Lisa Barnett: How does aligning a person with their soul path through the Akashic Records lead to greater fulfillment, happiness, abundance, health, and ease?

Did you know that you’ve lived before, that there is a library of all your past lives, that you made a soul plan for this life you are living, and that you can change your karma? Tune in for this powerful interview with Lisa Barnett, the internationally recognized author, teacher, and healer who has devoted her life [...]

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Staci Wells – Psychic Medium + Pre-Birth Planning

 Do we plan our lives before we are born? What is Transformational Energy Work? Can a Medical Intuitive see into a person’s body? Did you know that the healing of an Emotional Wound is often the focus of a person’s karmic plans during their pre-birth planning session? Hear the fascinating answers to these questions and [...]

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