Debra Martin: A Renowned Medium And Healer Who Has Created A Unique Healing Technique Used Nowhere Else In The World, And Whose Incredible Connection With Spirit Has Aided Her Work With The FBI And Me

 Debra Martin is a renowned intuitive healer, an International Research Lab certified medium, the author of six books, and an ordained healing minister. She has had three near-death experiences, and she is also a survivor of cancer. After her third near-death experience in 2012, she had a profound out-of-body experience and a conversation with God. [...]

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Grief and Rebirth Episode 19: Thomas John – National and International Psychic, Medium, Teacher and Author of the book Never Argue with a Dead Person

Show Notes: In this episode, Thomas John shares his interesting life journey to become a psychic and medium, explains how he communicates with the deceased, gives us tips about harnessing our intuition, chats about how perceptions of life change after death, and suggests that grief can be a powerful tool for transformation.  [...]

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