Renu Cheng: Can “The Dark Night of the Soul” Bring About Spiritual Awakening?

 Renu Cheng is a New Jersey-licensed physical therapist with a master’s degree in physical therapy, who is also a certified Akashic Consultant and certified Divine Light Energy Healer. She was drawn to healing in some form or fashion from a young age, but instead of choosing to study medicine like many other members of her family, [...]

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Lisa Barnett: How does aligning a person with their soul path through the Akashic Records lead to greater fulfillment, happiness, abundance, health, and ease?

Did you know that you’ve lived before, that there is a library of all your past lives, that you made a soul plan for this life you are living, and that you can change your karma? Tune in for this powerful interview with Lisa Barnett, the internationally recognized author, teacher, and healer who has devoted her life [...]

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Rohini Moradi: Did You Know That The Akashic Records Are Like A Spiritual Database Where Every Thought That Can Be Used As A Guide For Life’s Toughest Decisions?

 Spiritual teacher Rohini Moradi is an Akashic Records specialist, a healer, and the creator of the Magic Inclined community, a private community for people who want to learn to access the Akasha. Rohini was born in Tehran, Iran, when her father ran the only Hindu temple in the city but a massive religious-military upheaval in [...]

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