Mary D’Agostino: The Powerful Intervention Of Spirit, The Miracles That Have Appeared, And Spiritual Growth, Healing And Rebirth

Mary D’Agostino is the owner of a Holistic Healing Arts Practice called Heart of Gaia Creative Healing Arts, where she employs her gifts as an intuitive guide, a spiritual counselor, a soul medium, a reiki teacher and practitioner, and an educator in the Intuitive Arts to generate healing and transformation for her clients. She is [...]

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Grief And Rebirth LIVE – Author Melissa Lyons And Irene Speak About Their New Healing Support Group Called The Healing Table

 Author Melissa Lyons and Irene talk about The Healing Table that was created because they felt there was a need for more consistent support during the healing and transformational phases of people’s lives, especially when people are feeling alone. This will be a safe and supportive environment and people will be surrounded by the vibes [...]

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Rosanne Norris: Helping Parents Heal Affiliate Leader, Caring Listener, Reiki Healer, Author

Rosanne Norris’ book, beLEEve: A Journey of Loss, Healing and Hope, is a touching personal narrative about Rosanne’s spiritual journey after the transition of her 30–year-old son Lee and his dog Buddy. Rosanne, who has a Bachelors in English from Binghamton University, spent her career working at the University’s performing arts center and she is [...]

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Elizabeth Boisson: President And Co-Founder Of Helping Parents Heal

 Elizabeth Boisson is the remarkable President and Co-Founder of Helping Parents Heal, the inspiring non-profit organization dedicated to assisting bereaved parents to become Shining Light Parents by providing support and resources to aid in the healing process. Elizabeth is also the Affiliate Director of the Phoenix/Scottsdale chapter of Helping Parents Heal, the Editor of the [...]

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Jamie Clark: Psychic Medium, Scientific Studies, Podcast Host, Author

Jamie Clark’s remarkable talents include psychic intuition, mediumship, remote viewing, the ability to locate lost people and animals, and he is also known to be able to help people with business decisions.  In addition, Jamie is the Author of the children’s book, “The Adventures of Roko and Tookee, The Kids from Mars,” the host of [...]

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