Nicole Christie: Are Our Health Issues the Body’s Way of Telling Us We’re Misaligned With Our Path?

 Nicole Christie is a writer, a Master Storyteller, and a dynamic entrepreneur who courageously rebooted her life after weathering two health crises in rapid succession, moving to a new city, recovering from narcissistic abuse, leaving her marriage, and stepping away from a significant career in communications at Microsoft to follow a more purposeful path. Tune [...]

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Bonus Episode: Healing From Grief and Finding Joy in Life with Irene Weinberg

 What a fascinating bonus interview this is!  Our very own Irene Weinberg of Grief and Rebirth Podcast was interviewed by Kelly Dillon on the Warrior of Truth Podcast. During this special episode, Irene shares her inspiring story of healing from devastating loss and what led her to make it her mission to help others heal from [...]

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