Sherri Cortland: Would You Like To Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth And Get Your “To-Do” List For This Incarnation Done With Much Less Drama And Pain?

 Sherri Cortland has served as a Vice President in the life and health insurance field, spent 18 years as a Director of Specialty Sales, and is currently a Project Manager in the travel industry. She is also an author, an intuitive, a workshop facilitator, and a spiritual growth accelerator whose mission is to help you [...]

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Raina Irene: A Mother’s Unending Bond With Her Son, Both On Earth And In Spirit

Raina’s memoir is titled Because of Josiah: The Sacred Alchemy of a Mother’s Unending Bond with her son in Spirit. It was her son Josiah’s sudden departure in 2017 that shifted Raina’s awareness, taking her on a dynamic journey from heart-shattering grief to the stunning realization that their bond is unbreakable and still thrives. With [...]

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