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Silvia Rossi is a modern-day Psychic-Medium with a loyal and ever-growing clientele and following both in the United States and Internationally. She experienced spirit communications as a toddler, and as a young teen, her gift filled her days with images and information about people she would meet. In her mid-twenties, a medium became her mentor and guide within the spiritual world, and it was then that Silvia began to understand that this life is only one phase in the eternal journey of the soul. Passionate about helping individuals and families understand their eternal connection to loved ones who have passed on, Silvia has maintained a working relationship with several psychologists in the tri-state area who refer her mediumship services to their patients to assist in the grieving process, she has worked alongside the families and support groups of victims of the 9/11 tragedy, and she has also worked with the police helping them solve cold cases and murder cases. Over the past 26 years, Silvia has hosted her own Radio Show, appeared on the Sally Jessy Rafael Show and she has been a guest and co-host on the radio podcast show Creative Mojo. You will love this interview with the authentic, riveting, and open-hearted Silvia Rossi!



  • How close to death Silvia was as an infant, and how she knows for sure that she is a “walk-in” soul.
  • Sylvia’s early years seeing Spirit and the things she somehow knew about as a teenager.
  • Silvia’s work with the police helping them solve cold cases and murder cases.
  • How Silvia worked alongside the families and support groups of victims of the 9/11 tragedy.
  • Silvia’s ”moment of crisis” and what God revealed to her at that time.
  • Silvia’s “wake up call” for us and for our planet.



  • How do you know that you are what is called a soul “walk-in?”
  • How does Mediumship combined with therapy improve a person’s ability to process and heal? 
  • What was your “moment of crisis,” and what did God reveal to you at that time? 
  • How do people heal on the Other Side? 
  • Are our deceased loved ones learning and healing along with us? 
  • Can an animal transition to a human life?

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Silvia Rossi: What did God Reveal to her in a Moment of Crisis?






In this episode, I could not be more delighted to have the pleasure of interviewing Silvia Rossi who is a modern-day psychic medium with a loyal and ever-growing clientele and following both in the United States and internationally. Silvia was born gifted. She experienced spirit communication as a toddler. As a young teen, her gift filled her days with images and information about people she would come into contact with, afraid and unsure of what all this meant.

She tried to ignore and even suppress the experiences until she was in her mid-twenties when she met a medium who became her mentor and guide within the spiritual world. It was then that Silvia began to understand that this life is only one phase of the eternal journey of the soul. She became passionate about helping individuals and families understand their eternal connection to loved ones who have passed on.

A resident of New Jersey, Silvia maintains a working relationship with several psychologists in the tri-state area who refer her mediumship services to their patients to assist in the grieving process. She was honored to work alongside the families and support groups of victims of the 9/11 tragedy. She has also worked with the police helping them solve cold cases and murder cases.

Over the past 26 years, Silvia has hosted her radio show, appeared on the Sally Jessy Raphael show, and has been a guest and co-host on the radio podcast show, Creative Mojo. Her remarkable gifts also extend beyond the spiritual arena. As one of Silvia’s lifelong passions is singing and playing guitar with New Jersey’s Mid-Life Crisis band, I can attest to Silvia’s awesome musical gifts because I had a beyond fabulous time dancing while Silvia sang and played her guitar with her band at a local club.

I look forward to talking with Silvia about her early years, seeing spirits, the things she somehow knew about people as a teenager, her working relationship with psychologists, her work with the police helping them solve cold cases and murder cases, 9/11, how we on this planet are evolving from 3D to 5D, and so much more for what is surely going to be an incredibly interesting and very enlightening interview for all of us.

Full disclosure, I have experienced several of my eye-opening sessions with Silvia. One of them she knew nothing about a situation I was struggling with and was beyond accurate about it. She channeled fantastic advice to me about steps to take to resolve it. Silvia has also brought me very accurate heartwarming messages with healing insights from my deceased loved ones. I can say from my heart that she’s a true treasure.


GAR 251 | Eternal Connection


My friend Silvia, a heartfelt welcome to the show.

Irene, what can I tell you? I am clamped. I cannot even begin. I’m almost in tears. I’m so happy I’m here. I’m so humbled. I feel very honored to be with you. Our meeting is a very spiritual one, how we met, why we met, and the forging of our relationship and friendship. Everything has meant the world to me. It’s been very special to me. You are a very special person in my life.

Even though we’re both very busy people, as you and I can attest to that, I still talk and think about you. I credit you with so many things. I see so many parallels in our lives and experiences. You doing your work and me doing mine. I feel very fortunate and blessed to have you as part of my spiritual circle of friends and family that I treasure. I feel so blessed, humbled, and emotional about it. That was the most beautiful introduction I’ve ever had. Thank you for having me on your show.

My pleasure. Now that I’ve told them how fabulous you are, let’s get them to know you in a lot of different ways. This knocked me out when I first met you and you told me about this. Please describe how close to death you were as an infant and explain your knowing that you are what is called a soul walk-in. I’m sure many of the people reading this do not know what a soul walk-in is.

Let me first describe what a soul walk-in is. I was clueless as to what this term meant until I got one of my first readings when I was in my mid-20s, maybe 24 or 25 years old. I had a psychic artist who was drawing and painting my past lives look at me, stop, and say, “You’re a walk-in.” I had no clue what that was. She says, “The soul in your mother’s womb was going to exit because that fetus was going to pass on and your soul decided to get ‘clearance’ to come in and inhabit the body to be able to accomplish whatever mission that you’re meant to accomplish in this lifetime.”

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I’ve looked further into what a soul walk-in is. The walk-ins could happen when there’s a traumatic event or a near-death experience. The actual soul crosses and another soul comes in. That could be at an adult age. That is what sometimes accounts for total amnesia, the complete erasing of someone’s memory or past. Someone new with a different character shows up in life in that same body. The family, associates, and friends are dumbfounded by the change in character. Along with that comes a change in tastes, appearance, and what they wear. Everything about them changes.



It’s not explainable. You can say it was because of the trauma but from what this woman explained to me and what I’ve read on the subject matter, that soul’s journey ended previously and a new soul came in to complete some work that they need to do. It’s an efficient way to do it because the person does not need to be “born again.” The soul does not need to have a new body. It could use the existing body and continue the existing body’s journey to the other side.

It’s an efficient way. It could even be like recycling because there’s no need to reproduce another body. In my case, I was born. My mother had a toxic pregnancy which means she could not keep down any nutrients because she was sick and throwing up all the time. She lost about 24 pounds or 23 pounds while she was pregnant with me. She lost weight. She was a toothpick with an olive through it. God bless her, she told me stories that she would go to work and on a public bus with an IV and used the time on the bus to have the IV in her before she got to work, and then she was okay. Otherwise, she wasn’t thriving at all.

With this condition, I was born with a gaping hole in the middle of my abdomen. My intestines were exposed. They’re not sure whether I had transverse organs, which means some of my vital organs, my liver, pancreas, and gallbladder are on the opposite side of my body. I’m not sure if that’s a consequence of them shoving everything back in or if I was born that way.

That is what I was told in my twenties but I already knew the story. It was unbeknownst to my mother in the hospital. I was medevacked to a different hospital. I was born in a small hospital called Doctors Hospital in Coral Gables, Florida near the university that I would attend later on in college after high school. I was medevacked to Jackson Memorial, which is the teaching hospital for that same university.

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My life was saved by a doctor. He performed lifesaving surgery, which turned out to be pioneering in that time. About 70% of my small intestines were cut for fear of being exposed to the air and bacterial infection, reconnected, shoved back in, and pretty much hoped for the best. They gave my parents a 50/50 chance of survival. If I did survive, I would most likely be developmentally disabled. They didn’t know I was a preemie on top of that. Before surgery, I was 4.5 pounds. After surgery, I was 2.75 pounds. I was very tiny.

They said, “She probably is going to have developmental disabilities and most likely will not be able to eat solid foods. We don’t know.” I was either going to be on a feeding tube or whatever. None of that happened. Let me digress. My mother was in the hospital still crying and unaware as to what my condition was and where was I. Nobody was informing her that I had been medevacked and operated on. She was crying a river in the hospital room.

There was a nurse, tall and blonde. She described her dress as a little antiquated for the time. She had a long white gown, a very small hat, and what you would call a shawl, the old shawls that the nurses used to wear. She walked in and sat with my mother. She was very encouraging and uplifting to her. She prayed with my mom and told my mother to have faith that God was taking care of her baby and that her baby would be fine. She prayed with her before she left this non-religious hospital in a town named Coral Gables.

I grew up in Coral Gables, which we’ve talked about.

The more connections that we have. She takes out a rosary. My mom was raised Catholic. I was raised Catholic. She gave it to my mom, my mom took down her name, and off she went. My mom was in the hospital for a few days because she had a kidney infection that was the cause of the early term labor. She was released five days later. She went to the nurse’s station with her rosary in the rosary in tow and said, “This is nurse so-and-so’s rosary. I have it for her. Tell her thank you.” The woman said, “We have no nurse by that name.” That was odd.

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Subsequently, my mom would have readings that would reveal to her that there was an angel. I was meant to come into this world. It was by God’s hand. These were things that were told to my mother. My family members treated me as if I were a miracle child by any definition. In my twenties, I did have that one session with that psychic artist who said I was a walk-in.

She said, “There was an angel that came to help you and your family, deal with how you came into this world.” No one would know this unless I would disclose it to you because I look normal. I have no digestive or developmental problems. Some people may argue that I do but I have no developmental problems to speak of.

You’re a walking and talking miracle.

I live more than a normal life. I live a great life.

You have this experience. You come in and you’re tuned in. From an early age, you saw a spirit. As a team, you knew things about people. Do you want to describe a couple of those experiences with us?

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In a crib, I have this experience and I blocked this out for some time until I remembered it. It was corroborated by my mother. My sister’s godmother was married to my dad’s first cousin. They all remember me screaming every single night. There were periods where I would go and sleep in my parents’ bedroom with my parents, and then back again, be put in the crib. I could never sleep. I remember seeing people as see-through figures in gray. It was nighttime so that’s how I saw them.

It wasn’t that that frightened me so much. It was their voices because their voices made it real. I could not tune out their voice. I can close my eyes and not see them but the voices, I could hear them. I could hear their chatter and them trying to contact me. I still have a thing about them contacting me audibly. I cannot stand it. It brings back certain memories. I have a bad sensation in my ears about it but it gets me a little antsy because it was so traumatizing for me as an infant.



Later on, I’m going to ask you how you get your messages. You don’t get them by hearing?

I do but it’s when they do it at night and I’m asleep. That’s happened to me when I’ve been woken up. I have forbidden them from contacting me that way. “First off, I’m not working. Leave me alone. I have to sleep.” I don’t go and disturb them on their off time so I ask them not to disturb me on that time either. That’s rude.

Are they respecting you for that?

Yes, they did because I threatened not to continue my work as a psychic medium.

As a kid, do you walk into a room and know things about people? You’re the person who reads a room.

Yes. It became a problem because as a teenager, you wanted to fit in and be with the popular kids. I started playing guitar around that time so I became somewhat popular. I was a very smart kid. I was in the honor role. I did well in school so I fit in with everybody but I knew I was different. I knew I couldn’t talk about certain things.

To have this awareness as a teenager and feel the whole teenage awkwardness about being a teenager, the hormones, the everything, the wanting to be liked, the wanting to have a boyfriend, the wanting to be pretty, the everything, and then have this on top of it was a disaster. It would confuse me and make me feel emotional. When people tell you something, you know they’re not telling you the truth.

You could see through someone. If they were presenting something to you, you will know. With all of this going on, what did you end up measuring? You went to the University of Miami. You’ve got all these choices. You’re a musician. You’re smart. You’re doing all this stuff. Before you decide to do what you’re doing, what did you go for in school? Another question I wanted to ask you is, do you think some of your musical abilities have contributed to making you even more sensitive to receiving messages?

Yes, because it engages that same part of the brain, first off. Let’s go back to college. I wanted to be in music and go to the music school. My mom dissuaded me.

Did you want to go to the University of Miami for music?

I ended up at the University of Miami.

My major was Music at the University of Miami.

Stop it, Irene. I didn’t even know that. My mom dissuaded me. I needed to pick something practical that I could make money on. I picked psychology because I already had a head start, as I saw it. I did end up getting my undergrad degree there with a specialization in Developmental Psychology and Counseling. I then moved to New Jersey and continued my Master’s education at William Paterson College.

I lived right near William Paterson College, too.

I can’t with you. That’s how that came to be. I was working with the Developmental Disabilities Organization in North Bergen but it was a not-for-profit agency. It still exists in the state of Developmental Disabilities of New Jersey. From there, I was studying part-time finishing up my Master’s program. That’s when everything changed.

I started meditating and participating in a meditation group on Monday nights religiously because I found that it calmed me down and made me study better. It brought a lot of peace to my life. Little did I know it would open up that Pandora’s box of the gift that I’ve always had that I suppressed wanting to be “normal.” It unleashed itself at that time.

Through this meditation group, is that where you met the medium who became your mentoring guide?

It wasn’t the meditation group but it was through the other organizations that I became involved with that I met the medium. I met the medium by chance. When you get into this group, you know they’re going to have a psychic fair here and you get on their newsletter. Their newsletter has all these advertisements for different programs and advertisements for different things happening in the state. I had a chance to go to a holistic fair that they had somewhere at a unitarian church on Forest Avenue in Paramus.

I went there and this is how I met my mentor. My mentor’s name is Robert Baker. He is a wonderful psychic medium. He was the first person to tell me, “You’re going to do this and be a psychic medium.” I’m like, “This guy’s on crack. I will not do this. I have to finish my Master’s. I want to become a therapist for children.” I had it all mapped out, Irene. I wanted to be a school therapist. If I found a husband and had kids, I would take the time off, come back a little bit, and then build my practice for children. That was going to be my master plan. Little did I know that God said, “No, I don’t think you’re going to go that route.”

You’re busy helping so many people be healed that it’s helping their children. In that way, you’re doing that right.

There was a method to God’s madness in it.

How did this working relationship you have with therapists evolve? What are you seeing with Mike when you talk about working with therapy combined with mediumship to help people heal? That is something I did. Tell us how mediumship combined with therapy can improve a person’s ability.

It started with one therapist and then the ball started rolling.

Did they get to know you through a reading or something?

I was living in my old neighborhood and there was a horrific car accident involving some teens in which two of the teens passed on. Little did I know that one of the surviving teens would be one of my neighbors. One of the parents of one of the kids who passed on came to see me. They were both seeing the same therapist in Morristown, New Jersey. Her name is Meg Coleman O’Connor, a wonderful person.

She calls me out of the blue and says, “I want to talk to you because I’m getting all these clients who have seen you. You’re providing information that is helping them.” I said, “Meg, I would love to but I’m so busy.” Eventually, we did meet. I did read for her. She then approved and started to have evenings with her clients in her office. Her office was pretty big. She offered it to her clientele if they wanted to have a night with a medium. That’s how that was born.

There have been other therapists who have found out about me and come to me as clients themselves. We’ve cross-referred clients to one another. That’s how that association began but I believe in the integration of everything. Do you know why? It’s because we are mind, body, and soul. Our soul is an energy system that manages not only the entire function of your body from birth to death but it is a force that is born of God.

We are made in his image. That image is an energetic image that is able to create everything. Our mindset, emotional being, and spiritual energy are all intertwined and connected. We have to treat all sides in a very holistic fashion to progress in life. We need to understand ourselves and what motivates, cuts, hurts, and prevents us from growing emotionally. We can understand it and incorporate what helps us emotionally to evolve through therapy.



On the spiritual end, we need to connect with our creator to facilitate even better insight and gain peace in moving forward when we experience trauma and pain in life. Also, phobias and all kinds of things that develop in the psychological realm. There are also things that are not explained by psychology that can be explained through the spiritual, such as past life trauma and why people have incredible fears, phobias, and things of that nature. That has been tackled in my office with certain patients and clientele.

It’s a collective picture. For our audience, I must say that when I went through my tremendous grief over the car accident and saw transitioning to the other side, I worked with a life transition coach, mediums, and a spiritual energy healer. That’s why I am such a proponent of healing because I don’t know where I would’ve been without all those parts of the puzzle.

It’s a must, especially as we’re growing and evolving as a human species and spirits. That is what’s lacking in the integrative health field. We need to have a more integrative approach to the human condition.

I could not agree even more, which is the mission of this show. Let’s change gears a little bit because you’ve got some great stories working with the police to help them solve cold cases and murder cases. Do you still do this?

Not as often. I haven’t done it in a few years. It was very hard work and taxing.

It’s amazing to me that the police open up and let you in to help them.

It was through people I knew who were my clients. Somehow someone in Miami got ahold of me and that’s how that started. I had an unsolved case that was presented to me of a man who had been murdered. I cannot remember his name. I have the article somewhere in my scrapbook. He was an interior designer in Miami, a very famous one. He had his own interior design company. He was very rich. He lived in a gated community called Cocoplum, which is in one of the inlets near Coral Gables.

Someone had gotten in and murdered him. His lover was left untouched. He had wounds but they weren’t life-threatening wounds or anything like that. The police contacted me and did not let me know that they had a suspicion as to who it was. I gave him a physical description of the lover. I told him that the lover had a rap sheet that you couldn’t believe. I saw a rap sheet from here to the eternity. Sure enough, the guy had a rap sheet. He was a male dancer at a nightclub.

He would entrap married men and then blackmail them. They would pay it because they had reputations to save and all that. He had passed a couple of bad checks and had been jailed or served some time for this. He was married. This was a way of life for this person. Unbeknownst to the poor designer, he had all this other secret life going on. I don’t know how they met but I can suspect how they met. He had been living with the designer for some time. I saw that he had been stealing from him. The designer had a collection. I could see the designer’s house. It was beautiful. The closet was probably as big as my kitchen.

In the middle was this island that had all his jewelry. He had a collection of watches and things started to go missing like his watch collection and stuff. He pretty much called the lover on the carpet and said, “I know that you’re stealing from me and I’m going to call the police.” They had a drag-out fight and that led to his murder. The way it occurred was exactly how the evidence turned out for the police.

I saw the lover go into the kitchen and get a knife. He had a glove. He started stabbing the poor man left and right. I could see the spirit showing itself in front of me. I could see the gashes in his shirt. He was wearing an Oxford shirt, khaki pants, and loafers. This is how he dressed every day. He just changed the color of his shirt but that was his uniform I come to find later on. The gashes started bleeding. He was bald so I saw indentations in his skull. The indentations started to get bruised and then black. It started to decay in front of my eyes. It was like a horror movie.

Two instruments were used, a kitchen knife and a hammer. When he did not die, he was stumbling holding on for dear life to the sides of the walls of his hallway towards his bedroom where he was trying to seek safety from his attacker, his lover. I could see the walls drenched in blood from his hands trying to block the knife. He stumbled but the guy came after him with a hammer until the head of the hammer broke. That’s how hard this guy got hit. He was murdered in cold blood. It was horrific. They found the knife and hammer but no prints.

It’s because he had a glove on.

I said, “There’s a glove. Turn it inside out and you will find his prints and DNA in it.” They did. He was convicted, found guilty, and on death row. He was executed in Florida.

Here’s another story for everybody to go cheer on Silvia. Tell us about your 9/11 story.

9/11 happened. I won’t go into it but I had warnings that it was coming. I just didn’t know what to make of it. That’s for another time. I was invited by a group that found out about me through one of their members who came to see me individually. She had lost a husband. I don’t remember the particulars of that reading but she was very impressed. I was invited to my first of many groups that I would then hold these private group meetings with to help with 9/11 free of charge. I went down to Rumson to a women’s auxiliary group or something like that.

We’re talking about Rumson, New Jersey.

Many who died were from Rumson, who worked at Cantor Fitzgerald and different financial organizations from Rumson. I was invited there. There were about 26 people. We were all sitting in one room in a circle. This was the first time that I had been faced with such a daunting task of reading because it was not isolated. The whole world knew what happened. We here in the East were affected deeply. We saw those towers come down. We saw our citizens and neighbors be affected by it. Someone knew someone who was killed at the towers. Everybody knew somebody who knew somebody. It was in our faces for months. I was traumatized by it, to be honest with you.

This was the first time I was affected by something that had happened. This was not like I was discovering that somebody died of drug abuse. It’s not somebody known to me. This was an impactful event. I had that to deal with. I went person by person all in a row. From left to right, everybody got a message and had authenticated.

It was to the point that the last person that I read for was a widow. Her husband passed away and left behind two gorgeous daughters. He was telling me what he had done with them the night before this reading. I saw Tinkerbell flying around. I saw him sitting on his daughter’s bed behind the mother who was then reading Peter Pan. I said, “Are you reading Peter Pan because I’m seeing Tinkerbell flying all over the place?”

Not only Tinkerbell was her daughter’s favorite character in the book but that night before, they were reading and her husband was showing me that he was part of this. He was helping her raise their children. This was the proof to them. I left that place that I can’t even describe to you. I was in shock, awe, and complete grief for these people. It was unbelievable.

I have my story about that. For those of us who live here, we’re all very affected by this. About 3 or 4 years after the accident, I happened to go to a medium for a change. I wanted to connect with Saul and get that comfort. The medium said, “I’m getting a message from a man.” He describes a pearl necklace and a trip to Hawaii. He gives me a name and it’s not Saul. I did not know that this man but I realized that the name was a man in the World Trade Center who had been killed on 9/11. He gives me the name and I go, “This guy was skiing with Saul and me for five years at Hunter Mountain.”

The message that I got described the trip to Hawaii, the gift he gave her, and all kinds of things. I called her and said, “I know we haven’t talked for a while. Saul is not with me anymore. We had this accident and all that. I was talking to a medium.” She said, “Please, tell me you got a message from my husband. That would mean so much to me.” I said, “Let me tell you what I was given.” It was right on. They had taken a trip to Hawaii before 9/11. He had given her the strand of pearls. She talked about the whole thing.

I was so grateful to be able to deliver that message. I tell people through mediums, “We sometimes get a message from someone else.” A lot of times, you go there and say, “I want to hear from this person,” but people are buzzing around who are saying, “This person is open. I want to get through a message from my neighbor.” It’s happened a few times for me where I’ve been able to help someone with a message that I got through that slipped into my breathing. That was pretty dramatic. I’m speaking of these amazing experiences. God revealed something to you during a moment of crisis and it has to do with your dad. Do you want to share that with everybody?

As with many people, I’m not exempt from having childhood trauma and traumas in my life. It’s difficult for me to talk about this but my dad was an abusive alcoholic. I grew up in an abusive home, unfortunately. At the age of seven, every night was a WWF in my house. My dad would come home drunk. My mom would confront him. We were poor.

What does WWF stand for?

Worldwide Wrestling Federation. It was like the WWF with all the wheels and bells. There was a lot of violence in my home that I was exposed to and experienced firsthand, unfortunately. God spoke to me and said, “I knew your dad is not long for this world.” My dad had been estranged for me and my sister for years, more so with my sister than me because I gave him more chances to be a dad. It didn’t work out. For my sanity, mental health, and happiness, I had to disconnect. I had the daunting task of deciding whether to approach my father and make peace before he passed away or not. I didn’t know how to broach it. This is such a sensitive subject for me and I know many people.

I’m sure many people relate to you as you’re talking about it.

I didn’t know what to do because how could I make it right and not tell him why I was doing it? I decided to put my faith in God. By this time, I had not forgotten everything but forgiven him because I truly understood he was incapable of being not only a good father but a happy man and soul. He was still drinking and struggling in life. That’s the hallmark of someone who doesn’t love themselves. I understood that intrinsically. It didn’t make anything right of what happened in my past but I was able to get past all of that.

It’s amazing also because of the spirituality that you had. You had also gone to school majoring in Psychology. This gave you a little bit of a leg up to be able to transcend and accept it a little bit.

It did but spirituality took me over the finish line because it gave me peace. Sometimes we can understand the traumas but the whole hook that keeps us in pain sometimes is these are our parents so they should know better. That’s what people tell themselves but they don’t know better. It is up to us to forgive and do that work to heal. It’s up to us individually, not up to them. We’re not in charge of anybody else but ourselves. That’s what I did.

I said to God, “I’m going to take a pass. When it happens, it happens. I’ll deal with it at that moment. You’ll enlighten me and everything well.” September rolled around. I got a call around the 15th or 14th of September from my sister. She tells me our uncle called her, texted her, and told her that my dad had been rushed to the hospital. He had fallen at the house and couldn’t get up like the commercial. We come to find later on that he’d fallen twice. He could not get himself up. His brother who lived with him could not get himself up. They called the ambulance. The ambulance rushed him to the hospital.

At that point, we didn’t know but we came to find 1 or 2 days later that he had stage 4 lung and liver cancer, was in complete renal failure, and had blood clots all riddled throughout his entire body. He was lucky to be alive. Doctors were amazed that he had not had a stroke or heart attack prior to any of this. He was a lifelong drinker and smoker from the age of twelve. That was the decision moment.

I had to buckle down. My sister was like, “I don’t know. Maybe you should wait.” I talked to my mother who’s been divorced from my dad for many years now. I got on a plane. I arrived on a Tuesday. Mind you, I’ve been praying for both my parents. I prayed for my mom and everybody but specifically for my dad to be at peace, help with his addiction, and send him love. That’s all that it is about, Irene.

That's really all that it is about. It's just to send them love. Share on X

I get there. I have zero expectations about having any meaningful conversation with my dad. I’m not looking for an apology. I just want to be there for my dad. That’s it. I was there. My sister and I both walk into a meeting with the representative from hospice. You can imagine how that felt. We ended that meeting. That night, he was moved to hospice the first day that I ever saw my dad for the first time. He was so weak.

You hadn’t seen him in 30 years?

No. I hadn’t spoken to him in 8 and hadn’t seen him in probably 15 to 20 years. My sister even more. We both are there, taking everything in and trying to resolve it. Long in the short of it, this was on a Wednesday. Thursday, I saw him. Friday rolls around. My mother’s with me. My sister is not with me that day. It is close to 8:00. The family is going to go to dinner. I go to say my goodbyes to my dad. I had been helping him get comfortable, giving him sips of water, physically comforting him, and rubbing my hand over his head as physical comfort. He couldn’t even talk. He was gurgling at this time. He had that death rattle.

It was very daunting and difficult for me to see him like this. This was a previously beautiful, strong, rural man. I said, “Dad, we’re going to go to dinner.” He was restless. I said, “Please, get some rest tonight.” He looked at me. He barely could breathe or talk. In a very low voice, he said to me, “I’m so happy that you came. I am sorry for everything. It’s all been my fault. I love you and I will love you always.” I could not believe I was hearing those words from my dad. It was incredible. I cannot tell you. It was sad, joyful, and peaceful. I was in shock. I still am but that’s what prayer and forgiveness can do without even speaking a word in eight years.

Look at what you let go of that you’ve been carrying around for all of those years.

Meditation helped me. I help my clients all the time through meditation because meditation is like eating, breathing, nourishing ourselves, getting up in the morning, showering, going to the gym, and getting ourselves ready for our day. What are we doing for the maintenance and upkeep of our soul? We barely do anything for it. That’s the God’s truth. A lot of people aren’t ignorant to the fact that the soul is a living energetic part of you that needs to connect with our creator.


GAR 251 | Eternal Connection


Not only that but a lot of people are walking around not conscious of the fact that they will return home and get a life review with their behavior. There’s no hell or punishment but they have lessons to learn and it’s going to follow them to the other side. If you’re conscious, that changes the way you interact with people in your life.

I want to ask you this, Silvia. Your father is on the other side. As you continue to heal in your life, is he around you? Does he continue to heal? I’ve been told this in my situation with my father who’s come through to apologize to me and say, “I’m healing with you and I’ve learned so much.” In general, all of us abused and traumatized people on the planet, as we do our healing, are the perpetrators, the ones who hurt us, with us and learning as we’re learning and healing?

This is how I understand it to be. My dad did come to me. He hasn’t come to me often. Go figure but he hasn’t. He came to me once. I saw him. He was smoky and gray but he smiled at me. He was young like when he looked in his twenties. He was beautiful.

They must present themselves at their best time.

He didn’t say anything. He smiled. The understanding was that he was going through his life review. This is my understanding. There’s family karma and personal karma. We all come here to learn. This is a school. This is not like, “You get a free pass, $200. Pass and go. We’re all cool.” This is a school and we sign up to come to this school, like it or not.

The lessons that we all learned, we’ve all signed the contract for these lessons. We pick our parents and challenges. That’s a very difficult subject matter to broach with people because when you tell people, “You have to forgive your abusive husband and the rapist.” Yes, you do. You have to because you picked it. That is a conundrum. It is a difficult pill for people to swallow.

If you look at this lifetime, you’re here to learn lessons. There are things that you signed up to learn.

They learn and you forgive them. You release that and learn those lessons already. It goes both ways. When they learn and advance, they’re in this in-between state. The Catholics call it purgatory or the bardo in the Indian or Hindu religion. It’s an in-between place. You cannot get into heaven if you hate yourself. You can’t get into heaven if you were an alcoholic, you hated yourself, and you didn’t work on your stuff. You can’t get into heaven if you’re angry, bitter, guilty sorrowful, or any of those things. It’s impossible. There’s a program and they all go there.

It’s like a hospital or a healing place. They’ve spoken about it to me and they do heal. It goes both ways. The perfect example, besides myself but I don’t think I’m the most interesting example, is there was a woman who came to see me years ago. Her dad came through. He was in a courtroom being interviewed by other people and he did not want to talk. He was in plexiglass. He was in heaven or another place. He wasn’t here. He looked at me and said, “F you, you b*tch. I’m not talking to you.” I was flabbergasted. I was like, “What happened?”

I came to find that her dad murdered her mother. Everything possible in her life was going wrong. Money-wise, she wanted to start a business but she couldn’t. Her marriage was in shambles. I said to her, “I know you’re going to hate me for this but I’m doing this in your best interests. Please, pray for your father. It has so much bearing on your life and the trajectory that your life will go. You have to forgive him and you must pray for him because it’s like praying for yourself. We’re all connected. If you’re in a family, you’re even more connected, like it or not. Energetically, you’re connected.”

I never saw her. I moved. About 5 or 6 years later, she shows up again. I had forgotten what her situation was at that time. I only remember now because it was the second reading that was dramatic. Wouldn’t you know that she had divorced her husband, she was happy, she had a boyfriend, she had a business. I didn’t know this at the time but I went to communicate and her dad is there, and her dad is fabulous. I said, “Your dad is here and he’s doing great. What did you do?” She goes, “I prayed for him like you said.” It all came back. I go, “You are the one.” Indeed, she was the one with the father who had murdered her mother.

This is how healing takes place. I don’t care if people say, “My father died. My mother died. It’s difficult.” They still hear you. They are alive. Just because they’re not in a body doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Their energy is alive. The bad feelings, bad thoughts, anger, bitterness, guilt, and BS is a relay system of messages and energy that go back and forth. They cannot help us if we don’t get out of our prison. They’re out of prison already. They got out. They worked on it, hopefully. It makes it easier for them to progress. As they evolve, they help in our evolution.

It goes both ways. You have a great story about something that happened with a pet.

I do pet readings. Coincidentally or not coincidentally, I had a woman from New York contact me who lost a dog. I hope she’s not going to mind but she had a beautiful reading with me and she was flabbergasted. knew her parents passed away, both of them. I said, “Who is Sophie?” She goes, “That’s the dog of my best friend who passed away.” I described Sophie and then said, “Who’s Lucy?” Lucy was her dog. I described Lucy as a very particular dog. She even was particular about not wanting to go out for walks in the rain.

She goes, “This dog didn’t want to go out in the rain. The coats and umbrellas didn’t work. Nothing worked. She refused to go out.” I said, “Do you know why? It’s because this dog was very smart. She put two and two that rain and thunder happened sometimes at the same time. She hated the sound and the threat of having to listen to thunder.” The dog was so spoiled and talked about how this woman, her owner, would make food for her and what foods she liked. She loved chicken. She said, “I like meat but not all meats. I like my steak.” She hated any other meat. She would only have steak or filet mignon. I said, “That dog had a better life than me.”

Anyhow, the dog was thrilled. She was so happy. I said, “She died in a freak accident. What’s going on? I see something. She looped herself around something.” The dog did loop herself around the court of the blinds and strangled herself by mistake. She never had done that in her life. I saw that the soul, not the personality or the dog but the higher soul, decided, “I’m going to go. I want to take care of my owners from heaven’s side and advance in heaven’s side.” The dog is making its transition from dog life to human life.

That’s a whole other subject for a whole other interview.

It’s the first time that I’ve ever heard of that. I read about it. Yes, it is possible because the more that they’re treated like family members and the more they act human, the more telepathy they have with us. They do experience telepathy and we do have telepathy with them. That is the gateway for their evolution. We’re evolving when we love. When we love, we evolve other beings, too.

I’m not you by any stretch of the imagination but she’ll come back as a very indulged woman with very specific traits.

You’ll have carte blanche at Bloomingdale’s.

Silvia, everybody’s so in love with you and you’re so amazing. Tell us about your readings, lectures, workshops, and fundraisers. Do you do meditation classes? Do you also do things that help people with meditation?

I am doing and coming up with a program for 2024. I have public programs that are sponsored throughout the state. I do a ton of fundraising because I feel it’s always important to give back to the community. I am going to start my little tour, shall we say, and maybe my events as well. I was doing them a while back.

Are you doing them online or in different locations?

It’s going to be a combination of online as we are doing here. Those will be more personal classes. Those will be more teaching sessions and addressing personal issues with people both intuitively and spiritually, which are the same. I’m helping people grow, evolve, and discover their gifts. We all have a gift to offer mankind and it is to help people evolve and get out of their way. You can find me on my website, I’m doing that.

I have an event over in Randolph, New Jersey that is sold out. I have another event at the local library sold out. I had one at Centenary College locally in Hackettstown. That wasn’t sold out but that was the biggest attendance that I’ve had for that event in Centenary. That was the third time I’ve been invited to come back. I love it all.

You’re gifted a blessing for everybody. I also want to ask you two more questions. First of all, we’ve been talking about how people can heal on both sides of the veil. Why is it especially important for our audience or people on the side of the veil to heal to discover and live as an authentic self? What does that have to do with joy?

That’s what we come here to do. That’s our main mission. It’s to heal and evolve. Evolution is the critical mission of humanity. It starts with you and the self. We always have this, “If that person treats me well, then I’ll be happy. I’ll be this and that. If that person behaves better, I’ll be happier.” No. The energy emanates from within. The energy that you have as a soul is an energy system that has the ability to create anything and transform whoever and whatever circumstances are around you. Authentic change has to occur, which means authentic healing has to occur prior to that.

Evolution is the critical mission of humanity. Share on X

You sign up for those lessons that are the traumas, hurts, pains, divorces, and deaths that we experience in this life, the challenging relationships that we encounter in this life. It is through the web of challenges that we go through and the healing that we can experience that evolves us. We come to understand ourselves in a different way when we get rid of the muck that we’re born into. I believe that’s part of the reason why certain biblical text says, “We’re born into sin.”

This place is a challenge. It taints us. It changes us from the pure souls that we’re born as children to enlightened beings, if possible. We have to forgive. All religions say to some degree, “We have to forgive, love, and be at peace to some degree.” That is the mission of the soul. The personality and the ego are at roar with your soul. We have to diminish that because that is a roadblock to our progress.

You’re saying the evolved person brings their soul more to the front for that evolution and consciousness.


GAR 251 | Eternal Connection


The person who wishes to evolve is directed more by the energy, intuition, and doing what’s right from within, not because of that person or the other person. You are not a puppet. I see the person who has traumas being a puppet of those traumas throughout an entire life. To be free of this, you essentially cut all these strings that are attached to you and that are making you angry and injuring you, even though people are deceased, relationships are gone from your life, and those instances happened twenty years prior. They still affect you. You choose to have the task to get rid of that through forgiveness, therapy, meditation, and spiritual understanding that you’re not alone. Everybody goes through this.

When you heal, it has a ripple effect on the people in your world. If you unload all of that, you can truly experience joy because you’re removing all the blockages of joy.

A peace and joy that is unparalleled because you are not depending on anyone else for that peace and joy. It is emanating from within and our creator.

One other question and we will be so sad to end this interview. With all your psychic abilities, do you have a wake-up call for all of us in our audience?

We’re in for difficult times ahead for the planet. Not just here in the United States. The planet is going to go through very difficult and we’re in them. We’re going through these dark times with everything that’s going on in the world. My advice for everybody is to go within and continue to heal. It is imperative that we remain peaceful and do our individual work. It is individually that we gain ground and then together, we wake up this planet and evolve along with this planet. I understand and feel this in my bones. This planet is evolving. It is casting off what does not serve it anymore. We are headed there. It’s going to be very difficult. As Betty Davis put it, “We’re in for a bumpy ride. Get ready.”

Go within and continue to heal. It is imperative that we do it. Share on X

It’s because all the chaos is purging all the stuff.

It’s purging so much but we have the power to heal it and be aware of how not to repeat it.

If only we could learn the lessons because it’s part of the problems we have throughout history and the past keeps repeating itself. The legacy has to stop.

We cannot sit here in judgment. We have to pray. Pray for peace. Forgive, even if hatred is in our faces and all over.

Speaking of hatred being all over, becoming at peace, and bringing in love, I want to say that Silvia, you have had a light calling since birth, which is to help individuals and families understand their eternal connection to their loved ones who have passed on. What a gift and a blessing it is to be a conduit between this earthly light and the spiritual world as you are.

Thank you from my heart for this fascinating, enlightening, and wonderful interview that includes a unique bonus. You gave us a glimpse into the future. Here is a loving reminder, everyone. Make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and wherever you get your shows including YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued. Thank you with so much love, Silvia. Many blessings. Bye for now.


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About Silvia Rossi

GAR 251 | Eternal ConnectionSilvia Rossi is a modern-day Psychic-Medium who has experienced spirit communications throughout her life. As a toddler she saw “shadows” in the room and as a young teen she saw “people” at the foot of her bed. Silvia was born with a gift that filled her days with images and information about people she would come into contact with.

Afraid and unsure of what these apparitions of the deceased meant, Silvia tried to ignore and even suppress these experiences. Through her teens and while she attended college and graduate school, these spirits became more and more persistent in their behavior and their need to communicate through Silvia. In her mid-twenties while attending meditation classes, Silvia met a fellow medium who became her mentor and guide within the spiritual world. It was at this time that Silvia began to understand that all of these experiences she was having were proof that not only did life exist beyond what we call death, but also this life was only one phase in the eternal journey of the soul.

Today, Silvia understands that she has been chosen as a conduit between this earthly life and the spiritual world and she feels obligated to use and share her gift to bring comfort, information, and closure with the messages she receives from the spiritual world to those here around her.In the course of the past 28 years, Silvia has hosted her own Radio Show, Make Contact with Silvia Rossi, appeared on the Sally Jessy Rafael Show and has been a guest and co-host on the radio podcast show Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski. 

Silvia was featured on Telemundo’s Al Rojo Vivo throughout the month of July 2015 and in May of 2016 and was interviewed on Univision’s Cronicas de Sabado for a segment on The New York Zodiac killer Heriberto Seda in July of 2016. On October 2016 Ms. Rossi was an invited guest to the popular Latin morning radio show in New York City, La Mega 97.9 Vacilón de La Manana, in which she read live for the resident DJs and took questions from callers. 

Most recently, Silvia has been interviewed by Telemundo and Columbia’s own RCN on her take for supernatural thrillers such as Ouija and Winchester. Silvia conducts workshops to teach others how to understand and better their connection to the spirit world. She has worked with the police helping them solve cold cases and murder cases. 

Silvia worked alongside the families and support groups of victims of the September 11th tragedy. Over the years, Silvia has garnered a loyal and ever-expanding clientele and following in the United States and Internationally.

Silvia met John Edward at a workshop he conducted in 2003 and he was thoroughly impressed with her abilities after she relayed a message from the spirit world to an audience member at one of his events.

Silvia has made it her mission to help individuals and families understand their eternal connection to loved ones that have passed on; bringing relief and comfort to the very many who have been touched by her gift.

Silvia maintains a working relationship with several psychologists in the tri-state area who refer her mediumship services to their patients to assist in the grieving process. She conducts her practice out of offices in New York City and New Jersey.

Currently, Silvia resides with her family in New Jersey and enjoys lecturing and teaching. Silvia also dedicates time to one of her life-long passions, singing and playing guitar with New Jersey’s own Mid-Life Crisis Band.


I don’t even remember how I chanced upon Irene and her podcasts but I am so glad that I did. My beloved passed away unexpectedly 11 months ago and I have been on quite a journey. The various guests that Irene interviews have allowed me to find comfort and insight during this difficult year. And I have to say that Irene is an exceptional interviewer! She allows her guests to have the floor but her Q’s really penetrate to the heart of the matter being discussed and really do bring out the best information. Thank you Jan Warner for your interview, and thank you Irene for making all of these interviews possible. I feel that you have helped me tremendously as I process my grief.

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