GAR 28 | Life And Death

Tim Braun has been embraced by Hollywood celebrities, renowned athletes, and corporate leaders. He has appeared on television Bravo’s The Orange County Housewives, TLC network show, Sin City Rules, and been interviewed on CBS/Radio: Sundays with Rolanda, The Good Life Radio Canada, and featured in Awareness Magazine.

His book LIFE AFTER DEATH: A Medium’s Messages to Help You Overcome Grief and Find Closure, teaches about unconditional love and provides a step-by-step process on how to heal ourselves from grief, forgive ourselves and find closure. You are going to love Tim!


  • How Spirit gave Tim the dream to go to India and work with Mother Theresa
  • You don’t have to be perfect to grow and heal
  • Praying is talking to God and Meditation is listening to God
  • How being in contact with your inner child helps to find JOY


  • What is the Life Review that happens after we die?
  • How has talking to the dead taught you how to live?
  • Can you tell us about the new movie coming out that you are a part of?




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Tim Braun – Internationally Renowned Medium And Author

This is Stephanie Barnhart along with my favorite co-host, Irene Weinberg, here for another fantastic episode.

Stephanie, I am excited because I have been a fan of our guest. He didn’t even know it but I’ve been a fan of his for years. Many years ago, I even had a session with him. His name is Tim Braun. He’s an internationally renowned medium. He has conducted over 14,000 sittings. That’s a lot of dead people. He was born in Whittier, California. He’s a graduate of the University of Southern California where he earned a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies. Hollywood celebrities, renowned athletes, and corporate leaders have embraced Tim, including me. The Orange County Housewives, TLC Network Show, and Sin City Rules. He’s been interviewed on CBS Radio, Sundays with Rolanda, the Good Life Radio Canada, and featured in Awareness Magazine. Right now, he lives in Laguna Niguel. I have so many things that I want to ask you, Tim.

This is an A-lister on.

Tim also wrote this incredible book called Life and Death: A Medium’s Messages to Help You Overcome Grief and Find Closure. It’s like a bible for me. It’s wonderful. Tim, let me start by asking you a question so our audience can get to know you. Tell us a little bit about you and what inspired you to pursue this calling. How did you get to where you are?

GAR 28 | Life And Death

Life and Death: A Medium’s Messages to Help You Overcome Grief and Find Closure by Tim Braun

I’m the youngest of six children and a very Catholic family. I always mention that for those of you who are Jewish out there, you invented the guilt and we Catholics perfected it. In the family that I came in with, there was a lot of guilt. With Catholicism, we didn’t talk about mediumship. Long story short, it’s all in my book Life and Death. When I was about 6 to 7 years of age, I started seeing, feeling, and hearing. That means seeing, feeling, and hearing spirit. At that same time, my brother who was and still is eighteen years older than me was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

From my brother hearing things and seeing spirits and images, I wasn’t seeing it. I thought I was losing my mind. Unfortunately, he’s now institutionalized. For him, it’s mental illness. Mine went to a gift if you want to call it that. I make a living doing this. I’ve been doing this work for over 22 years. I work 4 days a week and I do 6 clients a day. I truly love helping people and transforming people’s lives. This is a calling that I’ve had even as a youngster to help people and help them overcome grief. One of the hardest things in our society is overcoming.

You give some wonderful tips in your book about how to overcome grief and how to manage it. I’ve read in your book that you worked with James Van Praagh.

That was back in the ‘90s. I was his assistant and he saw the gift in me even before I saw it in myself. I knew I had it but I didn’t feel that it was going to be at his caliber. He recognized that in me even before I did. He very much believed in me. Many years later, I’m still doing my work. Thanks to different teachers such as Robert Brown, Brian Hurst, as well as James Van Praagh. They have all believed in me and guided me along this path that’s sometimes rocky.

It’s always rocky, but it’s always wonderful when you can get mentors who have loving hearts and see your abilities and can help you. That’s so wonderful. You have a great story in your book about Mother Teresa and how that changed your life. Could you share that with us?

I was in my dorm room at the University of Southern California here in Los Angeles. It was about 5:30 to 6:00 in the morning. Right before I woke up, I had a vision. It wasn’t even a dream. This was back in 1994. At that time, Mother Teresa was still living. She came into my dorm room. She had her arms wide open and she showed me an image of me walking off the 747 jumbo jet, and then four missionaries greeting and taking me into the village. As I opened my eyes, I saw the presence of her leave the room.

This is crazy because first of all, she’s still living. I was raised Catholic, but I didn’t know anything about her. I wasn’t into the church. I had my issues with the church. I didn’t know too much about Mother Teresa. Long story short, within three months, I found myself in Kolkata, India, walking off the 747 jumbo jet as it was parked in the middle of the tarmac. As I walked off, four missionaries greeted me there at the lobby and then took me into town. The next morning I woke up and I met her at about 8:00 in the morning. I worked with her for a week and a half.

The most inspiring thing was only me and two other nuns were praying with her for a good hour. Looking back as a young kid, I thought, “This is pretty cool.” I didn’t realize how cool it was until many years later. I always tell my clients, “It doesn’t matter what type of prayer that you have, whether you come from a Jewish background or a Catholic or a fundamental Christian, as long as you have the belief and the intention with that prayer.” Working with her transformed my life because I always tell clients that praying is talking to God and meditation is listening to God. I say God because I’m old-fashioned. If you don’t want to say God, you can say spirit, the universe, or Mother Earth. It’s all the same.

It doesn’t matter what type of prayer you have, whether you come from a Jewish background, Catholic or fundamental Christian, just as long as you have the belief and the intention with that prayer. Click To Tweet

Always remember that praying is talking to God. Meditation is listening to God. There have been times when we’re sitting with her in her prayer room and being quiet, listening. That transformed my life. The biggest thing that she taught us while I was there working with the missionaries for that week and a half, doing volunteer work and hospice work was she said, “You don’t need to come to India to do this work. There are poor in your backyard. Take care of them.” That’s one of the things I always remember about what she told me.

Would you say that working with her raised your vibration in that way? Did it help to heal you? You talk about that in your book about how important it is for a person to raise their vibration. We talk on the show all the time about different ways people can heal and how important that is to heal your wounds. Can you talk a little bit about that, Tim?

I feel that 50% of it was her raising my vibration, me having that dream, and that dream coming forth true as a vision. That was the spirit’s way of saying, “You have a gift. You’re not crazy. Use it.” Fifty percent of it is the dream, which happened to be Mother Teresa was in it. The other 50% was working with a person who has a high vibration. Mother Teresa had a very high vibration. She was always in prayer. She spent three hours a day in prayer. Some people will say, “That’s ridiculous. You have people to feed and help.” The three hours that she spent in prayer every day was how she got her strength.

That is so inspiring and amazing. You also talk in your book about talking to the dead, which you seem to do a lot of. It has taught you how to live. How about sharing that with some of our audience?

I always tell clients that I’d rather talk to the dead and be with the dead than the living. When you’re on the spirit side, it’s all pure energy. It’s all pure thought. Doing the work that I do, when a person crosses over and I’m able to see, feel, and hear them, they will bring through their regrets. They’ll bring through the things that they are ashamed of, but they’re very clear and honest about that. A lot of us in the human body and living, we’re not clear about that. We’re not facing that. We’re not focusing on that when you cross over and you’re faced with that. It’s nice to talk with the dead every day because it’s so clear energy and clear intention as they communicate.

GAR 28 | Life And Death

Life And Death: It’s nice to really talk with the dead every day because it’s clear energy and intention as they communicate.

I’ve been told that when people cross over, they have what’s called a past life review. A lot of our audience are not aware of that. That’s why a lot of the times, the people on the other side or you’re deceased loved ones when they come through to you, they’re apologizing. They’re realizing what happened. Could you talk a little bit about that?

When a person passes over, whether you’re 7, 25, 50, or 105 years of age, you have within the first seven seconds your life review. You see all the good and all the bad you have done within that first seven seconds. I always tell clients, “I’m a medium but I’m not a saint. I’m human. I have my issues. I’m impatient at times. Sometimes I can be a little bit snappy. I’m human like anybody else.” In that first seven seconds, you see all the people that you have helped and hurt. I always put stories in layman’s terms so everybody will understand this.

It’s like when you are washing your car in the driveway and your car is all soap set it up. You’ve washed the whole car. It’s all soap set it up, and you start taking the hose and washing off the car. What’s the first thing that you look for? Most people say you’re looking for the soap sides. No. As the soap sides are coming off, you’re looking for the dirt. You don’t care so much about the clean car, you’re focusing on the dirt. You want to make that car impeccable so you focus on the dirt.

When a person passes over, you’re not so much focusing on that 70%, 80%, or 90% of all good. You’re focusing on that 10% of where you messed up and how you can make it right. How you can make it right to that person, to that daughter whom you insulted, or to that businessman whom you embezzled money from? You see all the regret and you try to fix that to make that car look as clean as possible.

How do people fix that? Do they fix it when they are given the opportunity? I have my own little story about that when they gave me the opportunity to come through, and I apologize. What if they don’t have that opportunity or the person isn’t contacting them through someone like you? How do they fix that when they realize what they’ve done?

That’s very individualistic from person to person. Sometimes when that person is on the spirit side, one of the ways is that they open doors to make things work out for that person. Other times, they sit on the spirit side and they sit with the pain that they’ve caused. If you don’t try to help those on earth when you’re here and you sit with it on the spirit side, when you reincarnate, you have to make it up to that person in that soul group. I am a firm believer that we reincarnate in soul groups. Our mothers, our fathers, our brothers, our sisters, our friends, we pick them.

I can hear a lot of your audience say, “I must have been drunk on the spirit side picking my mother, my brother, or sister.” You weren’t drunk or stoned. You were choosing that person to work through lessons. Every person on the planet is neither a friend nor a foe. They’re a teacher. The friend is teaching us love and happiness. The foe is teaching us how to forgive and how to send love to a difficult situation. In each soul group, we have our cast of characters, and that could be our next-door neighbor or a coworker. When that very last person in that soul group passes over, then you change it up. You all reincarnate together. In this lifetime my mother is my mother, my father is my father. Next lifetime, I might be the mother and my mom might be my son. We change it up to learn as many lessons as possible for growth.

Every person on the planet is neither a friend nor a foe; they're a teacher. The friend is teaching us love and happiness. The foe is teaching us how to forgive and how to send love to a difficult situation. Click To Tweet

This is great. A lot of people will buy your book. How do people forgive? I want to tell you about my father. On this side, someone has hurt you horribly. When they get to the other side, they get to hear, see, and feel what they did, but you’re left over here with all of that. How do you forgive? What’s that about?

When that person crosses over and they feel the hurt that they have inflicted upon you, not only do they feel that hurt, but they feel that ripple effect. If they hurt you and then you hurt someone else, and then that person hurts somebody else all because of your action, it’s a chain reaction. It’s like a train wreck. That person on the spirit side feels it. Many times, they do what’s in their power to correct that and open doors.

I’ve seen so many different times when an abusive mother passes over. All of a sudden, two weeks later after the mother passes, she gets a call. Finally, she got the job interview and the job promotion that she’d been waiting for five years. They open doors, at least try to. For those on the spirit side who choose not to or don’t, then there are the spirit guides or guardian angels that come in and they make it right.

The guardian angels or spirit guides make it right. They help the people on the other side who are a little reticent to make it right. I have my own experience. I don’t want to take away too much, but I have a very abusive father. I never asked for him, Tim, but he is constantly coming through, apologizing, and acknowledging what he did. It’s amazing. Sometimes he’ll say, “Don’t stop doing what you’re doing because I’m around you and I’m healing as I learn with your journey.”

To put it in layman’s terms here for you, Irene, it’s like this. If I was at your home and you had me over for dinner, then I was pulling out my car and I rammed my car unintentionally into your car and smashed your taillights, I would go back in and say, “I am so sorry.” You’d say, “Tim, don’t worry about it. I have a deductible. You can pay the deductible. I’ll get a rental car. In two weeks, it’ll be all fixed up.”

I can tell you, Irene, every time that you have me over for dinner, whether it’s 1st, 5th, or 10th anniversary, knowing my personality, I would say, “I feel so stupid five years ago when I ran my car into yours. I am so sorry.” You’d say, “Tim, I’ve forgiven you five years ago. Let it go. You paid the deductible. I had a rental car. It’s all good now.” I still would feel a little bit guilty for my negligence.

That’s how they’re on the spirit side. I’ve seen many times when a person has had a sitting with me where that father, mother, brother, or sister comes in and says, “I’m sorry.” I’ve seen this many times where that client will say, “Tim, I’ve had 3 or 4 sittings with you, and they keep on apologizing and I’ve forgiven them 3, 4, or 5 years ago.” I said, “Fair enough, but they’re still bringing that through.”

What about those souls who are evil like the Hitlers of the world? What happens to them?

That’s so complex. That’s out of my realm. I know that God does not make mistakes. Spirit does not make mistakes. You look at the Hitlers of the world even with the genocide. There has been so much world education that happened out of that. That’s the good that has come out of something bad. There are always lessons. Some of them like this are so horrific that in our minds, we will never comprehend it. There’s always reasonings behind it. That’s totally out of my realm on what that is all about and why people have to go through that.

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You gave a good answer to get people thinking about it. You’re also helping people to know that what they feel as huge offenses in their lives are healable. They can be healed and there is another story or another side to all of that.

I’ll tell you a funny story. I’m the youngest of six kids, and it’s a very Catholic family. Some of my family members call my parents the Catholic Taliban because they’re so Catholic. They’re crazy Catholics. I have one sister who’s a Bible thumper. I remember about four years ago, I picked up the phone. I didn’t recognize the number. All of a sudden, it was my sister. She’s so catholic and she’s so hateful. My hands started to sweat. I was getting so shaky. I put the phone down after we spoke, and then on the contact, I put “The antichrist.” About a year later, my phone was ringing and someone said, “Your phone is ringing.” I’m like, “Would you get it for me?” They said, “It says the antichrist is calling.” I say, “Don’t answer it. It’s my sister. She’s crazy.”

My lesson is I have to send love to her. Is she crazy? She is. Is she very religious? She is. I feel the lesson for me is I have to still send love and forgiveness. Do I need to be around her? No. Do I need to take her call? No. Do I need to still send love? Absolutely. That’s hard for me. That’s a lesson for me. I’m telling you, I’m a medium but I’m not a saint. Every one of us has our lessons.

It’s refreshing to let the audience know that too. The whole purpose of love, kindness, and finding your way doesn’t mean you have to be perfect. There are so many things like meditation and prayer, but it’s what is good for you and what you can find. I love that you say you’re not a saint, and a lot of us aren’t. It’s a tough journey along the way to figure this out. It’s like your sister. I’m sure we all have somebody in our lives that we want to mark on our phones as the antichrist. It’s refreshing to hear that validated, at least for me.

This goes back ten years, and I learned this from Maya Angelou when she was still alive. Anybody who wanted to hold a conversation or be in Maya’s accompaniment had to watch everything that they said. If they said something negative or something gossipy, she would walk away. She wouldn’t say, “Excuse me, I have to go,” or “I have someone calling me.” She wouldn’t do any white lies, she would just walk away.

That has always stuck with me. I always hold my energy in conversations like that. If there’s something negative, I walk away. When you live in that vibration day in and day out, when people start gossiping, when they’re negative, or very hurtful it affects you much more than others. That’s a lesson to send a lot of love to those people because you don’t want that energy to be around you. That’s a negative energy. You want to make sure that you stay away from that to keep you healthy and to keep your mind and body healthy. That’s very important. I want your audience to understand that. You have to still send love. You’re sending love to put a halo around you so their toxicity doesn’t affect you. It’s like the halo around us.

If you look at the days of old when you look at all the different churches and temples throughout the world, they painted the halo. Back in those days, they didn’t know how to paint the aura. They painted a halo. The aura went around the whole body, but they didn’t know how to transpire that in the paint. When you have a bright aura, negativity can’t penetrate. If you engage in negativity, that energy can penetrate in, and then you get sick. It lowers your vibration and energy. That’s why a lot of times, people get ill or become accident-prone. That’s also something very good for your audience as well.

What you’re talking about, I call it detaching with love when you come across very toxic people like that.

You’ve talked about toxic people and I agree. It’s always a good reminder, especially with these calls, that you have to separate from it a little bit and not bring that negativity. We can manifest our diseases and sicknesses. We have the freedom to avoid them if we can separate from them a little bit.

Thoughts are things. We create our reality by our thoughts. One of the things that is very important for you and your audience to understand is when you keep an idea in your frontal lobe which is the conscience long enough, you become so used to it that it automatically goes to the subconscious. Once the subconscious gets it, that’s when the action happens. For example, many times I work with a lot of clients where a woman in front of me says, “My mother died of breast cancer at 58. My grandmother died of breast cancer at 62. My daughter died of breast cancer at 48. I know I’m going to die of breast cancer.” There’s no sign of that, but they’re already putting that in their frontal lobe. Once it hits the subconscious, then she’s going to get breast cancer.

GAR 28 | Life And Death

Life And Death: We create our own reality by our thoughts.

You look at Lady Gaga, the singer that’s out these days in public. Even as a young girl, she kept saying, “I’m super famous.” She kept that in her conscious for all those years. Once it became so normal for her, it shifted to the subconscious and she became super famous. What you keep in your conscious long enough and it resonates long enough, that’s what you’re going to get.

That is great advice for everyone because a lot of people dwell on the negative things and say negative things to themselves, and they’re making that a reality. It doesn’t have to be.

You have to be careful. When I’m not doing this work with my friends, I’m always a joker and a teaser. Sometimes I’ll say politically incorrect things to get a laugh out of people. I remember going back 8 or 9 years ago, I was taking the boat from San Pedro here in California to Catalina. I went over there for the day with some friends. As I got off the boat, there were these people in the restaurant and three of them came running out. They said, “You’re Tim Braun.” I was with my friends who are spiritual, but one is an attorney, and one works for Cisco.

I’m with my friends and these people are saying, “You’re so amazing. You’ve helped me. You’ve changed my life. Can I get your autograph?” They kept going on and on. I said, “Thank you for thinking I’m so amazing. My parole officer thinks the same thing.” Their mouths dropped and I was like, “I’m joking.” They all laughed. The reason why I did that was the intention to take that attention off of me and focus on my friends. I have to remember, when I say something like that, I always have to say, “Erase, erase, erase.” The subconscious does not have a sense of humor. When you say things like that, whether it’s a joke, it registers. Whenever I say something like that, I always follow it with, “Erase, erase, erase.” That erases it from my consciousness so it doesn’t stay there to go to the subconscious if that makes any sense.

GAR 28 | Life And Death

Life And Death: The subconscious does not have a sense of humor.

I’ve heard that before. I’ve been told to do that. Irene, we had a party the other day and we were talking about all this. Some people were saying some negative things and I am still new to all this. Even I was like, “No, you don’t ever want to say that about yourself. You have to take it back and erase it.” I guess it’s true because we ingrain a lot of negativity and we have to learn to stop doing that and erase the things that we say so we don’t ingrain it.

It also tells me, Tim, that you’re not in your ego. A lot of people who do what you do tend to get a little carried away with themselves.

I believe what God giveth, God taketh. I believe that spirit gave me this gift. I believe that if I mishandle it, the spirit can take it away at any time. I don’t want to be sounding sexist here but I’m a male and I don’t know anything about cars and I don’t know anything about computers. If I don’t do mediumship, I would probably be a maître d’ at a restaurant, and then eventually, I get fired. I love my job and I don’t want to get fired from it. I want to make sure I stay humble for spirit. I always tell my clients, “You might be the one paying me to do the work for you, but I don’t work for you. I work for spirit.” If a father is coming through and says, “I did this” or “I did that,” I bring it through.

Sometimes people’s feelings are a little bit hurt. Sometimes people are a little shocked by the information that’s coming through. It’s validated and it comes through as correct through another family member who can validate it. I always tell them, “Even though you’re the one paying me to do the work, I don’t work for you. I work for spirit.” Spirit uses my voice box to speak. I always have to make sure that I stay humble with this. When I do my work, I don’t wear any jewelry. I just wear a watch when I’m not doing this work. When I do my work, I take the watch off to show spirit this is a humble time. I want to make sure that I stay as grounded and down to earth for spirit as possible.

That’s beautiful, Tim. That’s so important for people to know. We could talk with you forever, but we’re starting to run towards the end of our interview. Could you give us your tip for finding joy in life?

Always place your hand over your little belly. You can do this right now. When you place your hand over your little belly, pretend like for you, Irene, you’re talking to your little five-year Irene girl. Stephanie, you’re putting your hand over your belly and you’re talking to your little five-year-old Stephanie. When you wake up in the morning, say, “What do you want to do for fun today?” If that little girl says,

I want to put my feet in the sand.” Honor that. You might not be able to do that that day. You might have to say, “Sweetie, I can’t do it today because I’m slammed with meetings, but I promise we’ll do it this Friday.” Always listen to the little girl.

For men, always listen to your little boy. If you listen to the little boy or the little girl, that is how you always stay with joy. It’s the adult that says, “Work, don’t take a potty break, don’t have fun, or don’t take a day off. You got to work this day.” The little child is saying, “I want to have fun.” One of the final things is when you go to sleep at night, say, “What did we do for fun today? What did you do for fun today?” Tomorrow morning, say, “What would you like to do for fun today?” Always be in contact with that little child. That little inner child will never steer you wrong and will always keep you on the path.

Always be in contact with that little inner child. It will never steer you wrong at all. Click To Tweet

That’s fabulous. Another way to put that is, “How do I love myself today? How do I love that little kid inside of me today?”

You always want to listen to that child. If that child says they want to do something, then honor it. If you look at little five-year-olds, it’s nothing complicated. “I want a puppy. I want to sit in the sand. I want to take a bath.” Five-year-olds don’t say, “I want a new car. I want to work an extra two hours today.” You have to make sure that you’re honest with that little child and listen. When you do that, you’ll never be swayed off-path. That’s something that I do for myself.

How can people get ahold of you, Tim?

I’m at I’m on Instagram @TimBraunMedium and Facebook Tim Brown Medium. If anybody would like a copy of the book, they can go to my website. Ashley, my assistant, would be more than happy to assist. I know that we’re thinking about talking about more topics here. If you get a lot of interest from your audience and they want me to come back, then I’ll make time out of my schedule and I’ll do this again for you.

That’s a definite. We’ll look forward to it.

I’ll make a note here to say if they are on the Anchor app, you can leave us a voice message that we can relay and play. If you have a good comment or question, we can get it back to Tim. We might do a segment series featuring a lot of those, coming up. Give us your feedback and reach out to us so we can get in touch with Tim. Hopefully, sooner or later, we can do another segment with you. Tim, it’s been great chatting with you. I feel like I got a lot out of it. I feel good.

The documentary that I’m in called The Cure will be released on Netflix and Amazon. Sharon Stone, Deepak Chopra, the Dalai Lama, Mark Wahlberg, Jean Claude Van Damme, myself, and a handful of others. We all got together. We donated our time. We were interviewed for this documentary to do a sequel to The Secret, which was out many years ago, just to try to help the suffering on the planet.

It doesn’t matter where you live or who you are, many different people are suffering in their own way. We all got together. Some of the actors lived by their ego, but the ones that I worked with put their ego aside and they said, “Let’s help.” Emmanuel Itier who’s the director and producer of the documentary interviewed people from all around the world. I was fortunate enough to be picked for this documentary. The intention was to help as many people as we could through our voice. This is on Netflix and Amazon.

It’s called The Cure.

Curing the planet.

We’ll make sure to have a little note so we remember to look for that. We’ll help promote it too because we’d love to check that out. I want to watch it. That sounds great. I’m sad we have to wrap up now. Hopefully, we will get to talk again soon. Irene, as you always like to say, to end our show.

To be continued. Bye for now.


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