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Sue Frederick is an accomplished speaker and teacher, an Author, an Intuitive, an ordained Unity Minister, a soul regression therapist, a master numerologist, and a certified creative arts therapist. She has been an intuitive since childhood and she is also an accomplished author. Her six highly acclaimed books provide roadmaps for manifesting the work we each came here to do, the love we came to experience, how best to connect to our departed loved ones for healing and how to use pain as fuel to fulfill our greatest potential. She has been featured in the New York Times,, Real Simple Magazine, Yoga Journal, Natural Health, and Complete Woman magazines and she has presented workshops at venues such as Omega Institute, The Crossings Retreat Center, the American Businesswomen’s Association, and the National Career Development Association.



  • The vision Sue received about being lifted above Earth and shown that the light is always winning no matter how grim things may appear.
  • How grief became Sue’s greatest teacher when her husband died in her arms.
  • The ways dream visions and conversations with departed loved ones shift grief.
  • Why lifting into our soul’s view and out of our human story is necessary for healing and a purposeful life.



  • How is the heart the gateway to intuition?
  • Is it true we are shown the soul’s perspective of our life here on Earth during our Life Review?
  • Is there any judgment of our earthly behavior on the Other Side?

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Sue Frederick: In A Dream Vision, Sue Was Lifted Above Earth And Shown That The Light Is Always Winning No Matter How Grim Things May Appear






Everyone, I hope this finds each of you so very well. I’m speaking from my studio in West Orange, New Jersey. I am beyond delighted to have this opportunity to interview the remarkable Sue Frederick, who is an accomplished speaker and teacher, author, intuitive, ordained unity minister, sole regression therapist, master numerologist, and certified creative arts therapist.

To say the least Sue’s background is quite diverse. She was trained to be a professional career counselor at the University of Missouri, became an accomplished rock climber, led extreme survival courses for Outward Bound, found the Career Intuitive Coach Training Institute, has been a guest on more than 200 radio and TV shows, and has served as a faculty member for the University of Colorado and Naropa University.

She is also a former corporate vice president and magazine executive. Two more of Sue’s many gifts, she’s been an Intuitive since childhood and she’s an accomplished author. Her six highly acclaimed books provide roadmaps for manifesting the work we each came here to do, the love we came to experience how best to connect to our departed loved ones for healing, and how to use pain as fuel to fulfill our greatest potential.

She has been featured in the New York Times,, Real Simple magazine, Yoga Journal, Natural Health, and Complete Woman magazines as she has presented workshops at venues such as Omega Institute, the Crossings Retreat Center, the American Businesswoman’s Association, and the National Career Development Association. She’s amazing.

I’m looking forward to interviewing Sue about how grief has been her greatest spiritual teacher. The ways mystical experiences of dream visions and conversations with departed loved ones can shift grief, the vision she received, in which she was shown that the light is always winning no matter how grim things may appear, and why lifting into our soul’s view is necessary for healing and purposeful life and more for what is surely going to be an incredibly enlightening and insightful interview. Sue, with a full heart, I welcome you to the show.

I love you so much. It’s an absolute joy to be here. When I die, you need to do my celebration of life and read that because I don’t remember half of that. It’s good that you are reminding me. It’s been a long lifetime.

One busy lifetime. Look at how fabulous you are.

I’m ready for a beach vacation in the divine realms.

When you talk to you and you read your books, you can see all these experiences. They are such rich experiences that contribute to your wisdom and who you are. It’s amazing.

You are so sweet.

Thank you. We are a mutual admiration system. Let’s start and have everybody get acquainted with you in an even deeper way because you have been intuitive since childhood. Tell us what that was like for you. I know you grew up in New Orleans. Do you have a favorite story about that period in your life you’d like to share with us or two favorite stories?

I was born in the early-50s. Back then, those of us who were around then, knew that as a child, it wasn’t okay to say, “I saw a ghost in my room.” Come to the breakfast table and share a precognitive dream that would come true that afternoon. That didn’t make you popular. It also terrified my mother in particular because she wanted me to be “normal” so that I would end up being able to get married and have children.

That was her goal for me. Remember it was the 50s, and here was this weird kid coming to breakfast saying, “I had a dream about a car accident,” and describing it in detail, and then that exact thing happening later in the day. What I’d say about it is in these times, even though these times are challenging, one of the good things about these times is that the word Intuition is not a terrible word anymore. People who are very sensitive can be known now as empaths rather than weirdos. There has been progress on those fronts.

Hopefully, fewer kids are running around where people are saying, “You are too sensitive.” Now we know it is a gift.

It is. Back then, I cry very easily and I have made peace with it because it’s my body’s way of processing things. Even when I do a session with a client when their departed loved one or their child comes through often it makes me cry. There’s so much love there, there’s so much connection that tears. When I was young, I would get so bullied over that because crying was considered a bad thing for a long time in our culture. I’m so glad that it’s more acceptable these days because it’s very healthy to cry.

Even if it’s a boy. Sometimes boys need permission to express their emotions even more than girls do.

They do. Do you know that there’s research that shows that when we cry it gives us endorphins, it changes our body chemistry? I have a client who says, “The problem is I’m crying all the time.” I said, “That’s fine. Go sit down, and have a great heart-opening cry. You are going to feel so much better until it builds up again.” I teach a little meditation where you can cry and hold your palm in front of your heart chakra and let that pain pour out of you into your palm. Picture it that way and then lift it and say, “I offer this pain to the divine to be transformed into love,” and cry it out and you will feel so much better.

Did you come from a generation like I did that if you cried, someone would say to you, “I will give you something to cry about.”

I heard that. Isn’t that awful?

Horrible, and I used to hear that too. “You better cut it out.” Thank God we are where we are these days.

How did we survive?

We have just touched on your childhood and your completely perfect life. Your husband died in your arms of cancer when you were just 29 years old. Please tell us about that heartbreaking experience and how did grief then become your greatest spiritual teacher?

I view grief perhaps differently than mainstream psychology does. I view grief differently now than I did at the age of 29 when my husband crossed over. What happens when we are devastated with grief, and in my particular soul agreement with my beautiful husband Paul, we were outward-bound mountaineering instructors. We were physically so strong. We had great love and passionate love. He is and was such a kind and amazing soul. When he was diagnosed with colon cancer, it was just because he had some weird stomach problems and a doctor had told him it was nerves or something. This was the 70s, there was no such thing as a colonoscopy.

By the time he got the real diagnosis, they gave him two weeks to live. Paul and I were so in love, we wouldn’t take that. We dabbled in alternative medicine, conventional surgery, chemo, and everything we could find we did, including an amazing trip to see a Native American healer, Chief Fools Crow, one of the most sacred Native American healers. That was profound because Chief Fools Crow then did all these amazing things to help Paul cross over a month later when the time of his crossing had come. Paul would wake up singing Lakota, although he’d never known Lakota, the language of the Sioux. He would say, “Chief Fools Crow visited me and taught me 2 songs, 1 song to help me with the pain and 1 song to help me cross over.”

Paul was not like that. He grew up the son of a Christian Minister and in his last year was having such mystical, amazing experiences that he was taking me on the journey of learning that there’s a much bigger understanding of life and death. In his moment of death, even he was teaching me because he had been in a coma and I had promised him. He’d made me promise him that he would die at home in my arms. I had made that promise a million times.

We had hospice nurses who would come to the house and help us, but I was his primary caregiver. He had a medical emergency and we got rushed to the hospital. Sometimes those situations happen, people suddenly find themselves in a hospital room and their loved one is in a coma and they had promised that the person could die at home.

I was upset at that point. All of our friends arrived at the hospital room and were standing around talking and I fell asleep on the floor of the hospital room because I was so exhausted from caring for him. Paul immediately came to me in the most vivid dream and he was happy, free, and healthy. He said, “Sue, what are you doing? Get up off the floor. I’m not trapped in that body. My spirit is free, but I’m waiting for you to come and hold me in your arms and tell me it’s okay to let me go.” I woke up out of that dream and I was like, “Everybody, get out of here. I need just me and Paul’s mom, Paul just told me he’s ready to cross over.”

My friends were like, “That’s weird, but whatever.” I got on one side of Paul and his mom got on the other and we started saying, “It’s okay. We will be all right. We want you to be free and just go and fly out and be in those mountains.” Paul had been in a coma for more than 24 hours, his breathing had not changed. As we told him it was okay for him to go, he took this beautiful sigh. It was so peaceful and I saw his soul lift out of his body and leave out to the mountains. I saw it with every cell, I will never doubt that my whole life, I saw it so clearly. He was teaching me there is no death. Paul is my greatest teacher in this lifetime and grief has been my greatest spiritual awakening.

GAR Sue Frederick | Dream Vision

Dream Vision: Paul is my greatest teacher in this lifetime and grief has been my greatest spiritual awakening.

The same thing happened to me with Saul. They were both our teachers. They introduced us to what we are doing. Was his mom able to see his soul also?

Yeah. His mom was the minister’s wife so she had her own Christian dogma stories about death and Jesus. As we stood at the bedside holding Paul, the only word I can say is awe. The light being that is our soul that is not part of the body. It’s a pure beautiful light being is the only words I know how to put to it. We both saw that there was no religious story around it. There were no religious icons. We both walked over and stood at the window even though his body was still in the bed. We knew we had seen his soul was free. We stood at the window just looking and crying and holding each other. Like, “Wasn’t that beautiful? That was so beautiful.”

Look at what you are doing now. That same comfort that you got you are giving to so many people.

I want to say to anybody who’s grieving that it’s not from that day on I was like, “I’m good. I understand life and death now.” We are human and we are divine at the same time and we walk with 1 foot in the human realm and 1 foot in the divine. We have to feel the pain here. It’s what we agree to experience here as part of our growth journey. I grieved enormously in my 30s and messed up a lot of relationships that I was trying to have because I wanted to get married and have babies after all.

After all that was your script. You were still trying to keep your script.

When you are grieving, you make a lot of crazy choices but I learned from every one of them.

It made you the colorful and wonderful person you are, all those experiences.

I have had a lot of crazy choices, but I’m grateful because every single one of them got me to be who I am now. I love the journey looking back on it. “That was quite a ride.”

The beautiful thing about it is that you are not at all judgmental and you are so accepting, which came from your travails and what you went through that you can understand. You don’t judge anyone else’s process at all.

Don’t you agree? That’s how we are. When we have had to live through pain and hard moments, we start realizing what’s important. It’s not any of the stuff that this world tells us is important. We learn to see things more from the soul’s view, which is, “Look at that beautiful soul trying their best that they can to navigate their journey.” It’s not, “Look at that person who messed up that career or this or that or has addictions.” Once you have seen it from the soul’s perspective, which grief helps us do, the judgment seems irrelevant after that. It’s just not getting the point of life.

When we have had to live through pain and hard moments, we start realizing what's important. Share on X

I have a magnet on my refrigerator that says, “Cancel my subscription. I don’t need all these issues.” You get a perspective about what’s important in life. I’m not sweating all this little small stuff. We will talk about that more later, but I want you to please describe how mystical experiences of dream visions and conversations with the departed loved one shift grief because you do that a lot with people and you see that.

In my own story, that has been the constant. Even that night after Paul crossed and I went home to my apartment and got in the bed that I’d shared with Paul. I went to sleep that night and I woke up or I didn’t wake up at 2:00 in the morning. I was awake and I felt Paul’s body pressed up against me cuddling in bed, so clear.

I can still remember that feeling. It was not just a spirit. I could feel his body. He was there holding me like this final goodbye. This being of light reached over me and tapped Paul on the shoulder and he lifted because he needed to move on with his spirit guide, not get stuck here in the earthly realms. That was just one experience and they have continued with other departed loved ones.

What I do for a living now, like for example I had a grieving mom client from Helping Parents Heal. You and I both love, such an amazing nonprofit. This mom’s 28-year-old son had crossed and what I do is I sit down and do the departed soul’s birth path through numerology. I speak to them and say, “Tell me about your story. Tell me about what happened here. What was this journey like for you and what do you have to say to your mom?”

This beautiful spirit just showed up right in front of me, even physically. I could see what he looked like, his hair, and the color of his skin. He told me a story and I wrote it all down because I just write whatever I hear. I don’t question it. I started the Zoom call with his mom and read it to her before she could tell me anything. I start by reading that and she was like, “That was exactly him.” I was waving to Kevin in my office going, “Kevin, you do good. Your mom knows you are still around.”

What a comfort that is. You are still grieving because I experienced it. I was on the floor, crying, hysterical but there was an element of knowing that I’m going to see him again.

Not only that but when we allow ourselves to have the mystical come into our consciousness, when we allow those dream visions when we allow those messages from the departed, we even write them down. I tell everybody to write, sit down, meditate, talk to your departed, and then start writing and write whatever you hear, whatever comes to you, and don’t think about it. You will get so many messages. What that does for all of us is they are fine. They never come through and go, “I’m suffering here and I’m missing earth life.” They never say that. They always say, “I’m in the great place of just pure love and unconditional love and all sorts of beauty. You guys are in the hard place Earth school.”

GAR Sue Frederick | Dream Vision

Dream Vision: “I’m in the great place of just pure and unconditional love and all sorts of beauty. You guys are in the hard place, Earth school.”

That’s it. This is Earth School. Quite a school. Some people are getting their PhDs and this is what it’s like.

I keep thinking, “I must be flunking some grades or something because it seems like I should have graduated by now.”

Especially with your resume.

Please, how many more classes do I have to take? Somebody tell me.

Speaking of visions, you even received one about being lifted above the earth and shown that the light is always winning no matter how grim things may appear. We have got a lot of grim things over here. Would you explain that to us?

My husband is a graphic artist and I shared with him what my vision was, and he created this backdrop for me because I was lifted above the earth by angels or guides, divine beings and I was shown planet Earth from a distance. I was shown that there were so many lights, sparking other lights. Even though there were dark places of consciousness, the light was traveling so fast. It was covering the earth and the light was overcoming the darkness. The guides were whispering to me, “Don’t look at how bad things can be and are,” and this was before things went crazy in 2016 and 2017. It was right before then that I was shown the vision. I remember thinking, “Are they going to get that bad? That’s scary.” Here we are now.

I have to keep looking at this vision, remembering that I was told so clearly by these guides. The light is always winning. Love is always winning. You have to trust that. I say that to all of us here, who might have anxiety and fear. It’s almost election time. There’s so much anxiety in this world and we have got to lift above it and get mystical guidance to help us maneuver down here. If we only focus on this crazy physical world, there’s a whole lot of crazy stuff and people just go, “Why am I here? I don’t even want to be here.” You have got to lift above it to see what your purpose is, to remember why you are still here, and how you can help others moving forward.

We will be talking about your soul view. You are so prolific with all that you have written and one of your most recent books is titled Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side. How is the heart the gateway to intuition, and how can all of our readers use their intuition to see the other side? I bet a bunch of our readers would love to be able to learn that.

GAR Sue Frederick | Dream Vision

Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side by Sue Frederick

The way I like to teach intuition is to help people understand that the monkey mind and the ideas that we have running through our head all the time is our human self. We need a mind and ego in order to survive in the physical world. We sign up for that when we drop in down here. However, our true essence is the light being, the soul, and the divine essence that we all are and have. That is run by the heart chakra. It is not run by the mind and the heart is the most powerful organ or chakra for connecting us to the loving God consciousness, whatever words you want to put to it. The loving presence that runs this divine order universe.

Through the heart, emotion, feeling, and knowing are how we connect to that higher source, that intuitive stuff. When I train coaches, I will always say something like, “Do somebody’s number chart.” That was always a way of doing it for me. Put your hand on that. Close your eyes and just feel what their journey is and what their departed is trying to tell them. Feel what you get and it comes in through the soul, through the heart, through a love channel. The love channel is our channel to God’s consciousness in the higher realms.

If people want to learn more about that love channel, they will learn about it through your book. Also, you probably have workshops and all about that.

If they go to my website,, they can find upcoming classes, events, and speaking. I have a YouTube channel that you can access from my website and I’m always teaching and posting the classes on YouTube. There are a lot of ways you can follow my work. If you want to do a session, it’s all there on the website. How to sign up

You also have a new book coming out titled Your Divine Lens. You have nothing to do.

You and I both know that when you are doing what your heart and your soul came here to do, it’s a wild ride and every minute of it is magic. This book contract came to me in a magical way with a great new publisher, Inner Traditions and they are so awesome. This will be my best-ever book. It’s called Through a Divine Lens: Practices to Quiet the Mind and Open the Heart and you can pre-order it on Amazon.

It reveals that death is not an ending. It is a transformation. Is it true that we are shown the soul’s perspective of our life here on earth in what is called the life review, and what is that like? We all go through that?

That is such a great thing to talk about. Anybody who’s had a near-death experience or even talked to a departed loved one who’s come back to give them messages. They all describe how when we lift out of the body, we are held in a loving presence and we are shown a movie almost of our life in a way that helps us understand, “Maybe I could have been more courageous or loving,” but we are shown it in a very supportive way so that we are not feeling bad about it. We are not judged. Instead, we are learning from it and watching it and going, “It was about love down there and courage. I want to go back and tell my people down there that it’s all about love.” Many of the spirits that come back, that’s what they are saying. “It’s all about love. Get over yourselves, people.”

Do you also feel the pain you caused to others as well as the results of the positive action?

When you think of religion, because I have studied every religious path I could get my hands on to learn from, they all talk about some moment of judgment. They might define it as heaven and hell even the Buddhists and the Hindus talk about it as karma. You are going to have to come back and even out your karma. What I believe is that those aren’t accurate. They are just the human way of trying to understand that when we leave the body, our soul looks at what we have done and goes, “Maybe I could have done better. I did well right there. Now I want to help out from here and send more love messages to the world.” It’s our consciousness that looks at our life and says, “Now I understand how I should have done better.” It’s not an outside force.

You are not feeling something. If you broke someone’s head, you are not going to feel the pain.

I always think of it as a soul wincing and going, “I wish I hadn’t done that to them. I do know how much that messed them up.” That goes into your soul consciousness where you go, “I will never do that again. I understand now. That was wrong behavior and I have learned from it.” We have to realize that even the murderer who gets away with murder never gets away with murder because when they cross over, they see that all unfolding in front of them. They experience how they damaged that other person and how they damaged their loved ones. The loved ones of the murdered victim. They feel it in such a way that it breaks them into higher wisdom. They often then decide to help out from the divine realms.

Meaning that they will help out the victim’s family in ways that can’t be seen in the physical world, but can only be seen from the soul’s world. Lifting them through challenges, helping things happen for them that will serve that family. We don’t know this here because we are just looking at the human side of it, but there is a higher consciousness that we are made of and that we return to when we crossover.

There is a higher consciousness that we are made of and that we return to when we crossover. Share on X

That is beautiful. I’m sure a lot of people are appreciating that information. I have another important question for you that pertains to healing and rebirth. Why is lifting into our soul’s view and out of our human story so necessary for healing in a purposeful life?

We are not just human and that’s the story we get lost in. When we come here, we start thinking, “It’s just about how beautiful my home is or how successful my career is,” or, “If I have the right wardrobe.” All of that stuff is not what this is about. When we meditate, sit in silence, or do prayer, whatever our particular spiritual practice is that lifts us out of this earthly view and helps us connect to the higher self or whatever words you want to put to it. God’s consciousness. Whatever we can do to lift into that, it’s like we regain our wisdom. It’s like, “That problem in front of me is not that important, but what I do want to know is I want to know how to help that person because I know they are in pain.” That’s what our higher wisdom tells us.

Would you call it an overview?

Yes. Especially if we are grieving or any of the things, so many people are going through such hard career times, financial times, or grief. Go sit in silence, pray, and call in the light, your spirit guide, or your angels. Call on God’s consciousness to come and fill you with the wisdom of the higher realms. Your soul’s wisdom has all the answers. If you go for a hike, you get back in touch with it. If you listen to certain kinds of music, you can get back in touch with it. You have to quiet that mind and open the heart in whatever way that works for you.

I love that you say in whatever way that works for you, because a lot of people say, “This is the only way you should do it.”

I’m such a curious spiritual seeker that I had to figure it out myself. I lived in an Ashram. I used to do these week-long silent meditations with the whole Sangha, the whole group of us at the Ashram. It’s true. That was extraordinary because if you sit in meditation for five days and you don’t speak, you are not allowed to speak, you get lifted out of the physical body and you have incredible mystical insights. What I have learned is, we can do it that way the hard way, or we can simply call out for help.

I had a family little health crisis happening and my first response was I wanted to jump in and try to solve the problem with my human mind, or my human self. That little voice in my soul said, “Stop. First, meditate, pray, take a breath, call in guidance from the higher realms, and then take action based on that.” That is such a different energy. We can all do that.

I know we talked a little bit about it, but I know you have a lot of classes that help people remember their soul’s purpose and connect to the other side for healing. Tell us all about it because people are writing it down now, and soon they want to participate in this.

I will be teaching a numerology class in January 2023 online on Zoom. If you go to my website,, you can sign up there. Numerology has always been, since my husband Paul died, it was the first tool that I was given to help me lift above the earth view, the ego view, and see things from the soul’s perspective.

I have been studying it since 1980 and teaching it and using it with all my clients. I love it so much. Even when I am looking for example, you beautiful Irene, I know that you are on this Aquarius 11 Master soul journey here and we can go back and talk about where your deep sensitivity brought you. The 11 is a sacred sensitive, intuitive path that could have also wounded you at times because of your sensitivity.

As we look at it that way and discuss your life that way, everything makes sense that’s happened to you and why you have gone through what you have gone through so that you could be this profound mystical teacher that you are. That’s perfect for your path as an Aquarius 11. We each have this great soul potential and we can navigate it by looking at numerology, but I want to make this clear. Everything here on earth is free will.

We each have this great soul potential and we can navigate it by looking at numerology. Share on X

For example, a murderer could be on the same Aquarius 11 soul path as you simply because we make a free will choice about how to deal with our challenges and pain. We could decide, “I’m just going to give up. I’m going to be angry. I’m going to blame everybody else.” We can go down that dark path. That’s a free-will choice that we all have. You certainly had that choice when you went through your horrible car accident and your husband’s early death, and you chose to stand in the light to seek answers. That was your free will beautiful soul saying, “I’m going to step up to my 11 master soul journey no matter how much I’m struggling.”

Even before I was conscious of it.

We all have those turning points, those forks in the road. I interviewed Elizabeth Boisson the Founder of She said the fork in the road for her was pretty soon after her beautiful son Morgan had died at the base camp of Everest. She said she realized she was at this fork in the road of her life where either she becomes the lady who spends the rest of her life on the couch with the vodka bottle.

This is Elizabeth’s story. It’s so beautiful. She was going to get up and start finding a way to help other people, especially other grieving parents, and look what she’s done. This nonprofit that she started. We all have those choices. Whenever we call out for the light and the love, we step up into that greater potential.

That’s beautiful. Speaking of beautiful, I know you have a beautiful special offer for our readers. Would you like to tell us about it?

If anybody’s struggling these days, an easy tool to help them start seeing their life from that higher perspective is to use the numerology tools that I have created. I didn’t create numerology, Pythagoras did in 600 BC but I have tried to make a user-friendly workbook and it’s also described in my other books which are, I See Your Dream Job, I See Your Soul Mate, and Bridges to Heaven. They all have numerology in them, but I have got a free workbook for anyone who wants it.

They can also go to

When they download that workbook, I would say, print that out. Even if you think it’s a little too woo-woo for you, come ahead. Figure out your soul path and your date of birth. It’s all explained there. Then start thinking, “Could this be true? If it’s true, how can it help me move forward through whatever challenge I’m facing?”

I want to ask you a question about joy because how does focusing on our divine lens view of every situation bring us joy by doing it that way?

If we only look at this as a physical experience in the physical world, we can have moments of joy. We can say, “That’s a beautiful sunset and I love that butterfly and I love birds and all these beautiful moments.” When we can step up and look at it more from, “What a ride this has been. My soul must have been determined to learn some intense metaphysical truths and laugh from that higher wisdom.”

All my best friends have been through enormous devastating loss and grief because we all go, “What a journey this physical life is.” Thank God we have each other to laugh with and go, “This place here on earth is messed up,” but we know that it’s only school and hopefully we will be graduating soon. That brings joy. That higher perspective.

I also am hearing that it keeps you from living in fear. You said looking forward to graduating and away from school and going to that higher perspective. Most people are so afraid of death.

Isn’t it terrible how our world thinks death is the end and everyone is so terrified of death when it’s the awakening into our true nature as divine beings remembering who we are, that we just dropped in here for a little learning journey? If we could all get that perspective, it takes away so much fear and helps us say, “I’m going to make every day count. I’m going to try to find love and compassion no matter what I’m facing, and I’m going to help other people in any way that I can because that’s what we are here to do.”

GAR Sue Frederick | Dream Vision

Dream Vision: Isn’t it terrible how our world thinks death is the end? Everyone is so terrified of death when it’s the awakening into our true nature as divine beings remembering who we are, that we just dropped in here for a little learning journey.

That’s what it’s about. I love how a lot of people now have, instead of sad funerals, they are having a celebration of life. Which is like applauding the person they know they graduated and they are on the other side.

Also knowing that that spirit is always watching. They love those celebrations of life. They are like, “Show a movie about me. Play some of my favorite music.”

I loved being the center of attention there and I like being the center of attention even now.

I have told my husband. I want Beatle music and I want Mozart’s Requiem. I got a lot of requests and you better make them happen.

I resonate with all of that. I was just going to say that depending on which one of us arrives first. Do you want the champagne?

Irene has already met the caterer in the divine realms and she’s already got the champagne set up. You need to go first because I haven’t yet reached out to the caterer. If you can the party set up and then I will come and join you.

I love this quote from your book, Your Divine Lens. “Death is an act of love. It’s a surrender into a greater love than you have known on Earth. Allow this. Your guides are here to help you. The moment you take your final breath, you are set free of the dense body. Your spirit returns to the happy loving essence of you. This is how you began this lifetime and how you will end it.” That is so fabulous. Thank you for your wise insights.

Thank you for reminding me of everything so that I could go have a worry-free weekend right before the elections.

Thank you so much. You have such wise insights. You impart such support. You are so compassionate and there are so many meaningful ways you comfort and guide people on their pathways to healing. You inspire people to view death as an act of love, not to be feared and so much more. I thank you from my heart for this incredibly enlightening and memorable interview and for the truly special person you are. Make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you are watching on YouTube, click subscribe so you will never miss an episode like this one with Sue. As I like to say, to be continued. Many blessings. Bye for now. Thank you again, Sue.

Thank you.


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