Live Gallery With Michelle Clare: Psychic, Medium, Angel And Life Guide Communicator And Healer

Irene hosted an amazing Gallery with the very gifted and loving Michelle Clare, who is a psychic, a medium, an angel and life guide communicator, a life coach, and a healer. Michelle and Irene chatted about Michelle’s three near-death experiences, her deep connection with angels, and how she met her three life guides during her third near-death [...]

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Julie Ryan: Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer, Psychic, Medium And Author

 Julie Ryan is a successful inventor, entrepreneur, and businesswoman who is also a Medical Intuitive, an Energy Healer, a Psychic, a Medium and an Author. Julie’s remarkable book Angelic Attendants: What Really Happens as We Transition from this Life into the Next details the dying process, including the twelve phases of transition we each will [...]

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