Jeffery Olsen: His Profound Out Of Body, Near Death, And After-Death Communication Experiences

 Jeffery Olsen is a truly remarkable man with an incredible story of perseverance, inner strength, grief and rebirth. Jeff survived a car crash that killed his wife and young son, as well as hurt him badly. He had 18 surgeries, lost a leg, and had to heal physically and emotionally. Professionally, Jeff is a gifted [...]

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Tim Braun – Internationally Renowned Medium And Author

Tim Braun has been embraced by Hollywood celebrities, renowned athletes, and corporate leaders. He has appeared on television Bravo’s The Orange County Housewives, TLC network show, Sin City Rules, and been interviewed on CBS/Radio: Sundays with Rolanda, The Good Life Radio Canada, and featured in Awareness Magazine.His book LIFE AFTER DEATH: A Medium’s Messages to [...]

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