Rob Schwartz: We As Souls Do Not Plan Suicide As A Certainty; Rather, We Plan Various Life Challenges, Well Aware Of The Possibility – And In Some Instances Probability – That We May Respond To These Experiences By Ending Our Own Lives.

 Rob Schwartz is a spiritual teacher, a highly regarded hypnotist, and a therapist who specializes in past life and between lives soul regressions, which help people heal and understand their life plans. In this fascinating and enlightening interview, some of the topics Rob speaks about are the choices we make before we are born that [...]

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Donna Kendrick: When She Eventually Learned That She Was Able To Successfully Handle The Incredible Challenges That Had Come Into Her Life After The Sudden, Traumatic Loss Of Her Husband To Suicide, She Recreated Her Career So That She Could Help Families Survive Widowhood With Their Heart, Soul, And Finances Intact

 Donna Kendrick is a certified financial planner practitioner, a Grief Recovery Method Specialist, and the author of the Amazon #1 bestseller titled “A Guide to Widowhood: Navigating the First Three Years”, which provides a financial roadmap to surviving the first three years of widowhood with a person’s heart, soul, and finances intact.In 2013, at age [...]

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Elliot Kallen: Helping Teens And Their Parents Deal With Stress And Depression With The Goal Of Stopping Teen Suicide

 Elliot Kallen is the 14th inspiring interview in the G&R Podcast’s Rebirth series. Elliot has run Prosperity Financial Group, which is a wealth management firm, for over 30 years. He is also the Co-Founder and President of A Brighter Day, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping teens manage depression and stress.Elliot and his wife started [...]

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Lora De’Vore: Prostituted For The First Time At The Age Of Nine, Suffered Unspeakable Treatment From Those Who Should Have Protected Her, Incarcerated In A Mental Hospital, Attempted Suicide..

Lora De'Vore is an incredible role model for grief and rebirth. She is an author, a therapist, an educator, and a catalyst for transformational change for both healthcare individuals & institutions. Her wisdom comes from the inside out, from facing the darkest aspects of human experience and mining the dark for the treasures that can [...]

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Kat Baillie – Psychic Medium, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Healer, Sound Healer

 Tune in to hear an incredible and very informative interview with psychic/medium Kat Baillee, who helps people heal emotional issues and supports parents who have lost children. As the UK affiliate leader for Helping Parents Heal, she helps to support over 400 parents in the UK, in addition to supporting a larger audience of over [...]

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