Gallery With Shelly R. Wilson: Author, Intuitive, Medium, Psychic And Conscious Creator

 Irene hosted a heart-warming, wonderful Gallery with the very gifted Shelly R. Wilson, who is an Author, an Intuitive, a Medium, a Psychic and a Conscious Creator. Shelly and Irene chatted about the difference between a psychic and a medium, how Shelly senses Spirit, and the difference between being spiritually “awake” or “asleep.”Shelly brought through [...]

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Noah Hammond Tyrrell: A “Jersey Boy” Turned Spiritual Mystic Who Has Coached High Level Entrepreneurs, Helped His Dad Heal From A “Death Sentence” Diagnosis…

 Noah Hammond Tyrrell’s passion is talking about Spirit, Human Potential, and creating lasting change in ourselves and on this planet. Educated as an engineer, he discovered spirituality through the study of Quantum Physics. A bad breakup in college sent him searching for answers and he became inspired to unlock the secrets of human potential and [...]

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