GAR 229 | Regression Therapy

Sheela Jaganathan became a past life/current life Regression Therapist and Life Coach after an out-of-body experience changed her view of the Afterlife. Her focus on guiding clients from all walks of life towards inner clarity and into their soul-knowing is beautifully expressed through Sheela’s remarkable book titled Hello Me!: Self-Empowerment and Healing Through Past Life Regression Therapy. She is also a contributor to the book Gathering At The Doorway: An Anthology of Signs, Visits, and Messages from the Afterlife, and she is a professional member of Spiritual Regression Therapy Association (SRTA) and Earth Association for Regression Therapy (EARTh). Tune in to this conversation to learn about Sheela’s out-of-body experience, the fascinating way she came to write her book Hello Me!, how writing Hello Me! brought closure to a past life that ended unfairly and tragically for her, the ways regression therapy integrates the lessons learned from the past into a client’s current life, what is soul knowing, and more!


  • Sheela’s out-of-body experience that changed her view of the Afterlife
  • How Sheela’s daughter remembered that she had “fallen out of Sheela” before she was conceived
  • What inspired Sheela to become a past life/current life regression therapist and Life Coach
  • How past life regression therapy integrates the lessons learned from the past into a client’s current life
  • What part of our current life experiences do we take with us when we depart from this life
  • What is soul knowing
  • How Sheela gets negative attachments to release their hold on a person


  • How does regression therapy go beyond viewing past lives to transforming challenging moments and integrating the lessons learned from the past into a client’s current life?
  • What is our “higher self,” and what part of us reincarnates?
  • How is releasing negative attachments like freeing ourselves from the influence of a toxic friend?
  • How did various types of angels help your client to identify her current life purpose regarding love, communication, and spirituality?
  • Why does it take a variety of healing modalities, ideas, and tools to help us navigate our adult lives?

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Sheela Jaganathan: Healing Through Past Life Regression Therapy





I am delighted to have this opportunity to interview Sheela Jaganathan, who will be speaking to us from Munich, Germany.

I’m living here.

Sheela was born and raised in Malaysia, which is a multicultural nation with people of various religious beliefs and lifestyles. She was a litigation lawyer and a recruiting specialist there before she relocated to Germany. Over the years, she has also had the opportunity to live in Shanghai and Singapore where she trained to become a regression therapist and a life coach.

Sheela who speaks English, Tamil, Mandarin, Malay, and German is a past-life/current-life regression therapist, a life coach, and an author who is certified in hypnotherapy, past-life regression therapy, spiritual regression therapy, and brain-based coaching. Her focus on guiding clients from all walks of life toward inner clarity and into their soul-knowing is beautifully expressed through Sheela’s remarkable book titled Hello Me: Self-Empowerment and Healing through Past Life Regression Therapy. She’s also a contributor to the book titled, Gathering at the Doorway: An Anthology of Signs, Visits, and Messages from the Afterlife, which was curated by author Camille Dan who I’ve had the true pleasure of interviewing on The Grief and Rebirth Podcast. 

I’m looking forward to talking with Sheela about her out-of-body experience, the fascinating way she came to write her book Hello Me, how regression therapy integrates the lessons learned from the past into a client’s current life, what is soul-knowing, and more, for what is sure to be a fascinating, very enlightening interview.

GAR 229 | Regression Therapy

Thank you, Irene. I am so honored to be here.

Thank you. I’m thrilled to have you here. It’s wonderful what you’re doing and how many people you’ve been helping. It’s marvelous. Let’s help people get to know you a little. Start from the beginning. You had an out-of-body experience that changed your view of the afterlife, including falling into a gigantic golden sphere pain-free. Do you want to tell us a little bit about that?

This happened while I was living in Germany in 2005. We were in the midst of moving house. It was springtime. All the strenuous activities that we were up to triggered something in me. One night, I found myself waking up suddenly and feeling completely paralyzed from top to bottom. I couldn’t call out to my husband because my voice was blocked. The only thing I could do physically was see a little bit through my half-open eyes. I saw that it was about 4:00-something in the morning.

What I noticed the most was the pain. It was excruciating. I felt like I was on fire. Every pore felt like it was being burned. While I was in this state, I was grateful I could still think. The one thing that I thought about was my daughter who was lying between me and my husband at that point because we only had one bed that we hadn’t packed up. I was worried about her. I was concerned about what would happen to her if I were to die because that was how it felt like. I was being burned to death.

At one point, intuitively or automatically, I remembered a prayer from The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. There is a practice there called the Tonglen. You can generate compassion even at the last moment in life. This is what I thought about toward the end. I was thinking that I was going to die anyway. I might as well bring everybody’s pain and take it with me. The moment I thought of doing that, I felt myself going through a portal and falling out onto the other side and into a space that was gigantic, holographic, and golden. I felt at home.

I remember that I was docking into a specific space within this sphere. I also realized that everything around me was so peaceful, calm, bright, and nice. It is difficult to find a word to describe everything but I felt like I came home. There was no pain. I couldn’t sense time anymore. I couldn’t tell how big the sphere was because it looked big and cozy at the same time. I was enjoying myself. It felt like I was lying on a hammock, enjoying the breeze, and having a nice drink in my hand.

Especially because you were out of your body. You were not having any pain. You had left your body that was filled with pain.

I don’t know how long it lasted. I heard this booming voice. You have had that experience. It’s something that you hear within you but you also feel like everybody in the whole world heard it. The voice said two things, “What is she doing here? It’s not her time yet.” At that moment, it became comical and serious at the same time. It was comical because I was trying to find a place to hide from the voice but how can you hide when you are in the light?

At the same time, I felt like I might have done something wrong because the voice sounded very firm and concerned but also curious, “How come something didn’t go to plan?” The next thing I know, somebody turned me around and kicked me back through the portal that I came through. I landed into my body. My awareness was now full-on. I could feel my body but the pain was reduced. By this time, it was about 6:00-something in the morning. Two hours had passed but the time that I spent in that sphere was two seconds.

It felt like two seconds.

It’s very hard to measure time then. When I came to, I got up in the morning and went to see a doctor. He checked me. When he saw me, he was already horrified because I was not able to work properly. I was shuffling. He ran some blood tests. He checked me physically. I was okay. The blood test did not reveal anything. He noted it down as a mysterious infection. I was given painkillers to deal with it but for me, it was an impressionable moment because I knew that I gave up my body.

I went across a barrier, and I was in a different space that I could still process with my awareness. This place was difficult to describe because there was nothing earthly on it but it contained all the information that one needed. The other point was in Earth, you have day and night but, in this place, there was no day and night. There was a sense of being. You are there. You are part of everything. I felt my importance in that space because I had my place.

In this place, there was no day and night. There was just a sense of being. You are just there. You are part of everything. Share on X

Had you believed in that before?


Like me, you got a big surprise or wake-up call. You also have this incredible story about your daughter at age four who remembered that she had fallen out of you before she was conceived. This is an incredible story. Would you like to share that with us?

To understand what happened with my second daughter, you need to know that in 2001, I experienced a miscarriage with twins. This was very tough on me. This was the first time I was experiencing grief to the deepest level. I have lost one of my grandparents before but grief is different when you don’t have a body to touch and mourn over.

Grief is different when you don't have a body to touch and mourn over. Share on X

How long had you been pregnant when you had the miscarriage?

Three months. I was advised to go for a D&C to clear out the remains. Some people might say this is just blood and cells but for a first-time mom, I couldn’t even process that episode or event. That triggered me to think about what is life or death. Somebody dies inside of you. I felt like the biggest villain on Earth, “What didn’t I do right? Didn’t I eat enough? Didn’t I breathe right?”

All this will become important because, in 2012, my second daughter was four years old. I was putting her to bed. Out of the blue, she goes, “Mama, do you know I fell out of your tummy?” She doesn’t know anything about the miscarriage. I’m surprised. She goes on to describe why she fell out, “It’s because the muscles were small. Mama didn’t eat.”

That was all true because, in the first pregnancy, I was suffering from the worst morning sickness where I couldn’t eat or drink. If I took a drop of water, I would throw that one up. If I took anything to eat, it will all come out. It was the worst form. I should have been hospitalized but I didn’t know about it, so I kept going. How would this child know about that?

The blessing in that also was that you could stop blaming yourself in a way because she came back to you.

This was the ultimate question for me then. There I am, having gone through that pregnancy, losing both kids, feeling bad, angry, guilty, and extreme sadness. Here is your four-year-old, eleven years later saying, “I’ve been inside your body, and I fell out. This is what you did or didn’t do but here I am standing in front of you.”

Have you ever heard anything about what happened to her? Was it her sister or her brother?

I believe both of them came back. I have two children. One was born in 2002. The second one was born in 2008. Their personalities are on both ends of the spectrum. What I wanted to say is this. I had been a lawyer. Lawyers have all kinds of laws that they follow, especially evidence. If something doesn’t qualify as evidence, then the story doesn’t exist. Here I am listening to my daughter telling me about something that had happened to me that she would have no idea about. She was talking about a truth that I could not possibly deny because I was the only person who can corroborate what she was saying. What she was saying was a simple truth.

After the birth of your younger daughter, you sought it out because you still had a lot of chronic medical issues.

After the miscarriage, I went on to have a healthy child but I did a lot of work for that. I changed my diet. I worked out. Mentally and physically, I was taking care of myself. I was doing positive affirmations. I got the baby and then started to fall ill three years after. I started having migraines. I had tinnitus. Eventually, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

You were so young.

I was in my mid-30s.

It’s so young to have all that happen to you.

Here’s the thing. All three different doctors that I went to prescribed the same medication, antidepressants. They said, “Here you go. You can take medication, not the whole dosage but half the dosage. It will take care of the symptoms.” Nobody wanted to find out the cause of it. I refused because I realized this. Even though I took care of myself physically and mentally, I failed to take care of myself emotionally and spiritually after the miscarriage, and because I did not take care of myself emotionally and spiritually, it was showing up.

That is what happens. It becomes a disease because it gets stuck in your body.

This is what led me to alternative therapy. This is what led me to reiki and took me to Jin Shin Jyutsu. It’s Japanese acupressure.

I interviewed someone who does that.

It helped me so much that I couldn’t believe it, “How is that working?” I tested out hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis. That helped me to have a clearer mind because I used it against insomnia. When my second daughter was about a year old, I accidentally broke her toe by shutting it between car doors. I was carrying her out of the car, and I shut it. It was a window, the one that slides across. It got caught. That sent me into a spiral of depression. To deal with that situation, I used self-hypnosis.

The long-term effect was this. Even though I didn’t believe in hypnotherapy, I tried it out but only by listening to CDs. It made me sleep. When you sleep enough, you have better clarity of mind the following day. That was the long-term effect. That helped me. I became curious, “How does self-hypnosis work?” The other part of me is always trying to figure out, “How does this world work?” That took me to do a hypnotherapy course. In the process of wanting to get a certificate, you have to apply the technique to five people and produce the case studies. This is what I did. I got the certificate. That was enough for me because it proved a point.

This is so amazing to me too because you were a lawyer. It’s like my story. I didn’t believe in any of this. Meanwhile, you’re being led to a purpose. The same thing happened to me.

During the hypnotherapy course, I slipped into a past life while doing one of the training exercises. That gave me a shock. I was like, “How is past life possible?” All I wanted to do is find techniques to relax myself through hypnosis. The situation with my second daughter happened. After I finished hypnotherapy, I had this moment with my second daughter, and because of her, I continued doing a course in regression therapy offered by the same academy.

The five people that I worked with to get the certificate for hypnotherapy went and told other people about me because it helped them. Soon, I had people dropping in and saying, “Can you do that on me?” I continued working on people. That’s how Kalina came into the picture because she was the first person who I used hypnotherapy on. Kalina is the one who I feature in my book.

Her story is amazing. Before we go into the story of Kalina, you’re a past-life and current-life regression therapist and a life coach. Could you explain to people how regression therapy goes beyond viewing your past lives to transforming challenging moments and integrating the lessons learned from the past into the person’s current life? It happened to you. You found out about your past life. When people find out about their past lives, it could be things that have carried over from past lives into their current life. When you find that out, you can heal that.

I’ll use myself as an example because this is what convinced me in the end. When I started doing hypnotherapy with Kalina, we started exploring her past life too because I was learning the techniques of regression therapy and applying them. She had done about a dozen sessions with me. Like a lawyer, I compiled all the notes. One day after she was done with her stuff, she looked at it and went, “Why don’t you take all the notes and turn them into a book?”

It was a joke. She was joking with me because she was seeing that the pile of notes was going higher. At first, I just put it. She mentioned it a couple of times. One day, I took a serious look at my notes and thought to myself, “What would happen if I wrote a book out of it? It’s a possibility.” At that moment, I was so nauseous. I felt so sick. I dabbled over. I had a physical reaction. I’ve been looking at those notes for many weeks and months but the thought of turning it into a book because a book would mean you are revealing it into the whole world made me nauseous and sick.

You were comfortable to get up in a court of law and represent someone in the first part of your life but you were not comfortable to bring out someone’s past life and help a person to heal.

That was the first reaction. The second reaction was the thought, “What if they come after me again? What if somebody knocks on the door, pulls me out, and locks me up?” This was the thought.

Where did that come from? We’re going to tell everyone.

I’m standing in my living room in our house in Singapore and having this thought. Singapore is one of the safest places to live. Where did those thoughts come from? When it kept happening, I asked a fellow regression therapist to help me find the answer. The answer took me to Spain toward the end of the thirteenth century.

She did a past-life regression on you.

It’s so much easier to have a therapist do it on you because then they can follow the story, keep notes, and ask the right questions. If I do it on myself, it’s possible but I can promise you that within ten minutes, I’ll be laughing away because my conscious mind would be struggling with the subconscious thoughts. Long story short, I was a cleaner in a church. I would go around picking up pieces of paper that they were producing in the church during that time period.

Were you a male or a female?

I was a male. I was Christian. I was one of the service staff in the church but I was very curious about all these people with long hair and swords that were coming through the city on horses and also Jews because I could tell how they kept themselves. I would find out all this information afterward. At first, she asked me about the story and collected the information, and I’m telling her all this. I would sneak out at night and go to little bazaars or gathering places where you would drink something and eat something. I’ll try to make friends with these foreigners and figure out how they viewed their world, what they practice, and what they are thinking about.

You had a curious mind. You were in a time when they did not appreciate that.

I would take all the little bits of paper that I found in the church and draw stuff because I didn’t know how to write. I would draw things. I kept all these pieces of paper. It was a bed made out of twine and then stuffed with hay. I’ll keep it hidden. Long story short, somebody ratted me out, and I was held up before the authorities or the senior superiors. They asked me, “What are you doing sneaking out at night and meeting up with all these foreigners?” I tried to explain but they kept dismissing me. Eventually, I was taken to a public court. To set an example to the other Christians, I was sentenced to be hanged and then decapitated.

For being curious.

Even as I was trying to explain what I was doing, I was laughed at and ridiculed. The story ends with my death in a horrible way. That was the fear that was stopping me from even considering writing this book. We revisited the story. I was given the option to bring it to an ending that was best for me and my soul.

What ending did you find that was best for your soul?

I didn’t change the story at all. I didn’t want to change anything about me being curious. I didn’t want to take away my need or desire to get to know other people, foreigners especially.

It was a beautiful thing that you wanted to do.

What I opted for was to attach my head back to my body because that would make me feel whole. The funny thing is the therapist encouraged me to do that. I had to pick up my head in that scene. Imagine it. I put it back. A few seconds later, I heard a click inside my ear. The effect of it was a few weeks later, I started writing the outline for the book.

It took away that trauma and healed you from that trauma.

It took away the fear because rationally and logically, I shouldn’t have any fear. In the present moment, I shouldn’t but I did because I was carrying it from many years ago.

Someone would say, “I can’t believe that,” but in the meantime, it healed you and your block.

It healed me. The proof of healing is that I managed to write and self-publish the book because as I continued writing, I could feel my guides coming in. The guides that I met in that session were there behind me. There were nights when I would be writing it and wondering the next day, “How in the world did I have enough energy to do this book?” In the beginning, the book sounded like a report.

That’s the lawyer in you.

Halfway through, I said, “I cannot present it in this way because that is not the real me.” The moment I asked for help, it became softer. The most important is that it flowed in a logical way for the readers to understand what was happening but more important was that it was written with the right energy.

It’s a fascinating book. I recommend that you get Sheela’s book. It’s Hello Me: Self-Empowerment and Healing through Past Life Regression Therapy. She’s got this incredible story that you would want to read about healing from past lives, not just her own. Start to tell us about Kalina. What brought her to you? There were two past lives that came out that were amazing. One, she was a man named Oro from West Africa. In another, she was a woman named Anna in Bavaria. Tell us about that. The Anna from Bavaria story was a turning point in her healing journey. The stories are wonderful and incredible. Go ahead. How old was Kalina when she came to you?

She was the same age as me. She would be 33 or 34.

What made her so open-minded to come to see you? She was your first test case.

She was the wife of my husband’s friend. I was living in Singapore, and then they moved to Singapore from Germany, and because we knew each other from before, we became close.

She felt safe with you.

She was stressed. She had tried many other methods to resolve it. Somehow, it’s timing. When soul friends cross paths, then it’s a special moment. You know it. You feel it. We had an agreement with one another. You never know. Maybe she came at the time to give me enough of a nudge to help me believe in all this.

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It was part of the story and your awakening. Tell us about Kalina. I especially want to hear about how she was having issues with her son, Paul, who became very bossy when his father went out of town. Let’s talk about how she learned about Paul’s odd behavior and then her story about Anna of Bavaria which was the turning point of her healing journey.

She had three kids. Living in a foreign country and taking care of kids who are becoming teenagers is tough for anybody. She wanted to find ways to figure out a way to not just help herself but also the whole family. There are three boys, and then she’s the only female. It’s not easy. She had tried out other methods, and then she decided to try hypnotherapy with me. The situation with Paul was that they had trouble communicating. As Kalina goes into her inner world, she meets her guide. His name is Joshua. He will come in. Whenever she’s in a meditative mode, then he appears. This is when all the communication takes place.

Would Joshua be her guide through all her lifetimes?

He’s the one who’s taking care of her in this lifetime for sure. He’s the first one to approach. He’s something like a supervisor. He’s the one who helps her to access all her past lives if you look at it. What was happening with Paul was a situation that was not resolved from a life that she had as the African Oro. They were relatives.

She was a man. Was she Oro?

She was Oro.

What was her relationship?

She had a nephew. They were living in a tribal village. It had been attacked by some people from the West who were trying to come and pick up slaves but the essential part of the story is that part of her life lesson in this life was to learn about how to communicate and appreciate another person’s action. That was the most important point that she picked up from that story.

I want to ask though. Why was Paul so bossy? What was her problem with Paul that got resolved when she found out about her lifetime when she was Oro?

This has to do with the power dynamics in the tribe.

He was repeating the power dynamic that they had in their tribe. He was very bossy in that tribe. He came back. Once she went through that regression therapy and all, did the situation with her son Paul improve?

It changed. It went from harsh to mellow. These things are common when you do regression therapy and work on that past life. You can see the impact of it in your current life. It can help to release tension buildup. Imprints can be released like me in terms of courage. I got the courage back when I put my head back. I got my voice back because I was decapitated.

It’s the courage of the voice. Through this past-life therapy, she’s able to heal her troubling relationship with her son. We have another story where she’s Anna of Bavaria. That was a turning point in her healing journey as you had a turning point in yours. Tell us about that.

This has to do with self-worth because as much as a story is colorful and filled with details, a regression therapist’s job is to go after the root cause. The root cause is oftentimes connected with a particular emotion that needs to be worked out or played out. Anna’s story is about self-worth. This was the root cause of all of Kalina’s dilemmas and how she felt about herself. Anna’s story was about a seven-year-old girl who was living with her mom. One day, she is out picking herbs and flowers in the forest. She’s attacked, raped, and brutally killed.

As much as a story is colorful and filled with details, a regression therapist's job is to go after the root cost. Share on X

Do you know what century this is?

We would say Middle Ages, not modern times because they lived near a forest. They picked herbs and flowers. This is one of the indicators. You sometimes pick up the energy. As I’m sitting next to her, I know that I’m going into a space that is not modern. It’s going further into the early days. That story is very important. Anna had to face the perpetrator, the man who killed her, or the one who murdered her.

That’s one point but the most important point was the reaction of the mother when she found Anna’s body because when the mother eventually found her body, she turned away. Anna’s soul was watching this. When she watched the mom turn away, that was when the imprint of shame was left on her. It was not even the fact that she was brutally killed because she would eventually have a showdown with the perpetrator in the spirit realm.

They want to hear about that too.

It will come to a conclusion. It’s in the book. More important was, “What does your family member do or react when you are at the deepest level of despair?” The mom turned away because she was troubled by what she saw. That was a natural reaction but Anna’s soul that was watching her thought the mom was turning away because the most shameful thing was to see her daughter in a state of having been shamed to the deepest level. How do you turn this around? We are looking at a scene. We are looking at a story that is heart-wrenching. My job then is not to get emotionally involved but to figure out a way to help Kalina clear that story.

You’re helping her process the experience so that she can heal and so it doesn’t affect her anymore in her current life.

Anna goes through that story. I’m talking to Kalina but I’m also talking to Anna. Anna’s request was for the mom to come and offer a ceremony for her. She’s dead but there are still ways and there’s still time to give them the respect and dignity that they deserve. That was one of the takeaway points for both Kalina and me. When a person dies, we should not rush through those moments after someone dies. We should give them time. The living should give the one who is passing or transitioning the time, the care, and the attention and not pack them away.

The living should give the one who is passing or transitioning the time, care, and attention and not just pack them away. Share on X

This is such a fascinating story. What ritual did she use or visualize to heal her mother? How did that change the message that she had taken? It was a mistaken message that she had taken from that lifetime.

That survived God knows how many years. It was still living in her and causing her a lot of distress. Anna on her part wanted her mom to clean her up, rearrange the clothing, and do what came naturally. That was to pick whatever flowers were around her, place them on her, and put a symbolic cross sign on her body. That was enough for Anna because I know Kalina as an adult is watching this. She could have come up with 1 million other things that Kalina might have wanted but Anna only wanted her mom to pay attention to her and do whatever was available at that moment. That would have been things organically coming from the space around her. That’s what she used.

Did her mother come to her in that moment? How did that take place to help her to heal?

She called on the soul of the mother.

The soul of the mother may have been reincarnated somewhere else. It’s a master soul. It’s still aware of everything.

It’s like the space that I went into or the sphere. They are there all the time. Only a portion of your energy is in the human body. When you call on another soul, it’s up to them whether to turn up or not. They have the right. In Anna’s case, the mom appeared.

She appears. What did she do? She recreated the scene.

Anna recreated the scene.

I’m asking you because I want everyone to read the book. They’re curious about what happened.

In the first scene, she died. The mom came and turned away but in the reframed scene, the mom came and performed a beautiful ceremony for Anna. That pleased her soul. It was organic. It was so beautiful and touching. It’s not like Anna wanted to be taken back to the village or wanted her mom to go look for the man. There’s nothing of that sort. She only wanted time with her mother paying her attention.

She got that. You also talk about in the book the various types of angels that helped Kalina to identify her life purpose. Tell us about that. People don’t even know that angels exist like that to help us.

I didn’t believe in it too. Coming from the legal field, it’s woo-woo at that point but I have through my personal experiences, or rather a big nudge experienced the presence of angels. In Kalina’s case, as she got better, it was a natural progression from looking into past lives for clues and solutions. She was because she was becoming more courageous. It was opening up her spiritual world. The next natural thing to do is figure out who else is in there.

Instead of focusing on your database of past lives, you are shifting and wondering, “What more can I connect with? Who else can I communicate with or meet and have that interaction?” It’s like you and me. I didn’t know you before but here we are sharing. The next logical level for Kalina in her soul development from my side was to get her in touch with her spiritual wisdom. To do this would be to call in the presence of her guides as high as you can go.

At that point, I was learning about spiritual regression but I got the chance to do my experiment with her. We had this session about wanting to find out what is a life’s purpose. As usual, Joshua came in first. Joshua is a personal guide. I can tell by then. When Joshua comes, there’s a wave of energy. It has a particular quality but, in this session when we called, Joshua came.

I could feel that there were more waves of energy coming but I didn’t know who they were. Eventually, Kalina is slowly taken to that space. There is a big discussion with the guides on how they want to do it. I am only a facilitator. I can bring Kalina to a platform but what happens on that platform is up to Kalina and her guides.

That’s so fascinating for you. As you’re facilitating this, she’s coming out next.

You cannot plan ahead. You can wish for the best and be very clear with your intentions. When I am there, I’m like a mirror. I’m a blank space. I’m not Sheela but I’m there to make sure things are moving.

You’re a bridge.

Eventually, Kalina will tell you that for her, it felt like she was on a talk show. Joshua was sitting in the audience. She’s there on stage with her high-level guides. They are explaining her life purpose and how she came to pick this life.

Can you give us a little tidbit about that? They can read more of it in the book but give us a little tidbit.

The biggest tip that Kalina got was that she was here to learn about love and communication, which was covered in her past life. They’re telling her, “This is why you are here.” They go on to explain how she came to Earth and be in this life. One of the things that they share is that Kalina had picked the lessons herself to learn. It was not arranged for her but it was something that she co-created with her guides to come and learn through the current-life body.

This was meant to be healing for her.

They mentioned how she will come to meet me and go through this process. As a therapist, it was interesting how the energy shifted as the session progressed. Even her voice was shifting. Everything is documented in the book.

When she became Oro, did her voice get deeper like a man’s?

Her voice would change. Even when she was Anna, she was speaking like a child.

It’s so interesting.

I was blessed with the presence of Kalina somehow because she was expressive, clear, and articulate in her description of what was happening in the session. I happened to get the best client possible. That boosted my confidence.

I don’t think that was an accident. She was meant to come to you, and that was meant to happen because this was the next part of your path.

Since her, I have had many clients, and they are all different. One of the clients was a journalist. Logically, I thought, “This person is going to give me the story in the best form.” Guess what happened. I had to pull every single word out of her. It doesn’t mean that if you are super articulate in the human body you’re going to be so when you are in the soul form because it could be that it takes you a long time to find a word or describe stuff.

You’re also coming from another lifetime. Maybe the words that are accessible here were not as accessible in that life.

The other thing about Kalina was this. She was open and ready. She was fed up with all the other techniques. She was ready to put herself out there and experiment. She was open-minded, and because of love and compassion, which was her life purpose, she was also trying to find the right tool to tell her story. These are stories coming from your heart. You need somebody to not just listen to it but also help you figure out ways. This is exactly where regression therapy is different from past-life regression.

Past-life regression can be somebody who takes you to look at past lives, or maybe they feel it and tell it to you. You get the information either from yourself or somebody who’s telling you through other techniques. Regression therapy is about you looking at your stories. It doesn’t matter whether it comes from this life or other lives but going beyond, looking at the situation, and figuring out a way to resolve it so that you no longer have to suffer and carry any heaviness. That is the difference because it offers you what we call the transformation phase or the story, plus you going in to do your work.

That’s fabulous. There’s a little bit of a difference. If you’re discovering your past lives, you’re more like an observer of what happened to you as opposed to past-life regression therapy. You not only observe it but you feel it and process it to see how it’s affecting your current life. You help to heal it, which is wonderful. That brings me right to what you do because I know you have private sessions, personal holistic coaching, and customized workshops. Tell us about those and anything else you would like to share with our audience.

I do a variety of coaching because there’s a variety of people that need to be coached. Some people prefer to have it in a group setting because that’s more comfortable for them. What I enjoy are the one-to-one sessions because you Zoom in on that particular person and work on their issues. That is the most sacred and fascinating for me.

Do you do these things by Zoom also?

All the time. I can only be in one place at one time. Zoom was the natural solution because I have clients from all over the place. Having said that, there is no difference in doing it on Zoom.

You can hypnotize a person even though they’re on Zoom with you?


That’s more interesting.

That’s another thing about hypnosis. There are a lot of misconceptions about hypnosis or hypnotherapy. It’s not like David Copperfield’s hypnosis. It’s not entertainment hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is a method to get a person to a comfortable, relaxed state of mind where they are processing the information through the subconscious mind, not the logical mind. It’s about getting people to go to a relaxed state like in meditation but getting them to utilize their imaginative and creative powers, which come from the right side of the brain according to science.

That takes a certain technique that you’ve had to train for to be able to do that with people.

There are various kinds of techniques to help people to relax but regression therapy is about taking the story that they’re going to share with you, figuring out what is it that they want to be in the future, and making sure that the challenging stuff is resolved or minimized so that the person can take most of their energy, apply it, and be in a brighter and creative space because as a soul, this is what I’ve noticed. It doesn’t matter who I have worked with. I have worked with people from all walks of life, all ages, and all religions. A soul always wants to evolve. It wants to progress. I have never met or spoken to a soul that wants to go backward.

GAR 229 | Regression Therapy

That is why the souls that are reading this are people who want their souls to progress. Their souls want them to evolve. That’s probably why they’re attracted to learn from these interviews because we’re bringing out this information that’s not so present in their lifetimes. They’re learning about this.

What holds people back is often an emotion. A lot of the time, when people are coming for sessions, you can figure out where the problem starts because, after a while when you talk to them, you can figure out where it is located. I can tell you that 70% to 80% starts from childhood.

Childhood in a past life?

For a regression therapist, it doesn’t matter which time period it started or which life. The most important is to go back to the root cause. When you work with a client, sometimes it happens that they won’t go into the past life immediately because they have enough stuff to work on in this life. Most of it will be in childhood.

It’s a combination of regular therapy. You’re not only healing the pain from childhood and the current things but also the issues from past lives. It’s not a personal approach. It’s more of a complete approach.

GAR 229 | Regression Therapy

A lot of souls have had multiple lives. If you look at it from a linear point of time, there is a past life but you and I know that’s only one time contained in that space. It’s just that we happen to be on Earth. On Earth, you have linear time. Therefore, we call it the past life but when you are meditating, you go to that space. In that space, time doesn’t exist. If you want, you can access any part of you that has been held back and communicate with it. In the human form, you would need to be able to process that information. It will come out as a story.

It’s how we learn. We go together. It’s so fascinating. Is there anything else you want to tell us about your private sessions? Your sessions with past-life regression therapy and your holistic coaching are what exactly? The whole thing is a package.

It’s holistic coaching. Let me put it this way. There’s no one way to heal a person. I’ve never come across where a person has been healed only by one thing. I call it holistic coaching because it could be that I only need to do brain-based coaching, or if there’s more to that person that needs to be resolved, then I combine it. It’s a hybrid.

Tell me about your workshops. You have customized workshops also.

That depends on who wants it. What I do sometimes is offer well-being circles here in Munich in person or I do online group coaching. I might pick a topic and then offer it to people.

They can find out about that on your website.

I wanted to share that I also do retreats. I organize retreats focused on inner well-being using regression techniques. These are all bespoke and customized. I do it for a group of people because working with groups that gel can be so powerful.

I would imagine that would be an incredible experience for someone.

I try to make it fun. We combine it with something physical like yoga or do a portion of brain-based coaching because your conscious mind needs to be empowered too. It’s not all about the subconscious mind and past lives but it’s also about your cognitive abilities and how you want to expand them.

How large are these groups?

Ideally for retreats, it’s about 10 to 12 people. It needs to be intimate. I don’t believe in doing 20 to 30 because then it dilutes the energy.

Do you have a special offer for our audience?

For a one-to-one, I do have an offer. For your audience, they can mention Irene, and then I’ll give 50% off.

It’s worth it if you want to check it out. What is Sheela’s important tip for finding joy in life from the life of Sheela?

Do anything and everything that opens up your mind, not just the logical mind but also your heart mind.

Do anything and everything that opens up your mind, not just the logical mind, but also your heart mind. Share on X

By reading this, they’re doing some of that.

If people feel nudged or encouraged to explore their inner world, I’m all for that.

That’s wonderful. I love this meaningful quote from Hello Me: Self-Empowerment and Healing through Past Life Regression Therapy that resonates so beautifully with the healing mission of the show. That quote is, “Unearth your stories, unravel the knots, retain the good stuff, make peace with the bad, let go of the clutter, find your spot in the universe, feel, love, and cherish yourself and others a little bit more.”

That’s so beautiful, wonderful, and true. I want to thank you from my heart for this truly fascinating, wonderful, and enlightening interview that I’m sure has opened many minds and hearts. Make sure to follow us and like us on social @IreneSWeinberg on Instagram and Facebook. I want to thank you again, Sheela. As I like to say, to be continued. Many blessings. Bye for now.

Thank you so much.

It’s my pleasure. It has been wonderful to share you with everyone. Thank you so much.

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GAR 229 | Regression TherapySheela is a regression therapist and holistic life coach focusing on guiding clients towards inner wellbeing. Born and raised in Malaysia—a multicultural nation with people of various religious beliefs and lifestyles, Sheela was a litigation lawyer and a recruiting specialist in Kuala Lumpur before relocating to Germany. Over the years, Sheela had the opportunity to live in Shanghai and in Singapore where she trained to become a regression therapist and life coach.

Using techniques from brain-based to emotion-focused coaching modalities, Sheela takes her clients towards inner clarity and into their soul knowing with a good mix of logic and intuition. She is certified in hypnotherapy, past life regression therapy, spiritual regression and brain-based coaching. Apart from conducting private sessions and group coaching, Sheela also runs customised workshops and retreats centred on inner journeying and emotional wellbeing. Her private sessions are offered online and in-person in Munich, where she also hosts wellbeing circles for expats.

Sheela is a professional member of Spiritual Regression Therapy Association (SRTA) and Earth Association for Regression Therapy (EARTh). Aside from those, she is also an active member of the Advancing Awareness Facebook Group that gets together for discussions and practices related to consciousness and soul-to-soul communication. Currently, she is a research intern at Shared Crossing Project which aims to positively transform relationships to death and dying through education and raising awareness about shared crossings and their healing benefits Sheela is the author of Hello Me! (2016) and contributing author in Gathering At The Doorway: An Anthology of Signs, Visits, and Messages from the Afterlife (2022).


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