David Richman: Author, Coach, Consultant

 In addition to being an author, coach and consultant, David is an amazing endurance athlete, a financial services professional, and a public speaker who applies the lessons he has learned in his life to enrich and inspire others.David’s beautifully written and incredibly moving new book is titled Cycle of Lives – 15 People’s Stories, 5000 [...]

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Elena Sonnino: Are You Ready To Be A Magic Maker In Your Life By Turning The Walls Of Should And Judgment Into Doorways Of Hope and Possibility?

 Elena Sonnino is a life coach, a motivational speaker, a yin yoga teacher, and the author of Inhabit Your Joy: A Book of Nudges, which nudges us to get rooted, get curious, and get alive. Elena blends her personal experiences as a cancer survivor and a teacher leader to inspire people to remove self-imposed obstacles [...]

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