Pamela Kirkpatrick: Sound Healer And Intuitive

 Pamela Kirkpatrick is a sound healer and intuitive who came into this world with healing hands and the gift of song. She has been composing music since she was 3 years old, and at age 11, she began transcendental meditation. A certified Kundalini yoga teacher since 1995, Pamela has certifications in Reiki and other healing [...]

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Lora De’Vore: Prostituted For The First Time At The Age Of Nine, Suffered Unspeakable Treatment From Those Who Should Have Protected Her, Incarcerated In A Mental Hospital, Attempted Suicide..

Lora De'Vore is an incredible role model for grief and rebirth. She is an author, a therapist, an educator, and a catalyst for transformational change for both healthcare individuals & institutions. Her wisdom comes from the inside out, from facing the darkest aspects of human experience and mining the dark for the treasures that can [...]

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Kyomi O’Connor: Though We May Feel Otherwise At The Time, Our Life And Death Are Beyond Our Limited Notions. We Are Timeless Existence.

 Kyomi O'Connor is a retired Pediatric Dentist, a Buddhist leader, and the Author of a wonderful debut memoir titled A Sky of Infinite Blue: A Japanese Immigrant's Search for Home and Self. In it, she shares her very authentic and touching personal story about the intense emotional difficulties she experienced within her family of origin, [...]

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Andrea Carter Brown: A Traumatic Event Like 9/11 Changes You, But With Acceptance, Living Thoughtfully And Being Honest With What You Are Feeling, Comes Healing

 Andrea Carter Brown is a renowned poet whose book titled September 12 contains her collection of award-winning poems about 9/11 and its aftermath. She was living a single block away from the World Trade Center on 9/11; her eyewitness account of the attack and its aftermath is described in her impressive, award-winning book that contains [...]

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Allyson Roberts: It’s Our Responsibility As Co-creators To Heal Our Wounds. Why? So That We Don’t Bleed On Those Who Haven’t Cut Us.

 Allyson Roberts is a highly sought-after intuitive guide, healer, and transformation coach who is a Cognitive Behavioral Expert with a global reach and over 25 years of experience. She is the creator of Personalized Science, a system that combines science and spirituality. Her mission is to show others how the brain keeps us prisoners to [...]

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