This project warms my heart.  

It is obviously crucially needed and “on target” in today’s world plus it resonates with the message that boomed into my head as they pulled me out of my wrecked car after the tragic car accident that took my beloved husband Saul’s life:  


I have also learned that this message, to be loving and kind to everyone, also includes to “Be loving and kind to yourself!”

I hope everyone reading this post, especially those with school age children, will go onto this FB page and check out the video: 

And remember, ATTITUDE is everything.  Choose to be loving and kind, both to others and also to yourself. Give toxic people and their dramas as little oxygen as possible in your life, suspend judgment and learn to forgive, and pass the loving kindness shown to you in your own life forward to others whenever and wherever possible!

From my heart to yours, in loving kindness and with gratitude, Irene

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