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Join Stephanie and Irene as they reach “across the pond” to chat with Susan Kennard from the United Kingdom. Listen in as Susan shares her riveting personal story about working to help trafficked children in the U.K. and how she discovered that she is an Intuitive. She also shares how she helps people to empower themselves and heal by combining her traditional training, emotional freedom techniques and her fine intuitive skills. Since 50% of Susan’s clients come from the USA via Skype and phone sessions, there are truly “no borders” when it comes to healing with Susan!



  • Susan Kennard’s personal journey from working with trafficked children to becoming an intuitive energy practitioner.
  • How Susan combines her traditional training with emotional freedom techniques and intuitive skills to help people empower themselves and heal.
  • The importance of grounding and connecting with the Earth star and Soul star in Susan’s meditation practice.
  • The concept of self-love and how it can positively impact our lives and overall well-being.
  • The role of vibrational sounds and light language in raising one’s vibration and achieving alignment with their mission.



  • How did this intuitive peace kick in for you and how do you go? How is it different now when someone comes to you and you’re treating them like a parent or a child or whatever with this intuitive piece?
  • Are there boundaries down or do you know, with spirit, how can we help them?
  • Could you give us an example of a healing that you did or a child that was helped or something that comes to your mind?
  •  Do you have a specific tip as people are listening about finding joy in life?


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Susan Kennard – Energy Practitioner And Healer






Irene, how are you doing?

Steph, I couldn’t be happier. We have a fantastic person who we’re going to be interviewing in this episode.

We’re jumping across the pond. My old roommate, when I lived in Pittsburgh, who was an air marshal who used to fly all the time, would always say, “I’m jumping the pond.” I don’t know if that is a real lingo for saying heading over across the ocean, but that’s how he always refer to it. In this episode, we have Susan Kennard. Are you there, Susan?

Yes, I am. I’m listening to you saying across the pond. We are sitting in a pond at the moment because we have got torrential rain. It feels like it’s important as well.

We are speaking to Susan Kennard. She is speaking to us from England, from the United Kingdom.

That is my other secret favorite place in the world. I always got jealous when Bill would go over there to London and see it. It’s cute. It’s unrelated, but my son loves them because he’s obsessed with Paddington. We just saw Paddington 2 and he is enthralled with it. They were just the most adorable movies.

My landlord from my old apartment is moving back. She’s been in London for a few years and she brought him home an authentic London Paddington doll. It is still one of his favorites. I find it exciting to chat because I hold it close to my heart and I’m curious to hear. You said even though you’re there, 50% of your clientele is still here in America. I’m so curious to hear about all this.

I have to say that Susie came to us highly recommended by probably someone who was a client and said, “You must interview her. She is so impressive,” and then we’ll have Susan talking about herself. I’m impressed. She’s a trained Therapist in psychology and a post-graduate in Psycho-Analytical Observation, which she mixes with her intuitive skills.

Susan, I love your mission statement on your website, which is, “My passion is helping you to shift any unwanted emotions, physical problems, and limiting beliefs you may hold so that you can free yourself to transform your beliefs to those of empowerment, accessing the healer within.” Tell us about that. Give us a chat about what you do and your story. Go, Susan.

Thank you. The most important thing I think about the mission statement before I give you a story is to say that we all are our own healers. One of the things that I emphasize all the time with my clients in any interviews that I’m on is that I am the channel to allow you to heal yourself. I hold the space. Yes, I have lots of tools and I have my team upstairs I work with, but you are the one that’s healing yourself. We have to remember that because with that comes empowerment and choice. If we think we’re going to go to someone to fix that, that’s not empowering. It’s probably similar to using allopathic medicine.

You are the one that's healing yourself. Share on X

I like to talk about that and say that our journey is our own journey of healing and our experience of that will be subjective to whatever we need to do at that time. We find people along the way who can support us with that healing journey. That’s how I like to explain to people to call me and say, “How can you help me?” I like to say a healer within because it’s my belief that we’re a soul in a body, having a human experience. Therefore, we have all the power and the knowledge within us to heal ourselves. I didn’t always think that. I didn’t always know that.

In fact, I’d rather say I didn’t remember that. That might be the better thing to say. I started off my life, and I quit that previous life now, as a psychologist and a psychotherapist, because it seems such a long time ago. I’m old now and a mom of two. I was in my very early twenties when I started my journey as a psychologist and psychotherapist. I worked in child protection for a very long time on the trauma end of child protection. I wasn’t a social worker. I was somebody who worked with the emotional cause, reasons, or trauma within a family situation and within children.

That is so challenging. You must have carried horrible situations.

It’s interesting how your journey expands and travels because I didn’t realize then that what I was experiencing over those many years, probably ten years of working in that field, with trafficked children and doing assessments with children that were brought under the lorry, coming into England from all the different countries. Even passports all had 1/1 and then a guess date of their year. These children were suffering, abused, and used for many different purposes. I didn’t realize then that this was a platform for me to help people twenty years later in the way that I do.

It’s quite interesting how our journeys expand and change. You think at one point, “This is what I meant to be doing as a psychologist.” However, twenty years later, I’m still working with trauma and abused inner child and lots of traumatic experiences that people have experienced along the way. Still, this time, I’m working very much on an energetic level. I’m helping them heal from the cellular level vibrationally, which is so much more powerful than what we used to do, which was to trawl out with psychotherapy and talk about what we knew when what we don’t know is where our healing journey begin.

How did this intuitive peace kick in for you and how is it different now when someone comes to you and you’re treating them, be it a parent, a child, or whatever, with this intuitive piece?

It was many years ago. I had an experience where I was working in child protection. I had a friend who used to be an old boyfriend who took his life. He came to me one night. I’ve never had any experience of anything psychic or spiritual. I knew there was something else in the sense of astrology and energy, but I hadn’t remembered. He came to me one night. It’s like someone was in the room with me, and then for months afterward, I had to sleep with the light on. I had to have the radio on. I was so scared that that was going to happen again. I was going to be in this situation where someone had come into the room.

I had a reading with someone and I’d never had a reading in my life. They said to me all the things that no one else knew about Martin and myself when we were together, the travels we went on, and all the experiences we had. No one knew that. They were personal to me. I was in tears at that time and I said, “How do you know all of this?” She said to me, “He’s standing here telling me. He also told me that he visited you to let you know that he was okay.”

The penny dropped and I realized there was so much more to life than there was, but I didn’t think anything of that, even though she said, “You could be doing this.” I said, “No, I’m not interested. I’m a psychologist.” I was very much the scientist and I wanted evidence of everything. That’s good in a way because what it has led me to know now is that I’m very much evidence-based. The way that I work with people, I only use processes that I feel will help people. I’m like the science meets the spiritual. I’m a spiritual scientist, as I call myself.

GAR 13 | Soul Star

Soul Star: “I’m where the science meets the spiritual.”


That’s wonderful, though, because so many people are skeptical and you bring that from the real world.

Essentially, if I hadn’t seen spirit. This was my journey, so I learned about it. I did transcendental meditation. It opened up a whole world to me. I read a library of books because I wanted to know the facts about your soul and consciousness. I went to many workshops. If I hadn’t actually seen through it, I wouldn’t have ever believed it. I was given that gift of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience so that I could have all of that and wouldn’t go off track because I certainly would not have done it. I would not have contacted my guides or spoken to them if I hadn’t trusted that I could see it.

That’s a shortened version to me. Essentially, now, what happens is I work with many beings of light. I work with the galactic guides. I work with my team of guidance that step in. I do light language. I sing tones. I use my psychology. I use my psychotherapy. I work with inner child. I’ve developed lots of processes with my team of guidance upstairs to work with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as we call here, so PTSD. I don’t need to know anything about somebody. The reason why that came about was because I worked with veterans for quite a long time.

The veterans just pulled out their whole story with doctors and psychiatrists. They really didn’t want to do that. What they wanted to do was heal themselves but not have to tell me anything. These processes were created because of that. I use these on a daily basis with clients because we don’t know what we don’t know. Over here, we have sheds. I don’t know if you have sheds in the garden in America, but we call it a shed. I call that the back of our minds. The shed is like the back of our mind and we put everything in the back of our shed.

Would you call that the subconscious?

Yes, with reptilian brain. It’s the brain without language. It’s preverbal, which means quite often, it’s epigenetic brought in with us. It’s not even ours half of the time. It can be past life if people want to believe that. Looking at it scientifically, we know that, epigenetically, we bring in thought forms from our parents and ancestors. Even if we didn’t believe in anything spiritual, scientifically, evidence-based, we bring that in not only on our genetics but in our thought forms as well. If we’re looking at the back of our shed, we’ve often got in it somebody else’s bike, pots and pans, and tools for the garden. Half of them are not even ours.

The work I do is to help people release all of that unwanted energy, which is thought form which creates belief systems that are held within the energy field in the body. When we’re holding these messages in our body, they are just messages of thought. Most of the time, we don’t know what that thought is, but what I stumbled upon, which is really interesting for me, is that when we have a message in our body, if we’re looking at what our body or our mind is trying to tell us, often it’s because we felt as disconnect. What I mean by that is we’ve had a shock or a trauma along the way and we felt disconnected to source or our inner guidance.

If we're looking at what our body or our mind is trying to tell us, often it's because we feel disconnected. Share on X

I stumbled upon this a few years ago. I noticed that when we healed, that disconnect that we felt with the child or a baby, then we started to become much more centered and able to manifest and create amazing things in our lives. Also, we didn’t feel alone. When I was working with my clients, not only were they changing, they might change jobs, relationships, everything kind of changed around them, but they also felt very calm within and that they were not on their own and that they didn’t live that life of feeling that they had to have somebody with them all the time to make sure they felt okay.

It was this feeling of connected to the beingness of who they are, that essential part of them, I suppose we should say. I stumbled upon that when working with trauma. I realized that when we can heal that part of us that never was disconnected but that we felt was disconnected, we become so much more the best version of who we are. That’s an absolute dream to watch happen with people, how they change their lives and the light goes on. I love to see that go on.

I have a quick question. I have a lot of mom readers out here. Especially in the world now as moms, the pressure to be a perfect mom to do everything is enormous these days. We always feel like we’re falling short. I know you say you work with children, but I’m curious. To give moms a little comfort or as a reason to want to talk to you, too, how can we make sure that we’re doing everything we can to be helpful to our children?

How do we know signs if maybe they do need some help? I don’t feel that kids can express themselves as much as adults and understand their feelings. Sometimes, I know we always worry about that. Are their boundaries down with spirit? How can we help them? Like you said, children can’t also ask for help or know to be empowering for themselves.

The most important thing is to heal yourself. I am a single mom with two children, a daughter and a son. I became a single parent several years ago when they were little. They were toddlers and babies. The most important thing I found and working with mums is that when we help ourselves, heal ourselves, and become the vibrational equivalent of love for ourselves, self-love, our children are showing us a different message. What they do for us is they represent what emotions are going on within us.

This is what I found. If your child is being bullied at school, not able to make relationships, or whatever, look at yourself as a mother or as a parent and say, “Where is it in me that I feel that pain, rejection, or that pain of non-accept?” something like that. I do work with children and I help them with many tools so they can heal themselves. The most important thing I feel and what I notice in families when I work with whole families is that when the parents are in alignment with who they truly are, let’s say their mission here of what they chose to do on Earth, and then happier and they feel clear, then the children follow with that.

The reason for that is that they’re just beautiful expressions of mirrors for us. The relationships as well, they’re a mirror. They’re amazing. What my guides are saying to me here is to remember that they chose you as a mom or a dad. They need to experience what they need to experience in this lifetime, but they are here to teach us. I believe that they’re here to teach us. They’re much more aware than we are and a much finer vibration they’ve come in on. They are really the healers for us.

GAR 13 | Soul Star

Soul Star: Children are just beautiful expressions of mirrors for parents.


As one my guides is stepping in and talking as I’m talking here now, essentially, what they want me to say is that to take the fear away from worrying about your child’s journey and look at yourself and where it was in your experience that you felt afraid of the future. Where was it in your journey that you felt the fear of the future, you felt that you couldn’t be here in the world because it was too difficult, or all those different things? That is a real nugget.

It’s like as they say on the plane going down, you got to put your air mask on first and then your child.

What I found with family units is when mom or dad finds me and says like, “I’m really worried about my child,” I would talk to them about the child, but I would always work with them first. I always work with the parents first. Quite often, with birth trauma, and I specialize in that as well, when we can hear moms experience birth trauma, the child then heals themselves anyway.

You can do all of this on the phone also with people. It doesn’t have to be personal.

It can be Skype and Zoom. As we said at the top of the session, 50% of my work is international.

Could you give us an example of a healing that you did, a child that was helped, or something that comes to your mind so the people can understand how it works?

I’ve got one that I can talk about. I have a case of a child. I did three sessions with her. At the time, she was eleven. She’d lost her nan and her mum was really struggling as well. She was quite a young mom and she was struggling with the fact that her mom had died. This young girl was really struggling. I did some work with her.

Where I focused was on her hopes and dreams. We cleared away lots of the feelings of grief, sadness, and loss. We helped her with that but also helped her with what she wanted in her life where she could see herself. I have a process called the emotional wall. Essentially, the emotional wall is the wall that we put up when we don’t feel safe in the world. It’s in our heart.

GAR 13 | Soul Star

Soul Star: The emotional wall is the wall that we put up when we don’t feel safe in the world.


This is a visualization in which we can see how high our wall is depending on the emotion we’re working with. In this case, she had a wall and we helped her clear the wall, which is such a beautiful process of healing the inner child. We used angels, magic wands, and everything with children. I’m teaching a course to the community to use these processes with their children in mindfulness, EFT, and all sorts of things.

One of the things that surprised me was this lovely girl really wanted to swim and she saw herself over the other side of the wall winning a medal for swimming. I have to tell you that she has gone on to win many medals for swimming for the UK. Her mother posted it all over Facebook and she’s like, “This is my daughter and this is what she has done.”

In three sessions, she was able to clear those memories and thoughts from her energy field so that she could be the best version of herself. Children are so easy to work with because they haven’t had that for very long. They just had these thoughts, perceptions, or beliefs for a small amount of time. It’s easy for them to be the shiny, sparkly best version of themselves much more quickly. They’re not like adults who held it and created barriers and walls around that to get through life. For children, it’s beautiful.

All of us adults, especially moms, parents, and carers, should work on ourselves because this is where the healing begins with the heart of the family and then watch as the children change. I’m bringing in a new initiative into schools over here called 60 Seconds of Color. I launched a conference before. The reason why I brought it in was because what I realized was that the teachers and the top-down management were so stressed. I’m teaching the teachers how to do mindfulness to teach the children so that the teachers know it, they calm themselves down, and then the children naturally do it in the class 3 times a day for 20 seconds of breathing. I’m bringing this initiative here because it has to start with the one looking after the child rather than just working with the child.

A lot of us forget that. I remember a couple of years ago, Dove came out with a video where it was amazing. I still cry every time I find it. They’re interviewing moms and moms are asking what they think they do all day and they say these things. They then interview their children and what their children think of their moms. They replay those videos of what the children say about their moms and you can’t not cry. It’s like, “I think my mom is beautiful and she’s perfect. She makes me the best peanut butter jelly sandwich in the entire world,” and the little things.

These kids are so proud and think their moms are the greatest things in the world, and these mothers are putting themselves down like, “I didn’t have time to get the right peanut butter. I didn’t shower today.” You hear all the negativity and the sadness in these moms, and then they watched, but none of that matters that these children have them on this pedestal. It’s such a reminder.

That’s such a good thing. The overall meaning here is self-love. We don’t give ourselves enough credit. You’re saying we can reflect on ourselves to be that kind of role model that our children see, that we have to see ourselves through their eyes more and understand that we’re our world’s worst critic and we’re so hard on ourselves, and we shouldn’t be. I love that.

To all my face-to-face clients, I give them this gift. I give them a gratitude journal. We’re all working together every day to write down three things that they love about themselves. Perhaps everybody reading this have by themselves a little gratitude journal, a tiny little bit that’s the gratitude and to write every day three things that they’re grateful for themselves. It is just for themselves, not for the world or their children.

My guides are saying to me another thing. If your body is showing you a message, maybe back or headache, whatever your body is showing, you may be overweight or underweight, whatever it might be, to write a love letter to your body. This is what my guides are telling me now. Write a love letter to your body how much you love your body and how much you love whatever it is. If your body is not showing you those messages, write a love letter to yourself as if you are a lover. They’re telling me that. That’s really beautiful.

Most of us walk around complaining, “I hurt here. I hurt there.” Those are the things that your body does for you that you don’t even think about.

That’s a great joy tip. Everybody should get a gratitude journal. I might start that, Irene.

I could not agree more.

We should do it, and when we see each other, we can read a couple because then we’ll be able to see our compliments and positive. It would be cute. It’s probably personal, but it would be nice.

Those people come and have been on medication for many years, like antidepressants and things like that. They’re in a place of not feeling emotion because it’s a long time. I get them to do gratitude of things outside in the garden or gratitude of their animal. If it’s too difficult to do gratitude of loving themselves, then I get them to start with, “I’m grateful for my warm house. I’m grateful for my garden. I’m grateful for the trees.” It starts us with an attitude of gratitude, which is funny. Also, going to bed on gratitude is a beautiful vibration because we then wake up on gratitude when we go to sleep on gratitude. That helps people sleep better because they’re thinking about something positive.

GAR 13 | Soul Star

Soul Star: Going to bed with gratitude is a beautiful vibration because we then wake up with gratitude. That really helps people sleep better because they’re actually thinking about something positive.


Irene, that’s for you right there.

That is right for me. There is so much to be grateful for. Do you have a specific tip, as people are reading, for finding joy in life, or would you say it is this gratitude journal or something in addition to that?

As Stephanie was saying, it’s about self-love. What I do for myself is I’m very aware that I balance my life with my time with my children, my time with my clients, and my time with Bikram yoga. I have a relationship with Bikram yoga. I love it. I have a relationship with a bath, candles, and lavender oil. I find that what’s really important is to balance your life and love yourself because I’m a better mom to my children if I can do the things that care for me if I was just a mom with my children and didn’t do the work that I do, which I absolutely love and it’s my passion.

If I didn’t do the yoga or didn’t spend the time perhaps going away on a course that I choose to do, then I would not be the same mother for them. It’s important to love yourself. Remember those little bits and pieces. Perhaps it might be to sit down for five minutes and just have your cup of tea. That’s very English, I know. Sit with it and do your gratitude journal. One of the things that I get all my clients to do is the Earth Star, Soul Star meditation. I can’t remember. Did I do it on the recording?

You have a recording of your meditation. We’re going to offer that to people.

We’re going to have it. We’re going to put it in with the newsletters and on the website where people can download it for free and try it.

Also, Facebook Live. I have a YouTube channel under my name. Everything’s under my name, Susan Kennard, so people can find me anywhere if they want to find me. Essentially, to ground with the Earth Star and the Soul Star is important because we have to be grounded and connected. Lots of people are just connected and not grounded in their body and grounded in this human experience.

Lots of people are just connected and not grounded in their body, not grounded in this human experience. Share on X

During your meditation, you have certain sounds. Those are vibrational sounds that I heard you chanting. Those are certain vibrational sounds during the meditation to achieve something.

This particular one is about aligning with your mission. The Pleiadian are the Galactic family I work with. Those are Pleiadian Collective, the Arcturian, and the soul energy. There are many different tones that come through that are a little bit of light language but singing tones mainly. What that does is it vibrates the cells and releases the unwanted emotion. It’s a lot of things like resentment and things that we hold and we don’t even know that we hold. When we hold resentment and anger, it is quite difficult to be in alignment with love and our mission.

What they like to work with a lot is healing those vibrations within us so that we can emit, in our heart field, pure love. Therefore, we attract more loving things into our experience. The light language has only been around with me in 2017. It’s very new. As you raise your vibration more and more, you become more in alignment with the gifts that you chose to bring in this time. I feel that the light language was another level to help people heal and align more with the fifth dimension we’re in now and the third-dimensional living we were in for. All these eclipses are amazing. In fact, it will be solar eclipse and a new moon.

An amazing energy is going on in the universe. We’re having to raise our vibration to be in alignment with that. That is speeding everyone up, which is great. We’re in a higher vibration. Particular foods, perhaps, don’t suit people anymore. Also, alcohol with people. We’re realizing that our bodies are a vibration, so we perhaps can’t have the same things that we might have had before. They don’t agree with us in the same way as we become a lighter vibration.

Love is all there is. It’s fear or love, and I’d rather be in love than fear. All my work is around achieving that sense of self-love on a deeper level all of the time. That’s what I work with. Even if somebody is presenting with a label of cancer or a message that the body’s showing, I know that it’s about self-love. I know that this is an incredible experience for them to step on to self-love. It’s being shown to us for a reason.

I’m glad we had such a nice little chat. I feel so empowered to be self-loving more to myself. I’m going to get a gratitude journal now. I will buy one. Susan, can you give us a link to your website quickly before we go? If they put my name into Google, it will come up. I’ve got practices in London and Sussex and work on Skype and Zoom. There are many ways that people can work with me. They can also come on some courses in England if anyone wants to fly over and come on a course. That would be lovely.

You never know. I do like it. Maybe one day we’ll be heading over and I’ll have to give you a call. Everybody, get your gratitude journal. What a perfect idea. I love it.

Susan, you brought so much love to so many people. Thank you.

Thank you, everyone, for reading. When you see someone in love, just embrace and go, “That’s for me.”

Thanks for joining us. It’s another episode. It is very uplifting, empowering, and self-loving. If you have questions, you can always reach out to us. Bye, Susan.

Thank you so much.

Much love.


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