Jane Asher: The Metaphysical Relationship Between A Mother And Daughter That Grew Stronger Through Death

 Author Jane Asher has an insightful, enlightening new book titled The Next Room. It is a fascinating story that transcends space and time, of a relationship between mother and daughter that grew stronger through death. Written together, by initially enlisting interpretation through a psychic medium, The Next Room takes us on a daughter’s journey learning eternal life [...]

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Jamie Clark: Psychic Medium, Scientific Studies, Podcast Host, Author

Jamie Clark’s remarkable talents include psychic intuition, mediumship, remote viewing, the ability to locate lost people and animals, and he is also known to be able to help people with business decisions.  In addition, Jamie is the Author of the children’s book, “The Adventures of Roko and Tookee, The Kids from Mars,” the host of [...]

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