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Stacey Cripps is a well-known and highly respected Spiritual Medium, Mentor and Advisor of the Gift of Spirit.  Thanks to her rare God-given gift that allows heart-to-heart Spirit communication with departed loved ones, Stacey transmits evidential healing messages that instill peace, love, and joy. Her work with grieving families, St. Jude, and others shines a light on how our loved ones are never far away, still loving and guiding us here on many levels through their Spiritual signs, Synchronicity, and so much more.

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Stacey Cripps: Spirit Is Love And Love Heals. “May Your Heart Open And Your Spirit Be Awakened To Feel Love.”






Helping Parents Heal assist bereaved parents in very significant ways. It provides personal and specialized support, tips, and tools for finding hope for those parents whose children have passed. It offers much-needed peer support, which aids in the healing process, going a step beyond other groups because it supports the open discussion of spiritual experiences and evidence for the afterlife in a non-dogmatic way.

Everyone is welcome regardless of religious or non-religious background, allowing for open dialogues for those who wish to share their personal afterlife communications. I am truly both delighted and honored to have been asked to interview some of the enlightened presenters who are at this conference.

These insights provide uplifting interviews comprising a special new series on the Grief and Rebirth Podcast that will illumine the wondrous healing work of Helping Parents Heal. The organization’s sole mission is to help other parents who have also lost their precious children, ensuring them that they need not walk alone through their profound grief. Thank you.

Our next interview in this series is with Stacey Cripps, a well-known and highly-respected spiritual medium, mentor and advisor of the Gift of Spirits. Thanks to her rare God-given gift that allows heart-to-heart spiritual communication with departed loved ones. Stacey transmits evidential healing messages that instill peace, love, and joy.

Though Stacey connects with many in spirit, she has a special affinity with children who speak the loudest and come closest to her. Her work with grieving families, St. Jude, and others shines a light on how our loved ones are never far away, still loving and guiding us here on many levels through their spiritual signs, synchronicity, and so much more.

Stacey offers spiritual readings, meditation workshops, live event audience demonstrations, online mentoring, and more, all focused on guiding her audience from pain to peace. I’m going to be talking with Stacey about the spiritual awakening she experienced while attending a conference being guided by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Her mediumship, her divinely guided meditation album titled Guided Meditations to Awaken to Spirit, her discovery that journeying within meditation deepens the meditation experience, her online programs and more because I know that this is going to be a very loving insights filled interview. Hi, Stacey.

Hi, Irene.

Such a warm welcome to the show. Let’s begin with this question. You began your journey of spiritual awakening when you lost Heather, your childhood friend, at the age of 26 in 1995. Please share how Heather began to appear in your dreams, asking you to deliver a message to her grieving mother. How did you begin to connect with your own family members who had passed?

It was 1995, and I was living in Atlanta. I got a phone call that my best childhood friend had passed away on her way home from college in a car accident. I was in a state of trauma. I went numb. It’s my first experience with grief, and I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I couldn’t process it. I got on the plane, went to the service, came home, and I just couldn’t sleep. I remember one night just waking up and asking God in prayer to help me with this grief. I went back to sleep, and she came to me in my dreams under an oak tree on a green hill.

Did the oak tree on the green hill have a special significance?

Actually, it did. When we were kids, we used to hang out under a berry tree. I’m just experiencing that right now with you, that synchronicity. Yes, it did. She came to me, and she gave me a lot of evidence about her accident. I couldn’t wait to sleep and dream and receive from her because I could see her, feel her, and hear her in my dreams.

One day, I was walking into a grocery store and my ears started to ring. I heard her voice in my wakeful state. She said, “Call my mother, tell her what I’ve been sharing with you about the car accident.” That night, I called her mom. I was close to her mom. I said, “Claudia, Heather has been coming to me in my dreams. She told me there was a woman who pulled over a car and got in the car with her and was holding her before she passed.” Her mom said, “I can’t believe you’re saying this because when I got to the scene of the accident, the EMTs told me a woman pulled her car over and was with her, and I didn’t believe them.”

I also shared with her that Heather appeared with angels. She told me that Heather actually had an angel collection a year before she died. It’s amazing, she received healing. That was my first spiritual reading that I gave back in 1995. After that, all of my loved ones started to come to me in my dreams when they passed, giving me all sorts of messages for myself and my family.

Did you know before that from your childhood that you had this gift?

No, but I had a near-death experience when I was born. I wasn’t supposed to live. I was in the hospital for six months. My family called me special. I had this inner knowing growing up. I never understood it, but I definitely had an inner knowing.

In 2011, you attended an event with Dr. Wayne Dyer. That was a life-changing spiritual awakening. You need to tell us all about that.

I was becoming an executive coach at the time. I was learning about all these spiritual authors and leaders.

Why, as an executive coach, were you learning about these spiritual authors and leaders?

It was part of the program. Isn’t that interesting?

Yes, what a coincidence.

I was actually doing a conference at the time, and Wayne’s book fell on me at a bookstore, The Power of Intention. That’s how I actually came to know him. However, what happened was I read a number of his books. I saw this email from him to come meet me in New York. When I opened that email, I experienced a current of energy down my back, down my spine, which I was told later on, after I learned all about spirituality, is called the Kundalini.

GAR 116 | Spirit Communication

The Power of Intention

When I experienced that, I knew I had to go. I had a current of energy. I was full of chills. I had all this energy come in that I had to go to New York. When I got to New York, Wayne was the first speaker. He came on the stage, and he took us through a guided meditation to Amazing Grace. At that time, I had not meditated before, although we all have meditated at some point in our lives. When he guided us through the meditation to Amazing Grace, that was the song that was played at all of my loved ones’ funerals. When I went into meditation, I felt, heard, and saw them. They all spoke to me. An angel came to me as well, a guardian angel.

How did that look or how did that feel?

I was somewhere else when I was in meditation. I could see them, feel them. I could receive from them messages. I was crying. When I opened my eyes after the meditation, I actually saw my grandmother, my grandfather, and my uncle up on the stage in hologram form. My grandmother said we’re still loving and guiding you. That’s my message here, “Our loved ones are still loving and guiding us here.”

After that experience, you had enhanced abilities, right?


What started happening to you?

I could see, feel, and hear spirit. I actually met with Marianne Williamson right afterwards. She said, “You’re having an awakening.” She actually did a prayer with me at that time. I experienced angels for about two weeks. I could hear hymns. I felt this incredible sense of love and wholeness and oneness. I’ve never experienced that in my entire life. It went on for about two weeks.

Then, it stopped?

What stopped was the music and the hymns and feeling and seeing the angels. What didn’t stop was being able to see, feel, and hear spirit. I was awakened, wide open.

You were clairvoyant?

I was clairvoyant. I could see spirit with my eyes open. I could see, feel, and hear spirit in my mind’s eye, in all my clair senses, seeing, feeling, hearing, knowing.

It’s fabulous. You have a divinely guided. With you, it would truly be a divinely guided meditation album titled Guided Meditations to Awaken to Spirit. How does this coincide? You also have an online program called The Gifted Spirit Mentoring Program. Do you want to tell us all about that?

All of the teachings that I’ve learned since 2011, I’ve journaled. I couldn’t wait to meditate every single day after that happened with the song, Amazing Grace. I meditated every day, and I received from my loved ones. I journeyed in meditation to places, to a beach, to a forest, to a hill under an oak tree. I would see them and feel them in this other plain heavenly realm. It was so strong, and the colors were beautiful. I really believe in meditation. Meditation is really the tool to have that spiritual connection and to heal and to receive love and healing. We can all be in that place.

What about people who say, “I can’t do that. I can’t still my mind. I don’t get all of that?” What do you say to them?

I say, “It’s like learning how to ski or ride a bike. It’s a spiritual practice.” Every day I meditate. It just got stronger and stronger. I’ve helped many families learn how to meditate and to connect with their loved ones, their spirit in heaven.

You say that journeying within meditation with visualization, guided imagery, and light deepens that experience and enhances the spiritual connection. Explain that to us.

That was the actual discovery for me is when I went through meditation for the first time to Amazing Grace, that song held so much love. I could feel it in my heart space. Our heart is our spiritual center. When we meditate, I take people through meditations that are very much about love and to start with love. When we can get to a place of love, peace, and joy, we can actually feel our loved ones in spirit because they’re in the heavenly realms of love, peace, and joy.

GAR 116 | Spirit Communication

Spirit Communication: When you meditate, you get to a place of love, peace, and joy. You also feel your loved ones in spirit because they are in the heavenly realms of love, peace, and joy.

When we can get there and be in our spirit, we’re in that oneness with them. They can easily give us feelings of them or essence or memories or love. They’re the ones doing the work, bringing it through. It’s not us. When we’re in that place of spirit, our mind is calm. We’re 18 inches down in our heart. We can’t be thinking thoughts when we’re focused on our breath, and everything coming in is from the Divine Spirit.

We can actually develop that stronger connection with the spirit to feel love and to heal. I teach this in the mentoring program that’s online. I’ve been teaching it since 2017 on Heavenly Signs and How to Manifest with our Loved Ones in Spirit. They’re all loving and guiding us still. They’re still doing the same things that they did while they were here, but just from a spiritual perspective now.

If a person takes your mentorship program, they can literally learn how to meditate and how to connect

Also, how to connect with spirit.

Do you do it on a weekly basis or privately?

They receive a couple of audios, and then we have a live group call. I do mentoring with them in a group setting. I’ll say about the group. The more energy the better. Spirit loves a lot of energy.

They like a crowd.

They work with all the energy that is present. That’s why I love to do the platform work because Spirit is so incredibly strong and evidential. They bring so much healing because they’re working with all the loving energy in the room. That’s why it’s so powerful.

The spirit is incredibly strong and evidential that they bring so much healing, love, and energy in the room. Share on X

Your presentation to Helping Parents Heal is titled, Awaken to Spirit Meditation Workshop. What will the participants experience on this guided transcendent spiritual journey you’re going to facilitate?

Hopefully, awakening.

You hope to awaken all these people who are here?

Yes, because it happened to me since 2011.

How long will your meditation be going on?

I’m going to talk a little bit at the beginning of the program, and then I’m going to take everyone through meditations. There are going to be three meditations. They’re all on the album. The album is on iTunes and Amazon and Apple Music, but now it’s on CD form. A lot of my clients want the CD. Just sharing these meditations, I’ve taught these meditations for so many years since my own awakening. They all came to me in meditation. I’ve helped parents connect with their children through these meditations.

You do have a special affinity for children?


Is there a reason for that or just the way it happened?

There’s a big reason. I hope I will not cry.

What is that?

Heather, that was my first reading I gave to her mother. Also, after my spiritual awakening, word got around that I had this gift. I started giving spiritual readings. I gave readings for a full year, just practicing with friends and family. Although, a lot of people were people that I didn’t know. I was just sharing the gift of spirit.

It was a little girl named Sophie. She was nine years old, and she passed. She was my very good friend’s neighbor. I didn’t know them. She came to me one day when I was on my way into a store, again, synchronicity. She said, “You’re going to talk to my mom and dad tonight.” I saw her in the corner of my eye at a Home Goods in the pink section and in the parking lot. She said, “You’re going to talk to my mom and dad. I’m with grandma. I’m going to talk to them.”

My phone wasn’t working all day. Spirit can interfere with the technology because the energy is so strong. That night, I had a dinner party at my house. I got a call at 8:00, and it was her mother. They said, “Could we please talk to you?” I went upstairs, and she had passed earlier that morning. For an hour and eight minutes, she came through.

They knew about you?

They had heard about me. They asked, “Could you help us?” It was her parents and her siblings and her cousins and her aunt were on the phone. Sophie came through, strong as ever. She sat in with Maya. She showed Maya, and Maya was from St. Jude and passed three days before Sophie with the same cancer, I believe.

She gave all these names of who she was with on the other side. She said she was leaving buttons for everybody, and we all got buttons right after the spiritual reading. It was incredibly evidential. She said, “I played music in my pink room for one of my family members today, my cousin.” He walked into her room and her music box went off.” Everything was connected in that reading and very healing. After that, I cried for days. I said, “God, do you really want me to do this?” That’s how it all happened. That was my second child reading since Heather, but that really made me say a big yes.

That’s a very exciting thing that you do that is amazing also. When did that start to happen, that you started talking to gifted entertainment figures like singers, songwriters, musicians, and entertainers who are on the other side? Tell us about that. Tell us about Whitney Houston and Prince.

After my spiritual awakening, I started waking up with a song, and entertainers and spirit would come. I grew up with a lot of music. My father was a singer. He sang Elvis all the time. He was an impersonator. I had music in my house growing up. I played the guitar and sang, and so it was natural. I feel for them to come through. My father was in the afterlife, and so I feel like he opened that door. They all started coming to me, and showing up in amazing ways with signs after they would connect to me in the morning or through meditation.

You’re saying they all started coming through. You had a parade of entertainers coming through to you?

Yes. It started with Jeff Healey and Whitney Houston, Prince, Michael Jackson. I’m an ‘80s girl. What happened was when they would come through, they would ask for my help. I knew just from my own training that when a loved one asks for help and spirit, you have to put it back on them and let them actually do the work to connect you with their friends and family, and so I did that. Sure enough, Prince connected me to a family member of his who I gave a spiritual reading to. He did all the work, I just got a phone call. Whitney connected me to someone in her music business, and that was incredible. I gave a reading to him. It was all orchestrated by them.

Was there any tidbit or anything special that you can share with us that you found out about through those meetings? We respect professional privacy and all that.

Prince was incredible with the signs, letting me know that he was with me. I remember one day, I went for jury duty, and I was supposed to stay. I was supposed to be at a conference as well. I said, “I just need some help,” and I got out of it. They gave me a pass. I said, “I wonder who’s helping me with this.” As I’m walking outside the courthouse, I saw on the sidewalk huge prints in cement. I was like, “You cannot make this stuff up.” He was around me quite a bit.

That’s how they build that spiritual connection. They start to layer with the signs, and then it just gets stronger because you’re opening, and you’re feeling that high vibration of love and joy. You know that it’s them. They love acknowledgement. Loved ones in spirit have a love acknowledgement because they have to learn how to come through and how to do this work.

GAR 116 | Spirit Communication

Spirit Communication: Build spiritual connection by starting to layer with the signs that will help you feel your loved ones in spirit. You will know that it is them if you feel a high vibration of love and joy.

“We’re not gone. We’re here.” Anything special from Whitney?

Whitney was incredible. She actually gave me a name of someone in meditation. She was coming to me every single day. I’d be traveling, I’d be walking into the grocery store. Until this store, one day, she played her song in three stores, which I was at.

Which song?

She played I Will Always Love You, I Wanna Dance with Somebody. Every time I was walking into a store, she was playing her music. I could hear her voice and I could hear Prince’s voice. I could hear their voice. They were very, I’ll say, in their own spiritual gifts here. It’s easy for them in the afterlife to come through and be so close because they were fully awakened, opened in their gifts.

They were conscious when they were here. It was an easier transition for them.

They’re stronger.

I understand that. You also do spiritual soul readings that helps clients with current life decisions.

That started happening in my regular spiritual readings where loved ones would come through and they would give a message. I remember this one event that I did, this girl. Her mom was coming through and said, “I was with you today in the shower when you said that you were going to give up your talk show and that you weren’t going to go for it. You are 40, but you can still go for it. I want you to go for it. I want you to call that person back.”

She was in a state of shock and said, “I was thinking this whole thing in the shower today. I was going to give it up.” Our loved ones in spirit know our passions and our dreams. They can help mentor us. They can do amazing things from the other side to light our path forward. Our spiritual guides, we all have them. We all have a spiritual dream team with us at all times. It’s tapping into those higher heavenly realms, as well, for that soul guidance.

Loved ones in spirit know your passions and dreams. They can mentor you from the other side and light your path forward. Share on X

If someone wants to talk to you about their life purpose or relationships or their health or their wellness, their career, or finances, you can help them because you’re getting messages from their deceased loved ones that are helping to give information?


Do you offer your spiritual readings by both phone and video, Stacey?


Everyone can contact you in any way and get your help. Let us hear all the great ways to get in touch with you.

They can go to my website, I have to tell a story about that.

Go ahead.

When I had my spiritual awakening, I went to this other spiritual conference to learn about it. I was in this workshop. I asked, “What is going to be the name of this business?” It came to me in the meditation. Then I opened a fortune cookie and it said, “You will touch many hearts here.” It’s a validation and a sign right away.

What is the Stacey tip for finding joy in life?

Love. I feel being in your heart, which is your spiritual center, and feeling love daily. It starts here really, I feel, to connect with spirit, to be in that loving place, no matter what. You’re going to receive that flow of love in your life because it’s holding that intention in your heart to receive love and to give love. That is the starting point because love is the activator to actually connect with Spirit.

GAR 116 | Spirit Communication

Spirit Communication: Receive that flow of love in your life by holding that intention in your heart to receive and give love.

You’re saying to be conscious about being loving in your interactions with people back and forth. That’s fabulous. I have to say, I can relate to that because when they pulled me out of the car, and as our viewers know, I was in an accident when the message that I received was to be loving and kind to everyone. The messages are definitely universal and so wise. Stacey, thank you for helping people to find the much-needed peace they find through your guided meditations, through connecting with their deceased loved ones, through your spiritual soul readings, and through your workshops.

I also do live events too. As a spiritual medium, I have this ability or gift to give spiritual readings up on the stage. It’s the strongest for me, very much so. I do private live events, online events, events with audiences. I know we’re going to do one here, and Spirit is amazing.

Perhaps, sometimes you can do an event for Grief and Rebirth Podcast. We do that. We do galleries for Grief and Rebirth Podcast.

I love to do that. How I came to know them is that they started to have me on, but they certified me, as well. I went through a testing with them too.

Tell everyone what that certification project was about.

That was incredible. It was blind spiritual readings where you had to bring through a certain number of evidence, which was a high number for about five spiritual readings.

In front of how many?

It was over Zoom, and it was just audio. They would just say hi to you, and then you would just work with Spirit for an hour and bring through loved ones and bring through the evidence. It was an incredible process and enlightening because Spirit was amazing. They knew what to do.

That’s amazing. You’re such a blessing.

You are, too.

I just want to thank you from my heart for this beautiful, loving interview.

Me, too. You’re so heart-centered and full of light. I see all this wonderful, beautiful pink light around you. Yellow light is that golden center here of our solar plexus. I feel a lot of love and light around you. You’re such a gift here too, and helping people heal through their grief and trauma is beautiful.

Thank you. We’re both doing good work.

Yes, bringing love and light and healing.

Thank you so much.

Thank you, Irene. This is wonderful.


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