Kerri Sami: Why Healing And Transformation Starts With Your Connection With Mother Earth

 Kerri Hummingbird Sami is a Shamanic healer, a Mentor, and the author of Inner Medicine: Becoming One with Mother Earth for the Survival of Humanity. She is the Founder of Inner Medicine Training, a Mystery School that shares potent ancient traditions from the Andes and Himalayas for owning your wisdom and living your purpose.As a [...]

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Kari Hohne: Things That Seem Bad Can Ultimately Reveal A Silver Lining. What Challenges You Not Only Makes You Stronger But Reveals Aspects Of Your Unique Path

 Kari Hohne is a dream analyst, an expert on the recurrent symbols or motifs that inspire our dreams and oracles, the author of 7 books, and a translator of ancient texts such as the Tao te ching and I Ching. As a child, Kari had Out of Body Experiences at the onset of R-E-M, which [...]

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Robbie Holz: How Do Our Guardian Angels And Spirit Guides Help Us Turn Our Struggles Into Successes, Aid Us In Challenging Situations, And Help Us Achieve Our Desires?

 Robbie Holz is an internationally respected healer, medium and teacher. She is a frequent media guest and the author of two award-winning books read in over 43 countries, titled Secrets of Aboriginal Healing, and Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening, both of which are incredibly compelling and filled with extraordinary insights. In her newest book, titled Angels [...]

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Suzanne Giesemann: Medium, Channeler Of Higher Consciousness, Metaphysics Teacher, Teacher Of Mediumship, Author

 Suzanne Giesemann is a highly respected mystic, metaphysical teacher, and medium who shares The Awakened Way, which is the path to knowing who you are and why you are here.  Be it through her 13 books, her classes, and workshops, her weekly radio show, her Messages of Hope documentary, or her one-on-one sessions, Suzanne provides [...]

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