GAR 12 | Pre-Birth Planning


Do we plan our lives before we are born? What is Transformational Energy Work? Can a Medical Intuitive see into a person’s body? Did you know that the healing of an Emotional Wound is often the focus of a person’s karmic plans during their pre-birth planning session? Hear the fascinating answers to these questions and more in this interview with Staci Wells, the premiere Soul Plan psychic who is prominently featured in the groundbreaking books by Robert Schwartz Your Soul’s Plan and Your Soul’s Gifts.


In this episode you will learn:

  • How pre-birth planning influences our lives and lessons.
  • The role of Transformative Energy Work in our spiritual journey.
  • The connection between pre-birth planning and soul evolution.
  • Staci Wells’ experiences and expertise in Soul Plan readings.
  • The impact of pre-birth planning on the choices we make in life.

Some interview questions Irene asks Staci:

  • What is pre-birth planning and especially medical intuitive readings and your transformative energy work that helps people to heal their emotional wounds?
  • How can we kind of help ourselves to make sure that we’re actually fulfilling what we wanted ourselves to do here?
  • Are you able to see through an orc field if a person has disease in their body and you’re able to tell them what to do about it? How does that work?
  • Did you figure out what your purpose was and all this stuff on your pre-birth?

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Staci Wells – Psychic Medium + Pre-Birth Planning






In this episode, we have a big treat for everybody. Full disclosure, I know Staci Wells. I’ve worked with her myself. She’s very modest and humble but I’m going to say she’s amazing. She’s very gifted and talented.

I’m very excited to talk with her because I’ve heard so many incredible things about her. The mediums and the whole spirituality thing are my favorite parts to dive into here because I’m so curious about how this world works and how things have been playing out for me. I don’t know if we’ve even talked about that privately. Maybe we should have our show about our stories and all the things that have been happening to us on our spiritual journey. It’s cool to hear how all these things are starting to open up when you become more receptive to them.

Let’s tell everyone a little bit more about Staci. Staci is the premier Soul Plan Psychic prominently featured in the groundbreaking book by Robert Schwartz called Your Soul’s Plan. His second book is called Your Soul’s Gift. The third book is in the works. This is “geek” to everyone but she’s going to explain it. She specializes in pre-birth planning, medical intuitive readings, general readings, transformative energy work, numerology, and spiritual hypnotherapy. Come on, Staci, have you left a stone unturned?

GAR 12 | Pre-Birth Planning

Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born

Irene, I have simply flowed my passion throughout my life. That’s what led me into all of that.

Let’s start if you wouldn’t mind, Staci. Explain to our readers what pre-birth planning is, especially medical intuitive readings and your transformative energy work that helps people heal their emotional wounds. That’s mostly what you’re geared towards.

Irene can vouch for this. The whole medical thing is what terrifies me. The last thing I want to hear is someone saying, “You’re going to die tomorrow.” There are some readers out there who are like, “I don’t know if I can do this.” We’re so scared of the bad news. Please, help us understand how this works and the positivity behind it.

I don’t like to hear when a psychic says something like, “You’re going to die tomorrow,” or a psychic predicts death because most of the time, it’s very difficult to do that. It’s the decision of the soul. Sometimes we don’t know what that decision is going to be. Let me talk about pre-birth planning for a little bit. Let me back up a little bit. The pre-birth planning readings that I do are the readings that were developed while working with author Rob Schwartz for his first book, Your Soul’s Plan.

In these readings, Robert would have me listen in and get whatever information for me that was visual, auditory, and energy for the feeling. It’s the session that we come to as souls to plan our lives. We don’t plan it down to every detail but we do tend to plan significant events. Even in the significantly challenging moments in our lives, we will sometimes plan because we seem to learn best through adversity and pain.

For some of us, the more we can heal ourselves from adversity and pain, the better our ability to help others. A lot of us come in wounded and are struggling. Somebody I was reading has the same struggle that so many people have. “I’m not good enough. I’ll never be good enough.” It’s about self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence, and self-expression. This karmic lesson I’m talking about requires us to build our self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence.

GAR 12 | Pre-Birth Planning

Your Soul’s Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born

We’ll oftentimes plan to be born into a family where one or more of those family members are less than fully nurturing and supportive of us in that emotional build-us-up way, giving us an opportunity then to step in and fill the void, direct our focus at ourself instead of at that parent who never fulfills us and start layering our emotional health. If we start to clear out the clutter and the debris of our emotionality, it becomes healthier, clearer, cleaner, and wiser. We will wind up living our lives more satisfyingly and ultimately, take those steps that enable us to live our lives at our highest capacity.

Staci, let me ask you a question. If somebody has all kinds of tough stuff going on in their lives, and you’re saying they might have set this up before they came into this lifetime to learn lessons and they opt not to learn them, that’s a choice they make. Do they have to keep coming back until that lesson is learned? How does that work?

You’re right. That is a choice that they have. It’s the freedom of choice to make. Sometimes they plan their lives with the best of intentions to make that learning step but they get into the life and the physical body and get caught up in the same old habits and sensations, and they can’t make that learning step. They do come back. They go through a period on the other side after they pass where they talk about it.

GAR 12 | Pre-Birth Planning

Pre-Birth Planning: They have the freedom of choice to make and sometimes they plan their lives with the best of intentions to make that learning step but then they get into the life and in the physical body and caught up in the same old habits, the same old sensations, and they can’t make that learning step.

Healing occurs on the other side. To make that healing real and bring it into the energy of the soul, we will then incarnate. We test and challenge ourselves. We can make that healing growth step during the life that we live. Sometimes that growth step is about letting go of anger and rising to a level of higher compassionate awareness.

I’m like, “How do you know?” I’ll speak for myself. I feel like we’re always going through so many things and it’s so trudging sometimes but then I think, “It’s first-world problems.” It could be so much worse. I sometimes think, “For me, it’s hard,” but it’s not. If I had already planned to go through a lot of these things in my life, how can I help myself be more aware of what the lesson is I should be learning and what I should be getting out of it? Not that we don’t want to come back and have to do it again but how can we help ourselves to make sure that we’re fulfilling what we wanted ourselves to do here?

For example, if one of your lessons is about learning to love yourself unconditionally, you will plan a life where a lot of people don’t seem to get you and they don’t love you. Love doesn’t last long when you do find it. When you come to realize that that’s what it’s about, the frustration that you have over all those other relationships that never seem to work changes. You begin to understand how those relationships supported you. When you can lose your attachment to the anger and the they-should-have but they didn’t, it frees us to rise above.

If you know that your challenge is about loving yourself, then you talk to yourself differently. When your self-talk starts changing, then you can start changing. If you know that it’s your karma to become more emotionally capable and adaptive, then you’re not going to give in to the habit you might have of jutting your jaw out, being very stubborn, and insisting that somebody else do what you want them to do, instead of rising to the challenge and doing it yourself.

GAR 12 | Pre-Birth Planning

Pre-Birth Planning: If you know that it’s your karma to become more emotionally suitable and adaptive then you’re not going to give in to the habit you might have of jutting your jaw out and being very stubborn and is insisting that somebody else do what you want them to do instead of rising to the challenge and doing it yourself.

If you know that the challenge is to love yourself, then you’re going to be more likely to step into that and through compassion, stop holding, let’s say, your parent who never loved you accountable for your unhappiness. You’re going to become much more empowered to start creating your happiness and healing through loving yourself.

Is it you that we would call to help figure that out?

GAR 12 | Pre-Birth Planning

Pre-Birth Planning: It’s really the decision of the soul and sometimes we don’t know what that decision is going to be.

For the most part, yes. Until you become aware of what these lessons are and aware of yourself enough to put two and two together, it’s very helpful to have somebody like me point these things out to you.

In other words, if your life is becoming a disaster and you call someone like you, Staci, you can help the person get a lot of comfort by saying, “This and this is happening. This is what happened when you were playing this life. Whoever this person is in your life came so that you’d have a problem with them and learn a lesson.” That gives you comfort and a different frame of reference than feeling like a victim to everything that’s going on in your life.

It empowers the individual. The individual who was suffering before and wondering what’s wrong with them has a clear understanding that the problem doesn’t lie with them. The problem is with something else entirely and it takes any sense of false blame off of them. They’re free to rise to a higher level of growth within themselves as they free themselves from that burden.

Staci, could you also touch on the medical intuitive part that Stephanie was talking about? Are you able to see through an auric field if a person has a disease in their body? Are you able to tell them what to do about it? How does that work?

It’s an ability that occurred spontaneously. I’ve always been interested in healing since I was a small child. At some point in my childhood, I became aware that there was a team of three spirit guides that were different from the main spirit guide that worked with me for healing. Sometimes when one of our animals was sick, they would tell me to go to the kitchen, mix a few things, and apply it to the animal’s skin. That was always funny because my mother would ask me, “What are you doing?” I’d tell her, “My spirit guides told me to mix this and put it on the cat’s skin.” She would shake her head, say nothing more, and let me go on my way. Pretty soon, all the sick animals wound up in my room.

When I was fifteen, I suddenly developed the ability to see into bodies. I was going through a healing experience where I had fifteen people laying hands on me and doing Reiki. When they were done, I noticed that I was seeing into bodies and chakras. Ever since then, I’ve had the ability to see into bodies, even to do it at a distance over the phone in the readings that I do.

It’s not something that I walk around consciously doing. I don’t walk around, look at people, shake their hands, and see into their bodies. It’s something that I have to focus on doing. Do I do a scan of people and instantly know what’s going on in their body? Not exactly. I am attuned to where there is pain, illness, or injury. In my ministerial class, I was the only one who had any accuracy, and I was always 100% accurate on that part.

I seem to tune in on it very well. It’s like putting a piece of my consciousness inside someone’s body. I often find that I have a spirit guide with me or the spirit guide directs where I am looking inside somebody’s body. Sometimes, I find I’m holding a magnifying glass and I was looking at something at the cellular level. Oftentimes I’m able to see things that medical diagnostic imaging is not capable of seeing yet.

You’re seeing things as they’re going to happen. Let’s say a person calls you for pre-birth planning reading at that moment you’re tuning in. If that person has some illness that is starting to take place, you could probably see that and give them a heads up and a message about what they need to do about that and the purpose of that coming into their lives.

In a pre-birth planning reading, that would not come up unless the client brings that up. My focus is very specific and narrow in a pre-birth planning reading so that I can go deeply into whatever the challenge is that my client wants me to research. In a medical intuitive reading, the client comes to me with the problem and then I go looking inside their body to find out what’s going on there.

For example, a mother came to me because her son was having tremendous headaches and it was getting worse. I looked inside of him and I saw some extra tissue inside of his head. There was a brain tissue in an area of his head. I’d never seen anything like that before. I told her about it. My spirit guide told her that he must get this treated or he would not continue to have a normal life.

She contacted me a couple of months later after she’d taken her son to the doctor. There was a name for this condition, the extra amount of brain tissue. She said had she not gone to the doctor and had this not been discovered, her son would likely have lived until about 20 to 25 years old. Diagnosed, he will have a normal lifespan with treatment.

Do you also help people with different conditions like children who have autism, ADD, or different things? Can you help with those situations also?

Yes, even in terms of heart failure. One of my long-term clients suddenly developed a case of heart failure. I looked at his heart. The spirit and I put our heads together and some suggestions were given. He followed the suggestions. A year later, his heart is in better shape. There is no longer any inflammation and his doctor is flabbergasted.

Sometimes when you think about these medical conditions like that, and I know you heal these, do these also associate with the whole pre-birth situation and that we set these up to happen for ourselves to go through or do these manifest?

Yes and no. These little viruses, colds, and flu, we don’t plan those sorts of things. It’s yes for life-challenging conditions and chronic conditions, which I’ve had a couple of readings that people have had chronic conditions and we find that some of that stuff is planned.

Have you got a story about that? I know a lot of people who have autoimmune conditions and all. Is there anything you can talk to about that?

Let me talk about this one reading that I did. It was a fascinating reading. It was a premier pre-birth planning reading, which gave us the extra session to follow up with what was said during the pre-birth planning reading, continue, and help the client understand it more. The client’s challenge was fear. She had an extreme fear of vomiting and heights. This had been a fear that had been with her since she was a child. It had such a grip on her that as an adult, she is no longer able to work. She can only leave her house to be in her backyard and only for a short time. She becomes overwhelmed with all kinds of critical thinking about herself and what people will think like, “I hope I don’t.”

We looked at that. It took a few hours for us to understand what her soul had planned about this. The gist was through so many other lifetimes, my client has been the person who would put her needs aside time and time again to take care of other hurting people who needed rescue and care, even when she had positions of great responsibility for royalty. She would still leave herself last and not speak up like, “I’ve got to go home and feed my family.”

In all kinds of ways, over so many lives, she developed a habit of not speaking up for herself, being very afraid of what people might think of her if she did speak up for herself, and not taking care of herself over so many lifetimes. In this lifetime, the fears were planned as a chronic fear condition that she would have to pay attention to, increasing her self-awareness, over the entire course of her life to change it.

What she had done was give into this fear so much that she created a habit of giving into the fear. It was very interesting how the spirit explained all of this to us. Essentially, what she got from the reading was an incredible release from self-recrimination by knowing that these fears were something that her soul had planned and what the purpose of it was.

She wasn’t happy that there was no magic wand to wave to make these fears go away for the rest of her life but she understood that it was something her soul planned for as a way to get her to pay more attention to herself, take care of herself, increase her self-awareness, and start building up her self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence on her own by herself. That’s the stuff that takes hold and gives us strength when we can do that for ourselves.

Building up our own self-esteem and self-worth and self-confidence on our own are the stuff that really takes hold and gives us strength. Share on X

Will a woman like this eventually get out, heal her stuffing, and have a healthier perception?

Everybody’s different. According to her pre-birth planning, she would have periods in her life when she would have this under better control and it wouldn’t be such a challenge for her. That is planned for her future but we’ll have to see how she gets herself from here to there. You understand it perfectly. There’s always a choice. If she decides to give into the habit of giving into the fear again and that’s where she stays for the rest of her life, then in some way, she will plan another opportunity, whether it’s for her next life or a later lifetime, to face and challenge herself, speak up her true feelings, take more care of herself, and work on her self-esteem and self-confidence to minimize and eventually dissolve those fears entirely.

That’s why I’m so passionate about all of this. Why wouldn’t you want to heal while you can?

I’ll play devil’s advocate a little bit here. My issue is I’m so intrigued to know what I must have set up for myself but I’m also afraid because I feel like it’s going to piss me off. If I hear that my life set me up so I would be unconditionally loved, my parents wouldn’t love me, and I’ll never find true love, that sounds depressing. I don’t want to know that I’m never going to find love in my entire life. How do you even find the purpose? I feel like that would be worse to know than always trying to find it.

It’s not always like that. Let me answer your question, Stephanie, as soon as I get through answering Irene’s next question, which was why not heal when you can? Why plan a life where it’s going to be chronic? That kind of thinking doesn’t allow somebody to have their karmic challenge with that condition and those issues.

Her soul was very realistic in understanding that this was a condition that took many lifetimes to develop and was so energetically strong and heavy that it was likely not going to resolve in one lifetime alone. She planned the karma for herself that puts the nervous system in a challenging position and makes the nervous system a weak area of the body so that you have to pay attention to yourself physically to get emotional health.

You have to pay attention to yourself physically in order to get emotional health. Share on X

When it’s the nervous system, the nervous system heals it. If it does heal, it heals slowly at the rate of about 1 inch a year. We work with ourselves over a long period. We also work with disengaging our attachment to magical thinking and ideals, the thoughts of, “It’s supposed to be this way. It should be this way. That person should have acted that way. They could have acted that way,” and not allowing for the fact that they’re not capable of acting that way. It’s not who they are.

Little by little, as painful as that is, it gets us to detach from the idealization that hurts us again and again. Stephanie, to get to your question, a lot of souls do plan lives for themselves where they don’t necessarily plan to have one significant partner. Maybe they’re the kind of soul who does better having short-term relationships because they’re not comfortable with the complexity of emotionality, which is very complex for human beings who live on Earth.

We take it a little bit at a time. If we’ve developed a pattern where we don’t love ourselves and we keep trying to find relationships and people to love us to make up the difference, we’re never going to enter into that loving relationship with ourselves. We’re always going to use someone else’s love like a Band-Aid or medicine, and never learn to love ourselves. That’s the foundation for everything.

You’re saying when you’re healthier and you have true self-esteem and love for yourself, you attract a healthier person to you.

That’s it. You put yourself in alignment to meet the better life partner, the life partner that’s more in alignment with your higher good.

If people would like to find someone, can you help them vibrationally to attract that person to them?

Not in that kind of way. Maybe that’s a specialty that somebody else does. Instead, I help them with their evolution and personal transformation. I help them rise to the highest level of their karmic lessons. In doing so, that puts them on the path to meeting up with that better partner that’s going to serve their highest good. I’m another partner who’s going to give them a kick in the shin learning lesson.

Irene, I’m curious. You’ve worked with Staci. Did you figure out what your purpose was in all this stuff like your pre-birth?

I haven’t done my actual pre-birth planning with Staci but I’ve had some psychic readings with Staci, which were amazing. In my psychic reading with Staci, she confirmed what my sole purpose was and the direction of my life. She helped me with a lot of questions and issues that I had. I channeled my book. Through They Serve Bagels in Heaven, I got a lot of that information. The man whom Staci channeled for, Robert Schwartz, who wrote those two amazing books, has testimonials on the back cover of my book. He wrote me that he was very impressed with the information that was in my book and that it was right on. I didn’t have a need for that.

I can’t imagine anybody reading that book and not being very impressed.

Thank you, Staci. I appreciate that. I’m very grateful for that. I’ve gotten professional five-star reviews and all that. It blew me away. It’s my true story. It’s so validating when someone like Robert Schwartz is providing information that was also provided to me in my book. Your book is a gift to the world. Staci, what’s your tip for people to find joy in life?

First, find what you can feel grateful for, even if it is a blade of grass growing outside your window. If that blade of grass makes you remember a sunny day when you were enjoying being out in a field of grass or walking barefoot in your front yard, whatever it is, start with something, even if it’s small. That’s what I do. I have a lot of joy but every once in a while, that sadness comes over me. When that happens to me, that’s exactly what I do.

I start searching for what I feel grateful for and what brings me joy. I simply look around. It’s this big beautiful sky. It’s a blade of grass. It’s an animal outside my window. It’s one of my cats. It’s the love light in their eyes. It’s the silly things they do. Even my husband, there is joy in him. There is a joy that I feel when I sing or when someone I’ve done a reading for tells me that it’s helped them.

That’s a choice also because when people are angry and reacting in the moment to the things that are terrible, painful, and tough for them, they can choose to say, “Let me look in another direction here in my life.”

When you do that, pretty soon, your feelings and energies start to change. You’re no longer feeling that heaviness or anger anymore. You’ve suddenly shifted. You’ve shifted into that place of happiness or joy. Maybe you have an inner smile inside of yourself. There’s another thing that people do that brings them joy and that’s when they help others. When they step outside their lives and extend a hand to someone else in whatever way it is, whether it’s paying forward at the grocery store or volunteering in a community effort, that brings people a lot of joy. I know a lot of widows and widowers who do that kind of volunteering as well.

There's another thing that people do that bring them joy, and that's when they help others when they step outside of their lives and then extend a hand to someone else in whatever way it is. Share on X

It’s very helpful because when my husband passed, and the story is in my book, it was so traumatic and profound for me. One of the first things I did was turn to founding a philanthropy for children who were grieving. I got a lot of joy out of that. It was very therapeutic for me.

Not to mention, that’s who you are. You’re a love bug.

Irene knows. I’m always like, “I’m going to have to talk to Irene. She’s going to be on the phone forever.” I always feel better because I have to get it out. It’s always like a therapy lesson with her.

I’m glad to be of service.

Staci, I’m intrigued. Once I find a little time, I feel like I want to know but I don’t want to know. How would we get ahold of you? Do you do these readings and work with people from anywhere in the world, and they can reach out to you?

Yes. We can do it either by phone in my international phone conference room or over Skype. The best way to reach me is always through my website. That’s On that website is a services page where you will find the listing for all my readings and links to click on when you are ready to look for a reading appointment once you’ve decided the type of reading you want to book. There are several different types of readings I offer and even several different types of pre-birth planning readings. I try to make myself available as I can to as many people but there’s only one of me to go around. Using my website to make your appointment is always the fastest way to get it booked.

I don’t want to put you on the spot but is there any special way for anyone who contacts you and lets you know they came through the show?

It’s my joy, my endearing thanks, my hug that they sent to me through you and Stephanie.

Should they be sure to let you know that they came to you through the show?

Yes, please. I will greet them with joy and welcome. I would always like to let you know too that because of you, somebody has come to me and I’ve been able to help them out.

That would be such a wonderful feeling moment for us. That’d be great.

I knew from a young age that I wanted to use my psychic abilities to help people. Thank you for helping me to help others.

Thank you for helping all of us. We need some direction. I’ll tell you that.

It’s my pleasure.

We’re all a team. We’re all in this together.

We’ll reach out to you again too soon, Staci. Thanks for taking some time to talk with us.

With much love, thank you very much.

You are welcome. Thank you, too. Thanks, Stephanie. Blessings to you both.


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