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Terry Shaw takes her readers on a wild, adventurous and healing journey through the heart and soul of reality via her book The Power of ABC’s: A Guide to Unlock Your Inner Ceiba: The Maya Cosmic Tree. Using the power of words in the direction of truth and wisdom to guide a person on his or her unique soul’s journey, Terry teaches how to turn old, limited definitions of love, acceptance, trust and forgiveness, among 22 other word choices, into a higher level of awareness based on life lessons.



  • Why Terry used the tree known as the Ceiba as the metaphor to illustrate our connection to words and nature.
  • What happened in 2017 that heightened Terry’s spiritual awareness.
  • How the cartoon figure HE MAN inspired Terry to empower her own life journey and pass it forward.
  • What happened when a colleague of Terry’s sought revenge by degrading her, and how the experience taught Terry emotional wisdom.



  • What were the fears you overcame to write your book?
  • What happened when your “mind stopped,” signaling that it was time for you to wake up?
  • How does the ego control our emotions?





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Terry Shaw— Author, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Ordained Minister and Reiki Practitioner






I’d like to introduce you to Terry Shaw, who is an inspirational speaker, an ordained minister, a reiki practitioner, a spiritual teacher, and the author of The Power of ABCs: A Guide to Unlock Your Inner Ceiba: The Maya Cosmic Tree. The Ceiba tree is a respected tree wherever it grows in the world. Using the Ceiba, which Mayans hold to be sacred, Terry takes her readers on a wild, adventurous, and healing journey through the heart and soul of reality. She is teaching them how to turn their old limited definitions of love, acceptance, trust, and forgiveness, among 22 other word choices, into a higher level of awareness based on life lessons.

Terry, welcome to the show. I especially love how you use the power of words and the direction of truth and wisdom to guide a person on his or her unique soul’s journey. Let’s begin what is going to be an interesting and healing conversation for our audience with this question. What inspired you to write The Power of ABCs: A Guide to Unlock Your Inner Ceiba: The Maya Cosmic Tree? Why did you choose the Ceiba as the metaphor to illustrate our connection to words and nature?

Thank you very much for having me. I’m truly happy to be here. I was guided to reach out to you for a long time when we first met a year ago, and now I’m here. The Power of ABCs started as a divinely guided inspiration where I was getting different messages through dreams about certain experiences that had been trapped in my mind for a long time. I was in the process of going through a relationship breakup. I was also going through a transition from moving from New York City to New Jersey. I started a new job.

GAR 51 | Ceiba

The Power of ABCs: A Guide to Unlock Your Inner Ceiba: The Maya Cosmic Tree

Everything was working well for me financially and I was successful. I’m a mathematician. I am also a business manager and my life is going great, but there’s something missing. The connection that I had with my soul was missing. I felt like I was going down into the abyss of pure worry and stress. I didn’t know where it was coming from.

Before I knew anything about spirituality, I had always had a connection with God, but I knew nothing of the spiritual path. God brought me all the way down in order for me to rise up. Once I started rising up, the messages for ABC started coming to me from different directions. At first, it came to me through songs, dreams, and different people who used to talk about ABCs. I’m like, “Why do I keep seeing these words all the time?”

You deal with numerology. Now, you’re getting something with words.

I keep seeing the words. As a mathematician, I’m always curious about things. I started writing everything that I saw. The inspiration for the Ceiba tree came later when I was watching that documentary about an eagle called the Harpy Eagle on my Amazon Fire Stick. I forgot the name of the documentary. There was this large eagle. It is prehistoric in a sense. When I saw the eagle, it was in this huge tree. They had to climb to see this eagle so that they could videotape it in the Amazon rainforest. I said, “This is amazing. This bird still exists. It’s huge.”

The tree didn’t catch my attention after I watched that documentary and went to yoga. I started seeing things about the Tree of Life. I knew nothing about the Tree of Life. That’s when I started remembering that particular tree from the documentary. I started doing my research. It turns out this Ceiba tree is the Maya Tree of Life or the Maya Cosmic Tree. It turns out my ancestors signed their Declaration of Independence in Jamaica under this same tree.

I started connecting the dots and I said, “I’m supposed to do something here.” God knows I hate writing, but there was this inspiration within my soul to help other people and writing was that avenue. I started writing and writing. Every message that came to me, I was writing it. I said, “Maybe I was supposed to be inspiring.” When I learned that I had to put my experiences into it, that took me down another level because I was always a private person. To go all the way in-depth into my own experiences, I said, “No.”

It’s also healing for me because everything that has been stuck in my mind for a long time, I had to put it on paper. It was a very emotional process because it involved a lot of crying. It involved realizations of myself and what I was attracted to in my life. It’s a lot of going back to childhood when I experienced traumatic experiences with sexual assault and all these different things.

God wanted me to touch on these things so that I may help other people. It was mind-opening. When I took myself out of the equation, even though it’s about me, I thought about other people who may benefit from the stories, the wisdom that I’ve gained, and the tools that I use to transform these lingering experiences that make it feel like life is doing something to us. In fact, we can do something about our lives and rise to another level of ourselves. That’s what I did. That’s what inspired me to write this book.

I resonate with the fact that you’re letting people know that you made certain choices through writing the book and overcoming your fears, which I also overcame when I had to write my book. I had a lot of fears that way too. You overcome them and you do healing of your own. You’re ready to role model and help other people to say, “You can do it too with all humility.” What happened in 2017 that heightened your spiritual awareness?

In 2017, I made the transition from my previous job in New York City. It was a great job for eight years. I was secure in it. I was also in another relationship. I was close to family. One day, I had this divine inspiration to quit my job.

What’s a divine inspiration like for you? Did it just come into your head and in your heart?

I needed to move from New York City and leave it all behind, the family and relationship that I was in, which was going well, but not so well. I leave it all behind. I didn’t know where I was going. I know I had to look for a new job and apartment. I had no car. All in one month, God made all of that happen for me. All the money that I was worried about spending came back to me as well. I ended up here in Nutley, and I’ve never heard of it before. I was like, “God, are you nuts? Are you sending me to Nutley?”

For those who don’t know Nutley, it is in New Jersey. We have audiences from England and New Zealand. They’re going to say, “What’s Nutley?” That’s an area in New Jersey.

When I was guided to live in Nutley, I’d never heard of the place but I felt connected here. I said, “This is where God wants me to be and I just came here.” I thought that’s where I needed to stop like, “It ends there.” The thing is that we are always on a journey. I was thinking that this is where it stops, but it’s no destination. It’s always continuous.

That’s when I broke down. I entered another relationship. I thought I found the one. That was a complete failure, and that struck me. I said, “I’m tired of it all. I am tired of everything. I want to give it all. God, take everything away from me. That’s taken me away from you. I can’t.” I broke down. I was contemplating many different things about what I wanted to do with my life. That’s where the heightened awareness came from.

A friend of mine who told me about Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction. At first, I thought she was crazy. I said, “What are you talking about? What are you talking about universe and all these different things?” It was interesting. I’m always a curious person. I’m always exploring. I said, “This is something that I’ve been noticing. I’ve been noticing these things happening to me but I never had a name for it.” I started following the patterns, dreams, and inspiration. That’s when everything took off from there. I got more connected with my guide. I didn’t even know that existed. I got more connected with my angels.

Let’s talk about that. How did you get more connected with your guides and angels? Our audience would love to hear about that.

I meditated for the first time when I was having a dark night of a soul. I was in my living room. I went all the way down. It was a straight breakdown and thinking that was it for me. I felt like I was suffocating. I remember that time while I was on my floor and my mind stopped. Everything that I was thinking and all the worries stopped. I didn’t realize that I was meditating. That was the first time I went into meditation, not knowing what it was called.

I felt like God was speaking to me during that time when my mind stopped and said, “It is time for you to wake up.” That was the same day I started my Facebook channel. At the time, it was called Living With Our Soul, Not Our Mind. I was thrown out quotes. I didn’t want to put my name, Terry Shaw. I started putting T because I didn’t want other people to know it was me.

They would think you were crazy.

I felt this inspiration in my soul to start helping people. It was a burst. When I pointed my mind, all of that happened. The more I started meditating, and I got into meditation, my gifts started expanding. These are gifts that I already had that I’ve suppressed because I thought people would deem them weird. I started to explore who I was. That’s when I became more fearless, confident, and bold in terms of going out there and speaking my truth. The key thing here is that once you discover your truth, there’s no going back. You are on this path. There’s no going back to sleep. You are going forward. Sometimes, it comes with twists and turns, but we are strong enough to bend them. This is what this journey is all about. That’s how I started my divine inspiration.

Once you discover your truth, there's no going back. You are just going forward. Sometimes it comes with twists and turns, but we are strong enough to bend them. Share on X

Do you do a specific type of meditation, Terry?

Yes, I do.

Do you want to tell our audience about that? There are many out there. What is working for you? What’s your ritual? What do you do?

Most of the rituals that I do in terms of meditation are connected to the Ceiba tree. I would imagine myself being surrounded by the Ceiba tree as if I am in the Amazon rainforest and the sun is gisting on me. I use The Power of ABCs, sometimes from A to Z, with the affirmations that I’ve created. For instance, in the book, A is for accept. I would say things to myself with the Ceiba surrounding me, knowing that I’m protected by Mother Nature and God. I accept myself for who I am and I change what I can. B is for beautiful. I talk about how I am beautiful inside out, not the outside in. A lot of times, we put emphasis on beauty from the outside aspect and forget that it is something that starts from within.

You can see a girl or a guy who is muscular, sexy, or hot. If their heart is not pure and it’s rancid, it’s not going to work. You’re going to wonder, “What’s going on in their life? Why are they experiencing this?” Something has to get right with their soul first. It all starts within the soul. This is why I created my page, Living From Our Soul, because there’s no other way.

I started creating the ABC. I started getting the words about what I needed to do and the experiences that I needed to attach to each of the words. I create these affirmations every single morning. I never miss the morning. Even sometimes when I get up and I feel a bit lethargic, I force myself to do my affirmations.

Do you go into a quiet space to see if something else is coming through to you after you’ve done the affirmations?

Not all the time. It depends. Sometimes, I do forget. If I go to work and I have a quiet time at work even for five minutes, it takes five minutes to go through them. I’ve started saying, “I accept who I am. I change what I can.” When things are not working, I say, “I am centered with God in my mind, body, and soul.” This is also part of the affirmation. I keep doing these affirmations, remembering I’m connecting to my ABC. This is where the power lies because it’s structured. When we do things in order like in 3, 6, or 9, this is when it has more power and effect. That’s why the numbers and the inspirations tie in with the word concept and energy.

I’m changing my refrigerator magnet to say, “I accept who I am. I change what I can.” I have a refrigerator with wonderful things on it with magnets. I tell people, “If you want to know who I am, read my refrigerator.” Let’s continue on with this question. You use The Power of ABCs as an inspirational guidance tool to transform rooted experiences of lies, abuse, and hatred into powerful words of wisdom.

Twenty-six branches of words are transformed from twenty-six rooted experiences of your own experiences, which illuminate your own soul-filled personal warmth, compassion, and wisdom. I can tell our audience that Terry is a soul-filled, warm, compassionate, and wise person. To illustrate to our audience the clever way you do this, please focus on your branch E for empower, which is used to inspire your readers to empower their own life journeys.

It stems from my childhood, where I talked about my experience with my brothers growing up in the family. Every Saturday morning, I should be cleaning the home that my grandmother tells me to, but I never do that. The first thing I do when I jump out of bed is to grab the remote to watch He-Man. I love He-Man. Even the other day, I was watching He-Man on Amazon Fire Stick. It was displayed. I was like, “Let me watch it.”

For those of us who are a little older than He-Man, is that a cartoon character?

It’s a cartoon. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, for those of you who have kids who grew up in the ‘80s. It talked about the power of connecting with the power in yourself. He-Man was Prince Adam from Castle Brisco. A lot of my cartoons are always about transforming humans into avengers. When he needed to transform, he would call on the stories from above, and this light would shine. He has a cat, and I always have a cat. He would call on the light and he would say, “I have the power.” He would transform into He-Man, this mighty avenger who would battle the evil Skeletor who was trying to find ways to take over the world.

I used to get excited watching it. I said, “Why can’t my life be like He-Man?” As a child growing up, we discover all these fantasies. This is my fantasy world to get away from because I lived in Kingston. It was not entirely ghetto, but it was bad. I grew up poor. I wanted to escape from it all. I’m a Pisces. I like to escape. I wanted to get away from it all because I’ve seen so much violence and things happen where women were being beaten. People were being killed. Sometimes, it is loose.

I didn’t understand my reality at such a young age at seven. I said, “I don’t think I’m supposed to be here. I don’t think I’m supposed to be in this environment. This is not who I am. The way I am doesn’t make any sense.” I understand why God put me in certain environments and why I needed to experience certain things. When I grew up, it didn’t stop there. It got worse. Life got worse. I questioned God. I even questioned if there was a God at one point.

It is understandable. It happens to a lot of people.

I couldn’t take it anymore. Something in my soul told me to hold on. It will make sense one day. I have to persevere. Through that discovery from the He-Man, because life no longer became a cartoon, I realized that the light that I’ve been calling all this time from the heavens to shine down on me was within my soul. This light was within me all this time and not from the heavens or from beneath my feet, but it was in my soul. I needed to eliminate that light from within my heart to try to change my reality. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past few years. My life has transformed in many ways. It’s like a miracle. I don’t even know, but I’m thankful.

It’s a wonderful role model for many people. By you becoming empowered and being able to transform this way with all that you went through and when they read your book, they will see that. It’s amazing. They can learn from their circumstances that they can transcend them too. They can heal and turn their lives around.

That was my main intention. I wrote it down. I said, “My main intention for this book is to reach as many people so that they may gain the insights, wisdom, and tools they need to transform their own lives.” A lot of us are living in the past. We have not let go of the past. That’s what’s holding us back from our full potential.

GAR 51 | Ceiba

Ceiba: A lot of us are living in the past, and that’s what’s holding us back from our full potential.


One of the main things that I got during my meditation is that the past is affecting our future. We are still living in the past. We haven’t let go of certain things. We haven’t forgiven, which was one of the key things for me while writing that book. I had to go back to that chapter twenty times because I didn’t forgive. I still work on forgiveness every day. As you go about life, you pick up different experiences. You still have to work with other people along the way and learn to forgive, let go, and heal yourself because it’s tough.

Forgiving is more about you than about the person who perpetrated the horrible thing.

We don’t want a lot of guilt. We all want to let go of a lot of guilt. “Why did I get myself involved with this?” We have to blame ourselves. “Why didn’t I not see it before? If I knew what I knew then, I wouldn’t have done this.” Realistically, we need to go through that so that we can become more powerful within ourselves and realize that we can work through our differences with others and the differences that we have within ourselves where we think things are wrong versus right. There’s no duality. It’s a matter of seeing things from a broader perspective. This is what my book teaches us, to see things from different perspectives.

It certainly does. I also want to hear about your branch Z for zealous when a colleague of yours once sought revenge by degrading your reputation. I’m sure there’s no one in our audience who can relate to that story.

That experience was a major lesson for me because I was a young manager at the time. I was at the height of my career. Everything was going well.

Was this in Jamaica or America?

This was in America. This colleague had some differences with me. I don’t know what it was, but we could not see eye to eye on anything. Everyone has possibly a full-time job here. You have to work with other people. You’re going to have that one person or maybe two that you’re not going to see eye to eye on. You feel the tension and you don’t know what to do. At the time, I was young. It used to get to me a lot. I’m quite empathetic. I didn’t understand my own emotions. I used to react and that person reacted to my reaction.

When they left, they wrote this nasty email about me. My name at the time was Terry Wisdom because I was married. This is where I derived emotional wisdom from the branch of Z because even though I had the last name, I wasn’t applying it in my life. I didn’t know how to keep my emotions in check and know how to respond to certain people. I was like a fuse blowing up and that person was a fool. We fed off each other.

When they wrote the message about me, it tore me down. I was going to quit my job because I thought that was it. It was bad. Something told me, “You got to go in there and face the storm. You have to pass through this.” The reception was good because everyone knew that I was a nice person. I did my best to do my job. If anything, I was a great leader.

That experience taught me that not everyone is going to see eye to eye with you. It is not your responsibility to prove to them that you are someone. It’s your responsibility to make sure that you keep your emotions in check when you’re talking to anyone or if you’re interacting with anyone. No matter how much they try to bring you down or belittle you in a sense. Whether you’re from a race or a certain color or if you’re a woman, it doesn’t matter. We all have a sole responsibility to make sure that we react to others not in the way that they want to, but in the way that our soul wants to.

We all have a full responsibility to make sure that we react to others not in the way that they want to but the way that our soul wants to. Share on X

Sometimes we forget about these things. It’s okay to be angry, but don’t let that anger become part of your story each and every single day. We have the time to take a step back, breathe, and say, “I’m not going to react. I’m going to use emotional wisdom here. I’m going to keep going.” This is why I use zealous because zealous is a way for us to keep going. At the same time, we should always be mindful of other people while we’re doing this.

While this person was coming at you and these messages were coming through you, you processed it within yourself and made a choice that you were not going to let this person bait you. You were going to come back, which is a great deal of emotional wisdom because a lot of people would directly take on that person. You perceived that was his problem.

I had to accept the responsibilities where there were instances where I may have fed that reaction that he may have wanted. I kept reliving every single moment with him. I wrote them down. Did I ever react? I did remember times when I reacted when he was being belligerent. I said, “I could have done better in those scenarios.” It needed to happen because it was a teaching moment for both of us. I don’t know if he learned a lesson, but I know I did. That’s all that matters.

He may still be in his swamp but you used it as a learning moment. That’s great.

When you say, “Sorry,” it’s not a matter of being sorry. It’s about taking away the experience and knowing that going forward, I want to be a leader in the world, not a follower. To be a leader, you have to become a leader within yourself. You have to take charge of your emotions because our emotions are the key thing. Our ego tries to control our emotions. Everybody wants to be right and no one wants to be wrong. This is where confusion and drama take place. Sometimes, it’s okay to admit when you’re wrong in a situation. If the situation is going to blow up and you already see it, take a step back from it. This is what I had to do in this scenario. It worked out perfectly. It did because the person left. I didn’t have to deal with them anymore.

GAR 51 | Ceiba

Ceiba: You have to become a leader within yourself. You have to take charge of your emotions because our emotions are the key thing.


You ended up holding your own. He didn’t get the rise out of you or whatever he was looking for.

I ended up getting a promotion despite it being quite a mess. I didn’t think I would even get a promotion, but a promotion happened. This is why I was saying that we shouldn’t hold onto our past. What happened towards one experience does not determine your future. I thought that one experience was going to turn my entire past and no one was going to hire me. I had to keep working, keep moving forward, and keep being zealous because I believed in myself. I understand that these things are going to come up. I don’t hold it against myself. I keep moving forward.

Would you call him a bully?

I have no name. I called him my teacher and one of my greatest lessons. That’s why I kept that experience for last.

That is a great way to process it because I’ve had experiences in my life too where people bullied me. I can now look back and say they were my greatest teachers. I made certain choices and I had to get healing. There is a lot of synergy in our stories. I know you’re in the process of creating a YouTube channel called Terry Shaw Inspires. I’m looking forward to that, which is being designed to help people with their inner soul growth and expansion. Having read your book, I can truly say that the inspiring truths you express on YouTube will come from your loving and wise heart and soul. Tell us more about Terry Shaw Inspires. What exactly is inner soul growth? Can our audience subscribe to your channel now?

First of all, I will answer the last question. They can. I am on YouTube as Terry Shaw Inspires. You’ll see my face. It’s the same cover on my book, The Power of ABCs. I’ve been going with that name for quite a long time. I didn’t know what to call myself. Someone said, “It’s not good to put your name in the title when you’re creating a business.” I said, “Why not?”

We’re talking about our soul here. All our souls are connected. We have synergy. If I use my experiences with The Power ABCs, the name of the series that I’m creating, which is called the Inner Soul Alphabet Series, came from all of our experiences and how we can transcend them. What I do and what my business does is to help others reconnect with themselves the way I do. I use certain tools like affirmations. I use different ways to meditate, and meditate at certain times. For instance, in the morning, when we have heightened awareness. At night, before we go to bed, we should also clear our minds of all the gutters from the day. I’m going to teach people how to do that.

I’m from Jamaica. We know about priory. It’s a Christian community. Different aspects of meditation are not taught. I don’t want to expand that to my own culture. I’ve been getting a lot of responses from people who are reaching out to me saying, “How do you do it? You’re doing different things. How do you make these things work?” It’s because I had to get so connected with who I am.

You may go to church and pray, but there’s so much more inner growth that we have to do and inner soul expansion. This is why I use these spiritual tools that God gave us in order to expand and transform our reality. We can transform relationships. My relationship with my mom wasn’t always great, or my dad. I’m more connected with my mom and my dad. My mom comes to me for advice about expanding her soul, and other people that I’ve never connected with in the past.

Family members are coming to me for advice. It’s amazing. Once you do the work, everything starts transpiring outside of your reality. That’s why I talk about the inner soul first. Work on your soul. There’s nothing wrong with your soul. What I want to say is to reconnect with your soul and the truth of who you are. It’s a bit scary because when you start doing the work, things come up and it’s going to make you uncomfortable. It’s going to trigger certain things, but that’s all part of the healing process. That’s how you know it’s working.

Reconnect with your soul. Reconnect with the truth of who you are. Share on X

After all, we come into this lifetime to learn.

I started out in the preface of my book. The question is, “Isn’t why we’re all here, to learn, grow, and expand?” It’s a question I left for my readers to think about because I didn’t even answer it. I left it as a rhetorical question.

Terry, you said in your morning and evening rituals that you meditate to connect to your true authentic self. Is there anything else that you do? Is that mostly it?

For now, it’s mostly meditation. This is what I’m guided to. I follow what my soul guides me to do at that moment. I do reiki myself. My teacher, Lee VanZyl, teaches me.

She’s wonderful. To put in a plug for Lee, she has been interviewed maybe 3 or 4 on this show.

Lee is my mentor. I love Lee. I learned so much from her. I listened to her a lot about different ways to heal yourself. I use music. Music is important to me sometimes. I also use the tone scales of the music, which is what helped me to write my book because I’m connected to musical messages, which I use to write my book.

That means I have to ask you the question. How do you distinguish between a regularly played song and an intuitive song from your guides or a deceased loved one?

It’s pretty tricky because sometimes we get up in the morning and we hear a song that’s played in our head. You hear that and it goes away. Suddenly, you are driving. You’re on the highway. If you do drive, you hear the song in someone’s car. You’re like, “That song is played in my head. Sometimes, it’s your guide, and God showing you a message that you need to hear from the lyrics of that song. Something, it’s a message that you need to tap and tune in.

When I was writing The Power of ABCs, and I hadn’t started writing because I didn’t know what the ABC was, I got songs from a group that I’d never heard of. I never even knew there was a new age group. There was a group from London called ABC in the 1980s. There was a song that they sang that opened me up and got me to start listening, tapped in, and tuned in. I started writing down the messages, the album, years, lyrics, titles, and how the title was connected to certain words and the name. I started doing my research. It’s all connected to what I needed to do and I just followed through.

The difference is when you hear a regular song play, you’ll hear it. You’ll feel happy. It’ll play again, but it goes on. Sometimes, there’s an intuitive message that’s going to nudge your stomach. There is something you need to change in your life. Suddenly, you’re driving and you hear Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson. You feel a bit triggered by that song. You know there’s something that you need to change in your life, but you’ve been hoping that changes from everyone else outside of yourself. You keep hearing it repeatedly. It’s your soul telling you that there’s something that needs to be changed in your life. You need to do it and take action right now.

GAR 51 | Ceiba

Ceiba: It’s your soul telling you that there’s something that needs to be changed in your life. You need to take action right now.


It’s hard to take action sometimes because people are afraid. I always tell people, “You can open the door. You can close it again and move it back out. At least go through that door and see.” It can be life-changing, as it has been.

It has been life-changing for me. It’s scary. Don’t get me wrong. I had fears come up. I love the first fear. What would other people say? That’s the first thing. We always put our lives into other people’s hands when we should be taking responsibility for our own lives and creation because we create our reality. If we keep saying this to ourselves, it becomes repetitious.

This is why the ABC is also important. How many times have you said your ABC before you got it? Even now, we still say it. We need to go through a context looking for someone like ABC in our cabinets. We still say it because it’s repetitious. It becomes a pattern. This is how we transform our subconscious mind through repetition and patterns. Buddhists, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, and different traditions all over the world have used it. It doesn’t matter what your religious beliefs are. Repetition and focusing on that energy helps to transform your life.

What are the other fears? What would people say? What were some of your other fears?

My other fear was thinking I was going crazy. That comes up for a lot of people when you’re seeing things. You’re thinking, “Should I check into a doctor? Should I tell them what’s going on?” That’s the first thing we do. It still ties to going outside there to get confirmation. That was another fear that I was probably going crazy. None of this was real and I was making it all up. When I started connecting the dots and became more curious, it made sense to me. Once it made sense to me and I believed in it, I knew I had the ability to make others believe it. That’s when the fear started dwindling.

Others have been believing the concept. It’s because it’s true. Our life experiences govern the words that we say to ourselves and the definitions that we place on those words. If you’ve been in a bad situation with love and love is always heartbreak, resentment, and abandonment, you’re going to think that’s all it is until you take that word from that root and climb at the trunk because the trunk is the alchemical process here and rise it to the branch because this is where the sun hits. The branches or the ABCs are how you transform your reality.

On that note, what is your message about the importance of healing that you’d like to share with our audience?

I used to think healing was a destination. I’m like, “I’ve arrived and finished the book. I don’t need to do anything else. I’m healed. I’m done.” Absolutely, not. It’s something that we have to continuously do. We are going to pick up different experiences along the way, some that we wish we didn’t, even though we keep doing the work and keep working on our inner growth. Healing is a journey. It’s not a destination. The more you connect to the truth of who you are, the easier it becomes.

Healing is a journey, not a destination. The more you connect to the truth of who you are, the easier it becomes. Share on X

You can create it as a game. “I had this baffle with a coworker. Let me see. I’m going to go. I’ll put my ego and pride to the side. Tomorrow, I’m going to go in and be all happy.” There are different ways to do it. You still address the problem. You still look at it and self-reflect, but you don’t hold onto it. A lot of us are holding onto things and keeping them in our bodies. That manifests in something else.

This is what healing is. It’s a continuous process and emotions. Knowing what to do with those emotions and acknowledging that there is no right or wrong but experiences, and that’s why we are here. Not to think too much about it or want to get it right because it’s going to come up again. It’s going to keep in our soul. It is going to keep bringing it up again. Maybe you need to accept it rather than trying to get it right.

I always say that healing provides relief because many people are suffering. They keep reiterating their suffering. They keep saying it over and over instead of saying, “I want to release this and I want fun.” Sometimes they’re frightened of who they are going to be after this change. They don’t realize they’re going to be a freer person and feel great.

As a person on the other side, you’re going to feel amazing. Let me say hello from the other side. If you’re tuning in and you’re going through the process, I’m still in healing. I’m always healing every single day. This is why I have a ritual. When you do your spiritual growth and you release all the junk, you’re going to still collect junk along the way, especially if you’re an empath.

You’re still going to be sensitive to other people’s energy, but it’s going to become easier because you realize who you are, and you stay true to who you are. The more you keep that as your mantra and stay true to who you are, despite whatever is happening around you, everything will start to flow from here. Give it to the universe because it is not your responsibility. It’s God’s responsibility. Whatever anyone is saying and thinking about you, it’s none of your business. That’s their business.

Whatever you think of me is none of my business.

How I react is my business.

Your choices are your business. Terry, we’ve been talking about it. What would you like to tell our audience about your tip for finding joy in life?

My tip for finding joy in life is quite simple. As I keep iterating, make sure you have a spiritual maintenance plan. Stay connected to God and your true self. That is the joy and the key. Everything starts from the inner world and transgresses into the outer world. If we keep doing things for ourselves, not in a selfish manner, it is good to be selfish, but not in a manner where you’re trying to go at the detriment of other people, but in a sense that you are caring for your own well-being. This is the path to joy and happiness.

GAR 51 | Ceiba

Ceiba: Make sure you have a spiritual maintenance plan staying connected to God and your true self.


It’s not about money or anything else. It’s about what you are doing for yourself and how that impacts other people around you. This is going to make your life expand in many ways. You’ll feel like you’re on top of cloud 11 or 12, not 9 because you were rising to another level. We’re in cloud 12. In my book, cloud 12 is L, which is love. This is how it is.

Everyone, I’m sure you all agree. This is a wonderful interview. Here’s a reminder to please be sure to like Irene Weinberg and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Thanks so much. Terry teaches that life can either feel painful or joyous, depending on one’s choices and willingness to transcend even the most impactful life experiences.

I encourage our audience to open their hearts and minds to self-transformation and growth by reading Terry’s The Power of ABCs: A Guide to Unlock Your Inner Ceiba: The Maya Cosmic Tree and subscribe to Terry’s YouTube channel called Terry Shaw Inspires, which can motivate and nurture your soul growth and expansion. Terry, from my heart, thank you for sharing your wise insights with us. As I like to say, to be continued and bye for now.

Thank you very much. Thank you so much for having me.

My pleasure.


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