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Irene Weinberg is the author of They Serve Bagels in Heaven, a 5-star rated memoir filled with humor, love and narrative flair. As Irene chronicles her healing journey from devastating loss to a renewed sense of inner strength, spiritual wisdom and passion for life following the death of her husband Saul, she also shares beautiful and important insights about healing both in heaven and on Earth. Unlike a textbook, a fantasy novel, or even a guidebook, They Serve Bagels in Heaven is a love story that spans generations, filled with thoughtful words and thoughtful thoughts that will answer your questions about what the afterlife is like, what is a soul mate, do we each have a soul purpose, how does heaven handle evil, have we lived other lives besides this one, what goes on in heaven between lives, and why each life matters. This story is a truly moving experience.


Irene Weinberg’s compelling story of the beautiful journey she shared with her husband Saul can be appreciated by anyone who is grieving, has ever grieved or is fearful about losing a loved one due to illness. Those who wonder about the spiritual connection between life, death, and relationships will also appreciate it. Irene’s story answers the questions “why? ”, “how come?”, “is that all there is?” They Serve Bagels In Heaven has mass appeal. It’s perfect for Book Clubs and is ideal for Caregiver and Grief Support Groups.
Lenore Rabin-Koster
This is a MUST read for anyone who wants insight into why we’re all here (and who doesn’t?) from someone who has not only experienced insight first-hand, but who wants to share it all for the right reasons. Irene Weinberg graces us with her experience not to satisfy her own need to “tell her story”- but to share and spread the word that love transcends time, and that it’s all so much bigger than all of us, packed with lessons and awareness if we choose to believe. Her matter-of-fact, humorous writing style brings you right into her life experiences with ease; driving home the points of her intended lessons with the love she’s learned from a lifetime of “just getting it”.
Laura Quinn