Phyllis Okon: What Inspired Her To Become A Medium Instead Of Simply Going To Mediums To Connect With Her Husband On The Other Side?

 Phyllis Okon was a teacher, a CEO, and a best-selling, award-winning author of 72 books before she found her path as a gifted medium and psychic. From an early age, she acknowledged that she knew things, but she could never explain how she did. When her husband David, her life-long partner and soulmate, transitioned to [...]

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Dr. Craig Hogan: President Of The Afterlife Research And Education Institute And The Director Of The Center For Spiritual Understanding Through Afterlife Communication

 Craig Hogan is the President of the Afterlife Research and Education Institute and the Director of the Center for Spiritual Understanding Through Afterlife Communication. He is also the author or co-author of four books that focus on after-death communication, healing grief and trauma, and more. IN THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL HEAR ABOUT THINGS LIKE:The ways afterlife communication [...]

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Grief And Rebirth – A Look At My First 100 Episodes

In just two years, Grief and Rebirth Podcast has now passed its 100th interview and we are closing in on 100,000 people having downloaded our insights-filled, enlightening podcast! To celebrate this milestone, Irene decided to revisit 10 podcast episodes, which was very difficult for her because she absolutely loves every one of her guests [...]

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Riz Mirza: Trance Channel Medium, Psychic, Author And Shaman

Riz Mirza is widely known as the country’s premier trance channel medium and he is also an Author, a Psychic and a Shaman. Riz has a new book titled The 9 Keys: Messages from the Spirit Guides to Unlock Your Life and Awaken Your Soul. The 9 Keys contains 9 chapters with amazing, life-changing, channeled words [...]

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