What a concept!  The trend of meeting new people while sober, therefore, instead of seeing them…and yourself…through some sort of induced haze, everyone is more of the authentic person he or she truly is.

I bet a lot of people find this to be quite scary.  It probably feels pretty “naked” to walk into a room with most of your artificial defenses stripped away. But think about the advantages:  you may actually be able to more easily figure out that a person is toxic and not worth your time, or take the time to talk to that quieter person who is a gem in waiting for you.

Although many of these gatherings do not have any New Age Woo-Woo attached to them, there is still something meaningful and “soulful” going on:

Being loving and kind to others also includes Being Loving and Kind to yourself.  While a good massage or manicure and working out regularly are wonderful parts of self- love and self -care, they are only a part of the package.  Being Loving and Kind to yourself means to be conscious of how you are treating yourself. Any environment that encourages a person to consciously deepen, and actually remember, his or her tangible connections with others and also strives to bring people restoration and balance in today’s fast- paced world is a win- win -win, not only for the mind and the heart, but also for the soul.

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