Heidi Connolly: Understanding the True Meaning of Sensitivity – the Fact That it is a Blessing, Not a Curse – Reveals Our Divinely Intuitive Natures as We Partner the Heart with the Mind and Uplift the World.

Your sensitivity is an extraordinary gift that allows you to tap into your intuition, amplify your vitality, and empowers you to create a beneficial influence on the world. Being a highly sensitive person (an HSP) is a gift that reveals our divinely intuitive natures, amplifies our vibration, and partners our hearts with our minds to [...]

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Heidi Connolly: Could It Be That Each Of Us Is A Visiting Angel On Vacation In Each Lifetime?

Heidi Connolly is an author, medium, intuitive coach, and spirit-minded musician. After graduating Harvard University, she became a professional musician, worked as a corporate trainer in human resources, and went on to become the owner of Harvard Girl Word Service, a writing, editing and self-publishing consultation business. Heidi’s endearing and magical new book is titled [...]

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