we feel and how we see. A lot of us are afraid because we’re socialized to get our validation outside of ourselves. We look to somebody else. It’s like, “How do you think?” instead of going, “How do I feel? How do I think?” We already have it. Clairvoyance, often we hear that. Sometimes we think we have to see the burning bush, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes it’s inside our mind like when we dream and see pictures.

I see it while I’m awake. For instance, a lovely cameraman from Atlanta saw the letter C. Now, did you see that inside your head? You saw it externally. Not being afraid to tell somebody what we’re seeing, but also making sure that it’s safe so we can see outside in the third dimension and also in here. Clairaudience is another channel, which is French for clair-hearing. We can hear inside our minds. We all have a monologue going on but many times, it comes in and it’s very succinct.

It’s like the word, “Podcast.”

It’s very succinct, “Go to Starbucks.” I listen. I’m like, “Okay.” I go to Starbucks and then, there’s somebody there that I haven’t seen in years. When we start listening to it, it’s not going to send us on a wild goose chase. It’s trusting how we feel. There are several clairs.

There are about five of them.

There’s the Clairolfactory, which is underestimated, the sense of smell. I was doing a reading. I smelled cigarette smoke or I might smell baking bread or roses. That’s why aromatherapy is also opening that up. The smell of cedar can take me back to Conneaut Lake in the cottage in just a minute like that.

Is this what you’re meaning when you talk about intuitive channels?

Yes. There are different channels and we can name them more. We all have them. We can go, “Clairsentience, it’s clair-feeling.” How do I feel? What am I sensing? We do it all the time.

We ignore it, instead of paying attention to it.

It then comes back again. It keeps coming back until you get it. You know you graduated from something when it no longer bothers you.

That is very true. You’ve been getting the experience in different ways.

With all these different people, the same thing will happen and then we know we’re working on ourselves to go to higher frequencies.

Speaking of the higher frequencies, where is it possible to connect with our spirit guides and those we love? How do people do that?

I find that in the morning. I’ve gone through different phases where I was meditating or I do this and that. Honestly, a lot of times, I start the morning where you wake up and you go, “I’m going to press the button or I’m going to put my snooze on.” Instead, float in between those middle grounds where it’s between waking and the other side and ask your guides for a message.

Ask your loved ones if there’s anything they have. You open to receive instead of trying because when you’re in between those veils, that’s a nice way to start. You can start the day like that. If you don’t get anything right away, start practicing doing it. I used to do it at night and then I was up all night. I’m like, “No, that’s not working. Let’s do it in the morning.” It’s a great way.

Also, when things come in, sit with them. You can ask your guides out loud or internally, “Send me people who are safe to give messages to.” It takes some working up to do when we stand as mediums in front of a group. I’m like, “Jeffrey’s here, and then he’s saying you have something in your purse.” “It’s not in my purse.” That will happen. There’s psychic amnesia. I had this greatest teacher that said, “For as right as you can be, don’t be afraid to be wrong.”

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I want to focus on those things. Please explain psychic amnesia and when it’s okay to be wrong.

In psychic amnesia, sometimes when we’re receiving a reading, there might be somebody that comes through that we’re not thinking about because we want somebody else so badly that we’re holding on so tight instead of letting go a little bit. It makes it harder. They might send somebody else in to open the door, even my teacher. I’m like, “Helen’s here.” She’s like, “I don’t know Helen.” Later on, she’s like, “Helen was my next-door neighbor.” It will come to you quickly later on, once we let go of it.

When you’re doing a gallery, do you say, “You may not connect with this now, but take note of what I’m saying to you?”

Sometimes, I’ll just say, “This is what’s coming through.” The chances are likely you’ll realize who this is. Sometimes, I receive messages to give to somebody else. They know that who’s ever getting the reading for their other friend will never come for a reading so that they can get a message through. It’s even validated more that way.

That has happened to me.

We just forget or we’re looking for something else and we forget. Everything else just closes up. That’s all.

That has happened to me.

Why is it okay to be wrong? That’s big for people.

Here’s the thing. If we’re doing this and we’re in front of a lot of people, we hope we’re more right than wrong. However, this great teacher gave me permission that I’m human. I’m not what is perfect.

No one is perfect.

It doesn’t exist. It’s something that we were taught in order to be safe. I try to look at, “How can I be my most excellent self? How can I do my best instead of being perfect?” Perfect keeps us in these parameters. We didn’t come here to play it safe. None of us did. We came here for the adventure. There are all these different chapters and all these amazing moments. Once we start having gratitude for them, it starts to take off more and more.

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Even if your life is tough and you’re having all these challenges, you came here for that adventure and for your soul to learn those lessons.

Certainly, there are different times in life where there’s grief. We can go down and for all of us to go through this. I do have a friend that says, “None of us get out of this alive.” We go through different moments. The biggest thing where we’re having a tough time, we’re in a growth spurt, or we’re questioning faith or if anything exists, is just to ask for help. Whether it’s internal or external, it’s being willing to do something different, because help is always available.

What do you mean you’re willing to do something different?

A lot of times, as humans, we’ll do the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome. Maybe we need to go to a therapist. Maybe we need to take that painting class in order to be free and begin again. Whatever healing work we’re being pulled to do, maybe we need to go outside of the box a little bit. When we start asking for help, it comes.

We have free will while we’re here. Our guides will let us do the same thing over and over again until we decide, “Maybe somebody can help us and assist us along the way.” We’re never alone. The word alone, somebody once told me, is all one. It’s all one and connected to Source, Higher Power, God, or whatever. We all have the spark of the Divine in our souls. We all yearn for the same things. It’s just some of us are working in different areas.

We’re on different paths.

We never judge because anybody can dive into the deep end and get lost.

How do you help people remember what their souls wanted to learn and experience in a lifetime?

A lot of times during a reading, things will come up from the guides about what they have always loved. Usually, it might be about a hobby or something that they were told that they couldn’t do because it wasn’t secure, “Why don’t you work at the bank?” That’s fine, but they might have wanted to be a teacher their whole life or do that, and it wasn’t looked upon maybe in a certain way. Things can come up. It doesn’t mean we have to go do it and change our whole lives. I always say we can do this and that instead of this or that, and it keeps evolving. Haven’t you noticed that on your path?

I just go step by step and it keeps going.

It keeps evolving.

I keep being open.

Usually, what we wanted to do and what we love is placed in our hearts. Going back to The Artist’s Way, that’s helpful in getting back to maybe where we made a creative U-turn in our lives, or maybe where we got a message that we couldn’t do something. For somebody that wants structure, it’s a great way to process to get to the next level.

Do you do online workshops?

I do a lot of online work and collaborations.

Tell us about that.

I’ll be doing something with Myra Goodman. Her father helped channel a book. He had a diary and he was a Holocaust survivor. Long story short, we’ll be working together. He gave her messages through the book. Again, it’s teaching people how to trust themselves, plug into it, and that this isn’t so weird. I do Developing Your Intuition workshops at Miraval. They might not like it. I call it Hogwarts for Adults sometimes. You can get a facial but you can talk to the other side, do sound healing, and explore in a safe way.

You’re busy enlightening people.

I’m hoping to help them remember who they are. When we go up higher here, then it just becomes more joyful.

How can people connect with you for a session, for a workshop, and for all the things that you do?

There’s That’s pretty easy. You can email me there. There’s Miraval if you ever want a retreat. Some people go, “Gosh.” If you were going to go on a cruise, it’s one on the land. There’s 1 in Berkshires, 1 in Austin, and 1 in Arizona. Oprah brought everybody there long ago, her and Gayle. There’s equine therapy.

Were you working for Miraval when she was there?

At that point, I was not working for Miraval. I started shortly after.

What drew you to Miraval?

Are you psychic?

I must be.

I think you are. I was in the newsroom. I picked up this press kit that said, “Miraval.” I’m like, “What is this?” I can still see the blue letters. I’m like, “Wow.” I’m doing a telethon for the Children’s Miracle Network and going to Chicago to be there for a while. This man hands me a name to call for some work there while I’m there. It ends up being the one who built Miraval. He’s like, “I’ll be by to pick you up.” As we look at our lives, I believe, there are these threads, breadcrumbs, and people that we keep following.

If we choose to keep following them. A lot of other people take detours.

We have free will. We’re on a highway. We get off. That’s okay. We go, “I’m not sure that I want this. Let’s get back on this highway.” There’s always a connection. It’s never gone.

You’ll go to see Tina and she’ll help you get back on the highway.

My hope is to be of service, to help remember that there’s life after life. Also, we’re supposed to have some fun while we’re here. I forget that sometimes, too.

Would you think that fun and laughter are what bring you joy?

I do. I’ve often said we’re going to put the fun back in funeral. I’m just kidding. I’m like, “It has fun in it.”

I’m aware lately that some people are asking for people to have celebrations of their lives instead of funerals.

I love that.

I do, too. It has no cry.

We miss our people and then, there’s the other world. We’ll be there someday. I remember being at a funeral and I was crying. This was long ago. This Frenchman in his 90s comes up to me. He’s going to say something nice. He puts his hand on my leg. He goes, “Don’t worry. You’re going to die, too.” I go, “That’s right. I totally forgot.” It’s true. You’re going there too, so don’t be so worried about it. You’re going to see them.

You’ll have a good time while you’re doing it.

It’s hard to remember. Life is a series of remembering, forgetting, and not being so hard on ourselves.

GAR 111 | Professional Medium

Professional Medium: Life is a series of remembering, forgetting, remembering, and not being so hard on ourselves.

We’ll talk about that, Tina.

There’s a lot of self-judgment and that comes back with being perfect.

We judge other people that way, too.

How about everybody is good enough? How about we are?

We’re all just human.

We’re all here to learn. I had a teacher who said, “We’re either evolving, devolving, or stuck.” We can be all of those things, but we can move forward at any point we want or be wherever it is. It’s allowing other people to their journeys. Also, understanding if something’s toxic for us, it’s okay to say no. We can lovingly detach and know that’s not good for us, but we can bless it from a higher level. It doesn’t mean we have to connect with it. Also, I find the more that I let go just a little bit. Certainly, as a news anchor, you had to be in control. When I let go a little bit, all the right things start happening.

You go with that flow.

It’s hard to remember, so I keep practicing it. Anybody who tells you they’re totally on top of it, I’m like, “Really?”

They’re on the list of reasons. You’re going to go, “Right.”

I’m constantly learning.

Don’t you get a lot of people at Miraval who think they’re on top of it?

There’s something humbling about the land there. I believe it was Native American, and you step on it, and all of a sudden, things start happening. There’s always the ego and then remembering when people feel that there’s extreme pressure on them. All walks of life like you mentioned but by the end of it, it’s a different deal if we want to plug in.

Tina, it took such tremendous courage for you to change your life. I’m so glad you’re reporting for the other side.

Thank you.

Many people are thrilled that you’re reporting for the other side. You’re helping so many people. You’re bringing meaningful comfort. You’re bringing them peace. You’re helping them to heal. I want to thank you for that, for all the work you do for Helping Parents Heal, and for this incredible interview from my heart.

Thank you so much. I so appreciate being on your show and your amazing work and you’re so much fun.

Thank you.

Keep going. More blessings to you. Thanks for having me.

My pleasure.


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