Pamela Kirkpatrick: Sound Healer And Intuitive

 Pamela Kirkpatrick is a sound healer and intuitive who came into this world with healing hands and the gift of song. She has been composing music since she was 3 years old, and at age 11, she began transcendental meditation. A certified Kundalini yoga teacher since 1995, Pamela has certifications in Reiki and other healing [...]

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Lisa Snyder: Healing With The Ancients

 Lisa Snyder is a former engineer who was shown a Native American chief in her mind’s eye while in a meditative state during a massage. Healing sounds organically began to express through her vocal cords, and this very personal introduction to the world of Spirit not only inspired Lisa to train in evidential mediumship, but [...]

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Andrea Courey: Her Near-Death Experience And Her Daughter’s Passing Stoked A Deep Passion To Help People Reduce Their Fear Of Death

 Andrea Courey is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, speaker, and sound healing meditation guide who became a caregiver to her 28-year-old daughter Chloe when she fell ill with cancer. About six weeks after Chloe's death, Andrea sat down to write her a letter - the kind of letter a mother writes to help express her grief. [...]

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