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Sherry Gallant is a Spiritual Medium, an Intuitive Coach and a leading voice in the movement known as “Modern Mediumship.” She had a profound life changing spiritual awakening when a driver made a quick decision resulting in his vehicle colliding with Sherry’s, and when she came to, she was in a cemetery only steps away from the grave of a close friend named Michael, her son’s namesake who had passed away in 1993. This experience reaffirmed Sherry’s connection to the spirit world because she knew that it was Michael who had saved her life that day. Even her injuries, which should have been much more severe, were minimal, and Sherry had no recollection of the impact or pain of the crash.  Sherry contributed a fascinating chapter about this life changing experience to the book “Gathering at the Doorway – An Anthology of Signs, Visits, and Messages from the Afterlife,” and she is a beacon of hope and healing for countless individuals worldwide.



  • Children see Spirit. There is no such thing as “imaginary friends.”
  • Sherry’s profound spiritual awakening during the car accident and how it felt as if someone took her out of her car.
  • The free-floating lights called “orbs” that we often see in digital photos.
  • The new wellness tool for healing, empowerment, and self-discovery called “Modern Mediumship.”



  • How did what you call your spiritual Re-Awakening transform your life?
  • How can Mediumship be a powerful tool for healing and personal growth?
  • Do all free-floating lights, called “orbs,” look the same?
  • In what ways can those who are not mediums increase their personal connection to those on the Other Side?


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Sherry Gallant: What is the new wellness tool called “Modern Mediumship?”


I am delighted for this opportunity to interview Sherry Gallant. She is a spiritual medium and an intuitive coach who has become a beacon of hope and healing for countless individuals worldwide. Sherry had a life-changing spiritual awakening in March 2002 when she experienced a horrific car accident. Months before the accident, Sherry, who had always been intuitive, began to feel premonitions telling her that something bad was on the horizon.

On that day in March, a driver made a quick decision resulting in his vehicle colliding with Sherry’s and his car spun out of control towards her door. With her life in utter and complete danger, Sherry felt as if someone had taken her out of her car, and when she came to, she was in a cemetery only steps away from the grave of a close friend. This profound experience reaffirmed Sherry’s connection to the spirit world because she knew that it was this close friend who had saved her life that day. Even her injuries, which should have been much more severe, were minimal and she had no recollection of the impact or the pain of the crash.

I’m sure you those of you who follow this show are identifying that I had something similar happen to me in my accident with Saul. Sherry and I are going to have a wonderful time chatting about all of this. Sherry contributed a fascinating chapter about her life-changing experience to the book Gathering at the Doorway: An Anthology of Signs, Visits, and Messages from the Afterlife, which was curated by author, Camille Dan, whom I have had the true pleasure of interviewing on the show.

As many of you already know, mediumship is the practice of communicating with the spirits of deceased loved ones, guides, and the universe to gain insight, closure, and healing. What was once considered a taboo subject has now become a form of wellness with people seeking out mediums for guidance and advice in all aspects of life. Sherry is a leading voice in the movement known as Modern Mediumship advocating for its place within the wellness industry. Her approach to mediumship is unique because instead of turning to the showmanship aspect of mediumship, Sherry focuses on mediumship as a tool for healing, empowerment, and self-discovery.

I’m looking forward to talking with Sherry who will be speaking to us from Ontario, Canada about why she calls the accident her spiritual reawakening. Her role is a leading voice in the Modern Mediumship Movement, mediumship as a tool for healing, empowerment, and self-discovery. Also, what are those free-floating lights called orbs that we often see in digital photos and so much more for what is surely going to be a fascinating interview filled with healing insights? Sherry, a warm welcome to the show.


GAR 243 | Modern Mediumship


Irene, thank you so much for having me. It’s going to be an amazing episode. We have so much in common. I can’t wait to get right into it.

I know. We validate each other. When you first come into this world, you think, “Really?” Now, you start talking for you and me, I’m like, “This is real. She had a similar experience to mine.” It’s amazing.

Mediumship has come a long way.

Let’s start by letting everyone get to know about you from the beginning. You were intuitive as a child. How did you handle seeing spirits when you were young? Also, you had premonitions that something bad was on the horizon. It must be for the accident. Do you want to tell us about that?

As a child, I always sensed things. I would say something and then it would happen or my mom would be like, “You said that would happen.” It was different things like that, but as a child, you don’t want to be an outcast. There’s bullying and picked on. I sweep it under the carpet because we don’t want to be different back then. As years went on, it would come and go. As a teenager, life just went on but you just felt.

I’m a true believer in the family that were born into and everything that happens to us are these life lessons. I’ve gone through so much as a child being with a single mom on social services and living in housing. I left home at a very young age. I was 14 almost 15 years old. I literally moved out to a race track. I lived in a tack room beside some horse stalls. I was there for years. My mom was a single mom. My stepfather was an alcoholic and my mom was in Battered Women’s Shelters and hostels. To make a long story short, I kept moving and moving.

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That was very stressful for you, but you also learned resilience.

I don’t regret anything because it made me who I am and I like who I am now. Going a few years further, I was feeling uncomfortable driving and I didn’t know what was going on. What happened was I felt uncomfortable and I knew something was going to happen. I left my husband for breakfast. It was a Friday and I had to go to pick up a gift for a baby shower. I was driving. I saw this man. Everything was very slow motion and then I don’t remember anything. It was a blank, but it was a nice blank. It felt like freedom. It wasn’t like a blackout.

That’s interesting because I can identify with that because I left my body during my accident and I had a blank.

It was as if somebody had taken me out and, when it was all over, put me back in. When I came through, I was 5 or 6 feet away from the grave site of a very good friend of mine who tragically passed away whom I named my son after. I know that he was there. Let me go a year later quickly after going through injuries and all this. Also, healing and myself. I needed to go back to that graveyard and say thank you. Even though I know he’s with me, I wanted to bring flowers.

I remember it was a spring day. It was raining. It was damp. It was cold. I pulled up. It was pouring and raining. I had artificial flowers because I knew it was still cold and damp. I was like, “I got to get out of the car.” Irene, no word of a lie the sunlight came out from my car door to that grave site. It was pouring and raining everywhere else. I got out. I walked over. I put the flowers down and said, “Thank you. I know that was you.” I got back in my car and I drove away. Still to this day, it makes me smile. It’s surreal.



It’s a validation. It’s so amazing. It’s happened to me too. We’re not alone. They’re here. Our loved ones are here. We have spirit guides. We have guardian angels. They are here to help us. He was there to help you. His soul was there with you.

I got married a few months after he had passed away and I still have his wedding invitation that I never ended up giving to him. Friendships, relationships, and love do not disappear like that. When somebody’s gone, it doesn’t disappear.

As they say, love never dies. Why do you call this your spiritual reawakening? It’s because it transformed her life, but how did that transform your life?

What had happened was things started to open up to me again. I didn’t want to be looked at as a quack. I didn’t want to be looked at as crazy. I didn’t want my family to be embarrassed of me. I didn’t know what to do. I remember searching for these people and where I get help. I was searching for a teacher or something and I couldn’t find anything. I ended up finding a support group. What had happened was that I started to be around supportive people.

My mother got ill. It all happens so fast. When she passed, the signs that she gave me were unbelievable. We did a celebration of life for her and I had these doves for her grandchildren to let go. I was building a house at the time. On my way to the airport to pick up my son for her celebration of life, I stopped at a friend and I was calling her about these doves. I was upset. This is 2010. I’m like, “My mom’s never going to see my new house and all this.”

I left my girlfriend. I start heading to the airport and I have to drive past my house under construction. It’s a dark country road and I’m driving along. I see a minivan in front of me and I’m like, “He looks like he’s lost.” As I pulled up, it stopped in front of the driveway of my house that was under construction. As I drove around it, I looked at the license plate and it spelled TWODOVES. I was just talking about the doves and I’m like, “Somebody was lost.” Somehow that car was directed to go down that street. I can go on and on. It’s amazing. I know it’s her saying, “I’m with you. I see your new house, Sherry.”

Why do you call this your spiritual reawakening? I also want to ask you how your family reacted when you started to come out of the closet because you sounded like you were very afraid of what everybody thought. You were still in that thing. You weren’t comfortable with your truth yet. Tell us a little bit about that.

I believe that whether growing up or as a child, we’re embarrassed. We’re not sure. We’re afraid to tell anybody because people would say, “It’s just your imaginary friend,” or something like that so we would just brush it under the carpet. I’m a true believer when something tragic happens to us. Whether it’s an accident, whether it’s the loss of a loved one, or whether it’s an illness, something reawakens inside of us. That’s what I call my spiritual reawakening.

That’s the car accident because that was like, “You’re here for a reason. Everything that you went through, this is your spiritual reawakening.” It’s like, “Get your butt gear. This is your calling.” That’s what I did. Also, I didn’t know what to do with it. I was going to these little groups and stuff that I was telling my husband and my son. I’m going to yoga. I’m going to meditation.

They didn’t know because I was like, “They’re going to think I’m cuckoo.” I’m like, “What do I do?” I kept going and going. Somebody approached me and they were like, “Sherry, you know the healing and the help that you can do for people.” I’m like, “I know, but it’s scary.” Irene, it’s scary to come out of the closet like that and the world sometimes can be a nasty place as we know it.

I can identify with that, yes.

Finally, I opened up. My son was going to university and I wanted him to finish high school.

You don’t want to embarrass him or anything like that.

I don’t want his friends picking on him. You know what kids are like and all that. My husband was a businessman and there are so many things around it. I was like, “I’ll just be quiet,” but then I was like, “I can’t keep this quiet anymore.” I sat them down and I told them, “This is what’s going on. I don’t know what to do.” They looked right at me and they were like, “Mom if you’re happy, we’re happy.” If I didn’t know that was going to be the answer, two years previous, I would have come out even sooner, but it wasn’t the time.

I went from somebody’s like, “Can you maybe speak to this person or that person?” It just went from there. I didn’t think this was going to be my career. I had acupuncture clinics. I was with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Everything I have done in life, even to where I left at a young age to be around horses, and I felt the horses were healing for me, I believe it has brought me to where I am now because I love myself.

This is so important because when they pulled me out of the car as everyone knows my story, I heard, “Be loving and kind to everyone,” and that included me. There is nothing narcissistic about taking care of yourself so that you’re better for the people in your world and yourself.

That little girl inside of me that went through all that is great. She is amazing. I’m so happy. They know it’s unique what I do. My husband always said, “If you weren’t my wife and I didn’t know you, I’d say you’re full of crap.” Even over the years, he’s even come around. It’s amazing, Irene.

Do you know what I think mediumship does? I know you do the beauty of mediumship, but one of the things I think it does is it takes away the fear of death. It gives you more of a focus on, “Let me do the best I can by myself and by the people of my world, too, but I know I’m going to go on. I’m just going to lose my body suit.” That makes a big difference. It’s a powerful tool for healing and personal growth. Do you want to say anything else about that?

When you say, “It’s our body,” you see older people. My father-in-law is very old and he’s like, “Inside I feel great, but when I move.” Our bodies deteriorate but our soul always stays young because it’s energy. Our body sheds and that’s it. I can’t just love my child as much as I love my child and then one day it’s over. It’s impossible. It doesn’t break.

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It makes such a difference when you know that. I want to tell everyone how amazing you are because before the accident, you had trained as a grief coach, an acupuncturist, a holistic nutritionist, and a reflexologist and you are now retired from the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Now, you’ve added your gift of mediumship to all of these modalities. What do they do to help your clients have an enhanced healing perspective and how is this an illustration of what you now call Modern Mediumship, which I know you are a leader in this movement? Do you want to tell us about that?

I’m trying hard to figure it out. There’s more to it than being called a medium. That’s why you’ll see Wellness Medium, Sherry Gallant. It’s because it’s a full package. When I’m talking to people, they’re suffering. I’ve learned through acupuncture and reflexology. There are certain things to help them physically. I help them mentally, but I also help them physically as well because I have experience with essential oils and pressure points. The grief coaching came afterward. It was because I wanted to better understand the people. It was teaching me to be a better person and as a human to be able to do better at what I’m doing. I did it for me so I as a human can understand grief to help people more.

I wonder why you just didn’t tell everybody about your heart and what you did. You took your valuable time and you learned all these different modalities.

It’s to help. Somebody mentioned to me that they always feel used or they feel that I’m always doing things for people and I don’t feel like I get it back in return and stuff like that. One thing I have learned is we always get something back, whether or not the person appreciates it or not. I sit there and I’m like, “There are selfish people out there, but it’s not going to prevent me from being a good person.”

It’s because it makes me feel good to help someone. That’s what I’m getting out of it. It doesn’t have to be monetized. It doesn’t have to be a thing. It doesn’t have to be a gift. I’m getting happiness. I’m getting those feelings of being happy out of it. When you do something for somebody, you always get something out of it, even if it’s just that it makes you feel good.



Don’t do it for what you’re going to get back. You know that it’s coming from your heart and you’re honoring your nature. I always say that they’ll get it when they cross over.

It’s a ripple effect. When you make somebody feel good, it changes people. The people I have met say how much a session has changed their lives and has given back their lives. I don’t want to feel responsible for that. That’s a scary part because it’s not just me. They have to do the work. I’m not taking all the credit. I’m the conduit. I’m the messenger. I’m the person who is relaying the messages. It’s not coming from me. It’s coming from spirit and I’m helping this with you. I’m not taking credit for changing somebody’s world because it’s not me. They did the work. I was the messenger.

You are the messenger and then people are left with choices of how they’re going to continue to deal with those things. You consider your mediumship to be part of a wellness industry because it’s able to help people in so many ways. It’s not this Wavy Gravy thing anymore. Do you want to tell us the difference between being a medium and a psychic medium because some people confuse that?

I’m going to give you a little about a client that had come to see me. She came to see me. I heard a song Hello and she’s like, “By Adele.” I’m like, “No, by Lionel Richie.” She says, “My dad’s name is Lionel and he’s on the other side.” We went forward and I said to her, “Somebody’s pregnant.” She’s like, “I have a two-year-old and this thing is going on in my life. It’s not me.” She says, “It must be my brother,” but whatever.

As soon as she left me, she stopped at the drugstore and bought a pregnancy test. She sent me a message. In the subject area in capital letters, it says, “I’m effing pregnant.” She says, “I must be two days pregnant.” Nine months later, she sent me a picture of her little boy whom she named after her father. People are like, “You’re psychic.” I said, “I didn’t tell her that. I said it came from her dad.” They’re like, “You told her she’s pregnant.” “No, I didn’t. I’m just relaying the message.”

The whole psychic thing, past, present, and future is great, but I believe all the messages I receive are coming from whether it’s your guides, your deceased loved ones, ancestors, or whatever it is. It’s not coming from me. To me, that’s the difference. They say mediums can have psychic abilities, but psychics don’t have mediumship abilities. I don’t know. I’m up in the air about that one.

I also want to ask you. Let’s say someone comes to you for your mediumship abilities, but you see that they’ve got other issues in their lives and you can help them with the other things that you will know. How do you combine all of that? Do you do it also remotely?

I do. I do everything on Zoom. I do phones all over the world. I am talking to Ireland, South Africa, and Israel. I don’t diagnose. I’m the conduit to give them the tools to go forward, whether it’s referring to somebody. In this line of work, we meet people of all different types. When somebody says to me, “Is there a book or something that I can read?” I’ll say, “Irene has this great podcast. Go listen to Irene’s podcast or read a book Gathering at the Doorway.” You need to be around people who have things in common.

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We learn with commonalities, but I feel people will send me a message and I stay in contact. I have friends from all over the world. I can’t just say that’s the end of it. They’ll send me a message saying, “Sherry, do you have a good recipe for a headache?” I’ll get out my Chinese medicine and I’ll say, “Have a couple of drops of this or that.” I enjoy it. I have some good people in my life. I have a good life. I have no complaints. We all have stuff that happens, but I feel like I’m able to do that. I just want to help. I can’t do acupuncture remotely, but I can show certain pressure points.

You can also give them advice from a nutritional viewpoint because you’re a holistic nutritionist.

Yes, what to cut out for gut health. Also, gluten and dairy products. I have a lot of experience plus I have naturopaths around me. It’s a combination.

In a way, if you identify something, you can refer them to someone else. I want you to please educate people about what we call orbs because a lot of people reading this don’t know that sometimes our deceased loved ones can be seen on cameras. Can you talk about that? I’ve experienced that and a lot of people go, “What is that?” They are around us.


GAR 243 | Modern Mediumship


They are. When you take pictures with cameras, sometimes there’s certain lighting and stuff that can have the effect from the flash, but there are certain ones that you just know. I’ll give you an example. As I mentioned, my mom had passed away and my father lives a few provinces away, but he came for a visit after my mom’s passing. I brought over the grandchildren and we were taking a picture. My mother was divorced from my father. She was not a big fan of his. I know she’d be pissed that he’s in a picture with all her grandchildren.

Was your mother alive in the flesh with you when you were taking the pictures or your father?

No. My father was alive. My mother was on the other side.

Now that she’s on the other side, she’s got a little bit of a different perspective, doesn’t she?

Not with him.

That reminds me of my mother. My father also was not a joy and my mother used to say, “If he’s going to meet me when I cross over, I’m not going.”

I have to put this one out there. I’ve done events where the husband or the father comes through and says to the daughter, “Your mom can’t come over yet. I still need the break.”

How do you know it’s real? How could you possibly know that?

He’s like, “There is no freaking way she is coming over yet.” I go, “No, she’s not,” and I find that the mom’s healthy again. He’s like, “No way because I need to spend some time in eternity by myself without her for a while.” I had taken this picture and it would only be my mom, but there was this orb.

Is it a digital camera or a cell phone?

It was a cell phone. I took some cell phone pictures and I did the video. They were flying and that but then I took a picture. There’s a fireplace and there are two windows. The one window on the right, I see something in the picture. It was an orb. I screenshot it and zoom in. It’s a whole silhouette of my mom’s face with her hair. I don’t know if people know that, but sometimes if you screenshot the picture and zoom in, you might be able to see a face and it’ll tell you who it is.

I know I’m like, “I’m sorry, mom. I know you don’t like him, but he is my father.” It just doesn’t leave. The orbs are there to let you know that they want to be involved in celebrations in all those pictures you’re taking. Let me put another thing out there for you. My first grandchild was born and it was a baby girl. I was at the hospital with my son and my daughter-in-law. She’s from pretty far away. Her mom was far away so she had asked me to be in the delivery room, which I am so blessed and grateful to have experienced.

What a compliment to you.

We’re in the delivery room. She’s in bed and my son and I are sitting in a chair. We’re in this hospital that’s an hour away. I’m looking down the hallway at the door it is dark and I see this woman. She’s pointing at me. I can’t know what she’s saying. She leaves. My son, Michael, is going out and Megan has a lot of good insurance. He’s trying to get her a private room, which you can’t reserve because you don’t know when you’re going into labor. There wasn’t any available.

We get through the labor. The baby is born at 11:33 PM. Her name is Lauren. The next day, I go to visit Megan. I walk in and she’s in a private room. I’m like, “You got a private room. That’s great.” She goes, “Who’s Beverly?” I’m like, “Beverly? My mom’s name is Beverly.” I go, “Why do you say Beverly?” She goes, “I don’t know because the lady came in and she says, ‘You must be somebody special because Beverly told us all that you come from a special family and were to take care of you. We were to reserve this last private room for you.’”

I ended up meeting a lady whose name was Beverly, the same as my mom. She follows me and she recognized me, but she also wrote on Facebook because I put a little video up and on my Facebook and she commented. She said, “I worked two double twelve-hour shifts and had a migraine and I don’t even know why I was even there that night.” She says, “Now, I know why. It’s because your mother worked with me to make all this happen.”

It’s so fabulous. It is something else from this interview that they can open up. Now, they are getting help from the other side if they let it, and they open up to this possibility.

What can it hurt? Nothing. Just say, “I’m open.” Take it. There’s no such thing as coincidences.

Let me ask you. In what way can those of us who do not have formal mediumship abilities increase our personal connection to those on the other side? Do you want to share some of the common signs that spirits use to communicate with us?

When it comes to people opening up, it depends. A lot of people have religions, beliefs, and things like that. For a lot of people, it’s fear, and we need to let go of fear. A lot of people are afraid of dying. Don’t ever be afraid of dying. It’s just your shell. I feel like we’re all intuitive, but some people are more in tune than others. Does everybody have the ability? Sometimes I sit there and I think yes, and it’s only because it’s like, “Why would I just be that?”

My husband goes, “Not everybody has the ability.” I go, “Why me?” He goes, “Why not you?” Everybody has intuition, that gut feeling. I believe those gut feelings that you get are our angels and our guardians giving that little punch and saying, “Be careful.” It’s that little nudge. It’s the energy. When you walk into a room, and we’ve all been there, you instantly feel who the Debbie Downer is. You can feel the energy coming from a certain person or whatever it is. It’s all related. It’s the energy.



I tell people that you have nothing to lose. Let it flow. When you sit there and you’re talking to somebody, like if I’m talking to you and all of a sudden something pops in, I wasn’t looking for a message so why is this word being popped in? Obviously, somebody wants me to say something to you. Is it something that comes from my brain? Is it something that I would have been related to? Is it something that I would have thought of? No. Now, I’m looking at you and I want to say, “Charlie.” I don’t even know what Charlie is or Charles.

My grandson’s middle name is Charlie.

Are you serious? I heard Charles. I don’t have a Charles in my life. We’re talking about something different. When it comes to signs as well, there are so many different ones. Everybody has the same ones. I know with me with my mom, it’s doves and personal license plates, which I told you the story about my house that was under construction.

Do you want to tell me more about that story a little bit? That’s an amazing story.

My house was under construction and that minivan was lost and pulled over in front of my house. I was in town one day and that song Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer came on. My mother, me, and my son used to laugh at that song. I’m like, “Mom, it’s Christmas. I hope you have an amazing Christmas,” and all this. The light turned green. The minivan in front drove away and the license plate said MRYXMS, Merry Christmas. Who has a license plate that says Merry Christmas? Everybody’s different.

If your loved one wore a special cologne, every so often you get that whiff. Maybe they worked as a mechanic and every so often you get that oil smell. Maybe they worked in a hospital and sometimes you get that hospital smell. My mother’s house always smelt like vitamins. Do you know when you open a bottle of vitamins? It’s that smell. Every so often I get it and I’m like, “I know you’re here, mom.” Everybody’s sign is different. It’s what relates to them. Also, a song maybe that relates to them.

When it comes to cardinals, they’re trying to get your attention. You’re going through something awesome because a cardinal is so red and bright. It’s like, “You’re not missing this one. We’re here.” Also, coins, whether it’s pennies, dimes, nickels, or quarters. It’s whatever is repetitive for you. I was on my walk one day and I was thinking about mom. I looked down and there was a dime. Dimes are for me and I pick it up. It says, “2010.” Always look at the year because the year can make a significant difference.

That’s a good tip. I found a dime and I didn’t know what that was about. I’m going to look at the year of it now.

Sometimes it could be something special from that year or it could be the year a loved one had passed away. Always look at the year on it and not just find the dime. I found another one and it’s 1994. It was the year my son was born. There are always different things. It could be hearing. I’ve been there and I’ve heard like, “Sher.” My mom used to walk into my house and she would go, “Sher.” I hear, “Sher,” and I’m like, “Yes?” and there’s nobody home. It’s like somebody’s getting my attention. Don’t feel like you’re going crazy.

Be open to it because they are trying to get your attention.

What is it going to hurt? I didn’t hear from my mom for two years and everybody’s like, “Why don’t I hear?” I go, “My mom knows that I’m good. I have three brothers. They’ll have their own issues going on. She knows I’m good. When I need her, she will be here, but now she’s over helping them.”

I want to share a very funny story for me. Three years after Saul died, I started to date someone and he was from England. He came to visit me. Saul used to have a favorite cologne that no one else wore. He was in real estate so they came up to him, “You’ve got the best-smelling neck.” This guy comes in with this English accent. He says, “I don’t know what took me over, but I thought the need to buy this cologne to wear with you while we’re here together in the States,” and it was my husband’s cologne. I was like, “You, buster,” but that would be Saul’s sense of humor also.

Was he a polo rider?


That’s weird. I saw polo.

We’ll have to figure that out. That’s funny. Maybe the guy that I was dating at the time. Sherry, I’m sure people love you already and they want to know how they can get ahold of you. I know that you have quite a following. Could you tell us about your private sessions, your workshops, and anything else you’d like to share with the audience?

I’m on Instagram @SherryGallantOfficial. On Facebook, I am Spiritual Medium, Sherry Gallant, and I offer workshops. My job here is not to convince anybody of anything. My job here is to help heal. I have so many new workshops that are going to be coming up. I do mediumship workshops.

What types of workshops?

I have people that I’m like a buddy to them as well. We chat. We talk about different spiritual things from Tarots to anything in the spiritual. It could be essential oils. I’m going to put all the information out there that I’ve learned over the years to help people heal and to learn things. I love learning. I love input. I am doing a beginner’s mediumship. I do intermediate. I do I do advance.

I’m going to be coordinating with other people who want to do a workshop with me and teach what they have because I feel like there’s so much. I’m so open. Reach out if there’s something you can offer and I can do all that. I do live events. I love live events because I have all those 400 or 500 people in an audience. I love it because I get twenty all in one night to heal, but it’s not even them. It’s that the people around them heal as well. It’s like the whole audience is healing. I get messages all the time about how to heal.

I got an email from a gentleman after one event. He said he was at the event, and even though he didn’t receive or read it, what he witnessed that night changed his life and he never wants his family to ever suffer like the family that I read for. He said he was admitting himself into rehab for drug addiction that day. I have to share this one. I have this one woman. I was at an event. Afterward, she messaged and said that she was at home that night. She was suffering from depression and she had lost her mom. She said her phone rang and it was her friend. She says, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but so and so canceled and I have this extra ticket to go see this medium. I’m coming to pick you up. Get ready.”

She goes and she picks her up. She brings her to the event. Her mother comes through for her at the event. She told me that if that phone never rang, she would have contemplated taking her life that night. She said she is now a mom and wife again. She said that night changed her whole life. She’s gone on to do mediumship classes with me and stuff. It’s like a family. It’s like our spiritual tribe. We can only get out there and help. I love it.

I feel aligned with what you’re saying because that is so much about what this show is about. I would love you to tell everyone. Why should they go out of their way to heal their stuff? Why is healing important, especially for its ripple effect? It’s because it’s not easy to heal your issues. You’ve hurt. You’ve been traumatized. You’ve gone through all this stuff. Why do you go out of your way to figure out how to heal that backpack filled with worries and trauma that you’re carrying around?

The one thing is the generations ahead of us and the generations to come. We need to leave this world a better place than what we came into for our children, for our grandchildren, and for our great-grandchildren. There are so many messages that I get, and I have one that stands out. It was very emotional. It was a father talking to his son saying that the way he grew up, we only know what we’re taught. He wasn’t that open “I love you” type of person. He needed him to know how proud he was.

He also thanked the daughter-in-law, his son’s wife. He wanted to thank her because she showed the son what love is really about because she grew up in a different type of environment. He is so loving with his children that he has stopped that generation for all his little kids when they grow up. That’s what it’s about. Our parents, our families, and our past generations didn’t have the tools. They didn’t have the internet. They didn’t have the things that are available now to help. Now, it’s up to us. Our generations before us were broken, and now, it’s time for us to fix it.

For me, it’s a legacy of pain in a way that they pass on and it’s up to us if we heal to stop that legacy. That way, our kids don’t inherit that legacy.

Sometimes, I have a crappy day. Life isn’t all unicorns, fairies, and rainbows. We get with some stuff, but instead of like, “Why me?” I’m like, “Try me.” Forget the “Why me.” It’s try me. We’ve got this as long as we stick together. Competition is hard. Don’t be competitive. There are enough people out there. There are enough people in the world that we can share everything and get along.

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That will lead you to joy. Do you want to talk to people about your tips for finding joy in life?

Yes. Do you know that one saying that I hear all the time? “It’s none of your business what they think of you,” and there’s always going to be. Here is another thing that my son always tells me. I’ve gotten nasty emails that I’m the devil’s child. It used to make me cry. Also, comments on Facebook, Instagram, or whatever. Now, my son says, “Mom, the more followers and the more people you engage with, that’s what happens. There are people that are those people behind the screen that are mean people and have nothing better to do.” It doesn’t make me cry anymore. I look at them and I’m like, “I’m sad for you.” I don’t dislike them. I don’t get angry. I’m like, “I’m sending you a big hug and I’m sending you love.”

I feel the same way. That is beautiful. Bless you. When you are ready, you’ll open up too.

I respect all religions and I understand. We already know what we’re taught. It’s up to us to get the word out there. The ripple effect is up to us to keep the wave going.

One of the reasons you have so much joy within you which comes out so clearly is because you’ve done so much healing. Look at where you came from. You’ve dropped so much of everything that you had. You’ve healed that and you have the spaciousness within you now that you can have joy.

It’s only the tip of the iceberg the things that I’ve gone through in life and the loss. I’ve experienced every type of loss that you can imagine from somebody’s life being taken from somebody else. I sit there sometimes, and I’m like, “Is there any one person I’ll do that has experienced so much trauma and drama in their life?” I’m thinking, “All this has brought me to where I am now so I understand the people in front of me.” I’ve spoken to families that have world-known murder cases, from murders to suicides. I believe that it all comes to me because I can relate.

I have to give you another example. Let’s talk about children a little bit. Remember what we were saying about growing up? I believe that children are so innocent. There’s no such thing as imaginary friends. I had an aunt who was more like a sister to me because she was only a couple of years older than me, but she was a lot younger than my mom. She’s succumbed to us. We used to hang out all summer long. She was with a gentleman who was a manic-depressive.


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They had broken up and it was Christmas morning. She was nine months pregnant. She was due any day. She opened the door and he was there. She felt sorry for him so she allowed him to come in because it was Christmas. He ended up taking her life that day. The baby, her name was going to be Victoria Stella. I’m going to call her Victoria. The baby didn’t survive either. My grandfather a month later went for a very common day surgery to have some fluid off of his lungs and he passed away.

I know he passed because of his broken heart because when we went to the funeral home to make arrangements, he had already paid for his when he paid for Sheryl’s. I had to go and clean her apartment, the nursery, and everything like that after it all happened. My brother had just moved into an apartment. I said, “I am donating everything to a Battered Women’s Shelter and her girlfriend who’s pregnant is going to take everything from the nursery. Do you need anything for your apartment?”

He says, “I could use a TV.” I say, “Okay.” I gave him the TV. That TV turns on in the middle of the night every so often. There’s so much there, but getting to healing, everybody’s like, “Wow.” He went to court. He didn’t even want to go to court. He pled guilty because he was in the wrong. Irene, I’m not going through life having bitterness and hate. I have learned of his upbringing, his illness, and how he was brought up in foster homes after foster homes. I’ll never have tea or dinner with him, but I have forgiven him.

You let it go.

You have to. The one thing I can tell you that I take from the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the word disease. The word disease comes from your body being at dis-ease. When your body’s at dis-ease and you have hate and anger, when you’re angry, upset, bitchy, and all that, you start to get back aches. You start to get a headache. It’s not worth it. Let it go.

That’s part of the reason for healing because all that rage and upset stays in your body. Where is it going to manifest? You need to let it go. You need to heal it so that you can let it go.

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Instead of, “Why me?” say, “Try me.”

On that note, I want to thank you for being such a wonderful guest on this show and for also being a leading voice in the Modern Mediumship Movement because its focus is on healing, empowerment, and self-discovery. Sherry, I sincerely want to thank you from my heart for this fascinating and wonderful interview with such a lovely person who is filled with all these enlightened healing insights. Make sure to follow and like us on social @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, and wherever you get your shows including YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued. Thank you so much, Sherry. Many blessings everyone and bye for now.

Thank you.


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I have heard your podcast and have become a great fan . You have helped me see the wow both in life and in me, and I now try to focus on the positives. The effects have changed me and my family for the better. Thank you for opening me up to more of life through your podcast!

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