Tanya Cole-Lesnick: How “Energetic Clutter” Keeps You From Achieving the Inner and Outer Alignment Needed to Lead a Life That Honors Your Truest Self

 Psychotherapist and Personal Development Coach Tanya Cole-Lesnick had her first experience with a therapist in her mid-twenties when she sought the answer to why her love life wasn’t living up to her hopes, and she wanted to understand what was getting in the way. One-on-one therapy was followed up by group therapy that significantly transformed Tanya’s [...]

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Renu Cheng: Can “The Dark Night of the Soul” Bring About Spiritual Awakening?

 Renu Cheng is a New Jersey-licensed physical therapist with a master’s degree in physical therapy, who is also a certified Akashic Consultant and certified Divine Light Energy Healer. She was drawn to healing in some form or fashion from a young age, but instead of choosing to study medicine like many other members of her family, [...]

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Riya Sokol: Can You Navigate Your Reality so That It Can Become the Life You Always Dreamt of?

 Riya Sokol is an internationally acclaimed artist, mindset mentor, speaker, and tantric coach who lives in Warsaw, Poland. She was already immersed in show business at the tender age of 6, traveling around the world singing and dancing, and as a young adult, she was experiencing show business’ red carpets, drugs, alcohol, and the celebrity world while also [...]

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Jarie Bolander: “How dare I feel cheated out of my own life when my wife might die?”

Entrepreneur and author Jarie Bolander has written a raw and heartfelt book titled Ride or Die: Loving Through Tragedy, A Husband’s Memoir, in which he recounts the wondrous ways his wife Jane handled her terminal illness, explores the male experience of grief in the hopes that others also suffering through grief will not feel so alone [...]

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Dr. Constance Scharff: Is Healing Possible for a Person Who Suffered Extreme Childhood Sexual Abuse that Led to Post-Traumatic Stress and Addiction to Alcohol?

Dr. Constance Scharff, who has a PhD in Transformative Studies with a specialty in radically transformative personal experience, is an award-winning author and an internationally recognized speaker on the topics of addiction and trauma recovery, the psychological impacts of climate change, and women’s mental health. You will be inspired by the courageous way Constance healed after suffering extreme childhood sexual [...]

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