Amanda Fleissner Registered And Licensed Occupational Therapist, With Specialties In PUSH Therapy And Cranio-Sacral Therapy

 Amanda Fleissner is a licensed and Board Certified Occupational Therapist specializing in treating chronic pain and tension conditions in children and adults. Her specialties include PUSH Therapy and Cranio-Sacral Therapy. IN THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL HEAR ABOUT THINGS LIKE:How grief and trauma become trapped in the physical body.The specific conditions PUSH Therapy and Cranio- Sacral Therapy can [...]

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LeAnn Hull: The Heartbreak Of Losing Her 16-Year-Old Son To Suicide And Then Becoming The Victor – Not The Victim – By Being In The Driver’s Seat On Her Journey Of Healing From Grief

 LeAnn Hull is an author, motivational speaker, presenter, encourager, the Co-Affiliate Leader of the remarkable non-profit Helping Parents Heal group named Healing After Suicide and an inspiring role model for grief to healing to rebirth. Her book, titled How to Live When You Want to Die, tells the heartbreaking experience of losing her 16-year-old son [...]

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Dr. Peggy DeLong: You Have The Power To Create Your Own Happiness By Harnessing The Power Of Gratitude And Joy To Live Your Best Life, Especially Through Difficult Times

Dr. Peggy DeLong is an accomplished psychologist, author, speaker, and grief therapist. She is known as The Gratitude Psychologist because she teaches people how to harness the power of gratitude and joy to live their best lives, especially through difficult times. She does this through psychotherapy, her group program for healing grief called HEAL, her [...]

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Samantha Ruth: Empowering Grieving People Around The World To Turn Their Pain Into Their Power And Live Life On Their Own Terms

Samantha Ruth is a Transformational Psychologist, a Speaker, a podcast host, and the Best Selling Author of 3 books titled Women Who Illuminate, Life Lessons in Success and her most recent titled Permission Granted: Discover How Life Changes When You Give Yourself Permission. Sam's mission is to change how the world sees grief and mental [...]

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Grief and Rebirth Episode 6: Dr. Donna Perillo

Show Notes: Learn how Dr. Donna Perillo, who is an accomplished chiropractor, nutritionist naturopath, musician and compose has utilized her skills as a healer and composer to create healing programs that address the physical, emotional and chemical aspects of health. Donna discusses the healing miracle she experienced in her early 20's which [...]

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