Stephen Berkley: Are Ghosts a Real Phenomenon or Are They Merely Symptomatic of Profound Grief?

  Stephen Berkley is a Writer/Director/Producer and Filmmaker whose PBS feature film, titled LIFE WITH GHOSTS, is a Best Documentary Film Festival winner. The documentary, which was inspired when Stephen’s father transitioned and his mother began reporting interactions with his father’s ghost, is the culmination of a seven-year investigation into the nature of love, loss, and ghosts. Be [...]

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Sherri Cortland: Would You Like To Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth And Get Your “To-Do” List For This Incarnation Done With Much Less Drama And Pain?

 Sherri Cortland has served as a Vice President in the life and health insurance field, spent 18 years as a Director of Specialty Sales, and is currently a Project Manager in the travel industry. She is also an author, an intuitive, a workshop facilitator, and a spiritual growth accelerator whose mission is to help you [...]

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Raina Irene: A Mother’s Unending Bond With Her Son, Both On Earth And In Spirit

Raina’s memoir is titled Because of Josiah: The Sacred Alchemy of a Mother’s Unending Bond with her son in Spirit. It was her son Josiah’s sudden departure in 2017 that shifted Raina’s awareness, taking her on a dynamic journey from heart-shattering grief to the stunning realization that their bond is unbreakable and still thrives. With [...]

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Tracy Soussi – Affiliate Leader Of Helping Parents Heal Child Loss Group, Listener/Shining Loss Mom, Board Member Of The Soul Phone Foundation And Assistant To Thomas John, Evidential Medium

If you need uplifting, this is the interview for you! You are going to be incredibly touched when you hear about Tracy’s journey to find her 29-year-old son, Aymen after he crossed over and how she turned her tragedy into a blessing by becoming a guiding light for HELPING PARENTS HEAL, an organization dedicated to [...]

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