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Irene has met some incredible people throughout her spiritual journey and truly believes we can help heal ourselves and change the world in a positive way just simply being more aware.

This Beginners Healing Package will encourage you, wherever you are in your healing journey, to start to see things in a more positive light, to love yourself and to be more conscience of your life and soul purpose.

Each Healing Package comes with:

  • A signed copy of Irene’s book They Serve Bagels in Heaven
  • Two of the listed offerings below

Choose two offerings:

  • Spirit Evolution with Jennifer Monahan
    • Shamanic session: These sessions focus on working with your spiritual or energetic body, which, in turn, results in improvement in your physical, mental, and emotional bodies.
  • Essential Oils Healing with Gina McConeghy
    • New user, essential oils consultation. Your aromatherapy consultation will include a one-on-one, thirty-minute phone or video conferencing session. Together we will select the perfect oils to bring your mind, body and home into harmony and balance.
  • Archetypal Dreamwork with Jill Eras
    • Dreamwork session: Explore the hidden meaning of your dreams in a session with Jill. Your dreams are the sacred language of you soul, with Jill you learn how to engage, learn, and grow from them. OR a astrology session: Our birth charts are the blue prints of our souls. Take a look at your own personal road map and learn how to navigate life's twists and turns with ease and purpose.
  • Reading with Lee Van Zyl
    • Psychic reading: After establishing contact with your relatives or friends in the Spirit World we will have an intimate conversation in Spirit as they relay to you their messages of love, insight and guidance.

Once your purchase is complete, we will contact you to schedule your two offerings. Questions? Connect with us here.

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