Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Tammy Franklin | Spiritual Intelligence


Tammy Franklin is a Psychic Medium, a Spiritual Teacher, a Healer, and a soul expert whose spiritual guidance provides higher-dimensional insights that help her clients on their soul’s journey, freeing them from their fear-based and self-limiting consciousness and bringing them awareness of the “unseen” energies that are influencing their lives. Be sure to tune in to hear Irene and Tammy discuss spiritual intelligence, soul wounds and soul empowerment, spiritual bypassing of fear and avoidance of the unknown, how negative emotions block us from knowing ourselves, Black Magic, this significant time of change in consciousness humanity is now moving through, and more!



● What it was like to come into this world “awake.”

● The Metaphysical Awakening Tammy experienced when she discovered she could work with angels and spirit guides and communicate with them.

● Why souls incarnate to evolve.

● The significant change in consciousness humanity is now moving through.

● How we create our reality with our thoughts and inner beliefs.

● How we can transcend darkness and fear.

● How our “soul wounds” create karma that we carry into future lifetimes.

● How to protect ourselves from energy vampires, toxic people, and “soul sucking relationships.”



● How did angels and spirit guides appear to you?

● Can you explain the very significant change in Consciousness that Humanity is now moving through?

● What is spiritual intelligence, and how can a person live fully empowered as a spiritual being?

● Was Atlantis real, and what does that have to do with us here today?

● In what ways do negative emotions block us from knowing ourselves?

● What is the violet fire that transmutes fear into unconditional love?

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Tammy Franklin: What is spiritual intelligence, and can a person live a life fully empowered as a spiritual being?





Hi, everyone. I hope this finds each of you very well. I’m speaking to you from my studio in West Orange, New Jersey. I could not be more delighted to have the pleasure of interviewing psychic medium spiritual teacher and healer, Tammy Franklin, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Science. Tammy began her intuitive career by offering spiritual guidance and clarity to clients in 2009. Over time, her client sessions have evolved into doing more and more energy healing to help her clients align with their highest potential.

She is a soul expert whose spiritual guidance provides higher dimensional insights that help her clients on their soul journey bringing them from their fear base and self-limiting consciousness, and bringing them awareness of the unseen energies influencing their lives. Similar to the mission of this show, Tammy, is dedicated to helping raise the vibration of the human collective through inspiring people to heal. When they gain the knowledge of the energies that influence their soul and path, Tammy’s clients are able to align with their truth.

In addition to private one-on-one sessions for spiritual guidance and intuitive healing, Tammy teaches transformational workshops that focus on spiritual intelligence, soul empowerment, intuition development, shadow work, and spiritual knowledge for this incredibly important time of change in consciousness that humanity is moving through.

I’m looking forward to talking with Tammy who will be speaking to us from Mount Pleasant South Carolina about spiritual intelligence, soul wounds, soul empowerment, spiritual bypassing of fear, avoidance of the unknown, how negative emotions block us from knowing ourselves in this significant time of change and consciousness that humanity is now moving through, and as so much more for what is surely going to be an interesting enlightening interview with a psychic medium spiritual teacher and healer who is helping people to live their lives filled with joy happiness and fulfillment. Tammy, I could not be happier to give you a truly heartfelt welcome to the show. It’s such a pleasure to have you here.


Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Tammy Franklin | Spiritual Intelligence


Thank you. It’s my honor to be here and thank you for that beautiful introduction.


Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Tammy Franklin | Spiritual Intelligence


You’re welcome. I like people getting to know the beauty of who I’m talking to and your expertise so that as you answer some of these questions they know where you’re coming from with all of this. You came into this world as what you call awake. You were labeled as sensitive by your parents. At five years old, you were able to feel the energy in rooms, people, or whatever you were seeing all these energies and all of them. Tell us what that was like for you and how your family reacted to that.

It wasn’t received well. I grew up with a lot of labels and always being called the most common sensitive. I was invalidated constantly and shamed. As a child, my spirit was strong and I never believed those invalidations or those labels. As a child, I didn’t know I was intuitive. I didn’t have the word psychic. I grew up in a Christian home, a Protestant home. I was raised Presbyterian. We went to church every Sunday. I went to church every Sunday into my 20s. I loved God so much as a child. I love God.

I read the Children’s Bible because I wanted to when I was younger. That’s what I mean by I was awake and I was tapped in and connected to spirit but I didn’t have the words to say like, “I’m intuitive or I see angels.” I perceived energy when I was younger. I do think I had some psychic attacks around age three where I shut down some of my clairvoyants but I still had my other intuitive senses of feeling spirits and feeling people’s energies feeling the energies of environments.

You must have walked into that church and been able to read almost everyone in that church, as you were coming every Sunday that you’re like, “This is going through problems. This one is okay.” Did you get all that stuff?

I wouldn’t say quite to that degree but more of a general sense in that way as a child. There were things as I got older and more emotionally and mentally mature that I could perceive more about people. I remember speaking to my own personal story. One of my brothers married at the young age of nineteen. I knew it was not a good idea and I verbalized that it was not a good idea. I was then labeled with my insane jealousy of that person.

I think they were married for a total of eleven years, but a few years after that, I said. “The day she makes more money, she’s going to leave him.” Same thing mine saying jealousy. That’s exactly what happened. I knew so clearly and I spoke because it was a mistake. It wasn’t for his highest good and it has been unfortunate.

That’s part of what it is. I don’t have your depth of gifts, but I have a knowing also and I have always been labeled as too sensitive. It’s interesting because I have a grandson now who’s very sensitive and I am his advocate. I will not let him be called sensitive and I tell him it’s okay. I give him permission to be who he is. It must have been very hurtful for you. Whatever happened with that brother? Did he end up one day saying, “Tammy, you were right,” or she’s still mad at you?

He’s not mad at me. It was more my parents, but he is happily remarried and very good, He found a better path.

A Metaphysical Awakening

Good. You had a metaphysical awakening in your late 20s, and then you started working with angels and spirit guides and communicating with them. For those of us who don’t see our angels and spirit guides, but know where they are, how do they communicate with you? How do they appear to you? Tell us about that awakening that you had.

Being a healer is a calling. I was called. In my early 20s, I still didn’t know what a psychic was. I got married at 27 and my husband and I bought a home. My neighbor loved Sylvia Browne. She introduced her to me not personally but like, “Watch her on Montel Williams, and here are some of her books.” I was interested. I didn’t reject that at all. I was like, “That sounds great. This is interesting. I want to learn about this.” I was fascinated with it.

I was involved with our church at that time and we went to the Episcopal church. Mother Anne was the priest and she decided to teach a class on angels. She took a liking to me and was always putting me in leadership positions and things. I view her as an angel in my life or this synchronicity. She decided to teach this class about angels because being raised Protestant, that wasn’t something we ever talked about or learned about. that’s more on the Catholic-Episcopal side. I was like, “Angels, I want to know about that.”

I then had another friend when Doreen Virtue was on the rise and her big message was angels. I learned about her and I was reading her books and listening to her stuff. I became fascinated with angels. I wanted to know more. That’s my inner calling and I answered that call. That’s when I started to meditate. I went to a Hay House convention back in the late ‘90s, I  did all those things which was fun, and listening to Sonia Choquette and Wayne Dyer and all those originals. It was fun and I learned a lot. We left Washington because at that time I was living in Washington and we moved to Idaho.

Washington State.

Yes, Washington State. We moved to Idaho because I couldn’t deal with the weather. It was killing my soul.  I put my foot down with my husband and was like, “I cannot.” I lived there for thirteen years, moved there because of him when we got engaged, and then I was like, “I’m out. I need the sun.” I’m a sun goddess. We ended up moving to Idaho which we both were from. I started looking around for spiritual teachers. I found a lady who was teaching classes, about energy, connecting with your spirit guides, and things like that. Everything lines up. It was super easy. It landed in my lap. There was another lady I came to find out about quickly. That’s when I did that two-year clairvoyant training program.

Is that the metaphysical college?

That was separate. That was a study in an online program and was a great education in ego, energies, consciousness, the power of your mind and your thoughts, and those things. The energy training was a separate two-year course that I took. We met in person monthly for two years. We learned all about working with energy, connecting with your healing guides and your psychic surgeons, and working with people with energy healing. A lot of times, people are like, “You do Reiki.” I don’t do Reiki. Reiki is different.

Do me a favor. Define Reiki for them and then define what you do so that they understand because I used to have Reiki done on me where it’s so healing.

I’m not a I’m not a Reiki expert, but from what I understand you receive attunements. There are special attunements that you get. theoretically, you’re working with  Reiki masters. Reiki serves as a wonderful modality and it helps a lot of people. It’s more like a general practitioner doctor and I’m more of like a surgeon.

You have your specialties.

I do psychic surgery and that’s how I was taught to do energy work. I worked directly with a source, with God, with my spirit guides, and with the Angelic realm. I say I but they’re doing the work. I’m the channel.

It’s like what I feel about this show, Tammy.

You’re the voice.

You say that souls incarnate to evolve. This is important because all of us are going through these challenging lifetimes. We chose these challenges to learn from them. What are some of the tools and knowledge that you share that’s helpful to a soul’s evolution? Please, explain why we come into this drama and trauma to evolve. What’s the point of it all?

The point of it all is to transcend fear and to transcend the 3D material plane. What is the 3D material plane? That is based on duality and polarity. We’re thrown in the deep end with a blindfold on and given no clues as to what we’re supposed to do with that.

We’re given amnesia.

Yes, spiritual amnesia because we don’t recall where we came from, from the source, our creator. I say source, God, our creator, or the Universe. When I say that, I mean all those things. I interchange the words. Just clarifying that. We are beings of God. We’re creator beings and what we are here to do is to transcend fear. Back to duality and polarity. We have to experience good and evil, bad and good, right and wrong, up and down, or slow and fast.

We're creator beings. What we are here to do is to transcend fear. Share on X

Everything in our whole world, it’s pretty easy to see that it is based on polarity or duality. We experienced bad experiences. We have all had traumatic experiences. We’ve all had hurt and heartache and deception, trauma, and loss, and then we have our spiritual amnesia so we don’t remember our past lives. From my perspective, part of that teaching has been omitted mainly to disempower us. One of the most profound things that I learned as a spiritual teacher with the first class I took from the energy work is you think of light as knowledge and darkness as a lack of knowledge. If you apply that to everything, it makes so much more sense.

What you don’t know is darkness. What you don’t know is unconsciousness. You lack awareness. What you do know, you can see. It’s tangible and touchable and you believe it. The problem is we’re taught seeing as believing and that’s a half-truth. That’s only half of it. That’s the materialistic view. That’s not the spiritual perspective and we’re spiritual beings having an earthly experience.

Our purpose is to go through all these physical material experiences. How we get our power back is through the inner knowing and the self-realization of connecting with our spiritual nature and that would be learning, “I have a higher self.” Who I am here, Tammy on Earth, is an aspect of me. It’s not all of me. As I grow, I get closer and closer. As I grow as a soul and heal myself, I get closer and closer to my higher self. That’s also what you could say is what the ascension process is as we evolve and heal. That’s one thing, I got jumbled.

It makes total sense to me because we incarnate to learn to overcome a lot of negative emotions and the challenge and all of that. You have tools and knowledge to share to help a person to do that. What happens when a person has evolved to become an ascended master? Do they have other things that go on? I know we incarnate into many past lives as we’re learning all these lessons.

That’s a little bit of an unknown. You can become an ascended master. We may evolve into another plane of existence, another planet with a different consciousness. It could be another universe with a different consciousness. I have been studying Rudolf Steiner. I’m a big fan of Rudolf Steiner’s work and he refers to being in a school of a solar system. According to his teaching, our consciousness evolves from planet to planet.

That’s so cool.

We have such big blinders and we operate from so much unknown of what we don’t know that’s been withheld from us. We’re in the process now in this timeline. We’re in such a powerful time because we’re working on reclaiming all that. We’re working on bringing that all back. We have other timelines that we’ve been told are fairy tales and lore. I fully always have as a child believed in Atlantis. I never believed that that was a fairy tale. As a child, I decided that every fairy tale that I was ever told was a true story and that the adults were lying to us.

Knowing what I know now, that’s true. I see fairies. Fairies are real. That’s not a fake thing. I came to find out, “Guess what? Atlantis is real. Rudolf Steiner teaches about it. Edgar Cayce prophesized about it.” There’s so much knowledge out there. At this time, Atlantis fell and so many of us chose to be here because we’re doing a redo right now. We’re not going to fall. It’s so important to know that and believe that. People are going through such hard challenging times. We have so many distractions being presented to us.

People are being maxed out and pushed to their limits. I was sharing with Irene before we started that I’ve experienced a lot of psychic attacks, but this last year was another level of psychic attack. It’s been thirteen months and I’m coming out the other side of it. Everything I know is because I’ve been through it. This is how I have learned. I didn’t believe in black magic.

I thought and we’re taught that if you don’t believe in it, you’re not going to give power to it. That’s not true. Guess what? Black magic is real and it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe. spirit showed me and taught me and so I have a lot and knowledge about clearing black magic as a result of that. This last year that knowledge was taken. I experienced my first black magic attack in 2016. That was at kindergarten compared to what.

The World In Chaos

We’re going through a significant change in consciousness where there’s so much chaos and everything appears to be rising to the top. I’ve heard that we’re going from a 3D consciousness into a 5D. For those who are not knowledgeable about this, could you explain what the messes on this planet right now are all about? We’re going to survive it and move forward. Could you tell us about this? This gives us all hope that we can maybe observe what’s going on from a witness place instead of getting in the weeds with it. Could you help us with that, Tammy?

There are a lot of layers there. Going back to we had the fall, I view this as this is the redo. That already happens now, polarity and duality. We’re in the success story. That’s why there’s so much talk about ascension. Part of why we see such a divide in humanity, like us versus them, is because there are so many of us who went through that fall and so we know. For many people, that’s unconscious.

They’re seeing through a lot of the manipulation games and the deceptions that are at work on a worldwide level now, not just in the United States. We’ve seen it in all the countries and people are being asked to rise up in their power and say no. That’s the hard part and that’s our job. Our job is to say no and people have so much fear of saying no. It’s important to stand in our truth. It’s important.

I cringe because I have so many friends and they see the manipulation and they see the deception and they’re like, “Yeah, but what can we do?” I’m like, “Don’t say that because your thoughts are everything,” and that’s exactly why critical thinking has been usurped in education. That’s why we are told what to think. That’s why we’re being labeled and shamed in today’s world and being called all kinds of names. I honestly truly think that we believe that the medieval was bad. we’re going to look back on this time and say that this might have been worse.

Is there a rainbow at the end of this tunnel? What are you getting about that? Is there a time frame for that?

To be transparent, I haven’t put energy into a time frame. Timelines are extremely unpredictable. Anyone who says the timeline is going to be more of an educated guess. I feel we’re in the trenches at least through 2030. My daughter asked me a question a few years ago, and I do think we’re going to start to see an upswing in ‘26. My guide my guidance told me that things would start to shift. we’ll see the light in 2026, but the problem is that you cannot say that’s absolute because there’s a lot of timeline manipulation and free will.

What is important is our thoughts but it’s for as many souls as possible to make this leap in consciousness. As many souls as possible to embrace their divine nature and their power. How do you get through this? This is how you get through this, your connection to God. The power of God working through you is what gets you through this. We are not going to know the how. We’re not going to know the why and the when but divine synchronicities and the power of God, you’re alignment with God is what is going to keep you safe. It’s going to keep you protected.

Your alignment with God is what will keep you safe. Share on X

It’s going to be like, “You need to go over here or this is your next step.” That’s how you navigate these kinds of energies. If you look at our past, we’re used to a lot more certainty. Right now, we’re in uncertainty. We’re in unknowns. Part of that is also because we are creating the new Earth. This is a new energy and you, me, Irene, myself, all your other guests, and all the people listening to your shows are the ones who are creating that new Earth with our consciousness, our beliefs, our mind, our thoughts. Permission, possibility, being an observer, staying out of judgment, and staying in your heart are all the tools that are going to get us through these times.

Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Tammy Franklin | Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual Intelligence: Be an observer. Stay out of judgment. Stay in your heart. These are the tools that are going to get us through these times.


Achieving Higher Consciousness And Spiritual Intelligence

If someone comes to you and says, “I don’t know how to deal with my soul. What does my soul look like to you? I would like some light shed on my own spiritual journey. What am I all about in this lifetime? I like to reach for higher consciousness and get some divine guidance.” How do you do that? What tools do you use to help people to know this?

I use my intuition. I use my spiritual senses, clairvoyance. I use all four main spiritual senses, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience. Do you want me to say what are those super fast?

If you could, sure.

This is a conversation I often have with clients. One way that I do help my clients is I will look at their spiritual senses, and I tell them their two strongest clairs so that they know how their intuition works and what they have that’s most developed. We have in the material world. We go to kindergarten and we’re taught about our physical senses. We also have spiritual senses and these are the clairs. Clairvoyance is clair seen and that means you can see solutions in your mind, you can see entities, you can see beings of light, and you can see crossed-over loved ones.

It can be anything. It is more of an impression from the divine that comes to you into your imagination. There are different types of clairs that you can see objectively or subjectively. I also have heard it described as seen in the first person, second person, and third person. That clear seen is the main thing in clairvoyance. Clairaudience is clear hearing. Irene, you shared you’ve heard the voice of God.

I’ve heard it two times which is super cool. That can be a literal hearing. Some people hear the voices of angels. Some people hear sounds but I would say most commonly clear hearing is like a lot of times when I’m in a session with a client, I’ll hear a word. It’s a very strong word. To me, it feels like it’s coming into me not coming from within me. It’s always like a pushing in but it’s from my guides.

That’s like when I was sitting at my office and all of a sudden the word podcast came into my head. I didn’t even know what a podcast was and I thought, “What is this?” I had someone explain it to me and I said, “I guess I’m getting my next step,” and it wasn’t my thought. That’s how I knew.

Exactly, it’s not your thought. It’s usually a word that I don’t use. I’m like, “What? You guys have a good vocabulary.” I’m like, “Wait a minute. I have to look up this word first.” It’s always on point. That’s an example of clairaudience. It’s an impression in a thought or a word. Clairknowing is claircognizance. This is a tricky sense because often people who have claircognizance do not consider themselves to be intuitive because they think it’s them, “I just know this.” There’s a learning curve with that. You’re being more in tune with your spiritual nature, then you realize that that’s not from you. That’s from spirit.

You’re getting messages and you’re getting guided. that’s my strongest psychic sense, claircognizance.

I like it because there’s the least amount of doubt involved with that. The other senses people can question if they have fear at work within their consciousness, but claircognizance doesn’t seem to get questioned in that way. Clairfeeling is clairsentience and that’s a heart-centered energy. You could associate the word empath with it but more compassion would be more accurate. You can put yourself in another person’s shoes and more from a place of neutrality, whereas empaths get sucked in. They’re more like the sponge and they take on energy that is not theirs.

That’s a whole learning for them about how to protect themselves. You talked about there’s spiritual intelligence and you also talked about soul empowerment. Can you tell us about those? I know you can help a lot of people in our audience to become more spiritually intelligent and you can help them to empower their souls. When you are checking in with a person’s soul, how does that feel or look to you?

Keep me on track if I forget. I touched on intuition, and how I help people is aligning them. Your spiritual intelligence is your spiritual nature and connecting with that, rather than functioning from your physical senses or rather than functioning from an unconscious energy, going through the motions of life. This is my lot in life. It’s amazing to me the amount of people who live their life from their ego self and that’s your false self. A lot of times in sessions, I shine a light on where a person’s ego. The ego’s job is to keep you in fear and suffering. I always say the four corners cornerstones of the ego are limitation, illusion, separation, and I’m forgetting one.

We all come in with this ego. That’s based on I’m going to make you afraid and then the challenge is for the soul growth to have us transcend that like a situation comes in. If you have spiritual intelligence, you look at that situation and you can either be gripped with complete fear or you can try to attach less judgment to it and maybe see it from a higher viewpoint.

Spiritual intelligence would be more about being an observer of yourself, connecting with your awareness. I wish in school that when kids go to kindergarten, they’d be taught their spiritual senses, their physical senses, and that “You have an ego.” This is the ego’s job. The world would be a different place if we all were raised to understand. The ego is part of the 3D reality. It doesn’t exist in other realities. I have a good story about this. My son, his best friend back in Idaho, his mom should write a book and she should be doing what we’re doing here. She’s an amazing woman. When she found out I was a psychic medium, she wanted to share her story with me. She has had three NDEs.

For, everyone, NDE is a near-death experience.

In one of them, she left her body and her husband was there and her two boys and she was above her body and she saw them. They were upset and emotional and she was like, “I’m right here. I can hear you.” I cannot remember what she said happened after that. She must have had some interaction with the divine, her angels, or whatever.

The point is when she comes back into her body, for the next two years, she has no fear. That speaks to your ego consciousness. That spiritual experience showed her how fear is an illusion. When you get more trained with your spiritual nature, you start to see how fear is an illusion. Do we have bad experiences? Do we go through horrible things? Yes, but when you heal those fears, they no longer have power over you. That’s the spiritual intelligence.

When you get more in trained with your spiritual nature, you really start to see how fear is an illusion. Share on X

One of the things you do is help people heal those fears. Some people do a spiritual bypassing of fear.

There’s been an increase in societal conditioning over the last 2000 years to put us into spiritual bypassing because spiritual bypassing is the opposite of spiritual intelligence. It’s powerlessness. It’s avoidance pain. It’s doing what’s easy. It’s quick fixes. Addiction energies are a form of spiritual bypassing. If you’re working through addiction energies, that’s a soul lesson.

You chose that for this lifetime or you could be healing an ancestral energy along those lines because a lot of times addiction energies run in families.  Being checked out is common in today’s world because of the overwhelmed. People shut down and then. you’re unconsciously now spiritual bypassing because I’m trying to survive. I’m trying to get through the day.

That’s part of the fascination with technology and being busy on your cell phones and all that. You’re not being in touch with yourself. You’re going to these other places.

There are so many layers to that. That’s part of the deception energy that works with the transhumanism agenda. What happened in the fall of Atlantis was a misuse of technology intermixed with consciousness. We are stepping into that in today’s world. Awareness around that is very important. You manipulate your consciousness. You manipulate your DNA. That’s transhumanism and that’s not what we’re here to do because that’s your will. That’s man’s will. That’s not God’s will.

You’re saying that when people get addicted to anything, it can be gizmos, technology, drugs, or whatever, that’s bypassing. That’s transcending.

A great example of that is this false reality that’s created through social media that kids are developing. Instead of having face-to-face friendships and personal interactions, they’re having more of a relationship with their phone and social media that’s going on with the phone than with the human beings that are around them. Another example that you could say is spiritual bypassing would be the virtual reality stuff. That’s dangerous because that’s messing with your consciousness and creating a false reality. That’s the definition of a false reality right there. You surf your divine nature right there. That’s a cheat. Does that make sense how bad is spiritual bypassing? That’s not how we’re designed to be. We’re designed to use our imagination. We are creator beings. We’re designed to use our creative forces.

We are creator beings. We’re designed to use our creative forces. Share on X

Can artificial intelligence serve its purpose? Can it be helpful and can it do good? Absolutely, but like with everything, there’s balance. It’s having awareness and not taking that too far. A lot of times, I’ll get things that suggest. On Canva, I’ve seen that because I use Canva a lot for my Instagram posts. It’s like, “Do you want to enable this AI thing to write prompts for you?” I’m like, “No,” because that would be inauthentic. That would be a lie. That’s not coming from me. That’s coming from a computer. Some of these computer-generated things, you wouldn’t know. I’m going to stay in my authenticity and my truth and do it the authentic way.

Healing From Soul Wounds

That makes sense. This is used for this interview and I like you to explain this to everyone. We all have these negative emotions. You say they block us from knowing ourselves and they keep us in patterns of feeling stuck or suffering. Can you explain how this works with these negative emotions? Why is it important to heal those negative emotions? There’s the other part. They create soul wounds. Soul wounds create what’s called karma. It’s a whole big rounded connected circle. Can you connect those dots for us?

I’m talking about negative emotions and how we need to heal them because we often identify with them. The soul wounds that get created create karma. The whole point of everything is to heal your stuff so you can heal your karma so that you can change how those cycles of suffering. Could you talk a little bit more about that? I know you do this for people. You help them to get past all of this negative stuff they’re holding.

The first thing is your awareness, so the information, the knowledge, and the light of why and how this is affecting you. It can be through a multitude of negative emotions. We’re being of light and we’re being of unconditional love. Going back to your very first lifetime, you come into the 3D reality where pain exists, evil, and deception exist. That’s going to hurt you because it’s so foreign to you. That’s going to create confusion. Depending on your soul and your light because we’re all unique and different, it’s going to affect us all differently.

That’s how your core soul wounds are created. All of humanity has core wounds of unworthiness and shame. Some people say that’s more abandonment. It’s all connected when you look at it. It’s fear from that perspective. If you think of the first time you get burned, that is a good analogy. How many of us know as a kid, “If I touch that, fire is going to burn me and that’s going to hurt.”

That’s what’s in your soul’s memory. That’s from past lives where you learn the hard way that if I touch that fire, it’s going to hurt. Sometimes we might need a little reminder. A past life memory comes unconsciously and we don’t even think about it, cognize it, or talk about it. We all have soul wounds. Souls come in differently and we shift. I work with a lot of empaths because people who are in their egos aren’t going to come see me. They’re the ones who don’t believe in what I do.

People who are light workers want to clear themselves more to get rid of the debris that they’re carrying so they can do better. I would think that would be your ideal client.

I tend to get a lot more empaths or souls that are powerful too. I have so many powerful clients. What that dynamic is in 3D duality is you’re going to have an empath and then that empath. The opposite attracts and you’re going to attract somebody who’s more egocentric or identified with their ego. A lot of times, that is a narcissist, but not always, but something along that lines. The person in their ego consciousness is always going to be blaming the empath, projecting upon the empath, and dumping on the empath. The empathic person is going into self-questioning, “What did I do wrong? I cannot do anything right.”

They’re unhappy. They’re suffering or they know that this isn’t right, but they don’t know how to get out of it or how to stop it. That’s where I help them with the divine guidance and specifically the energy clearing. A lot of times there will be a past life. A spirit will bring forward an oppressive relationship. I see a lot of times women where their partner was chosen for them. I see a lot of that. When I clear the past life, I make the client aware and spirits are going to bring forward what they’re capable of handling and clearing at that time. It’s not a one-and-done. It’s impossible to do a one-and-done. It’s always layers.

It’s a process. Something that could be cleared say today, maybe more can be cleared when you’ve done more healing years from now. It’s in layers.

Someone might come in and I’ll see, “You’ve been working on this. This is old and you’re ready to be done with this. Let’s close down these past life timelines. Clear these ancestral energies.” I go to the Akashic records and clear it from the Akashic records.

Can you obliterate a timeline also if there’s been a very negative past life? Can you get that out of the files? That’s no longer affecting the person anymore.

Yes. The more you clear each negative experience, the more empowered you become. Once you clear something, it’s not coming back. You’ve integrated that. We say clear but it’s a full healing a transcending and that’s why I have my name transcending belief on my social media because you’re transcending those energies and you’re integrating them and you’re coming back to wholeness.

That’s what it is but the energy healing is an extremely powerful modality. First, you need to understand that energy healing is the cleanup. It’s like, “I want to clean my room and I need to pick up these messes,” and you know exactly what you need to do, but unless you get rid of the junk and reorganize and re-prioritize, you’re still looking at that mess.

You still can be living in that mess.

That’s how energy healing is so powerful. You are clearing the weeds off your path. You’re clearing obstacles off your path. A lot of people get the information but the energy work is half. The information is important. It’s important, but that’s only half the picture. You want to clear that energy.

Energy healing is so powerful is because you are clearing the weeds off your path. Share on X

Psychic Attacks And Energy Vampires

You can get the information. Now you need to do the work. You talked before that you’ve been dealing with a psychic attack, and I’ve personally experienced a very traumatic psychic attack, which I needed healing for. They’re wondering now if maybe they’ve been psychically attacked. Can you explain to people what is a psychic attack? This is going to lead to the bigger question, which is what are energy vampires? Is it people? It’s soul-sucking relationships. How do you help protect ourselves from that? I have experienced all of that. Please, educate everybody.

A psychic attack can come in many different forms and one of them would be an energy vampire. People are projecting onto you. When you’re interacting with a narcissist, you’re dealing with a psychic attack. When someone is projecting onto another person, they’re throwing energy, accusations, anger, and thought forms.

I’ll have somebody call me up and I can see the thought forms spiking into their aura. This happens all unconsciously. It can be conscious but that would be a higher level psychic attack. A lot of psychic attack happens unconsciously which is what I’m speaking to right now through, projection and people functioning from their ego and self-centeredness. That’s one form of psychic attack. Another form of psychic attack would be black magic. Black magic is using constructs of energy to impose their will on another person’s will.

Which is what happened to me. I had a very negative experience that way. Someone help me to purge that.

I feel like every time I turn on the TV, I see black magic. Horror movies are a form of black magic because you’re advertising all these negative things that happened. Here’s one thing. Let’s talk about permission and consent. I’m going to say this too. The shows are kids’ watch, the fairy tales, the Disney shows are all about magic. You have a fairy godmother. You make three wishes, Sleeping Beauty. You got pricked by a needle with blood. That’s an introduction to blood magic. We’re indoctrinated with this at a very young age and we don’t even know it and most of society thinks that this is make-believe. How darkness works or the satanic structure is it inverts energies. Satan is the deceiver.

Satan is a real thing in your mind or does Satan represent the evil blood forms and all of that?

That’s a very specific question that speaks to your knowledge. I go back and forth on that. I cannot say with certainty yet, but the satanic structure is very real. Let’s put it that way. That’s our term. That’s our mainstream term for darkness. I like the way though that Rudolf Steiner defines. There are the Ahrimanic forces and the Luciferic forces. What’s more societally accepted is Satan.

Please define those two.

Ahriman is the eighth sphere from the astral realm and this has to do with artificial intelligence. This is the transhumanism. If you think of duality, that makes sense, whereas Luciferic energies are more the spiritual bypassing, the addictions, doing what’s easy, what feels good, the sex stuff, that’s all Luciferic. We’re not taught any of this stuff. It’s important to educate yourself to know what you’re dealing with.

Back to permission, you turn on the TV and you think, “I’m watching the show for entertainment. Unless you specifically declare that, you consented to being a participant in whatever magic is happening within that show. Because you don’t know from the Satanic perspective, shame on you for not knowing. That’s exactly in a nutshell how our lack of knowledge deceives us.

How can people set energetic boundaries to protect themselves from all this negativity that’s coming at them?

I do have a class on that but I do give lots of tools. I could talk for the next four hours about that. It’s through your intention and your imagination. I like to work with sacred geometry and platonic solids. I do layers of light and frequency and also ask for divine protection from the Angelic realm. I like to work with Archangel Michael for protection. He’s the warrior angel and my right-hand man. I talked to him five times a day maybe. I’ll ask my team to seal my aura in light. I’d like to seal my aura. I like to work with the violet fire.

What is that violet fire?

It’s that angelic frequency that transmutes darkness into light. In the olden times. they referred to it as turning lead into gold fire. It’s known for the transmutation of turning fear into unconditional love. It’s a powerful frequency. I work with it all the time to clear and cleanse. I’d like to start with having my teams seal my aura and violet fire to clear and cleanse, and then I’ll layer around that gold, pink, royal blue, those colors. You can do a sacred geometry shape like a foresighted pyramid.

Sometimes I’ll do the eight-sided octagon. I like the octagon because that is like a cube, but two of them and it’s a more more of a beautiful star energy. That’s a great one for protection because if you think of a square that’s like a limitation. It’s a block. If you’re using that for protection. I sometimes I’ll do a square or sometimes I’ll do an octagon or a pyramid with whatever my mood is or feel guided to do. I layer that in light and then you can also place Archangel Michael. Ask for Archangel Michael’s shield and or sword to be on each side of the geometric figure.

On each side like the top, bottom, front, back, left, and right. That is very protective. When you’re dealing with a psychic attack, you’re dealing with energy being thrown at you. It’s an energy transfer. If you don’t know how to seal your aura off and you’re an empath, you absorbed all that. That’s why psychic vampires are so draining and exhausting because they deplete you of all your life force energy. That’s your soul-sucking relationship.

You don’t know you’re being attacked like that but all of a sudden, something is not quite right and you’re saying, “What’s going on?”

If you’re around somebody who makes you feel so exhausted, that’s the big queue right there. Unfortunately, most people don’t know that.

That’s a subject we cannot talk about now because of time. That’s a whole other subject about when someone is sucking bad energy from you and that is happening. It is okay to detach from those people with love and backup because you know what to be aware of. That is not a good person for you to be around. That’s a negative person.

That’s where I clear that. I will clear those energies off someone’s and they feel so much better. It’s night and day.

I’ve experienced that too. I know that you have a wonderful example of healing someone’s soul wounds to wound healing. Can you share that with us?

Yeah. Another energy I find myself in working with clients is when women will come to me with some conception issue. A lot of times if you have issues conceiving, you’ve had miscarriages, or you cannot get pregnant. There’s a lot of energy that works in today’s world that are causing problems with conceiving but a lot of times this is also energetic and it has to do with the past life where you had trauma. Your body consciousness is going to specifically as a female and having a womb, we’re the bringers of life, we have a creative force in our physical anatomy and our spiritual anatomy to be able to develop a new soul in our body.

That’s a spiritual process. Sometimes I will go through and I’ll see people and I see almost like a jello on their ovaries. It will be energy from a past life that they got slimed from a bad experience or a negative experience. They could have had an awful birth experience where they died. They then go into fear and they feel this pain or a loss or the trauma and then that pain gets stored in their womb/ It could be throughout their womb, but a lot of times I’ll first see it on the ovary.

I go through and clear the womb space. I was sharing with Irene that I have a few this year that I have worked with wound clearing and have had success in conceiving. That’s not a one-and-done. It depends on your story and your circumstances and what comes up. That’s how powerful soul healing is, clearing your past life traumatic experiences, and clearing the body’s consciousness too on an energetic. That’s where the power of energy healing comes in. It is healing that body consciousness.

You helped somebody to do that and you helped to conceive. Is that what happened? First, she came to you and she couldn’t conceive, and then you cleared her?

She had a miscarriage. There was trauma around that and grief. Grief shuts you down and blocks you. That’s a big deal to clear and release that. Sometimes people don’t know that’s what they have. That can be anywhere in your body.

How could you know? Especially if you run in a 3D reality, you think something physical is going on or whatever and people don’t connect it could be also something energetic.

It’s energetic. Energy is everything. That’s everything. For this particular case that I’m referring to, she was doing IVF. She worked with me, connected with me or I worked with her for each step of her IVF. There was something about the thickness of her blood or the thickness of her lining or something. I did energy clearing around or whatever it was that needed to happen. I was able to perceive it and see that energy and then with the energy healing and then she would go back and then that was fixed. The blood work or whatever the test was they were doing came back.

It was normal.

It was normal or whatever in the parameters that the doctors wanted that to be for that type of procedure. I had a success story around that which is amazing. It’s such an honor to be a part of people’s lives in that way. I pinched myself.

You have a wonderful story about synchronicities that we can use to teach people about synchronicities. I love the story about someone sewing a curtain in your new home. Would you share that with all of us? It’s such a perfect story about being tuned in, clearing your blocks, being aligned, and how things can magically work out. It’s a perfect story about that.

This is very much in the mundane of life.

That’s why it’s a perfect example.

I have a lot of stories with that honestly, but for this one, I decided to sew these pinch-pleated curtains, the long ones. I haven’t made curtains in 25 years. I made curtains when we first got married and then they were a thing. I decided in this house, I wanted curtains on these windows. I was going to make them.

I’m determined. I have a strong will and I’m willing. I will figure things out. I decided to make pinch pleat curtains. I hadn’t made them before. The internet is helpful, watch some videos. I found out I needed this particular pleading tape. I went to our Joann’s here. Here’s where the story comes in. I did invite spirit to help me with this project. I almost always ask for the spirit’s help in anything I do and that clears obstacles off your path and gives permission for the spirit to help you. That’s why it’s so important to co-create with spirit.

It's so important to co-create with spirit. Share on X

By the way, I want people to know that you have to talk to spirit and give them permission or they won’t come in, but if you invite them, they’re right there. Send a master spirit guys to see loved ones, but you have to call all of them in.

Give permission when you ask for that help and that’s where the solutions in the synchronicities happen because you’ve asked and then you receive. I asked and I was trying to go to this Joann’s. I had decided I was going to go in the morning, but something came up. Don’t go in the morning and then I was going to go right after lunch. I didn’t want to go during the 5:00 traffic because I also had to drive almost 40 minutes to get to Joann’s from where I live. Guess what? I ended up having to go at the 3:00 to 5:00 time frame. I went anyway.

I went there and I looked at the aisle. I knew where the aisle was and what I needed was not there and so I went and found one of the employees and I said. “This is what I’m looking for. Could you help me find it?” She said, “Yes,” and we went back to the aisle and it was not there. She’s like, “I had somebody return something and this might be what you’re looking for.”

She goes back to wherever the return stuff was and she pulls out three times the amount of pleading tape that I needed. She’s like, “Is this what you need?” I’m like, “Yes, that’s exactly what I need.” She’s like, “You wouldn’t believe it. Someone just returned that before you got here. That is so weird. How does that happen?” I smiled and I was like, “I know how that happens.” Immediately I was like, “That’s why it took me all day to get here.”

They were waiting because they knew what was going to happen.

It was the divine timing of that person returning it. I showed up right after her and got what I needed.

What a coincidence.

I was like, “Thank you.” I put it all together quickly. It’s a very simple way. I have four kids. The way we’ve traveled is we RV. I always ask for protection before we RV. I cannot tell you how many times we’ve had a breakdown and someone comes immediately and helps us because I always ask for help. There have been times when it was in a place with no cell reception and some guy within minutes would be on the side of the road. This guy pulls over, “You need this. Guess what? I have it in my trunk. Let me help you out with this,” like every time.

That’s fantastic. I want to ask you to let everyone know everything that you’re doing so that they can access you with your classes and all. It is so big in this world to let go of their grief, their anger, and their trauma. It’s so challenging to open to forgiveness and acceptance when people have traumatized, hurt you, pissed you off, or whatever it is. How do you help people to transmute that or to transcend that? Then you say that you can help them turn that into a frequency of love. Please educate all of us. The whole world needs this.

Turning Hate To Love

One it’s awareness. Sometimes people don’t realize what that negative energy that they’re holding in, especially with unforgiveness. A lot of times, most people have a misconception about forgiveness thinking, “I have to forgive that person for exactly what they did to me,” and that’s not what forgiveness is. Forgiveness is freeing yourself from the pain that they caused you. That’s what forgiveness is.

Forgiveness is freeing yourself from the pain that the person you’re forgiving has caused you. Share on X

I have an example if you want to talk about it, which may help people because I went through the same thing. I had a very abusive father in my childhood, a very seriously abusive father. I always like to talk with people that when he passed there was not a wet eye at the funeral. Many of us felt like, “What took you so long.” It was he was a tough guy to grow up with. For 25 years after he died, I held on to the pain of my childhood like a backpack. When people would talk about my childhood and everything, I had a tough time and it gave me this problem and that problem and this problem.

Recently, I had a session with a psychic medium. My father came through. I never asked for my father. This person knew nothing about my childhood. He said, “Getting my life review was like being pistol-whipped. I had no awareness of what I did. I was following my ancestral patterns. He was not conscious about what he did. He said, “Irene, I’ve done healing on the other side. I am so sorry.”

He said, “You’ve taken what happened to what I did,” which he owned. You’ve taken what I did and you look at what you’re doing with it and how many people you’re helping and all of that.” You know what, Tammy? I could feel that backpack drop off me. I am breathing free now and I am not consumed by what that was. That’s something that happened but it’s no longer a part of me. What a relief. Would you say that’s probably a lot of what you do to help people drop their backpacks of pain and suffering?

You hit the nail on the head. It’s that pain you’re carrying and it’s in a way forgiving yourself. You didn’t cause that like your father shared. He did that unconsciously because he didn’t know better. Now, he’s learned the hard way and there will be a balancing of that for him with your lives, the Law of Cause and Effect or karma. Karma is not a punishment. It’s cause and effect. It’s a balancing energy.

My father came into a new life and did a lot of healing or even did a lot of healing before he came into a new life. That can lighten that karmic pattern, can it?

That’s up to the divine. That’s what I would say. There might be some truth to that. You have to go through the overcoming. You’re presented with similar circumstances. Are you going to respond differently or are you going to react in the same negative patterns? That’s the difference between reacting and empowered responding. There is an overcoming. The potential is there for it to be wider for sure. Does that make sense?

Yes, it makes sense. I have requested that I do not come back into another lifetime with him.

I think that’s fair. Your own pain of that pain that was caused by him is what’s key to not having that happen again. That’s what it is. It’s letting go of your pain and when you look at it that way, “I want to let go of that pain.” Sometimes it’s so in you and that’s where the gift of energy healing comes in and your spiritual team. Your spiritual team is like lifting that heaviness out of you and they’re transmuting that and healing that and turning that back into love. That is when you feel lighter, you feel free, or your heart opens. A lot of times, it’s always heart-opening after that. It’s amazing. One of my favorite things is the heart opening and every session it’s a natural high.

I’ve experienced it and it’s wonderful. Having said that, let’s talk about all the ways you can help people heal. I know you have one-on-one sessions for spiritual guidance and high healing. You have mostly coaching and healing, you have classes, and you have workshops. Let it rip there, Tammy. Let us know everything that you do.

My website is my main source. That’s going to be your ground zero for everything I do.

What’s the name of your website?, that’s my website. From there, you can find my social media links. I am very active on Instagram. I have a YouTube channel. I’ll be posting more and more content to that. I’m also on Pinterest and posting content on Pinterest. I am working on writing more and more blog articles. They’ll be on my website as well as Pinterest. Setting up a session, you do that through my website only. That keeps it legit and keeps the scammers out of it, which is unfortunate.

You set up sessions with me through my website. I have a session info page on my website that is like all the years and all the questions I always get. I do my sessions over the phone. I don’t need to be in person. Because of my psychic ability, I can tune into energy everywhere and a person’s presence is not unnecessary for me. I answer all those kinds of questions, any energy healing is, what my modality is, and all those kinds of things. My classes are on my website. I have a class on protecting your energy boundaries. That’s super important. You don’t have to be an empath to take it. I highly recommend it for my empath clients, but it also helps you with psychic attacks and energy vampires.

I would imagine especially when people are very competitive businesses, even the finance world or whatever. They must be getting attacked all the time.

It can be anything. Attack energy is happening so much in our relationships, friendships, and all things. That’s your main source is my website, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube

Give any events coming up that you would want people to know about or anything happening.

I don’t have a specific event right now because of the Springtime frenzy. The family life has been pulling at me, but I have some things that I’m thinking about. I have some ideas for some more classes coming up. Sign up for my newsletter and that will be your best resource for knowing what is coming up. That’s on my website on the main page, and in the footer, you can sign up for my newsletter.

That’s great. Your newsletter is probably a great thing for people to get. What is Tammy’s personal tip for finding joy in life?

My personal tip is to align with your truth and your heart which are both the same thing. When you’re soul-aligned, you’re going to naturally be enjoyed. You cannot help it. That’s my best guidance on that, living from your truth and that’s where the miracles and the ease and grace and synchronicities happen.


Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life | Tammy Franklin | Spiritual Intelligence


That’s a perfect conclusion for this beautiful interview. Tammy, I want to thank you for the work you do as an inspiring guiding light and a true way to shower. You illuminate the path for those seeking personal growth healing and spiritual awakening. You are enabling them to live their lives fully empowered as spiritual beings. I also want to thank you from my heart for what is a transformational interview filled with pertinent enlightening insights during this time of tremendous change in consciousness that humanity is now moving through. Thank you so much, Tammy.

Thank you, Irene, for you and all that you do for everyone with your show. It’s so powerful.

Thank you from my heart. Thank you so much. Here is a loving reminder to everyone that you can see the show notes in all Grief and Rebirth podcast episodes on Make sure to follow us and like us on social at @ireneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and wherever you get your podcasts including YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued, thank you so much, Tammy. Many blessings everyone and bye for now.


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