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Thomas John shares his interesting life journey to become a psychic and medium, explains how he communicates with the deceased, gives us tips about harnessing our intuition, chats about how perceptions of life change after death, and suggests that grief can be a powerful tool for transformation. Not only does Thomas explain the difference between skeptics and cynics, but he also talks about his feelings about each!

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Thomas John – National And International Psychic, Medium, And Teacher






This is our fourth episode in our summer series. I’m very excited for our special guest. Irene, how are you?

I’m great.

Aren’t you excited?

I can’t wait to tell everyone about our very special guest. Should I take it away and go for it?

Another fellow New Yorker here who is lately a little more famous. I’m sure you guys will know but Irene, I’ll let you do the honors introducing him.

We have a very famous, well-known, and gifted medium named Thomas John. He’s a psychic medium and clairvoyant who has conducted thousands of readings around the world. He’s made numerous appearances in the media including Dr. Phil and he had dozens of features in the Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, OK Magazine, the New York Post, and The Hollywood Reporter, you name it.

Now he is on the show. He is the author of a book called Never Argue With A Dead Person, and I could not agree more. He has a lot of workshops on intuition. I have attended some of them. He helps people communicate with their deceased loved ones. He is doing a workshop on grief and helping people see how grief can be a powerful tool for transformation, which is especially appropriate for our show. Thomas, tell everybody how you come to all of this and take it away.

Thank you very much. I am a psychic and medium. Thank you for having me, Irene and Stephanie. I have been doing work professionally for many years. I’m very blessed and happy to do this work. I always jokingly say I can’t do anything else in life so I’m happy that I can talk to dead people.

You certainly do it well. How did you get into this? How did this find you or how did you find it?

I was born with the ability to see spirit. At four years old, I saw my deceased grandfather and I was very clear that it was him, even though I hadn’t met him. I recognized him from pictures. I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts called Plainville. It was like you would imagine it would be. It was a small place. Nobody talked about psychics, mediums, or anything like that. When I began to describe these experiences to my family, my mother, and father, my mother was completely terrified by it and my father who was a child abuser would beat me up. It wasn’t a safe place for me to talk about it. I totally, by about 7 or 8 years old, stop talking about it.

GAR 19 | Medium

Medium: I was born with the ability to see spirits.


I still had those experiences but I didn’t even pay attention to them. I would ignore it. I would ask the deceased people to leave me alone. It wasn’t until my late teens, early twenties when I was in college, I was beginning to have terrible anxiety and depression that I turned back to spirit and started to embrace it. That wasn’t an easy path for me either. I was constantly running from it. I would do things to turn it off or turn away from it. I would do things where I would drink a lot or hang around people who weren’t spiritually minded and stuff. I did anything possible to run away from it. When I was about 22 years old, I embraced it. I decided that this is the path that I have been given and I need to embrace it.

Did somebody help you to embrace it? I know people who do see spirit. When they’re young, they get very frightened by it. I’ve known people who’ve been mentored to see and appreciate what has happened to them as a gift. Did someone help you or did you work with yourself to come to this conclusion?

I am a self-taught medium. I’ve taken classes and workshops. There are people that I admire, but I’ve never had any formal training as a medium. Many mediums don’t have. Some do. Some don’t. I have done a lot of workshops. My teachers and mentors have been people who are healers. I have people that I look up to who are not necessarily other psychics and mediums. I have taken my stuff more from what’s helped me the most in terms of my path, getting grounded and centered because I’ve always heard dead people. I’ve always seen them and gotten messages from them.

I needed to help more with my personal self-esteem and working on myself. People like Caroline Myss, Wayne Dyer, or Eckhart Tolle and people who talk about the soul have been more my teachers in terms of people that I look up to or have taken no classes with. I often tell people that’s the truth. I consider Caroline Myss as my spiritual teacher. We are in touch sometimes. She’s helped me quite a bit to look at things in my life and stuff. This is something that is sometimes not always focused on but people who take mediumship development, they’ll come and they are like, “I want to start to get names. I want to start to be more specific in my readings.”

One of the things that I focus on is the medium has to go through an intense period of looking at themselves and their self-analysis because everything you do as a medium is when you think about it is projected and worked through in your own body, consciousness, and imagination. Nobody is perfect, but you need to be aware of the things in your life that you are or who you are as a person because otherwise, you’ll see the mediumship through that component of things and stuff. Even friends that I’ve had great relationships with and that I consider mentors have not always been other mediums and psychics.

GAR 19 | Medium

Medium: As a medium, you need to be aware of the things in your life that you are who you are.


It must be very hard for you because here you teach people about forgiveness and you had your own issues with your own dad. I would imagine that’s part of what you needed to heal and deal with. I understand that you also work with addiction. I know you work to help counsel people with mental health issues and all that. You have to clean your being so that you can be clear to help other people, I would imagine.

Like any healer, it always starts from that place. I feel very blessed that I have the abilities that I have and I’m very happy that I do. I am very thankful that God gave me those abilities.

If you get finished with a gallery and you have all these fears coming at you, how do you shut it off? I’m sure that the show is over, you’ve signed your books, and you’re still hearing from them.

I don’t know that you ever totally shut it off. I have to be honest with you when people say that. I hear people say, “I shut off.” The way I would answer that is I don’t know that I ever shut it out. It’s part of how I see the world. It’s like what you have experiences. I’ve read your book. Those are experiences, abilities, and things, you see the world through that. There’s no real way that even if you’re not actively engaging in that, it’s like a musician, a cook, or a police officer.

When something is part of your life, I think I always see the world through that. I always joke and say, “If I woke up one day and I didn’t see dead people, there was something wrong with me. I’d probably go to the hospital or something.” It’s a part of my life. I don’t even think about it. If somebody is going to ask me, “Would you walk down the street and talk to people and say, ‘Your dead mom is here. Your dead daughter is here?’”

I don’t do that because that’s not ethically appropriate. that’s not the way that I feel the context of my work should be. I feel like it should be done in a sacred process. That’s not being greedy or not sharing my gift, but it’s not my thing to do that. I always ask people. I know that spirit directs me in a lot of ways. I have been to a lot of random situations, like dinner parties, coffee houses, concerts, or on a date at a museum and there’s a person that will visit me and say, “That’s my daughter. I need to give a message.”

When that happens, I always say to the person, “I’m a medium. I’m getting a message from a loved one. I want to know if you’re okay with hearing it, and if you are, I’m going to share it with you. If you’re not okay with it, then that’s okay too. You could go about your life. I want to tell you what’s going on.” Most people say, “I’d like to hear it then.” I’ve had very few people say, “No, I don’t want to hear it.” I always ask that first because I need somebody’s permission in order to give them that message.

You’re respectful of their boundaries and talking about that. It’s one of my favorite stories in your book. It’s funny that we both wrote books that talk about food in heaven. There’s chocolate and champagne in heaven and you were at a dinner party. Do you want to share that story with people? I think that’s a hilarious story about that guy’s mom and how he wasn’t a believer. It’s a total skeptic.

That was one of those situations where I was at a dinner party. I had no intentions. I started talking about it. This guy was looking at me like, “You’ve got three heads. I don’t know what you’re talking about and I don’t believe in any stuff.” He was quite rude about it, and then his mom came through. It is funny because his wife was totally into it and I was able to give her a message. It was clear that he needed that message. I’m probably a person who would never say, “I want to go see a medium. Let’s look up the closest medium.”

A lot of times, the spirit knows what needs to happen when. They’re in control of that and they guide things. I trust. I always joke and say, “You have to pay for the reading but I work for the dead people.” They know what to bring through. They know the validations to bring through. If you’re open to it, you believe in it, and you open your mind and heart to it, it can be a beautiful connection to realize that love never dies. That can be a pretty profound experience.

A spirit knows what needs to happen, and they're in control of that. They guide things. Share on X

When people get messages from deceased loved ones, I find it to be incredibly healing and you connect that with grief being something that can be a powerful tool for transformation. Do you want to talk about that? Is that linked to receiving messages from your deceased loved ones?

There are messages that can be helpful to people. I have witnessed moments where people’s whole lives have changed. I’m not saying this to sound like I’m some sort of guru but I have seen people who have come and had a reading. I do Facebook Live sometimes where I connect with my audience. I called them Greetings From Spirit. I’ll say, “Your mom is here. Her name was this. She liked to do this. She loves you.” People email me and say that they have waited fifteen years to have a message like that.

It is a very powerful tool for people to transform and realize. Sometimes, it’s scary. I have had people who have come up to me after my events or the next day and then send me nasty emails. I’ve had people that have been freaked out that they’ve left the room. It’s something that needs to be dealt with in such a special way. I tell people that when I’m working with them and developing their mediumship. It’s such a sacred thing that needs to be dealt with in a special way. I do believe that. I know that life goes on after death and that bond of love continues. There can be so much healing. It can put people on another journey.

Life goes on after death, and that bond of love continues. Share on X

I had a reading one morning with a woman. I said, “Your mom is here.” I described her. The woman was surprised because she wasn’t expected to hear from her mom. I said, “Your mom wants to say something that she never got to say in life and she never said. She wants to say I love you. You are beautiful and worthy of love.” Her mother was the meanest person in the physical world. That was healing for that woman. She even said at the end, “I feel like my life has changed. I feel like that voice inside my head is gone. I feel different.”

A lot of people will take the physical experience that they’ve had for the person literally. I read that there is a life review and people understand things differently when they cross over. Would you agree with that?

There’s definitely a life review.

Someone like this woman’s mother got to experience how she made her daughter feel. Now she was apologizing for that.

I have seen that happen many times.

I’m curious about these workshops that you host and stuff. Can you tap into that? Are they in person or do you do it on Facebook Live?

I do online and in-person workshops, but I do try to offer my workshops online because not everybody can get where I am going to be. It opens up to a whole new audience. I do that.

What kind are they? When you do a workshop, is it like a gallery with multiple people and they get reading or is it more intimate than that?

I have all sorts of things. I have something that is called a Spirit Circle which is eight people. It’s two hours. It’s getting a private reading in a public group of eight. The reason I offer those is because it’s very healing for people to hear other people’s messages. You get that much more out of it. You get a reading for yourself, but you will also get all these other additional little nudges and messages by hearing other people’s experiences. That is healing.

GAR 19 | Medium

Medium: Spirit Circle is healing people by hearing other people’s messages.


By the synchronicity of the universe, I had advertised this Spirit Circle for eight people and put it on my website. I have no control over who signs up for it. Every single person who signed up for it had lost a child. There were eight women there and they all lost children. They didn’t come together. They didn’t know each other. It wasn’t like one woman said, “Girls, let’s go to this.” They were all random. The spirit brought them together. Not only do they hear from their own children, but they also get messages through hearing about other people losing their children. It was very transformational.

I also do big gallery events. That’s 100 or 200 people in readings. I also do workshops on developing your intuition. I have a workshop on life and loss, the chakras, and the energy system of the body. I have a workshop on medical and forensic intuition. I’m trying to develop your abilities to work on cases. I have the Growing Up In The Spirit World Workshop. It’s a workshop about how to connect with your child you might have lost. I try to do topics that people would like. We do a lot of practice. I have my Basic Developing Your Intuition Workshop and Mediumship Workshop. Those are teaching-based. I always end up doing readings in them for fun but those are a little bit different.

It’s like a twofer because you get to learn from your wisdom and you take a shot. You may even get a little reading from Thomas. It’s like an extra bonus.

We have a lot of fun in the workshops. It’s great for me to see people learn and say, “I can be connected to the spirit world. I can get messages. I can hear from my loved ones.” It’s great for people when that happens. I love presenting that opportunity. I love teaching. It brings me great joy.

You said that you started seeing spirits very young at four. I have a six-year-old. I can’t believe that happened early. You were afraid to even talk about that. If there’s somebody reading out here because you said you help people with their intuition, what would you recommend, how would you have them deal with that, or give some advice maybe because they’re afraid themselves, not sure what’s happening, or how to turn it off? How did you seem to get through or give someone on how to handle that?

For someone who has a child, they seem to be very intuitive when they say, “Mommy, I’m seeing this person or that person,” how should a parent handle that?

We’re all intuitive. We are born intuitive. We all have this knowingness. It’s whether we choose to embrace it, accept it, or listen to it. We all know doubt has it. As far as I give different tips, we practice so much of this in my workshops. To give you some quick tips for your audience. One thing if you’re an adult and you’re going through this, I always tell my students, “Document your experiences. Keep a journal. Write down those little hunches and nudges that you get because intuition travels through space and time. You may get a hit on something and you may say, ‘I’m going to discredit or discount that. That doesn’t make any sense,’” and then three weeks later, it did.

You don’t remember it so you don’t keep track of it. That’s a very reinforcing way for you over a month or so of keeping track of your feelings and your gut reactions to things to get reinforcement of when you are tapping into your intuition on meditating, setting your intention on connecting with your intuition, and asking for signs. Those are all important. Another thing with your intuition is to figure out the way that you are most intuitive. Some people are clairvoyant. Some people are claircognizant. It depends on how you process your intuition. Some people say, “I never get dreams of my loved ones.” That’s okay. They might be visiting you in another way so pay attention to the ways that they may be visiting you.

Can you explain to readers, some of whom are very new to this world, how you get messages? You use the words clairvoyant and claircognizant. Could you briefly explain to them how the message has come to you?

I have psychic senses which we all have of clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairsentient, and clairaudient. Clairaudient is clear hearing. That is hearing the voice of spirit, hearing spirit, hearing a word in my mind, and hearing a song that then has some meaning. For example, I was doing a reading for somebody and I was hearing a theme song for a TV show. I described it and I said what I thought it was. She said that it was her friend’s, who had passed, favorite show.

Clairvoyant is seeing. That’s more images, dreams, and seeing people’s auras. If you see signs in the physical world, that’s a form of clairvoyant. There’s clairaudient, which is hearing the voice of spirit. Claircognizant which is a knowingness. We’ve probably all had that. That one sometimes is tough for skeptics because they discredit things, but if you ever had a strong knowingness where you’re like, “I feel like I need to call this person. I don’t know why but I need to.” That would be clairvoyant.

Clairsentient is more feeling. We all have intuition. There are three levels of intuition. The first level of intuition is instinct and reactions to feelings that we have. We have the second level of intuition which is more of an internal dialogue that. We have and then we have a third level of intuition which I call spiritual partnership which has to do with inviting a guide, an angel, or a loved one to connect with.

I have two questions for you. We’re going to tell everyone and link the world to your website, social media, and all that, you name it. What is your comment to people saying, “This is baloney. They’re complete skeptics. It’s ridiculous.” How do you speak to people like that? Let’s conclude this interview which is interesting with what your tip would be for people to find joy in their lives.

As far as skeptics, I encourage skeptics. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a skeptic. There are differences between a skeptic and a cynic. For example, a skeptic would be somebody who says, “I’m not sure if I believe in this. I would like to see evidence of this.” I had a skeptical client. He called and said, “I feel like I’m skeptical of this. What I want to do is I want to set up a reading for somebody that I know. I want to pay for it and set it up through me. There’s no way you could possibly know who’s coming. I’d like you to give them a reading. I’d like to record it and I want to listen to it. I want to base my decision if I want to have a reading on that.”

I said, “That’s fine. That would be great. You can set it up like a normal reading.” He did that. He sent somebody I don’t even know who it was. It’s some friend of his. She and I had a great reading. There were many validations through spirit. Somebody who’s a cynic is somebody who’s going to be provided with evidence and provided with things that there’s not one anything that they could know other explanation. They’re going to say, “I still don’t believe. I don’t care.”

That’s a cynic. I’m not interested in dealing with those people because there’s no positive to that, but anybody can be skeptical. At all times in our lives, we are all skeptics. I even have moments where I’m like, “Is this less and less,” as I’ve been more on my past, but I know what I was in the beginning. I was a believer but I had moments of skepticism. Skepticism is totally fine. It’s a personal path. My tip for joy would be to do what you love. That’s very important. I know in my life that was, “Do what you’re meant to be here. Find your purpose. Find your tribe. Do what you love and remember that you get to make the rules in life.”

I talk about this a lot with grief too because many people lose somebody and they’re like, “I don’t feel like doing the Christmas cards this year.” It’s like, “You get to make those three rules. You don’t have to send 200 Christmas cards out this year. You don’t have to do the decorations on the house, but if you do, that’s great, too. You get to make those rules.” Empower yourself by doing what you love and making those choices.

GAR 19 | Medium

Medium: Empower yourself by doing what you love and making choices. That is what life is about.


That is what life is about. It’s about choices. That love is making our choices.

I always experience the whole intuition thing. I don’t feel like I am on any high level. It could be, but the gut feelings are always there. I feel like being open to realizing them and recognizing them as good. I like that writing down because even people who aren’t skeptical, as you said, sometimes things happen that are unexplainable that they are not coincidental. You need to understand why and open up to that. I feel like that’s fascinating. I’m intrigued to learn about these workshops.

Thomas, you may find Stephanie in one of your workshops.

You’ll know I’m always popping into these things here in New York. I’m always intrigued to keep learning. I’m glad we got to have the chat. Your book is on Amazon. Where else can they find your book to grab it?

Yes, it’s on Amazon.

If anyone has questions for Thomas, they can reach out and we’ll connect you. That was fun. I always love our chat. Thanks for spending your time with us, Thomas. Irene, it’s always a pleasure.

As I like to say, to be continued. Thank you.


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