Aly Bird: The Optimal Ways Each Of Us Can Show Up For A Grieving Friend Or Family Member, The Terrible Cliches People Say To Grieving People That Are More Harmful Than Helpful, And The Right Questions To Ask That Help A Loved One To Heal!

 Aly Bird is a coach, therapist-in-training, widow, and author of the wise new book titled Grief Ally: Helping People You Love Cope with Death, Loss and Grief. When Aly was 30 years old, the person she loved and trusted most in her life suddenly died, leaving her in a world that no longer made sense.In the aftermath [...]

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Danny Greeves: Trauma Leads Over Time To Chronic Health Conditions. Healing Trauma Gives Us The Chance To Restore Optimal Health So We Can Get Back Into The Driver’s Seat Of Our Lives And Enjoy The Journey.

 Danny Greeves is a highly recommended, multi-award-winning therapist, author, and speaker who is one of the UK’s leading experts in childhood and relationship trauma. Danny has authored four books, he is a regular on BBC Radio, and he writes expert contributions for various online media publications. In his new book titled Accelerated Trauma Resolution, Danny [...]

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Krista Nerestant: It is possible to extract life-healing lessons while overcoming a violent past: how the incredible, heroic journey of her life turned Krista’s struggles into powerful lessons that can help each of us.

 Born in the Philippines, Krista Nerestant moved to the US at the age of twelve and became a successful entrepreneur at 17 years old. In addition to being the owner of, serving as a certified spiritual medium and teacher to demystify the world of spirit and energy, Krista is a neuro-linguistic life coach and [...]

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Paula Chambers: Are You Aware That Sensing Your Body And Moving With Conscious Intent Are Tremendously Powerful Tools For Healing And Self-Support?

 Writer and dance healer Paula Chambers is the 12th inspiring interviewee in the G & R Podcast’s Rebirth series. She was raised in Los Angeles by an actress mom and filmmaker dad, grew up steeped in show business, and spent her 20s in that world, working as an Assistant Director in movies and television for [...]

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Dr. Rita Louise: The Dysfunctional Dance Of The Empath And Narcissist: You Can Create Healthy Relationships In Your Life By Healing Your Childhood Trauma

 Dr. Rita Louise is a gifted empath, a talented clairvoyant medical intuitive, and a best-selling author whose most recent book is titled The Dysfunctional Dance of The Empath and Narcissist: Create Healthy Relationships by Healing Childhood Trauma. She graduated from the Berkeley Psychic Institute, where she studied meditation and energy medicine and learned to perform [...]

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