Ellie Pechet: How Does Clearing Soul Obstructions Free the Inner Being to Shine?

 Ellie Pechet is a Meta-physician, a Medium, a Shaman, and the author of Hitching a Ride: A Guide to Earthbound Spirits and How They Affect You. Her unique healing format, called The Pechet Healing Technique, combines her many skills and intuitive tools to access and dissolve the unconscious causes of emotional and physical issues, remove blocks at [...]

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Andrew Hahn: Are You Ready To Change Your Story And Change Your Life?

 Andrew Hahn is a holistic psychotherapist who has specialized in healing trauma for the past 27 years. His doctoral training as a Doctor of Psychology was very extensive and diverse, but a few years after he graduated, Andy became the director of training at a local clinic when he began to have some psychic experiences [...]

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Andrew Hahn: Do You Believe In Miracles? Learn About A Miraculous New Healing Framework That Can Transform Suffering And Deep Personal Issues In Only One Hour!

 Dr. Andrew Hahn is a licensed clinical psychologist and healer whose remarkable life’s work, and personal commitment is to help end a person’s suffering and indeed, to end all suffering through what he calls Life Centered Therapy. He is the Founder of the Life Centered Therapy Training Institute, and he is now the co-author of [...]

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