Robin Aisha Landsong: The Healing Power of Song – A Spiritual Journey of Surviving Abuse and Two Near Death Experiences, and Her Medicine Songs That Have Helped Over 16,000 People Heal From Trauma and Grief

 Robin Aisha Landsong, a remarkable visionary artist, medicine singer, and trauma resolution leader, shares her incredible story of resilience, survival, and healing. Through the darkest moments of our lives, it is often the most unexpected sources of healing that bring us back into the light. For Robin, it was the medicine song of a rural [...]

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Laura Moseley: It’s Not Loyalty That Keeps Us In Bad Relationships. It’s Unhealed Trauma.

 Laura Moseley is a single mom of three, a grandmother, and the courageous survivor of more than 23 years of both sexual and domestic abuse. She is currently involved with social services work, she is a domestic violence advocate, she is a public speaker, and she has a blog called "The Walking Wounded." The "Walking [...]

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