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Author Shelly Wilson has a BS in Business with a minor in Psychology. She is also an intuitive, medium, and conscious creator who is passionate about helping people wake up to their greatness. In 2010 Shelly decided to make the conscious choice to stop existing and start living, which brought about a significant transformation in her own life. Now she actively supports others as they navigate their own journey into consciousness to experience aliveness. Her four books, titled 28 Days to a New YOU, Connect to the YOU Within, Journey into Consciousness, and her latest, Embracing the Magic Within, are available in paperback and eBook. Shelly loves to empower people!


  • The spiritual difference between a person being “awake” or “asleep.”
  • How our loved ones speak to us through signs, symbols, and synchronicities.
  • How each of us can connect with our inner light and is in control of that light, even though others may encourage us to dim that light and play small.
  • It is time to clear “the yuck” so we can get to some more “yum!”


  • Why is making heart-centered conscious and empowered choices essential for our physical health and mental/emotional well-being?
  • What is conscious parenting?
  • What is the healing grid you create to help a pet, and can you do this from a distance?

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Shelly Wilson: Embrace The Magic Within You And Live An Inspired Life!






I’m delighted to have this opportunity to interview author, intuitive, medium, and conscious creator Shelly Wilson, who is passionate about helping people wake up to their greatness. Shelly will be speaking to us from Vinita, Oklahoma. Shelly has a Bachelor of Science and Business with a minor in Psychology. In 2010, she decided to make the conscious choice to stop existing and start living, which brought about a transformation in her own life. Now she actively supports others as they navigate their own journey into consciousness to experience aliveness.

GAR Shelly Wilson | Embrace The Magic Within

28 Days to A New YOU

Her four books titled 28 Days To A New YOU, Connect To The YOU Within, Journey Into Consciousness, and Embracing The Magic Within are available in paperback and eBook. I’m eager to ask Shelly about the universe of signs and synchronicities, physical and emotional healing, life coaching, and mediumship. Her uplifting choice to empower rather than disempower people and much more for what is surely going to be a magical interview for all of us. Shelly, welcome to the show.

Thank you so much. I’m so excited to share a conscious conversation with you.

You’re so lovely and I know all of our audience is going to enjoy this and love you. Let me begin with this question. What was your life like prior to 2010 when you began to transform? Who was Shelly Wilson before 2010?

I definitely recognized that I was existing. That’s what it felt like anyway. I realized there had to be something more than the life that I was living. I began asking those questions, “Who am I? Why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing? Is this all there is?” That proverbial a-ha moment. I’ve always known things and been sensitive to energies, but I didn’t necessarily have people to talk to. That’s also when I discovered Lisa Williams, who is a well-known psychic medium. I began developing. I took one of her classes and then a couple more and began studying with some other well-known mediums and allowed myself to shift and step into this path fully. I will tell you, I would not want to go back and just exist any longer.

Were you in the professional world, Shelly? Were you a nuts and bolts job?

GAR Shelly Wilson | Embrace The Magic Within

Connect to the YOU Within

Pretty much nuts and bolts and the last professional job that I had, which I have a degree in Business, so I was doing a lot of business stuff and it wasn’t satisfying. I realized there had to be some changes, and I’ve always wanted to help people. I felt like I would be a teacher, but I knew it wouldn’t be in the traditional sense of teaching children. It has opened up to so much more than that.

You certainly are. Everyone, when you read this interview, Shelly is definitely a wonderful teacher. Tell us what happened in 2010 that motivated you to make the conscious choice to stop existing and start living. To bring the transformation, you started working with Lisa Williams to bring rebirth into your own life. What else went on for you at that point?

Even a couple of years before that, I had a reading with someone and she ended up becoming my Reiki master. That began opening up those healing abilities, which I’d always been channeling energy. I have had essential tremors since I was very young. I still have it and I realize that’s part of that sensitivity. What happened too is I decided to go back and finish my degree because I completed the Associate’s degree originally and always regretted not continuing. I went back to school and it was easier to get that Business degree. I also was very fascinated with Psychology so I ended up getting a minor in Psychology.

It was during that spring semester, one of my last classes was titled On Death and Dying. I’m getting chills as I’m saying that, we know what the foundation and the bookwork is, but then you have to have that real-life experience. Lisa Williams came to my awareness at that time. I began being more fascinated with mediumship and life after life and so on. I know that that was a stepping stone once again to prepare me for what I’m doing now.

You talk about this in your book, so let’s share this with our audience. What is the spiritual difference between a person being awake or asleep? It feels like you were asleep and woke up. What does that feel like? What is the difference? I think many people on our planet now, especially those in our audience, are starting to become awake.

When I say those words, they’re spoken very lovingly. They’re not meant to be any type of negative connotation. What we do when we start asking those questions, I already mentioned, “Who am I? Why am I here?” we begin tuning in more. Of course, as humans, we have our five senses, but when we begin paying attention, taking notes of signs, synchronicities, the sensations we feel, and so on, we’re able to then become more aware, which then wakes us up. Once we’re awake, we can’t go back to sleep. There is no other way. It is having more awareness and even being more compassionate and having empathy. Many of us are that way already, but sometimes that wake-up helps us to tune in even more to those around us.

We have our five senses. But when we begin paying attention, taking notes of signs and synchronicities and the sensations we feel and so on, we become more aware. Click To Tweet

I can relate to that because, before the spiritual awakening that happened to me, I thought I was a kind and compassionate person and all of that. After my spiritual awakening, I saw people and related to people on a whole different level because I knew there was so much more to what was underneath the surface. You state that each of us can consciously create the reality we desire. Why is making heart-centered conscious and empowered choices essential for our physical health and mental and emotional well-being?

GAR Shelly Wilson | Embrace The Magic Within

Journey into Consciousness: One Woman’s Story of Spiritual Awakening

I believe that there are two vibrations truly that exist. The fear or heavier, lower vibrational energies, and then the love that is heart-centered consciousness. We know we’re very human so many times, we can go through those motions of being human and feel very frustrated, disappointed, unsatisfied, and so on. We can say, “There’s an opportunity to learn in everything we experience. This is happening for me, not to me.” When we begin walking in the light and love and being able to recognize that everything is a learning opportunity, it will propel us forward, from my perspective.

It’s certainly a better way to look at life. It gets you off the teapot. You do so much, Shelly. You help people wake up to their greatness through mediumship sessions, intuitive sessions, life coaching, Reiki healing sessions, classes, and workshops. What would you like to share with us about each of these offerings? Do you do them from afar?

Yes, I do. I am located in Oklahoma as we’ve already shared, but I also can work with clients via Zoom and phone. I love connecting people to their loved ones in spirit, but I also love assisting them with helping them to tune in for themselves because we all can connect to those in spirit. That’s what a mediumship session would be. Also, doing intuitive or clarity sessions, I don’t care for the word psychic, even though I know it means that’s the soul. There’s a connotation associated with that but I want to provide you clarity on your journey.

All of the answers we seek are already within us, but sometimes, we need a little support so that we know that we feel good about the decision that we’re making. That’s also where the coaching comes into play too, because I want to help you live the best life possible. Finding joy within those challenges and knowing that inspiration is always flowing to us and through us, and we get to choose our outlook always. Reiki, of course, is a healing modality, and this is something that can be done at a distance.

All of the answers we seek are already within us, but sometimes we just need a little support so that we know that we feel good about the decision that we're making. Click To Tweet

If someone is having a problem in their life, you can coach them through that to look at it in a different way.

Yes. That’s what we’re doing because once again, we’re looking through the lens of our humanness. Sometimes, if we’re challenged, that lens is clouded with fear, worry, doubt, and confusion. This is where we want to transcend that. Once again, come back to a place of love and say, “What am I learning here?” Also, we can all become conscious creators. We have to tune in to our own energy and mission with our thoughts, words, and actions, and we have to tune in to what we want. What do we want to create? I tell people, “Let’s create with a feeling.” Sometimes we don’t necessarily know exactly the specifics, and that’s a good thing. Let’s go with, “How do we want to feel and allow the universe to work its magic on our behalf?”

I want to ask you one other question. When you give mediumship sessions, you said something about you help people to do it for themselves. What does that look like? Most people give you your messages. Do you have an extra dimension to that?  Tell us what Shelly does.

I definitely want to connect with your loved ones for you, but I want to remind you, you don’t need a medium. The main thing you want to do is begin tuning in because our loved ones who have transitioned no longer have that physical body, so it’s their energy. We know energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed. We have to tune in to the subtleties. Our loved ones are with us and they’ll blend with us.

We’ve got to take note of the sensations. They’re also always dropping in. What we have to do is tune in to the images and the memories that come into our minds because that’s them. They also communicate with the signs, the number sequences, the coins found in unexpected places, and also the animal messengers such as the cardinal, hummingbird, butterfly, dragonfly, and so on.

That’s really cool because my next question was how our loved ones speak to us through science symbols and synchronicities. You help people to recognize how their loved ones are communicating with them.

Absolutely. The main thing is to trust it because once again, our human mind wants to analyze. We want to overcomplicate the message and make sure it’s them. This is where we have to be the receiver. We have to trust and we can have dialogue with them. A lot of it is mind-to-mind and soul-to-soul. We have to learn how that communication process works.

If a person is sitting reading a book or something and they suddenly feel a vibration in their chest or whatever, could that be a loved one trying to say hello?

Exactly. It could also be our guides and our angels. I like to use the term spirit as that collective, but many times, we’re going to know when it’s a certain loved one as well.

Tell us about what prompted you to write your book, Embracing the Magic Within which I read and it’s wonderful. Would you tell us what the message of the dragonfly is?

Embracing The Magic Within is a compilation of personal stories and words of wisdom. There are no chapters in the book. As you notice, there are sections. You can read it front to back, but you can also read it as a type of oracle. You can open the book and say, “What do I need to know at this time?” Open it randomly and there’s your message.

GAR Shelly Wilson | Embrace The Magic Within

Embrace The Magic Within: Embracing the Magic Within is a compilation of personal stories, words of wisdom. There are actually no chapters in the book.

By the way, everyone, Shelly has dragonflies everywhere. Tell us about dragonflies.

I have a wonderful story to share quickly, too. The dragonfly means time to shine. It’s one of those messages when we see it. What I love about them too is they will come close to us. The quick story is I was out picking blackberries because we have lots of blackberry bushes and I heard something fluttering in our greenhouse. I wasn’t quite sure if it was a branch or what so I stepped inside of it and there was a dragonfly. I could tell that it was a bit exhausted because it had probably been trying to get out. I reached up there and pulled it down and then brought it and placed it on a sunflower to let it rest. It was relaxed at that point. I touched it again and it flew off.

Even knowing that I was at the perfect place at the perfect time to assist this being, that’s what we want to trust, too. When we’re tuning in and saying, “What is that?” and then going and taking a peek and saying, “Here I go, I can help it,” what we want to remember that is no action is too small. Everything creates a ripple.

How can each of us connect with our inner light, and how is each of us in control of that light? This is big and I’m sure everyone here has experienced this even though others may encourage us to dim our light and play small. Shelly, educate us about that. Why should everyone let it be all that they could be?

I was taking a big deep breath as you were saying that, Irene. The thing is I don’t feel like people are always conscious that they do that or they’re allowing it. What I mean by that is sometimes, we feel like we know what’s best for someone else because we’ve been there and walk those shoes, or we feel like we have. Sometimes, there are other energies coming into play. We don’t want someone to be powerful or be strong. What I mean by that is feeling empowered, confident, courageous, and so on. We all have that light within us. The more that we recognize that we are divine, beautiful, and miraculous beings, it is up to us to glow.

Once again, it’s going to create that ripple and anytime, words that may be spoken to us. This can even be words that we say about ourselves. The “I am” is a very powerful statement. That’s why we want to become aware of our self-talk. That’s part of our energy mission. The more that we see ourselves as amazing beings and the more that we shine our light, the more it’s going to help others to do the same as well.

What’s a good response to people who are poo-pooing what you’re doing? Maybe they’re a little jealous, a little intimidated, or whatever the dynamic is, what is a good response to that? How can the person process it within to transform that, not pay attention to that, and go ahead and be who you are?

The first thing that’s coming in is sometimes people are fearful of what they don’t understand. Whether it’s how someone is or the choices they make, people will tend to automatically go to that fear energy instead of saying, “This has to be good and wonderful.” The main thing is to don’t take it personally. That’s one of The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Know that what someone is feeling or expressing, you don’t have to own that as truth for yourself. I tell people, “Be the observer as often as you can, but don’t get caught up in the energy drains and negativity. Have the awareness of it.”

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They’re entitled to their feelings, but you don’t have to live their feelings, right?


You’ve got some inspiring stories about life, living the transition process, and embracing the magic within. What would you like to tell us?

I want to share that, first of all, I had the pleasure of going to Lily Dale, New York. This was my sixth or seventh visit. I’ve been blessed to teach there during several seasons, and I always love being in that space. Lily Dale is a spiritualist community in Western New York. It’s an hour outside of Buffalo, and it was featured in the documentary on HBO. No One Dies in Lily Dale, so there’s got the largest concentration of mediums there. What I find is a lot of people gravitate to that community for healing. Being a presence whether someone is taking a class or needing someone to connect with their loved ones, I know that having an understanding of spirit communication and life after life is important. I did get to rendezvous with the fairies again.

Please tell us about that.

I’ve always believed them, but I never experienced them until it was 2018. I was asked to join a group in the woods. This was a well-known spirit photographer and musician and other people. At first, I hesitated because I thought, “I don’t want to intrude.” I had to quickly stop that because I was invited. Why not go and experience this? Since that time, I absolutely look forward to it. They do look like Tinker Bell. It’s very conscious energy. I will tell you, if anyone doesn’t believe, they probably won’t show themselves to you.

I feel like there’s some trust, but a lot of it is opening yourself up to the magic that is there. It is amazing. Each night I was there, I took people out to experience it. In my mind, I was laughing because I thought I’m doing fairy tours at Lily Dale. It was amazing experiencing it for myself, but it was even more magical watching the people experience it as well.

That’s fabulous. Do fairies have a purpose? Do they transmit messages? Have they ever been on this Earth plane or they’re a totally different entity?

I feel like they’re interdimensional elemental energies. I do believe they’re very conscious because one thing that was important is one of the gentlemen there was analyzing. He said, “They’re very different than lightning bugs.” I said, “I agree.” He said, “They don’t come close.” As soon as he said that, they did. They got right close to us and began blinking. I said, “I think they were having fun with us because I feel like they get close but may not necessarily have their lights on. They’re checking us out, but I could feel the vibration holding my hands up and connecting to it.”

The message that they gave me the first time I encountered them literally was the moment of me experiencing the awe and wonderment. It’s very childlike innocence. They’re saying, “This moment, remember it.” Know that you can always connect to it. That inner child that plays helps us and will help to lighten our days and brighten our days too.

Just knowing that you can always connect to it, that inner child that plays helps us and will help to lighten our days and brighten our days too. Click To Tweet

Shelly, life is filled with challenges. Can we always have control of how we choose to perceive and respond to an experience? Is it okay to always choose happiness when we can? If someone is going to say, “Shelly, you have no idea the drama and stuff that’s going on in my life and all these other people are negative and they’re making me crazy,” can I control anything and respond in a different way?

I will tell you there are many things we cannot control and I like to remind people what we do have control of, which is our thoughts, words, actions, emotions, our perception, and how we respond. We don’t have to be happy all the time of course, but if we can see the silver lining and the blessing within a challenging situation and rise above it to the best of our ability, it’s important. With that, I’ll share briefly. I was challenged on the flight back from Buffalo to Tulsa on July 2nd, 2021. I made it from Buffalo to Dallas, but we couldn’t land because of the storms. We were in a holding pattern for a long time, so long that we then had to go to Houston to refuel and then get back and come back again.

We were in the air and taking that flight so long that I could have flown to Maui, to put it in perspective. I had to get off the plane and there were hundreds if not thousands of other people going through similar situations. It wasn’t just our plane and had to get another flight. I will tell you, holding space, being present, and being grateful for those that were doing what they could was such a different experience from those that were very upset and frustrated. It was exhausting and we were hungry and thirsty but we were still alive and going to make it to our destination albeit delayed. Getting off the plane, my first mission was to get a flight back to Tulsa so I could get home. The customer service line was even longer than I could ever see.

I knew my solution wasn’t there. Another lady had commented before we got off the plane, wondering if the people in our row knew each other. I said, “No, we just met.” She goes, “I will tell you, your conversation kept me calm.” That acknowledgment was important and she was looking at me, “What do we do at this point?” I said, “That line is not our solution. Let’s call.” She happened to get in first because we were both calling.

I looked at her and I said, “Ask the person if they’ll help me too.” When she wrapped up, she handed the phone to me. I got rebooked, I thanked her, we parted ways, and it was a smooth ending. What we want to remember is we can be all upset, frazzled, and frustrated or we can be calm, breathe, and focus on that piece within. Once again, solutions will be there. We can respond rather than react.

That’s beautiful and so wise. Here’s another piece of your wisdom we’d like to know. What is conscious parenting, Shelly Wilson?

Conscious parenting, I know some people may think that that’s a new term. I know that it’s been around for a while, but like being conscious, aware, and awake, this means that you’re tuning in to what you’re doing. It’s tuning into your children or fur babies because we can conscious parent our fur babies as well. The main thing is knowing that one size does not fit all, but I know that being present for our children and family and having honest, open communication is essential. What I find, and this is what I encouraged my own children to do, is to have opinions to communicate and ask questions that there is not a wrong question or answer and we’re always learning. The more that we cultivate that within our children, it’s going to help us to grow also.

Not only that, you’re being so conscious that your children are growing up knowing that you hear them. You’re not ignoring them, you’re paying attention. I’m relating because I have three little grandchildren and it’s so similar to that. There’s a healing grid you create to help a pet so you also do pet healing. Can you do this from a distance?

Yes, I do it distantly. Reiki is also beneficial to our fur babies. What I’ll do is create a grid where that Reiki can be sent distantly and periodically. Have your animal’s picture, name, and location and I create a crystals grid around that.

Everyone, if your pet is in trouble, you know who to contact now. To contact you, what are the best ways for people to connect with you, Shelly? Do you have a special offer for our audience that’s been tuning in?

My website is You can also find me on Instagram @IntuitiveMediumShelly, and also on Facebook @IntuitiveMediumShelly. On Facebook, I also have pages for my book’s Journey Into Consciousness and Embracing The Magic Within. For the offer, you can go and book and use “Irene” which is going to be the code and you’ll get 10% off a service.

Also, in Embracing The Magic Within, you state time for you to clear the yuck so you can get to some more yum. What is the message about the importance of embracing the magic so that we can heal?

Even saying the words, doesn’t one taste better, sound better, feel better?

It does.

I’m a lover of food as many people are and we know what yucky is. We take that even translating that into our life energy that doesn’t feel good. This may be energy that is around us, not necessarily within us, but we want to tune in more to those things that bring us joy, light us up, and feel good. Once again, I feel like we’re here to have a human life experience. We’re here to live life. Sometimes that life does involve challenges, but if we can see that every day is a new day, that’s what’s important.

They’re learning lessons from the challenges. Shelly R. Wilson, what is your tip for finding joy in life?

I’m getting chills as I’m about to say that. Definitely, it is embracing the magic within. It is doing things that you love and knowing that we are the ripple. Even though life can bring us challenges, things can be hard. Loved ones transition before we want them to. They live vicariously through us and they want us to be joyful. They want us to find that joy again, even though it may be challenging to do so. We want to be where we’re at. Honor our emotions always.

That’s a mouthful you just said there. Our loved ones are living vicariously through us. They have been past the other side also. They’re also very much with us.

Not 24/7, but they like to check-in. What we want to remember is the other side doesn’t have the linear aspect of time. We do, of course. What may seem like a very long time or a very short time, over there, they don’t have that concept. They have their positions, roles, and tasks that they do, but they also have lots of free time or leisure time because when I make connections, many times they’ll show me relaxing. They worked so hard. Here in life, this is a type of retirement or getting to do those things that they’ve always loved to do.

I love this quote from your inspiring and empowering book, Embracing The Magic Within, “Make the choice to love yourself for who you are completely and fully. Choose to amend your perception of any unpleasant memories and view them as opportunities for learning and growth. By assisting people to embrace the magic within and live an inspired life, you bring understanding, you help people to heal from the past, and realize their full potential.”

Thank you, Shelly. On behalf of our audience for this enlightening interview that encourages us to embrace our own magic within so that we can experience the expression of our true selves helping each of us to shine. Make sure to follow us and like us on social at @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. As I like to say, to be continued, many blessings, and bye for now.

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