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Tami Hendrix is an intuitive animal communicator, a compassionate medium, an author, and a healer who is committed to helping relationships transform on every level. Her soul-level awareness enables her to communicate with animals emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, allowing her to tune in and see the soul path of an animal and how it intertwines with her client. Tami’s passion is to help pets who have crossed over connect with their humans in a beautifully healing way, and through her intuitive process called SoulSpeak, she also helps individuals through life transitions, personal crises, and the grieving process following the loss of a loved one. By holding the energetic space to receive spiritual messages that foster her clients’ healing and transformation, Tami inspires her clients to embrace new perspectives about their life situations and connect with their own heart wisdom.



  • The unique, pivotal experiences in Tami’s childhood that helped her forge a deep, compassionate connection with all beings.
  • The important healing power of animals and the role they play in our personal and spiritual journeys.
  • The life-changing way helping a client connect with a pet in Spirit can give birth to a new beginning in a client’s relationship with the animal. 
  • Why many people have difficulty understanding feelings of grief over the loss of a pet.



  • How did trauma and grief catapult you into connection with your Higher Self, and help you step into your soul’s path? 
  • Is a pet’s soul path about its own evolution, to help humans evolve, or a little of each? 
  • What are the connections with animals that create intricate patterns of shared experiences that you call “heart shapes?”
  • Is the “Rainbow Bridge” real, and how is the process of transition for pets different than what a human being experiences?


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Tami Hendrix: “Whether you are a pig, a dog, a human or have wings, a soul is a soul no matter what.”


In this episode, I am delighted to have this opportunity to interview intuitive animal communicator, compassionate medium, author, and healer Tami Hendrix, who is committed to helping relationships transform on every level. Tami had unique experiences during her childhood that helped her forge a deep, compassionate connection with all beings and brought her the remarkable ability to perceive the true essence of any soul or situation.

This soul-level awareness enables her to communicate with animals emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, allowing her to tune in and see the soul path of an animal and how it intertwines with her client. Tami maintains a private animal sanctuary. She has had first-hand experience with many different animals and situations. The mediumship development classes she took over many years with the renowned medium James Van Praagh solidified her passion for helping pets both cross over and connect with your humans in a beautifully feeling way.

She has also completed extensive coursework and in-person training in the fields of intuition, writing and channeling, psychic and mediumship development, and healing from grief with other well-known authors and practitioners, including psychic medium Sue Frederick and Thomas John, who I’ve had the true pleasure of interviewing on this show.

Through her intuitive process called SoulSpeak, Tami helps individuals through life transitions, personal crises, and the grieving process following the loss of a loved one. The process is uniquely organic and conversational in nature. By holding the energetic space to receive spiritual messages that foster her client’s healing and transformation, Tami inspires her clients to embrace new perspectives about their life situations and connect with their heart system.

I’m looking forward to talking with Tami. She will be speaking to us from North Carolina about the unique experiences in her childhood that forged her deep and compassionate connection with all beings, the way trauma and grief can catapult us into connection with our higher selves and result in soul transformation. Her new eBook is titled Soulful Journeys: Finding Healing and Connection Through Animals. The important part animals play in our personal and spiritual journeys, the healing way Tami helps pets to crossover to connect with their humans, and much more for what is surely going to be an open-hearted, fascinating, and very illuminating interview with a lovely person.


Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life Podcast | Tami Hendrix | Soul


Tami, from my heart, a warm welcome to the show.

Thank you. That was wonderful. As I listened to you, I was thinking there was a trajectory and a whole journey that I went through without realizing it. As a child, I was being trained and I was learning. The animals were training me. It took a village.

With all of us. I’m listening to you on your path to where you are and you are looking at me. I had my path that brought me the empathy and compassion to be able to talk to everyone with the purpose of helping people to heal and stop their suffering. With that in mind and with you, it’s about humans and animals, which is fascinating and wonderful.

Let’s have everyone start to get to know you and how you came to be the Tami you are. Could you describe for us the unique pivotal experiences in your childhood that helped you to forge such a deep, compassionate connection with all beings? Tell us about Ginger, that sweet, motherly Collie mix who saved you when you were only four years old.

All of us probably come from colorful backgrounds with lots of characters and different scenarios. In my particular journey, I dropped into a family that had a lot of dysfunctional issues, alcoholism, arguments, and a lot of static that was unbalanced. As a child, I would go outside to get away from the energy which was so heavy in the house.

It’s also where I learned my intuition because I would be concerned about what was happening. I learned how to track what was going on in one side of the house and I’d be on the other. That even in itself was a teaching for the intuition and the awareness. I would go outside. It felt open and free. I could breathe. All the animals were out there, the critters, the dogs, and the cats in the neighborhood. It was like breathing my way home when I went outside.

The animals would come and I would hang out with them. There were no words. I could just feel them. Over time, as I learned, they showed me how humans cloak their emotions. They hide behind a smile but underneath, they may be suffering quite a bit. I learned to look underneath things. Look not at but within. The animals would say, “This person’s hurting.”

You were able to hear them.

Yes, it was a translation of energy. I was able to translate the energy that they were sending. Animals read energy. That’s how they communicate. Maybe I’d get it in a flash of a picture or in a word. It’s more likely a feeling. I would be able to identify those feelings. It’s super empathetic. I grew and saw the suffering that my family went through with the violence and the fear I had for all the members of the family. One instance when I was four was fairly pivotal. I remember looking to my left and my right thinking, “I’m four years old. Am I the adult in the room?” It was an awareness that dropped in very clearly.

You were conscious so quickly.

I was the only awake one. I was aware of the whole all the time. It was during that time when there had been some big blow-up in the house that they decided that we were going to get a dog. I was thrilled. We picked this puppy, a little Collie mix. We named her Ginger. At first, my father wouldn’t let her sleep in the house. For some reason, he decided that was okay. She became my constant companion. Very motherly. We would go out for walks in the neighborhood.

She had this sense of knowing people. We’d go greeting everybody. She would stop at a particular house and I would follow her. There’d be somebody sitting on the porch. Maybe they were lonely. I would sit with them in the afternoon. Ginger and I would hang out. This little kid was hanging out with this person. When she was done, she would get up and we’d say our goodbyes. We did that over. She would pick the houses that the people needed attention.

It’s like a healing dog. I’ve been to a stable where they had healing horses. You have a healing dog. There are animals that have that ability. All animals have that ability.

To some degree, all animals are collective. They’re here to help heal humans in addition to their soul path, which we can talk about later. Ginger gave me a sense of security. She was stable. I could count on her, unlike the craziness of trying to manage what was going on, avert a disaster, and protect my mother. It gave me a sense of being grounded in myself. Not only outside but just grounded. It’s so important.


Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life Podcast | Tami Hendrix | Soul


How lucky you were and Ginger was. You saved Ginger also.

She was my first and best teacher. From then on, a lot of kids in their neighborhoods go out, knock on the door, and say, “Come out and play.” For me, the animals would come to the house and they’d be like, “Is Tami available? Can she come out to play?” I would ride my bike around. I’d be like, “Casey.” I’d know everybody without realizing that I was a part of a community that perhaps the adults weren’t even aware of.

I was aware of the natural world, which is where all the basis of communication lives. It’s in that natural space and through our hearts. Animals are all about the heart. We feel undefended by animals. We don’t feel like we have to cloak our feelings. Most people will become undefended, even the gruffest. They come across a baby, an animal, or a puppy. It triggers that heart opening. It goes around the bush. If they had said, “I’m not going to open my heart,” they do anyway because they can’t help it.

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What do you say about kids who seem to be so afraid of animals? I saw a little boy once and someone had a puppy. He was afraid of the puppy. Would you say that’s a past life trauma or something?

It could be but also, it could be some things he’s heard from the parents. Who knows? It could also be a highly sensitive individual. That fast movement is a little bit too overwhelming. It gets translated energetically like, “That’s not safe.” It could be that it’s too rapid of a movement and it’s not explained. We can look at it and say, “It’s the puppy that’s causing that.” When in reality, there’s a balance of energy that’s not there.

Maybe if someone has brought that little puppy gently.

Slowed it down and brought it to the place where it was grounded. You describing that little boy makes me feel like there is this jitteriness within him that took over everything else where his body had a reaction. Animals do that too. Feral animals have too much energy coming at me.

Thank you for that. You’re going through all these issues. You’re four years old hanging out with Ginger. When did all of this catapult you into this connection with your sole purpose, that this was your soul path? Did this happen later on or did it help you at a very early age to hone in because this was transforming you?

I didn’t realize at the time I was being taught. Life teaches us. Direct experience teaches us. Throughout all the different animals, as I grew older and got married, each one had its teaching for me or a gift. I always like to say everybody shares gifts. It was the profound losses I experienced in my life with my father passing from suicide, my mother several years later after being estranged from me, and then my sister not too long.

She gave it a little break before that happened. I remember at the time when she passed, she was an alcoholic as well and had followed that family pattern. She ran into a telephone pole. I remember as if I needed the memo that this is always like, “Have I not had enough loss? You couldn’t have given me the memo ahead of time.” This had to be a sudden loss. I go into arguing about how it happened, as if they owe me something.

Ultimately, what I found was I was grieving three people at once. I got out of college, moved on, got married, and started having children. Had you asked me, “Tami, how are you doing? Your dad passed and the way he passed. Your mom passed and you didn’t get to heal that. How are you doing?” I’d be like, “I’m great. I got my kids. We’re doing business.” Here’s what happened when my sister had that happen. It stopped me to a place where all of these were unknown to me.

I thought I had gone as far as I could with my emotions. All these grieving pieces came up. For the longest time after Leo passed, I would sit with a dog named Snoopy. She was very Mary Poppins-like. She was motherly to everybody. I needed a lot of mothers but I would sit with her and turn on this music. The music would get me crying. I hugged her neck and we both sat there. This went on for months. Until one day, it dawned on me that I was pretty sure the music was triggering me to stay in this space that I wasn’t getting out of. I stopped playing that.

It’s amazing that you were so conscious and you were able to process that. Not everybody is going to say, “Something’s up with this.”

I felt drawn to do it but at the same time, it was dawning on me that this was becoming normal. This feeling I was normalizing. This is the new Tami, the one who had gone through all kinds of abuse. It was a deep night of the soul period where the animals were the ones to comfort me, listen to me, and help me go through my process. I remember we had a couple of days playing barns close to the house. I was coming from one of them into the house and I stopped because I had the thought, “How can you be a sister one day? All of a sudden, the next day, you aren’t. How real is that word sister? What is true?”

That’s just a label. It has energy but it’s something we identify with. It went away and the next day, I wasn’t. I woke up and the whole world had changed again. It started a deep self-inquiry and deep questioning like, “Is it all about going to work, getting things done, and doing the kids? There’s got to be more that we’re being taught and opening to.” One of the greatest gifts of animals for all of us is they help us keep our hearts open so that we don’t block and defend them. They keep helping us open them a little bit. Even if we’re grieving, we can hug an animal and feel relief in that.

It probably hurts you for people who are cruel to animals, hit, beat, and starve animals. What in the world is that about?

That’s a deep lack of compassion but mainly with themselves, that’s outcropping projecting onto something else. I used to watch my father beat my mother and him kick animals. What it taught me about underneath the behavior is there is a true hurting, suffering individual there who doesn’t know and is fairly unconscious so that they’re not empathetic to how they’re affecting another being.

It’s interesting because animals go through abuse like that. We rescued one that had been terribly abused. The animals all have stories to tell, like we do. “This is what happened in my childhood. This is what I went through.” The animals tell their stories too but here’s the thing. Once they’re done telling their story, they’re good. They don’t need to hang on to it like we do.

The animals will be grateful to help share the information and then they step into, “Who am I now? What’s my potential like? Can we grow forward?” That’s how they heal from that. If we keep telling the story over and over again for them like, “He was burned and abused,” it holds them spiritually in that story as well. It’s that whole story piece that’s so fascinating for the healing part.

They’re wonderful teachers that way, how they were able to let go and, in a way, forgive. He does things that people can do to them.

I’ll tell a real quick story of Ollie, who just passed, I might add. Ollie came to me in 2006, completely feral. It was an amazing rescue of him.

Was he a dog?

Little Jack Russell but I felt intuitively that I was supposed to help him. In the end, we caught him on Christmas Eve in a cat trap of all things in a drainage ditch. I remember getting him and going, “Two days on the lamb after you, it’s Christmas Eve.” I kept him inside because he was such a flight risk and scared. He would shake violently. I would come into the room and he would shake all over.

If you think about it, most of us, if we see a child shaking, we want to go comfort and hold the shaking. I didn’t have that option with him. I couldn’t touch him. He wasn’t going to have any human handle him. What I did was I sat with him for hours, several times a day. Sometimes, I’d play music. Sometimes I just sit. I’d be very present with him and he shook. Nothing changed about three weeks into it.

One day, he looked at me and he realized that he could shake and the world was okay. Nothing horrible was going to happen if that shaking stopped or continued. I didn’t try to take the shaking. I let him experience those feelings and he could move through that peace himself. I didn’t try to say, “Come here. I’m going to make you feel better.” Part of the healing is when we’re in spaces of grieving, be where we are, be what our body is going through, and hold the space for it.

You let him process. What happened when he made that realization? Did he eventually approach you?

When that happened, it was a light bulb. He’s like, “I’m shaking and nothing’s happening. Everything’s fine.” I could start getting him to come to me. I’d put treats on my shoulder and he’d come to grab them, or I’d put them in my pocket. It started a lovely relationship. During that time, as spirit has had it in my life, I’ve never sought out animals. They found me. We had a little semi-feral one named Zoe and a little Jack Russell. She helped me with him because she was semi-feral herself.

She would allow some touching but she had been on the run too so she understood him and he understood her. I’d bring all Zoe down with me and be like, “Can you help me?” He responded and came out of it. She loved other animals. Throughout his life, he never quite got to where you could scoop him up and say, “I love you, Ollie,” but he’d come around. I’d stick my arm out and turn my head looking the other way. He’d let me pet him and rub him but if I turned, that energy was like the little boy and scared with a puppy. The energy was too direct for him. I could look the other way and pretend it wasn’t happening, and he’d let me do it.

It sounds like he had tremendous anxiety. Something happened to him so he was very vigilant and afraid.

It anchored in his body but truly, he lived to be eighteen and just passed. He came to me in a dream before he passed. He was doing well and I was like, “I don’t know about this,” but in the dream, I was holding him and loving him while he passed. That is what happened. I was able to do that. What a remarkable beginning and middle, the life story, his free spirit, and his beautiful, sweet spirit. In the end, this beautiful passing is a poignant beauty.

You talked about the fact that people form connections with animals that create intricate patterns of shared experiences called heart shapes. Could you explain that concept to us?

Katie, one of my best friends, taught me about heart shapes. She says that humans go through many different stages in their hearts in life. They all have different shapes. I know at times mine has looked like a fragile heart shape. If we term them emotional heart shapes, we can have weighted heart shapes and echoing heart shapes, meaning the deafening silence after an animal or a loved one is passed and you come back into that space. It’s an echo of how you feel.

That morphs and changes. There’s a joyful heart and a smiling heart when we learn to smile again. When Ollie was starting to get better, I had been worried heavily without realizing I was because I had several passes before. I was like, “You got to stop this little domino thing going on. Slow it down.” When he started getting better, my heart smiled. I felt it. You can feel what shape your heart is. It fluctuates, transforms, changes, and moves throughout our lives. We have so many different ones.

Somebody said, “I have a guarded heart.” That’s a heart shape. I said, “Is it guarded now?” They were like, “Not guarded now.” We can get into patterns of saying, “I have a grieving heart and that’s who I am.” That’s who I was before Katie came into my life and fished me out of the hole. Those heart shapes are good for us to recognize, “This is self-awareness. This is the space I’m in.” The animals are very aware and empathetic to that heart shape.

Especially the healers amongst us, which all of us are, will often do something to help change that heart shape to help it morph into something a little lighter or do something funny. I have a little dog that steals money and she thinks it’s hysterical or runs under the sofa with it. When I grab it, it rips in half. They are always working with their hearts. It’s always. The heart shapes are fascinating because there are so many different ones.

Let me ask you about these heart shapes. A pet has a soul path too. Is that soul path about its evolution? Is it about helping us to evolve like if they’re feral, they’re not necessarily connected to us, or is it a little of both? What is that all about?

This is such a fascinating topic. I’ve learned it through the animals over the years I’ve experienced them. There is a collective that each animal group belongs to horses. The whales are the keepers of the earth’s history, dolphins, dogs, and yellow jackets. There’s the collective of each group. There’s always a lead of each group, a head when you go to. However, each being has its individual path, free will, and soul path.

If I use my experiences, I’ve watched as the animals have come, like for instance, Ollie. Part of his sole path was learning to trust like we learn to trust sometimes. We’re working on that in our lives. I’ve seen animals go through spiritual awakenings. I had one go through it. It changed him forever. I watched it happen. I didn’t make it happen.

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Can you tell us a little bit about that? That’s fascinating.

It was a black lab named Alex. He was one of the first ones that had come to me, which was going to be a string of animals over the years so much so that I thought something was wrong with me and I had a neon sign.

They read your energy, Tami. “She’s loving, safe, and wonderful. Here I come.”

I would have a dream and then a week later, they would show up. There was a while there when I’d have a dream, go outside, and duck. I was like, “Where are they going to come from?” Alex came from a very dark, abused background. He was an adult. Alex was pretty street-smart but he was extraordinarily intelligent and kind. When my son and I were doing some shelter work, we walked him out. We were doing photos for their website and took some great photos. He had the most gorgeous eyes.

We put him back in his run. He went to the back of it real quick. As I left, I turned around and looked. He nodded his head like saying, “Thank you.” That was right before Thanksgiving. As I was leaving, one of the workers there said, “You don’t want him. He’s a bad one. He’s mean.” It worked on me and I couldn’t get those eyes out of my head. My son and I went back right before Thanksgiving and brought Alex home. Alex would turn out to have quite a bit of baggage.

He turned out to be incredibly intelligent and very aware of his surroundings but he had space issues, meaning don’t crowd him. Think about it, a lot of us did. Our space is important, our heart space and physical space. Alex would get triggered by another animal. It could be over a squirrel or frisbee. There were triggers for him. Something would cross his eyes to where he was in his body. There was like another energy that would come in and would take over him. There was a lot of upheaval and fights that went on. This didn’t happen on my watch so I couldn’t figure out what was going on.

I worked with Alex as diligently as I could. In the meantime, he learned about friendship with a dog named Mikey, another street-smart lab. You would never put the two together. During that time, he grew. The time I saw him wake up, one of the animals had brought a squirrel or something down that they had found. I was looking and was like, “There’s going to be an altercation over that squirrel.” I go running down there and look out. Alex had a different look in his eye. It was different from the crazed look when he got triggered. It was this calm and peaceful look.

He looked at the dog and the squirrel. He chose to go up the hill, sat down, and never again did he ever spark a fight. He consciously made that decision. I didn’t train it out of him. This was not a dog training incident. Animals have their soul path so that was part of his. I’ve had mothers come onto the property, and that part of their soul path has been to be mothers all the way through. What does that feel like? They’ve had their babies taken from them. Also, learning about friendship and trust. I had a dog named Butch. He turned out to be the dog with a golden heart who learned about heart opening. It all parallels usually in mirrors what we’re learning as well.

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It sounds so much like human beings. It’s like our past, what we’re learning, and how we’re healing and transforming.

They’re doing the same thing and like children. We could say, “Here’s my child. My experience of them is this and this is who they are.” The child could say, “My experience of mom was.” They have their view so do the animals. We have our experience of them but they’re having their experience of us. They’re growing personally and transforming themselves. It’s beautiful when you start to realize how interconnected our paths are.

With all these animals who you’ve loved and they go to pass, is this rainbow bridge for you? What happens to them? Do they come back, Tami? Is it like human beings when we come back into another lifetime? Do they stay? We all have over souls. A part of us goes into another animal or human being. They reunite often with their, hopefully, kinder owners on the other side. How does all that work? People who lose their animals are so bereft. I don’t think many of them are that aware that it’s not over for animals, either.

Once connected, always connected. First of all, you can’t ever break that connection, whether they’re passing or in life. That connection, once established, you’re always in. It’s fascinating because the animals have shown me time and time again something. I don’t know if you remember that game, Red Rover. If you have two lines of animals, they’re like, “Red Rover, Red Rover, send so-and-so ride over.” That one comes into the next chapter of life. The Rainbow Bridge is a two-way street. We see it in our mind’s eye from what we’ve been taught. It is a portal, a higher frequency, and a vibration.

Is that the same portal that we humans go through? Is it a different portal the animals go through?

That’s not what I’ve been shown. We’re all going to portals everywhere and taking the same shuttle.

Why do they call it a rainbow shuttle?

There was a poem that started many years ago that depicted a Rainbow Bridge.

Someone gave me that name.

The fascinating thing is I live in Asheville, North Carolina. In Chimney Rock, which is probably 40 minutes from here, there is a state park and an actual flowering bridge that you can go to, which I had to visit. There’s this beautiful garden that is run by volunteers and there’s a path. It’s a bridge over water painted with rainbow colors.

The most beautiful thing is that on each side where you would put your hands are the colors and the photos of thousands of animals because this has become a visitation spot. I’ve heard about it. I was here one day, getting ready to go on a bike ride. I heard, “No, you’re going to the Rainbow Bridge.” I was like, “Okay.” I went.

The energy on that bridge was palpable. It’s so beautiful. It in itself is a portal where so many animals are remembered or loved. People will start tearing up before they get down to it. You wait and take your turn to go look at things. I was thinking about it after I had visited and I teared up. I had Ernie, who passed and started the little string of them. I had his collar and had forgotten I had his collar. I was like, “I’ll put his collar on the bridge.” It’s such a moving experience. It gives people a physical place to anchor in their heads but there’s also an energetic vibrational truth and component to it.

If you think about this, let’s say you’ve decided as a visitor to the Asheville area, you’re going to go here but you normally aren’t going to go somewhere you tear up. You’re going to go to a tourist site or the Biltmore house. It gives people an opportunity to open their hearts. Even people who don’t have animals start crying.

There is a real movement going on with the animals in the animal network of opening our hearts, not closing them, not closing up shop, and keep opening. I do a meditation in one of my shows to help people connect with their animals on the Rainbow Bridge because they can go on the bridge too. They’re not separate from us. We haven’t been taught what that looks like, energetically speaking.

The other thing that’s important for people to know is that animals go through a portal like human beings do but they don’t get a life review. We get a life review.

That’s so interesting. I cannot believe you brought that up because one of my show topics is animals and the life review.

Do they get a life review? I’m down to it if I’ve been told.

They reflect as we reflect in those first three weeks, especially after they pass. It’s one of the hardest times. We’re in the compost, for lack of a better word to say. We’re going through it but it’s also the richest time where we have access to things. The veil is so thin before life kicks in again but they do a life review. You do too. The minute we pass, a loved one, human or animal, it throws us into that life review. The movie has come to an end so all we have is to look back and see.

That piece, the energetic bridge, leads us into the healing part, even though it surely doesn’t feel like healing. The animals go to great lengths with their people to share. “Don’t you remember when? How did I come to you again? Do you want to tell that story?” It’s for people not to freeze them in those last moments because that’s not who they are and what they want us to focus on.

It’s good for people to know that it’s not over when it’s over for animals either. They also get a life review. Are there healing places for animals, like if animals have been mistreated, like for humans? Are healing places on the other side?

I’ve seen animals go on to work with children and people who have been abused. That same healing work continues. You asked about, do they come back? How does that work? I have one on the property that’s a cat. He’s not the reincarnation per se of Sneakers but he’s the soul-blended reincarnation. It’s a soul blending that comes in.

Can you explain to people what’s soul blending? Do two souls blend?

We’re here to experience life, grow, and be new. The animals, if we want to use those for an example, don’t just come in to do the same thing over again. What fun would that be? We’re here to learn and grow. Aspects of those souls come into the new soul. Sneakers came to me after he passed. He showed me a kitten. He went down the driveway and I was like, “Sneakers, you’re back. I’m so happy.” He moved aside.

There was this little black and white kitten and then I woke up. I didn’t think a thing about it. A week later, guess what shows up at the gate? It was the little black and white kitten, who was named Skittles. It took over where Sneakers left off, protecting the property and acting like Sneakers. It’s a soul but he’s Skittles too. He’s like his own little dude. That’s what I mean.

It’s like a little bit of a team.

If we think about it, when we have grandchildren, we could say, “You’re just like grandma.” Do you see what I’m saying? It’s soul blending.

You also had a beautiful white lab named Murphy, who you describe as a healer. Murphy awakened you to the fact that our connection never dies. Could you share how you help pets who’ve crossed over to connect with their humans? That’s an amazing thing. We need about a million more Tami in the world because I’m sure that many people would love to have more of this available to them.

The beautiful answer to that is everybody can connect and communicate. You’re the one with the connection, to begin with. You have heart connections. That’s the main thing to always remember. You’re not disconnected. It’s a matter of tapping into your space because you have all the energy there that’s connected to that animal. You can tell stories of when they came and what funny things they did. It’s all there. It’s like the hologram of your experience with them.

What I work with people on is the animals are very current. Just because they passed us doesn’t mean they’re done. They will and can help. People always want signs. I’m like, “Having that desperate need is what’s blocking it.” It’s that grief that holds you down. Murphy was like the Dalai Lama of dogs. Murphy was perfect. He was so kind and compassionate. At the same time, he called me on my stuff. If I sounded like, “Hurry up, Millie,” or whatever with my voice, he would give me a look like, “That is not acceptable.” He called me.

It’s what he taught me through his passing and I thought I wasn’t going to make it. I remember turning to Katie and saying, “Can you hang around? Don’t go after him.” I went into a plunge of grief. A lot of this too was my old stuff from my childhood that I didn’t realize was coming up. Grief is a collective. It’s not just about the one thing. It allows other emotions to come to the surface that are trying to release.

Several months into his passing, I was vacuuming. I had a closet that had towels. I opened the closet and did some vacuuming. A throw fell out and I picked it up. I was putting it back. It was a throw with Murphy’s photo on it. He had some tulips. He had picked tulips with me one day and I caught him. It wasn’t staged. I burst into tears, slid down sobbing, and the vacuums running. I lost it. It wasn’t too long after that. It was March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day.

For some unknown reason, I felt called to find a little picture of puppy Murphy. He loved to carry things like a clover in his mouth. I put it up, not even thinking about it all day long. I looked at that and was like, “He was such a cute puppy.” All those feelings of like, “Oh my gosh, Murphy.” I probably looked at that photo 1,000 times that day and then I went to sleep.

In the morning, I had a dream. In the dream, somebody led me to a door, opened it, and Murphy was there. He’s adult Murphy. He looks good. He’s jumping up and down like he used to when I would come home from traveling. I hug his neck and I’m like, “It’s so good to see you.” I can feel his fur. We hang out together and then I wake up. Only I know I’ve just visited with him. That was a true visitation.

As I processed that, what he told me was me looking at that puppy photo, I forgot I was grieving and my vibration raised. It allowed me to open to the vibration that he was at. It’s that simple and difficult when we’re grieving. We have to work at grieving. I had to keep remembering I missed him and everything but I forgot it for one day.

That’s what I’ve learned that the animals say, “We try hard to connect with you. We’re like the Elvis banner in the sky like, ‘Here we are.’” If we’re blocking and looking with our hearts that you’ve got to come through this way, maybe they’re going to show you through something else. It’s that gradual opening but everybody has the ability.

That points to the fact that when we’re grieving, our vibration is lower. That stops us in a lot of ways to communicate. That points to the fact that the more you can heal erases your vibration.

I always respect being where you are. If you feel terrible that day, honor that space. Don’t beat yourself up over it. I had to go through my grieving processes and revisit several. It’s not like once and done but when you tend to finally come to a realization like, “I am still connected because I can go within. I can pull up all kinds of different memories that are very alive energetically.” When the animals have told me, “When you think of me, I am there. I’ve been shown that time and time again but you don’t see me,” just like me.

That’s a human being. It’s like with people.

When that throw fell out, I thought about it later. I was like, “Tami, Murphy was giving you the best sign ever and you lost it.” I couldn’t see the joy like, “Thank you, Murphy.” I wasn’t in that space yet.

It was almost like if he was still on the planet, he would have jumped at you and let you the way that broke out on you.

I hugged it and slid down the wall. I sobbed a good sob. I felt terrible for the rest of the day. I looked back and was like, “I’m pretty sure you missed that signal.” He wanted you to be happy over that.

Another thing that I love that you do is help clients connect with their pets and spirit, which gives birth to a new beginning and the client’s relationship as it continues with the animal. It’s like changing and healing for the client. Can you talk about that? All the people on this planet lose their animals before they die. Is there any difference if you have to put an animal to sleep than when they die naturally?

Difference in what way?

They cross over and all of that thing. Do the animals perceive that you’re doing kindness for them and helping them to let go?

It’s interesting you bring that up because from what I’ve been taught from several and they were hard teachings, the animals have a choice in how they pass, even if it’s euthanasia and natural passing. On a soul level, they’re choosing with us. In other words, there are participants in every event. We have the characters in the play and on stage. With Ollie, for instance, when I took him, I was one of the characters. Ollie and the vet were one of the characters. We all have certain roles and perspectives we play.

A lot of times, the animals are teaching us until the very last minute, even the vets. They’re helping the vets open their hearts to see something that touches them in a way that wouldn’t have otherwise. They are all, up until the time they pass, always offering gifts. What I’ve always told all of my animals, and I help people with this piece is, to be with them wherever they are and ask the animal what it is they want like, “Please guide me and show me. I’m here to do my part and help you. This is your body.”

I had a dog that passed in a way that I didn’t agree with. I have a half pattern of that. I do not agree with it. I said, “Had you gone this way, I would have been okay with that. I’m not okay with how you chose.” What she told me, and this is what taught me this, is, “I went out as a warrior like I chose.” I’m like, “What did you say? Did you just say you chose?” It’s like the animal that runs out in front of the car. It’s mindboggling to understand. That’s part of their soul path.

It was part of her soul contract with another animal that didn’t have anything to do with me but I would have stopped it, gotten in the middle of it, or interfered with that soul contract and soul path. How we respond to how they pass is a very individual and personal thing. For some, euthanasia is easier to handle. Natural death, maybe they would prefer it. What if it’s sudden? Are there varying degrees of grief? It’s all very individual and it’s hard to compare them. They all popped out of their body so soon. Sometimes, even before they receive, if there’s euthanasia.

I hear a lot about human beings too but a lot of times, when they are caught in very tragic circumstances and we’re so upset about the way they die, they leave their body. They were gone. Their body went through that event but they’re on the other side.

They’ve always told me, “No matter the ways that we go or the tragedies that we go through, there are always gifts in every circumstance.” I’ve learned over the years to start looking for the gifts as soon as I can because I’m like, “I know they are there. I’m going to look under this rock. I don’t see it,” knowing that I still have to go through my process, and it’s not like you want to wash that away.

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The profound teachings that I’ve watched the animals share with their humans in our sessions are amazing. It’s like the people leave the sessions and spend time with their animals, knowing that they are not disconnected from them at all. What were they thinking? It’s just like, “I thought you were gone but I see so much you’re not.” The dreams start or they help lead another animal to them to open their hearts. They’re very current. They don’t want to be cut out of our lives. That’s rude.

This is an enlightening conversation because a lot of people feel for an animal when it’s over, it’s over but they have a trajectory that’s very similar to ours.

Their soul path continues. A lot of times, they are put in place to help us with the next phase that we’re in many times. It’s like they’re the little spiritual board.

Tell us about your eBook. It’s titled Soulful Journey: Finding Healing and Connection Through Animals. You’ve got stories and reflections on the bonds we share with our pets and the life lessons they can offer us, which we’ve been talking about. I would love you to tell us about your eBook. You’re talking about your rescue dog, Remi, and the lesson he offered you. A lot of people in our audience would love to get that.

I would love to share that with them. The compilation of stories is in there. The animals arranged it. I had nothing to do with it.

They channeled what they wanted to you.

I’m but the messenger. They channeled it and are very much teaching heart-opening stories. The animals have taken a role in teaching these bigger perspectives, things that we wouldn’t normally look at. Little Remi was a little Min Pin. I was minding my business on the road and I could feel energy. I felt some energy to my left. I turned and looked. I see this tiny dog darting in and out of a gas station. My husband goes, “Do you want me to turn around?” I’m like, “Would you please?” I spent the next two hours trying to get him because he was so frantic. It was getting late. There’s some about Thanksgiving and openings with holidays.

There’s something about your husband too because a lot of men would be like, “Here we go.” It’s before Thanksgiving or whatever’s going on. He’s a good guy.

He knew the writing on the wall. He said, “That bothers you.” I’m like, “Yes.” He’s almost afraid to ask. I spent two hours trying to get him to eat jerky treats. It was starting to get dark. These boys came up on a bike. They had been there for a few weeks, this little tiny dog. One eye was bad. He had a rutty collar. They were like, “There’s that stupid dog. Hit him.” I must have looked like, “Do you want a piece of me?” They left. I probably had crazy eyes.

It’s raining and getting dark. I’m getting discouraged and worried. I know he needs help. I can feel so it dawned on me. I started saying out loud, “Please, God, help me. St. Francis.” I was starting to name any saint I could think of and making some up. Only it was super loud and super light, “I need help now. We need to help him.” Within a second of uttering that, little Remi leans. He was like, “That’s all you want?” He leans his head, allows me to catch his collar, and I grab him. It was that simple. I’m like, “I could have done this two hours ago, asking for help.”

It was that true surrender and calling in the big guns. I didn’t realize how often we don’t ask for help when we need it. It was so easy from then on. His whole life was amazing with me and his passing, which I haven’t written about. I had a miraculous visitation after he passed. Anybody who thinks that they are not very current and able to communicate with you. they can.

I always suggest to people the easiest way to communicate. They’re like, “How can I do it?” I said, “I’ll tell you how. Do you have a heart?” They’re like, “Huh?” I’m like, “It’s all you got. You’ve connected to them already so write little Remi a letter like, ‘Dear Remi, I love you. I want you to know it.’” Get in a good spot and write everything you want to share like all the gifts. “I loved you so much.” If you’re going to cry, cry. It’s going to stir up a lot of emotions. When you’re done, the energy will drop and then you’ll feel complete.

The second part of this is amazing because you’re going to have things come in like memories on that first one. On the second one, when you’re ready, let Remi write a letter to you. “Dear Mom, I love you and I want you to know,” and then start writing. What happens is you connect through your heart. The mind is given a job, “I know how to write a letter.” As kids, we were taught. The mind gets out of the way, the heart connects through the hand down on the paper, and you start communicating. You get amazing information.

Is that what you would call automatic writing?

I don’t know. I did it. I stumbled on this myself when one of mine had passed. I must not have agreed with how he went either but I started writing to him. All of a sudden, he started writing back.

Do people say that when you have to see someone, you can communicate with them through automatic writing the same way? Why don’t people understand when people are grieving over the loss of a pet? What would you like to explain to people about the difficulty many people have in understanding feelings of grief over the loss of a pet? Is that because they don’t perceive the pet as having a soul and being a being?

Possibly that, and it’s also because maybe there’s a hierarchy in their mind of what’s the importance of beings, like not all beings, whether it’s an ant, bird, dog, or horse. All souls matter in my world but not all souls matter in the worlds of everybody. That lack of empathy speaks very directly to where they are in their development. I also think people objectify animals. They’re objects. “I’ll get another one.” Think about it, we objectify so much in life. It’s out there rather than part of us as well.

That is a spiritual learning curve for people. For those of us who do grieve, own that grieve, and don’t have a place to put it, we end up being teachers for those who get all like, “It’s just an animal. What’s wrong with them?” Show them by example. That’s all. You don’t have to take that away from you. You don’t have to agree or disagree. They know who they are with their animal. There’s an awareness they have that the one who’s judging doesn’t.

Tell us about your intuitive process called SoulSpeak. How do you help people through direct transitions, personal crises, and the grieving process? You’ve got two monthly SoulSpeak events that people can sign up for. Do you want to tell us all about that?

SoulSpeak originated over my lifetime. It’s an intuitive, organic process. It’s very conversational. It’s all about connecting with the heart and starting wherever we are in the story. I always tell people, “Start wherever you want to start, in the middle or the beginning. It doesn’t matter.” What is your heart guiding you to talk about? What happens is the animals can come in.

The animals are nudging them to start wherever they’re starting. They just think they’re doing it on their own but it’s a matter of connecting with that space that is so wounded, hurting, and stuck. The talking and sharing of the story helps alleviate it and give air. It’s like breathing. The animals do the same. We allow them to tell their stories and then the story can transform. It’s like alchemy. Once it’s spoken, it can transform and keep energetically changing.

With the organic process I go through, I never know what the animal is going to want to talk about or where we’re going to go. It’s like walking down a winding path. We’re going to stop and look at the flowers. We’re going to stop and look at this. We’re both going to discover so it’s a process of discovery. self-discovery or heart-discovery. It’s a connection in the heart so it’s very conversational. It’s not necessarily spinning out. It’s not information. It’s a discovery of what’s already healing in your heart and coming out to be seen. It is very life-changing for people and transformative. They always feel more grounded in themselves and connected to their loved ones in spirit.

This is for both humans and animals. When you give these SoulSpeak events, they can be looking to communicate with their deceased loved one on the other side or their animal. You’re one-size-fits-all. You can do it.

It’s all the same. I always say it’s never ever just about the animal. The animal drops them off. It’s always about the people and our hearts. On the show, which is funny, I call it a show, but it’s more like a class and workshop. It’s such a joy to do because the animals channel it. They tell me what the next topic is going to be. I sit down and we work on it together. A show comes through. It’s free to everybody.

It’s bi-weekly. I believe my next one is coming up soon. All the topics tend to be different, depending on what the animals want to talk about. The last time, they wanted to talk about heart shapes. This time, they wanted to talk about animals as empaths. The animals are empaths like we are. I was like, “This is interesting. Let’s see what you have to say about this.”

We learn a lot on the show. No matter where you are in your process, whether you’re grieving or not, if you currently have an animal, or if you’ve experienced anything, there are always many gifts that are shared by the animals. People always walk away with gift bags like at a party. I always used to send little gift bags home.

I always try to like to add exercises or self-reflection questions. In the eBook that I did, at the end of each one, I always channeled with the animals to, “What’s the reflection of this?” You think about your life. That’s where we learn the most when we’re doing our journaling inside ourselves. It was helped by the animals.

You have private sessions that address healing from grief, life and transition, and mediumship. You have healing Zoom sessions with pets. What would you like to tell us about all of the above?

No matter where you are in your transitional life process, it can help you sort things out and get clarity and peace.

Someone can sign on and say, “Tami, I lost my dog. I’d like to have a Zoom session to connect with my dog. I lost my dad. I need to Zoom connect to connect with my dad.” Can you do that?

Yes, because it’s all underneath the grief and clarity. When people say, “Can you give me a message about my dog?” I was like, “Let’s back this trolley up. What is it your heart wants to know?” That’s the bigger question. Connecting with Dad is like, “What is it your heart needing?” Usually, it’s about, “I was worried because, at the very end, I wasn’t there.” It’s always about what’s underneath in the deeper question. I encourage people to go under the surface because otherwise, we don’t get the benefit of the healing that is being offered by the animals in spirit.


Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life Podcast | Tami Hendrix | Soul


You’ve got some offers for our audience. Do they go to your website?

Yes, visit my website at but I have an eBook that I released that we’ve spoken about. They’re very personal stories about my animals. These are real-life stories. I felt vulnerable originally writing them. I was so glad to share what the animals shared. Years ago, I thought, “What’s wrong with me? I’ve got all these animals,” not realizing that this would be used for helping and teaching. You can go to my website and sign up for the newsletter. I will send you a free copy of that eBook. It’s fifteen stories. They’re short stories so you can pick it up, put it down, and not have to stay with it. I hope each story touches something within you that helps you.

I’m sure a lot of people are going to do that. In what ways, Tami, does connecting with animals become a powerful way to cultivate joy and a sense of connection with the world around us?

Animals are so naturally connected to the natural world. It’s a fast end. Breathing in the space where they live always brings immediate joy. People have told me this, “It does it for me. I am a cyclist so I’ll go out and ride here in Asheville, where bears are all over the neighborhood.” It’s the funniest thing. They live within the neighborhoods. They have dens around. I’ll round a corner. They’ll look at me and say, “It’s you again.” I’ll say, “It’s you again. I need to get by.”

They proceed, not doing anything, and block the way but it connects. It brings such joy. My heart smiles. The main thing that brings me joy is to feel connected to ourselves, our hearts, and others, whether they’re human or animal, a cashier at the grocery store, the Amazon driver, or the person in the elevator that I bumped into and we both screamed. It’s like a laugh. Hearts are meant to love and smile. That’s what they’re meant.

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Mine is interviewing you. You’re lovely, Tami. You’ve brought us such wonderful information. I love that through SoulSpeak, you both teach and role model. Whether a being is a pig, dog, or human being or has wings, a soul is a soul, no matter what. Therefore, we all want to be seen and heard. We all have value and we all matter.

The remarkable way you connect with animals breaks down communication barriers, provides clarity into an underlying issue at hand, and brings us a profound feeling of connection, which leads straight to our souls, which is our true essence. Tami, thank you so much for the incredibly healing, eye-opening work you do as a facilitator, and for personal and spiritual growth, both for ourselves and through our relationships with animals. I truly thank you from my heart for this open-hearted, fascinating, and very illuminating interview. Many people are going to enjoy it.

It’s been an honor. Overlit with the animals. The animals guided us.

Here’s a loving reminder, everyone. Make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and wherever you get your shows, including YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued. Thank you so much, Tami. Many blessings. Bye, for now, everyone.


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I just want to say how much I loved the episode with Jamie Sarche, where you discussed grief and rebirth. It was great to hear her speak about having challenging conversations. I have had to have these with my loved ones, and she gave some great tips It was so powerful, and I found it very valuable. We have given you a 5* rating as we really value the standard of content you are creating.

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