Andrea Courey: Her Near-Death Experience And Her Daughter’s Passing Stoked A Deep Passion To Help People Reduce Their Fear Of Death

 Andrea Courey is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, speaker, and sound healing meditation guide who became a caregiver to her 28-year-old daughter Chloe when she fell ill with cancer. About six weeks after Chloe's death, Andrea sat down to write her a letter - the kind of letter a mother writes to help express her grief. [...]

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Judy Becker – Energy Healer

  Do we have past lives? What is sound healing meditation? How does energy healing help you to heal? These are some of the questions Judy Becker, an energy healer in New Jersey will answer for you. July helps people release their deeply held patterns of anger, frustration and resentment through her weekly meditation [...]

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